A few habits that a successful webmaster needs to develop

in fact, the following is not personal Adsense exclusive, but personal Adsense as a special group, a silent effort but not recognized groups, these habits are more important.

get a good schedule,

personal webmaster schedule is divided into three kinds, the first is to sleep two or three in the morning get up at noon, the station is usually not how successful webmaster, they work so long time, the work is not so much to say, most of the time is nothing, in the QQ chat; the second is at three go to bed, get up at eight in the morning, the owners are usually very successful, every day they are very full, because of the results, naturally do not feel tired; third with normal, 12 points before sleep at night, get up at eight in the morning, very few people, are generally from the website maintenance and update the level is mainly responsible for the management and coordination, their website is generally the operation team. In fact, I think the individual stationmaster should strive to develop third kinds of the rest of the time, although we have no results, but can not take the body to fight, our competition is the efficiency and execution, rather than competition to spend time on the site.

always distinguish between primary and secondary conflicts,

people are often at the same time to do a lot of things, as the saying goes, a hand can catch a sparrow, so even if a lot of things to do, but to distinguish between primary and secondary, a period of time can only do one thing, and to do a good job, eyebrows beard, but will bad. This is from one side to tell us, in the operation process of the website, we are in a period of Paoshe something, construction and operation into the heart of the website.

get into the habit of using Notepad

usually communicate with friends on the Internet or web browsing process, may find some useful information, this information is likely to inspire us this time, don’t let the inspiration to waste, preferably immediately according to the inspiration to the practice, if not in practice, also want to use Notepad to write down, don’t just what is a thing without.

get into the habit of learning every day.


technology is not the mainstream, but mastered the technology, can make our work easier in the process of establishment of the usual, so we should develop a habit of learning, even a little more knowledge, perhaps is a HTML tag, perhaps using a Dreamweaver command, perhaps the DZ forum a background menu operation, these scattered knowledge is accumulated, will be used in our trip on the station altogether, even can not guarantee that every web traffic growth, but also to ensure that our knowledge is growing every day.

get into the habit of allocating time properly.

webmaster every day a lot of chores, especially some become home webmaster, every day in addition to maintaining the web site, there are many things in life

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