How to rely on external links to achieve Google rankings

external links and internal connections are the same, is an important condition in the gogole rankings. Can we rely on powerful external links to achieve higher rankings,


usually Google ranking can be divided into hot and cold call for popular we need to adopt various methods to optimize, if it is popular keywords, if you are lazy, then you can choose to rely on the chain optimization. You can save a lot of time.

first, you can choose related websites to exchange links (text descriptions) and high weight websites, exchange links, and publish links in high quality industry websites. But links must be in the form of trace text links, that is, keyword links.


exchange links, pay attention to the following points:


and related sites recommend a good Links! Not only can let other visitors arrive at your site through this link, the theme can also let the spider your site more clear understanding of the. (building links to related classes of websites)

two: one-way link is more important than friendship link, but how to establish one-way links?. Personally think nothing more than: buying and selling links, forums or message links, and relying on friends to give high-quality weight one-way links. If you want to get good one-way links, it’s a lot of trouble.

three: for Google, the PR value can represent the weight of a web site, and the number of entries can also represent the weight of a website. However, in order to encourage the development of Internet Google, also made the following algorithms: a web site if the export and import links to all of the PR high site, then Google will not give weight especially high. Google is so smart that only in this way can the Internet develop harmoniously and synchronously.

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