The Domain website is not in the first analysis and Countermeasures

3, within the site to be healthy, and this includes the website link does not appear dead circulation, the content of the website can not exist a lot of meaningless things, no readability, and cheating site is not obvious optimization settings. < >

2, the quality of the chain, the chain should have the quality, this is the need to do the chain place in the choice of when to consider, try to choose some weight high site to do, when you find you outside of the chain has been reduced, there may be a problem. To solve this problem is very simple, is looking for a high weight website to your own website.

has the impression, do not know where to see someone said that domain website ranking is random, so when the domain site is not the first does not explain what the problem is. At that time see felt a bit wrong, but JiaBuZhu below the top note of the students a passion, I have encountered such a situation could not get what basis, so settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Why is it like this, because I just have a station appeared in the domain website no longer first, he observed a few days, plus the 5.20 day just returned to the first few days, according to the observation data of the domain site in the first place, or can explain some of the problems the.

1, the stability of the space, this is the main reason of site domain is no longer the first, can choose the kind of open speed slow, often even when the space. The first step is to obtain the trust of the search engine has a good space to support, not to say how much extra points to the site, but at least not less. If this is the case with conditions as soon as possible for space


do the following several prevention and remedy of domain website is not in the first place:

new on-line site, domain site is normal, then the space problems lead to domain website is not normal. The author of this website is called point reading pen recommendation network, generally speaking the name of the site should be regarded as a less competitive keywords, a new station on the line as long as will soon be included, when searching for the name of the web site in the first row, the station is also the author, then soon after collection of on-line search when the point reading pen recommended the website ranked the first, this is the website of the normal phenomenon; when problems arise after the domain website in the third row, then found that when the search point reading pen recommendation network, website is ranked third pages to go, in the first row of the information in a bidding chain a Links platform hair – this is not the normal phenomenon of website. Experienced students must read out, this phenomenon is clearly the site is down right. Then on the other hand, when the domain site is no longer the first can say, site is down right? According to the change of the data before and after the website domain, basically can be sure of that.


Malone Dragon let Adsense out looking for money project strange circle

no matter when, the network is full of gold, this is the truth!


no one will ever tell you when you want to ask someone for a lucrative project,


no matter when, when someone tells you a profitable project, it’s less profitable this time,

, whenever you want to explore the traces of an actionable money making project on the Internet, it’s hard, they don’t usually leave any traces,


no matter what, want to find a master to lead themselves through the rich network, it must pay the money, but also do not have people willing to take you, this is my fault.


no matter what time, when you see these words, you can not believe, this is not the authority that, but never do wicked things a pony, for your reference.

no matter when, what type of website to make money, this question will always be asked, the answer to this question is only one: no matter when and what to do, the site can make money.

I do local station, local stations are hard to make, this know, I agree, I now go live support after nearly three years, a person cannot keep his three acres of two points, can ensure the development of the existing circumstances, can try other the only way, did have real experience and progress. My first attempt to lock in the dumpster, because I learned through an advertising alliance customer service staff, there are some pop every day only income of at least one thousand or two thousand, which is in a chat here, I see a screenshot, then I ask him, the main site do what type of Web site he is out of duty, client confidentiality, did not tell me, but the general direction of the entertainment station, pointed out some novel stations and so on, although these sites are rampant, but are in line with the 28 law, there is always some people to make money.

later told friends do dumpster, show me a few days into the site, is said to be 200 yuan, but I looked after, it is difficult to judge the authenticity, because there is no way to see the statistics, the real situation how people only know yourself. After asking around, think about yourself, because no try, no loss, no clue what ideas.

later on in the A5 and the laggards BBS posts, see your signature, look at what we are doing or see what web site, may make money, want to look for ideas, after a period of time, only one conclusion, money owners rarely come out posts, posts out is all about money posts, and they have no signature, without leaving the site, seemed to them to a height, does not need the chain, also do not want to let others know what he was doing a website, because everyone knows that, in Chinese webmaster, once broke a way to make money, will quickly copied >

The growth of the website lies in the user experience

I’m a personal webmaster, from 2007 after contact MAXCMS started work of their own station (, website orientation films and TV series is a movie site, the main reason is their hobby, but that is not a decent movie free site, originally he is in others stand on the mix, gradually found a site is blocked, website or forum, does not consider the user experience, do not even know what the user experience, management is not standardized. So I hold a passion to build your own web site, I do stand is the core idea of user experience, with empathy to analyze user idea, just site when no users, then think of yourself as a user, because I know the website, the user experience is higher than all

!The root of the

web site is the solution to the problem: what can you provide to the user through the Internet? It’s the only thing to do to solve the problem. As is known to all, it is indispensable for a website to have its own characteristics and have its own content. Early station, each of the articles and tutorials on the web site is to write their own gradually, with the increase of Web site reputation, there will be some enthusiasts to participate, to ensure that the unique website content to a certain extent, is the cornerstone of development. But with the increase in users, because it is a personal website, there is no standard team, the original content is gradually difficult to meet the needs of users.

at this time, once again analyze user experience, they need the same subject content, they are whether you are original or non original. What they want is a tutorial, is a systematic, clear classification of tutorials, so in the second phase of the development of the site, focus on the combination of original and reprint content filling mechanism. But here highlight, reprint is not a simple copy over OK, need sorting even in some places in order to facilitate understanding but also increase the annotation, and to abide by the rules, which in turn to turn to, who are to be clearly marked. It is generally accepted that the Internet is a virtual thing, and the activities of users on the web are often just through a so-called registered account. But virtual things also need to consider the user experience, but also to have system management, in order to retain users, but also to establish incentive mechanisms.

do stand for so many years, emotion and experience is really a lot, and some things are not listed, such as attention to detail, pay attention to user feedback, how to survive, etc., and later to share with you.

Electricity supplier online customer service system solutions


with the continuous popularization of Internet technology, more and more enterprises began to move towards e-commerce, Taobao double 11 madness, 19 billion 100 million of sales have confirmed all this. As Ma Yun said: "ten years later, China will not have e-commerce, the reason is that e-commerce will be completely integrated into the blood of all enterprises, and become part of the daily operation of enterprises."." However, e-commerce is still far from mature, and some enterprises simply imitate or blindly invest, it is difficult to realize the true power of e-commerce.

how to through the online customer service system to improve the enterprise’s electronic commerce operation ability, help enterprises to enhance the online sales? Some of our problems by the electricity supplier of enterprise process actual analysis, give full play to online customer service system network marketing function, described by the show.

1. site access is good, online trading volume is not ideal.

through the web site optimization, and various means of promotion, website traffic has improved significantly, but the actual transaction volume is growing slowly, partly because there is confusion and doubts in the visitor browse products, but also do not have a channel to confirm this situation, visitors will naturally give up to buy. If there is no effective bridge between the enterprise and the customer, it will affect the customer satisfaction and bring about the negative impact on the enterprise. Through online customer service system can be a good solution to this problem, when visitors appear suspicious, click customer service icon for consultation, customer service personnel through professional answer can dispel customer doubts. At the same time, customer service can also be monitored by site visitors, according to the visitors stay time to determine the intention to buy visitors, and active online communication with visitors.

2. new and old visitors can not identify, customer information can not be obtained in a timely manner.

traditional telephone counseling, customer service is often unable to distinguish between visitor identity, need to confirm through communication. On the one hand, this approach greatly affects the efficiency of customer service; on the other hand, every time the customer repeats personal information, there is inevitably a feeling of boredom. A light through the Internet technology, accurate identification of new and old customers by visitors, in the customer information management module, customer service in the first time to grasp the customer’s basic information, purchase records, customer service service, complaint records etc.. At the same time, we can also with the enterprise’s own CRM, ERP, order management, OA and other systems integration, to achieve information sharing and unified maintenance.

3. uses the Internet to promote, but the effect of promotion can not be accurately assessed.

with the electricity supplier development, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, in order to open the network market in a short time, the Internet has become an inevitable choice for enterprises. Common promotion methods include SEM (search engine marketing), EDM (e-mail marketing), CPS advertising, etc., then how can we evaluate the promotion effect well, and timely adjust the promotion plan is appropriate?