What about love Shanghai for promotion and Shanghai Dragon

from the search results, we can easily find love Shanghai for promotion were ranked above the natural ranking, and the increase is only a general heat keywords, and if the words heat higher or competitive period, we can find the number of search, the ranking will show for promotion of up to 10, and the natural ranking positions were at the show later, so, the natural ranking of first will be directly reduced to eleventh, and from the author appeal report, even natural ranked first, their attention is only less than 20%, so can bring traffic also greatly reduced. In view of this, but also said that Shanghai and Shanghai bid to promote the optimization of dragon love is not related to

speaking of love Shanghai rankings, I naturally think of the love of Shanghai for promotion and the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, because these two are effective methods to make key words love Shanghai home. The following I will talk about love Shanghai for promotion and the Shanghai dragon optimization of those things.

as long as the understanding of love a friend Shanghai products should be clear, love Shanghai’s most profitable products than love Shanghai for promotion. And why money, because it and the Shanghai dragon optimization, can effectively locate the site as much as possible and then search the crowd at the first page and the front show. With the development of the website of Shanghai Dragon technology, because of its low cost, which gradually give up love for promotion and site selection in Shanghai Shanghai dragon road, Shanghai business promotion that love has been seriously affected. So, how to love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon competition website? I love Shanghai for promotion according to their own experience summed up the following six points. < >


said Shanghai Longfeng optimization and love Shanghai for promotion is not related? We can search for a keyword in Shanghai can be found, no matter whether there is love of Shanghai to promote the bidding, also did not affect the 10 available website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization techniques obtained by natural ranking show.

Shanghai and Shanghai dragon love promotion is not related to

Shanghai and Shanghai dragon love promotion is

of love for Shanghai, the attitude is to support the white hat Shanghai Longfeng optimization, at this point we love Shanghai SEO Guide is to express.

see how to promote love Shanghai and the Shanghai dragon competition



from above to see, really seems to be not related, the 10 natural ranking show, not many, where. In fact, I have seen such a report, the user of the degree of concern for 100% ranking search results of 1-3, fourth to 85%, fifth to 60%, so ask decline, to the attention of tenth only 20%. From this report, traffic related keywords ranking and user site keywords and the search engine brings. So, we have to search for keywords in the love of Shanghai to promote bidding as shown below:

Analysis of the common misconceptions of nofollow and its real significance for Shanghai Dragon


Nofollow tag label was originally developed by the Babi Corp in 05 years when the nobles mentioned, when the label appears the official explanation is mainly in order to cope with the disaster caused by flooding water garbage chain cheating, that is to say, under the nofollow tab link, search engine spiders will not crawl. Now when someone in the forum or blog when sending a large number of garbage outside the chain, the program can be automatically generated with nofollow tags, and the search engine found that as long as these tags will not on the chain of crawling, can be very good to deal with the garbage outside the chain.

what is the true meaning of this label? I think many people are familiar with the author first is the same, that the weights using the labels we can control the site, you can prevent the label link under received weight, so you can keep the right well again to other links.

first, we give an example, add your site page A, the PR value is 10, and there are ten links in this one page, then we average down on the page every link can be obtained in theory (10/10=1) 1. So if we use the nofollow tags to the five links in the ten links, namely the weight cut five link transfer, so the theory of weight five links to existing on the page can be achieved is 10/5=2, but in fact, the weight of each link on the page for the transfer or 1, the nofollow tag can not control the weight. We can also see the specific diagram below.


first before we start into the theme we need first to understand nofollow tags. I believe that there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng er for this label is not a lot of understanding. As shown below:

so we label for nofollow errors appear exactly where

search engine is not stupid, it will not let you have the opportunity through this label to control weight, ultimately control the page ranking. Simply speaking, although the Nofollow tag will not transfer to the corresponding link weight, but not the weight transfer to another link up.

The use of

this concept have been ingrained in many Shanghai dragon Er concept, the author initially exposed to him also in an article on Links use it to deceive the article. But recently saw an article about Google to found his own point of view turns out to be wrong interpretation of the nofollow tag.

? ?Although

think so, what is the real meaning of the nofollow tag for the optimization of our

The concept of


Zhang Shengrong what factors website ranking actually let me heartache.

this is a little scary, if your site is new sites (within three months) did not change and what impact IP server, if three months after the change, it is not the same, take Zhang Shengrong blog, baidu was abnormal, three months after the change of IP and the influence of the server so, he was almost a month, a snapshot of a Monday times, the correction is not too reliable, but Google is not the same, deliver the goods, which are relatively good, indeed included the return of the. Don’t say love is a little distance away from Shanghai Google, although Google left mainland, Zhang Shengrong think Google will come back, China, a piece of meat so much, could not eat.

server punishment

server replacementIf you

why this is up to the search engine rankings? You can read the time domain name registration and renewal, whether it is new, there is truth, if it is false registration information so to increase the search.

5, domain name registration time

grew up part of the space are using virtual host, or a single telecom. The space access speed of the user determines the bounce rate, not every IDC is so good, a server, a server no one knows he can put the number of stations, as long as no more than broadband can open space to others, no matter how much this server station, as long as the user does not have such complaints, thank goodness. IDC he is not concerned about this server, have edge station, the administrator and the. However, slow down, do not say first search engine punishment, single user will be exposed.

3, the host space stability


4, the host space velocity

the day you find it on the server with edge station, whether you consider changing IP? I do not know if you can think of, replace the server thought website ranking will be affected? Also included snapshot, etc.. Zhang Shengrong suggested in the host space when considering buying the price at the end of the market price, do not buy, the host space is not stable, and customer service service, without buying is that you sell your uncle, is his grandson, can drag on. At present, the IDC industry is very messy, choose a small company IDC you will regret it, choose a large company do not have the capital, no matter where the space is good, the target in two directions, long, we must choose the medium IDC space. Short term dumpster, can run on the line.

what is the host space too much stability? This article said, here is not to say this, but it is important to note that the host is related to the stability, stability, site ranking.24 hour monitoring host space monitor how? If he is not possible, but the software can be. There is also evidence even said IDC space. Not a blogger is narrow-minded, to pave the way, advertising, this blog Chengzhao powerful IDC space business cooperation.

2, IP and the

To talk about the web page optimization techniques

The influence of The

, a page title (Title)

title is a very important factor in web page optimization. The title displayed on the top of the browser, but also in the search engine results is displayed at the top of the title. The title is the best place to put the key words, the title of the method must be concise, clear, and each page titles are not as like as two peas. For example, my client’s website home page headline: "professional cleaning engineering, central air-conditioning engineering and installation of mechanical and electrical engineering services – Dongguan Dongxin purification Engineering Co., Ltd, please note that the combination of the title will generally contain the main keywords. So, when someone searches for decontamination, purification engineering, Dongguan purification engineering company can see your website the related keywords, keyword optimization is mainly because I decontamination, so other central air conditioning engineering and installation of mechanical and electrical engineering which is now ranked two, URL

Description in the head tag, but in the search engine results are displayed in the title below, is for the current page described here can contain your keywords, but must be smooth and not a pile. For example, my client’s website is: "Dongxin purification Engineering Co Ltd to undertake professional cleaning engineering, central air-conditioning engineering and mechanical and electrical installation project. Provide purification engineering design, construction, commissioning, testing and maintenance services. Welcome to have the purification engineering related needs of customers to inquire: 13316603092". But it should be noted that different Description on every page of your description, now the mainstream CMS system also can do that.

website now generally use the CMS system, the previous CMS system to generate web sites generally is dynamic, so that not only are not friendly to search engines, but also increase the load on the server. Now most of the CMS systems are provided to generate static HTML function, can be said to the generation of web search engines are relatively good. But we should allow the web address generation and brief words, so, for the search engines, the ranking will be higher, such as 贵族宝贝shallen.org.cn/, Shanghai dragon /211.html, the web address such as brief, but with a keyword description, but also for the user experience is good, others see that is about Shanghai Longfeng paper. Now is to promote the name of the directory with Pinyin for the search engine is very friendly.

site in the search engine results in the performance of many important factors! Today we talk about web page optimization, page optimization includes the following factors: Title, URL, Meta, Description element Title Description, code structure and ALT properties of the image, website content.


> four

three, Description

Enterprise station Shanghai Longfeng Road Zoupian Jian Feng inverse daoxing!

frontsword is simply using a different new old method to solve the problem, in order to win. This paper is about to use some special and new methods, and even reverse thinking to operate the enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng, means "to fast, and to attack the main First impressions are strongest, inverse daoxing."


Objective: after 2 years, this article is the author of 28 published in the A5 "enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng Road: how to win" after the second articles about the enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng paper. In this 2 years is also a lot of things happened, more than 360 new name search search, soso and Sogou marriage, but so far the search engine giant or we both love and hate love Shanghai, and focus on the enterprise website search in Shanghai, love 360, sogou.

do not blindly defend, attack is the best defense, this is the author of 6 years of professional experience in table tennis. More keyword rankings obtained from a variety of view, from the beginning to the end of 28 the favor from the competitors in the same industry websites.

China throughout much of the business site of Shanghai Longfeng, rarely have a large area of the long tail word ranking website, mainly to keep the web that several main keyword ranking. However, conservation is not easy, because there are many rivals in optimizing these words, such not only spent a lot of time and manpower, and these keywords ranking is not very good, but we finally became the key to the "slave".

So is the optimization of

to attack the main, to keep the slave

enterprise website, a key top is always the site, no matter how optimization are difficult to surpass them, why is this? Is the search engine spiders also have the awareness of people know the truth First impressions are strongest although not so mysterious?, but first do a great advantage on the ranking. Long time to occupy some fixed good rankings, but it is not easy to break.

since ancient times, all things are one in order of arrival. As we know N years ago "content is king, the chain for emperor", and then back and talked about the importance of user experience. But to give us the first impression in the mind has a dominant position, while the later is not easy to accept, so a few years ago or still have most of the webmaster think Shanghai dragon is the content of the hair of the chain, thereby creating a large number of the chain Master.

related articles, which contents are Shanghai Longfeng status of the 2012 corporate website do simple analysis, the main business website said that most of the homogenization of serious, poor experience, but as the main marketing type website website, for many enterprises Chinese improved network station, which faces especially that take on an altogether new aspect, the site of the company alone the design of the marketing website, but not a Shanghai dragon leap, and from the site to get the orders are more and more, do first to share more, this is also First impressions are strongest. These are proven facts.

in First impressions are strongest. At the beginning of the

How do blogs make money 2016 personal blog making new ideas


blog is almost half a year, with the media since the hot, many owners are transferred to the self media marketing to go, for 2016, is an opportunity for personal blog how to make money? This is a lot of learning SEO friends are concerned, the Cen Huiyu sum up some experience to make money blogging and thinking, hope to help everyone to



for the first time in making money online is the first half of 2015, it was in the zhubajie orders, because just enter society, orders in the process of being blocked, the first turnover of customers is the fellow, fellow requirements is not high, I look young, the price is not high, so for me to do at that time. I am a person to do, although have many friends, we will team up to Internet cafes, but the only difference is that they are playing the game, and I work hard to catch the list of friends laugh at me silly, to

Internet cafes do these boring things, I just smile,

finally, in a week after the completion of the work, his first work finally, to the customer, the customer is satisfied, I pay a fee of $1250, was

I and my friends’ wages are the same, only 2000 yuan, in Shanghai this city too tight Baba, light rent unbearable, but I did not because this little proud, the next day, I have time to find the list in Witkey online, without knowing. Half a year passed, orders also luck.

let me determined to build a blog because I want to do a blog to record some important things, but also can hold a ghost in front of friends, no thought on a single blog can make money idea, although I studied computer professional, but the station is careless, don’t even know the concept of space and domain name,

I was in the second half of 2015, for the construction of such a blog, say, but also not afraid of everyone laughing, I in order to use WordPress build a blog, built a whole week,

when I build a good blog content, and let me worry about it, because it was just want to record some of the things, but really want to write, what are not, then, I will go to the online reprint of God articles, then hastily on-line, in the operation of this blog, I also appear a lot of problems. Revised many times to

is still 0 weight, so I suggest that you want to earn money by blogging, you should seriously deal with your blog;

I’m blogging for money from the beginning of 2016, when it seemed to share a don’t know what the article, and then take the submission, after being reproduced in various forums, to contact me is a need to do keyword optimization friend, when he just let me out a plan for him, and he drove me QQ voice on 2 hours later, he thought that I thought good > optimization

Baidu experience how to play


Baidu’s many products have been the vast number of SEOer people. Webmasters are widely used, especially the Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu stick, and so on, and now because Baidu audit is more and more strict, it is difficult to develop. But Baidu experience promotion is also one of the effective channels for the free promotion of Baidu product promotion. I observe that traffic is very high, too,

so what should we do to improve our product?

, first of all, my understanding of Baidu traffic, Baidu that small search box, every day hundreds of millions of Internet users search to get the information they want.

Baidu experience traffic has 2 main sources,

one: the experience platform’s own traffic

one is: flow through Baidu search

, whether it is experience platform or Baidu search traffic, the title is very important, countless people on the Internet wrote numerous articles on how to write the title, I will not join the fun, waste of time

1, promotion products are different,

What products

promotes reflects the depth of your understanding of an industry.

2, Baidu search traffic

, if you choose a lot of products have been done, and the long tail word is still running out, that copy quality should be high, and appropriate to do the chain. Copy quality is high, most friends also know, but there are patience to insist on writing not many people; the chain of words, know and do less friends.

3, product commission high

Commission is relatively high, most of the high commission products have been done, how to break it? First assess whether there is no strength to go beyond competitors, and beyond the key is

2 points: copy quality, search rankings. If you feel that the strength is not enough, retreat and then choose a relatively weak competition products, or mining two of the products.

, I feel much better myself:

Baidu experience accounts, pictures, profiles and experience articles are highly relevant. Account avatar and experience profiles are described to attract readers’ attention. [


account: they do not have good, go to Taobao to buy. OK?


profile: I can’t write, go to Witkey, find the cow, write a handwritten paragraph,

pictures: avatar design with their own PS, it will not have to spend money Taobao

article: article quality is high,

copy level

I’ve probably divided the copy into 4 levels:

(1) streaming text: copy other web content, beginning with >

Internet differentiation strategy and sustainable development

    remember a year ago, I met a lot of clothing in the media, in the clothing is very successful clothing enterprises boss, which many domestic top men’s brand, also is not very well known but rapid development of women’s fashion brand. Among them, there is a friend, is to do women’s clothing. His clothing business has a distinctive feature – he only dresses in women’s dresses, and nothing else. This is a very thin marketing route, so that his capital from a few thousand dollars a year ago quickly accumulated to millions.

market segmentation.

now I am involved in the Internet, research on the development of many large sites, and found that "market segmentation" for the development of the Internet, the same applies, one of the most famous than Baidu. Before a lot of people have asked me: "why is Google in Chinese compete with Baidu?" my answer is: "Baidu localization do thoroughly, while Google is just in the form of indigenize fundamentally still do not." As a matter of fact, we can also analyze the reasons from the point of market segmentation.

first, we can see that Google is taking the globalization strategy, and on the strength of Baidu is unable to compare, but Baidu is strong in him, in the Chinese language grammar and Chinese Internet search habits, doing better than Google, by contrast, because Google is looking at the globalization strategy. It is not possible to like Baidu, a lot of manpower and material resources with their emphasis on the Chinese language, so from this point of view, Google competition in the China market but Baidu will be not at all surprising.

on the other hand, Baidu at the beginning of the rise, always adhere to the search engine in this way, it keeps him in the development of all, has surpassed other talent shows itself, several Internet giants: Sina, YAHOO and NetEase.

so, we can see from the above two points, according to the special search on Google, Baidu’s tactics is to do local differentiation, or is "localization", we will put this up to the "differentiation" tactics; while the other is not designed to do search the Internet giant, Baidu has only caught a search, we can put this point as a differentiation strategy ".

from these two conclusions, it is easy to see that Baidu is able to achieve today’s achievements, and "tactical differentiation" and "strategic differentiation" is inseparable. In fact, many Internet companies are aware of the "market segmentation" for the development of important enterprises, such as "China first portal: her net", "39 Health Network" and so on, the rise of new Internet companies, in the differentiation of this strategy is the same but the development of ideas unique.

but, is differentiation really appropriate to the sustainability of the enterprise,


as early as a year ago, I studied some famous international clothing brands and found that many of these brands are not made

50 minutes to raise tens of millions of pet bears, how to do Chinese Petsmart

following the pet porch electricity supplier network to complete the B round of $25 million, pet collar obtained Rongyin capital of ten million yuan investment, focus on pet care, pet bear has just completed the 10 million A round of financing, the overall valuation of 100 million. But in particular, this financing is the current most fiery form – all chips. This is probably by far the largest public equity financing in the field of financing. How does a pet bear rise suddenly? How do you finish ten million chips in 50 minutes? What are the unknown stories behind it?



capital pet pet industry

pet bears give up the number of institutional investment, choice of Internet financial hot chips mode, in addition to try new financing mode, more is to test the market confidence in the pet bear brand, and also pave the way for preparing for later access to more first-tier cities. In the launch platform — cloud chips to the above all the chips, hot conditions far beyond imagination: the congregation officially began on the same day, 15 minutes to raise 9 million 200 thousand, 50 minutes after the full $10 million, the amount of funding has more than 20 million, with investment of up to more than 70, the cloud platform to raise the data on the rising.

with the development of the pet industry, the opportunities created by the whole market have aroused the interest and concern of the capital market. Venture capital has accelerated the layout of the pet industry: dog people network in 2009 to get millions of dollars venture capital; Pet Pet Network in 2008 and 2010, Lenovo, the Qing division and other two rounds of investment of about 10 million U. s.dollars. The dog gets Ali, Softbank jointly invested $10 million in 2011; 2014 porky network also won the Goldman institutions such as tens of millions of dollars.

, according to current figures, China’s pet population is growing rapidly: the number of pet in China has increased by nearly 900% in the 10 years of 2003 -2013. In 2013, China’s pet dogs, cats and other pet (excluding birds, fish) total has more than 400 million, is expected to by 2015 this figure will reach 500 million. China’s pet industry sales exceeded 90 billion yuan mark. (data source: European Perspective (Euromonitor))

and western developed countries compared, American family pets rate is 62%, the annual sales volume of $55 billion; the Japanese family pets rate of 45%, the annual sales volume of $15 billion; and the Chinese first-tier cities pets rate is less than 15%, the annual sales volume of just over $10 billion, only the United States 1/8. Compared to the domestic industry is still in the primary, extensive mode of operation, the United States in the pet market, this has been relatively mature operation. In terms of size, the United States has only one pet products market, and the ratio to China is 6:1 (both GDP ratio 2:1). From the point of view of industrial diversification, the United States has stepped forward in the field of subdivision

2014 grassroots webmaster’s way out

maybe a lot of people will be like I used to be. I was confused about what kind of websites I was doing. In the Internet, there are countless articles about what to do and what to do. However, do not know if you noticed, we think there is a feeling of click into place when viewing this kind of article, but after reading this article when we think carefully, mom, what should I do what kind of website


today is not to tell you the harvest of SEO technology, we talk about what do what the website can let us have a grassroots way, believe that everything has been the webmaster all know, rely on advertising alliance that money really can starve people! Do not want to starve to death, not to be we need to abandon the Internet, another new road.


blog + Taobao recommended levels.


see the words above the estimate you will understand, yes, is to use a blog way to sell Taobao products, if you have a home or dry business around the wholesale market, then you can do a blog, in the blog we can customize your own goals, such as your blog is to write SEO, then you will update your article or blog can also be reproduced, when certain views when you can hang your Taobao store, and then hang up their Taobao advertising in advertising above their own. Note: most of the men who do SEO are male compatriots. If you sell clothes or sell men’s clothes,

advantages: blog is a good stuff accumulated contacts, ordinary grassroots webmaster no money, no resources to resources, some is a pair of hands and a brain, such as the grassroots webmaster early on not to think overnight, but through the Internet to accumulate their own contacts, and the blog is the best tool to get customers agree, so neither money nor resources friends can have a blog, and the probability of successful blog compared to other sites more likely to succeed.

disadvantages: high industry experience, with good writing ability, so I want to have a blog you need to exercise your writing ability, even if you can not write, but also to force yourself to write, you may write, write, write ah ah ah get used to.

local * * * * portal recommendation grade

said that although the local portal is a type of local portal website a commonplace talk of an old scholar, mainly for local services to advertisers to portal advertising, we are in operation when we must pay attention to add some more local services, such as weather forecast, forum, or market like these, I believe that did the local portal people is not very strange. At present, the small and medium-sized stationmaster relies on the local gateway to make money the innumerable examples, no matter when this profession forever can not be full, the bumper harvest, also suggested that everybody do the local service website (also >!