A bold vision of web software trends

first introduced himself, you don’t think I’m here about the white pull, first I am a website operator, now operating in a name. Witkey say OK, estimated that most people cannot read, Bainaohui witkey. What I’m talking about here is the personal experience of operating a website. If you think it’s good for you, just look at it a few times, and if you don’t like it, just look at it a little. Anyway, in not telling lies.

one, the site’s goal – goal

said the website conception is actually positioning, how do you give your own website localization? Is the functional utility of? Or do traffic advertising? The first difference between the two is practical website ideas about efficiency. And traffic website should pay attention to skill, for instance, SEO how much you have to be met?. The position of this website that I manage is to make a service platform. Provide a platform for job opportunities and communication. This is what I call a practical web site.

2, website design – Planning

said website design, we do not misunderstand, I am talking about procedures here, I mainly here is a web site planning. Planning said most people are just a few reference counterparts speak generally, sites on a makeshift get up, I also like this before. Now think about the fact, website planning should follow a line, what is the positioning of the site?. We need people on the website of the positioning have profound understanding, and then to plan all the sections, or columns must follow the point is for the target service, all designed to achieve the ultimate goal. Secondly, the planning often involves extended services, just like the supporting facilities in the district. Here, I think of a sentence, compared to the website as a system, in fact, very image. When it comes to the system, he will have his own system environment. When it comes to the website, it is the cooperation between the various columns, or called support and echo. It’s only the first step in the planning of the website, so there is a lot of detail to follow. One: Art designer. The artist decides the sense of consciousness of a website. Artists do poorly, people will feel your website is a personal website. Second, the details of the program design is humane, reflecting the brand awareness of the site. Here we do not know whether the understanding of the brand and I agree. I think the brand is not advertising do more, called the brand, brand is to allow customers to understand the details of human concern.

3, the choice of domain name – small question, University asked

The choice of

domain names is a matter of promotion. Shi Yuzhu is a marketing expert, in his eyes, product name is a big learning. One aspect of marketing is communication, the name is good to remember, the sound is not loud, affecting the effectiveness and efficiency of communication. Although domain name is a small factor of website management, but as careful person, also cannot pay attention to. The so-called "do not seek a domain, not enough to seek the overall situation."". There is not easy to change the domain name, this SEO do have several hearts.

4, management – core >

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