Four essential elements of a successful website

in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the industry website, webmaster how can from the talent shows itself to become the winner the last laugh? Whatever you do, which is a type of website, in order to be a successful web site you need to clear yourself stand to see the website development direction, because of the success of the blind type do not imitate others can make you too successful, only innovation can be aware of their position, with good site planning operation scheme with the least effort to maximize the effect have become the ultimate winner. Today, I am a little excited, say some of the important factors:

one, clear website construction route

make the ultimate purpose is to what, if only use the web to make a lot of money all day thinking about money and no action, no clear operation plan, then the final success is not money, but lose lose. Because many webmasters want to rely on the site to earn big money, but often do not make money, and one heart for the user service, the user first, make money, put the last, often make big money. As the 360 director puts it, the really big money maker is someone who helps others make money. Therefore, for the construction of the site culture, we must first clear what the purpose of doing their own website, there is no clear plan of operation, is the user first or make money first. Only their website construction line is clear enough, for the later promotion, optimization will be handy.

two, a reasonable website development strategy

every webmaster want to own the first station is the last successful web site, but it is very rare, every webmaster do more or less Jiliangsan sites, according to the author said that now most Adsense on the stand at least three or more. Why do so many webmaster site management can come? In fact, the ultimate purpose is to make money, see other types of Web sites make money themselves do the same type of website, see another type of money and do a hand on the website, accumulated a pile of. The final reason is unable to do the site appear in their own direction, success is often do a website to your website in the future development direction, like 115, who is not optimistic about the development of SkyDrive, now the user has accumulated to twenty million, this is the webmaster original vision. So, the website development direction clear positioning will have the very big help to build their own web culture, like now to ask you how to save the photos of friends to the site, usually said uploaded to the QQ space


three, target user group requirements

website, first of all, to understand what kind of information users like, as in the current network era, most users prefer more innovative, new type of web site. Therefore, before the website culture construction, we must understand what the current users like and dislike. Stars like entertainment are not as beautiful and redder as they are now

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