In 2012 the new Shanghai Dragon dry cargo forum outside the chain of mystery

in irrigation

PR said here is a pan concept, you can understand the weight of different channel page weight forum different, which leads to the phenomenon is that some popular channels included faster, some popular channels included or not included.

5: BBS signature. "

4: reprint, original and pseudo original

today at the forum to do outside the chain has become a lot of Shanghai dragon ER Optimization Website primary means, but careful Shanghai dragon ER will find that the many chain had no effect, but I do not know what the reason. The reason is because they don’t understand the forum forum with the different weight mechanism, and other special website, let his hair of the chain to achieve the desired effect, we should know how to transfer the weight of the forum is the blind, the hair of the chain is not wise, you release the chain page was collected, only you said the chain will be basically the effect. The happiness of Shanghai dragon briefly enumerate some characteristics of the forum, please readers savor the mystery.

2: the forum theme is not included in


generally, water content is not closely linked to the theme and content of irrigation is very homogeneous, such as: top, sofa. This kind of words will trigger love Shanghai copy page judgment mechanism, the content will be the theme of the original water dilution degree, here can give an example, if an article of the first sentence is the original, behind a thousand words is top, learning, to see you such a word, then, this article if no larger chain or weight transfer station support, it is hard to be included, the spider like new things, you know.

many friends publish or reply in the link of the channel, into a large number of links, you know, a web page link will dilute the PR value of the home page, then the post is the same, too many links in the post, easily lead to the post weight being diluted up to love Shanghai included standard, so the students issued by the chain in the forum, try not to take too many links. Many themes that should be included, but you directly reply with a large number of links, a direct result of the post will not be included, posting and if both sides did not get benefits.

some friends love reproduced directly after the link with their own, some friends directly using pseudo original software to false original articles directly after the release in the forum, the Shanghai dragon happiness of the two methods of these two methods is not to regard it as right, may be included, but also very easy to be recovered, it will also cause the chain is not stable, happiness Shanghai Longfeng advocated: pure original and original. The original will be two times the processing site article, use your own words. Good results of the two methods, love is not objectionable to Shanghai.

3: link weight of shunt

1: Forum of each channel page PR value of different

Shanghai dragon and interpersonal communication theory (three) within the chain is road

2, breadcrumb navigation breadcrumb navigation is divided into many types, we generally used are location based navigation, there are properties and path based navigation, here is not to do too much to explain, interested friends can search.

content and the chain this had carefully talked, in which not to mention slightly, interested friends can go to search under the title: "Shanghai dragon and interpersonal communication theory", the search results will show a clear, 22, please support the original reading.

anchor text, Xiao Wu think the most important thing is to consider the user, for example when I mentioned <>

to explain this issue, why is the chain way? This is actually very good understanding, not only within the chain guide search engine spiders to search the web, and guide each page the user visits the site. And we as a road pioneer, must take the road straight, to avoid too many twists and turns, which is the foundation to enhance the spider favorability and user experience. So, the question is: "how to repair this road?" the Ji’nan Shanghai dragon small Wu to share six suggestions of your summary, say OK please generous with your criticism:

for a long time did not speak of this topic, today Ji’nan Shanghai dragon Xiaowu spare time carefully compiled their own thoughts, to describe this issue with the most concise text: Shanghai dragon and interpersonal communication theory (three) within the chain is "road". Concise, easy to understand.


6, the anchor text link had to focus on the way, an important means of anchor text not only for spider to search the web pages to enhance the quality and weight, is to guide the user to reach key specified related pages, learn to be reasonable to do the anchor text, anchor text, is absolutely compulsory for each Shanghai dragon er.

3, the content of the page should have links to the column and the home page, list page to chain to the home page and the content page links this is normal practice, if not the words, estimate your website is a zombie station.

5, the content page to this column list of other articles is convenient for the user to find what they want, but be careful, try not to add other column, otherwise it will be recognized there are too many irrelevant things, will reduce the user experience, but also cause spiders take a lot of detours. So open as a person, this advice must have a good analysis.

4, to the end of the content page with "a", "a" and other related similar navigation now almost universal access to the whole network. Obviously, it is necessary.

site navigation site navigation is the most basic chain, familiar with the site structure of friends should know that navigation is generally belong to the site of the head, each page will call, this is generally not a problem. Focus on the way, the navigation bar must use text chain, as everyone knows, Shanghai does not recognize the content of love spider.


How to take care of the user experience of Shenzhen VI network optimization design of Shanghai Longf

, the first to open the site speed

more accessible: Shenzhen VI design: 贵族宝贝 reprint please, thank you.

site open speed can be said to be related to the primary factor of the user experience, because the site open speed fast and slow directly determines whether clients can smoothly enter the website, and if you can browse to the relevant content of the site, and we do the final aim of network optimization is to customers to the site can find something you want. So if the site open speed faster, to the customer experience and user experience will be very good, so enhance the website open speed is the first step in Shenzhen VI network optimization design process of Shanghai dragon.


second, improve the quality of content of the

third, the stability of the


Guizhou Luomeng understand many Internet marketing experts do not feel the user experience of this four words strange, so what is the user experience? What are the factors in the design of Shenzhen VI network optimization project in Shanghai Longfeng affect user experience? We analyze a.


you can imagine: if an enterprise hard to do the Shenzhen VI network optimization design of Shanghai dragon, has been ranking into the ideal position, but to actually click on the site after the customer can not enter into the website, not only for Shenzhen VI network optimization design of Shanghai dragon manpower for it is a huge waste, but also can greatly affect the user experience of the clients, not conducive to optimize the project. So when we use the website domain name space and try to use some big brands of domestic host and domain name, website security stability will be like this.

Guizhou Luomeng factors that affect the user experience design of Shenzhen VI network optimization in Shanghai Longfeng, then everyone will need at every step of the implementation, it is possible to own website talent shows itself.


when the customer can quickly enter into the customer’s website, the quality level of the second step affects the user experience to the content of the web site. After the customer into our website, they can find some content and knowledge they need in the website, so the user experience is very high, and the customer back days after usage will greatly enhance the corresponding web page click rate will be improved.

Share real recommend outside the chain of tools through the love of Shanghai

in the past, Shanghai to share love brush website ranking in the end there is no effect, has been the topic of discussion in the webmaster. However, after two times the chain algorithm changes this year, the chain real recommendation is always the focus of our study. The meaning of sharing tools I believe we are very clear, sharing tools meant that allows users to make the website content recommendation out, and recommend out will also leave the original link, then this is a very valuable real recommended chain.

the first document reference chain judgment standard about the true recommended chain description, we know the quality of the chain is the user really recommended. What is really recommend? Don’t love to see Shanghai technology can break through the computer before the user is not true? Of course not, to search engine technology at present, in fact judgment for the chain and content have not yet reached the high point. At most is to analyze to what is cheating, which is rubbish, otherwise it will not remain so many black hat. How to let the search engine think we really do? In fact, sharing tools to share links are some of the basic community, like the blog platform, may wish to take a look at this website 贵族宝贝, all through the analysis of above mentioned here can be found on this site, outside the chain of this site are from some of the community. It can get good rankings. But in another rely on signature, classification of information, the forum for the construction of the chain website ranking is not fit to be seen. So if we insist on the platform for the construction of some outside the chain, is a lot of benefits for the website. How to increase the share of Shanghai love through true recommend the chain site


sharing tools The ?

, add

website user experience is the key, but the search engine judgment method of the user experience is relatively limited, is through the website PV, bounce rate, residence time of visitors to judge, and the judge method has some inaccuracy. Therefore, the author bold speculation, Shanghai love sharing tools will become standard to judge the quality of the site in the future will be the development of search engine. Of course, at present people brush share is accounted for most, but I believe that with the development of search engine, whether the real share is very easy to identify easily.

note here is, if only to brush the share number, then need different IP operation, with a IP or share >

love is love Shanghai Shanghai sharing tools sharing tools in June 2011 an on-line, on-line, has always been very low-key. Shanghai love sharing tools introduction, it is mainly to improve the search engine user experience and also improve their own brand awareness. Compared with other sharing tools, the introduction of Shanghai love sharing tools is clearly more authoritative, and has special significance.

Do Wangzhuan the pros and cons in foreign spaceQuestions about the work attitude of shlf1314 company

foreign space is generally to G to do units, prices relative to the domestic, it is much cheaper, there are many free space abroad, but the flow of support is not large.

A sum of money for November

2, you can put any content,

questioned shlf1314’s work attitude, and even such a small mistake was reluctant to admit it.

When we use the

domestic and foreign concession space, space, must be examined, and not what content can be placed, but these overseas sales in the domestic space, as long as it does not violate the basic national conditions, what is the content that can put, we usually see some of the dumpster, erotic edge or is the direct porn station, can be purchased from Taobao on foreign space management.

now let’s say, like the first stage, we tend to use foreign space. Because the K in the near stage is very fierce, I have a few friends’ servers have been taken away, because they sell space, there are some vulgar website information.


2, maintenance trouble,

3, foreign space access speed is better,

Telecom space, Netcom users access to many, when we use Netcom telecommunications users to access space, it is very slow, generally speaking, domestic users, telecom users want more, so we usually choose is Telecom space. Although there are two space, but the nets, basically are not stable, foreign space access speed is very fast, we visit some foreign sites when the fast, illustrates this point.

1, IP is often blocked by

disadvantages of foreign space:

3, often cheated.

if you are using virtual host, then blocked IP is normal, because the domestic long-term blockade of some pornographic or illegal IP access at home, so when you use the server to do illegal content or by Netcom telecommunication shield so your station, can not visit the general. Virtual host, a year for every 3-4 IP.

so heald >

to do foreign virtual host, it is difficult to form a brand, so you find is likely to be liar.

wants shlf1314 to treat its users the same way it takes care of its employees.

1, cheaper than the domestic space,

I’m sure I required to change your address within the specified time, the remittance problem is shlf1314 company’s mistakes, I have made 3 consecutive times to help the shlf1314 help center to ask, but there has been no news, even a letter asking the EMAIL reply is not

my account, shlf131412 24 was issued, the registered address of my account is British, in early November, I have put before returning to the address to Chinese, I in January to take the bank remit, but how also can not find the money, then call the the Western Union Company said shlf1314 payments to Britain, could not get in China.

4, foreign space does not require filing

advantages of foreign space:

domestic filing is the domestic space for the user, if the domain name and space in foreign countries, it is not need to record, the recent forum not get out in large quantities, the forum is transferred to the foreign space.

, these people who sell you space, there is no phone, are or want to contact, and often find no one, so once the site has a problem, it is difficult to deal with.

Nine wins GLOBE7 advertising adjustment, please pay attention toWhat do you lack in Network Entrepre

five, lucrative

        GLOBE7 advertising from the download and installation and registration process to send mobile phone download and installation and registration, the new process is relatively simple, do not need to send mobile phone, advertising effect will be significantly improved, thus advertising prices have also been adjusted, the new process of advertising and advertising prices from the beginning of October 15, 2007, please see detailed in the code.

two, small

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback ,

three, personnel composition is simple, many entrepreneurs are starting from scratch, one person took all the duties. Because in the early days, basically a person can cope with it. There’s no need to worry about employee costs,

1, low cost

1. to use their own unique eyes to observe the network, looking for new profit points

, everybody:

tax system

four, the risk factor is low, even if the business failure, you do not have to fear. Because the initial investment is not high, the chances of turning over are great. Therefore, entrepreneurs can let go without fear of the consequences of failure and so on.

is now well developed in network communication. It can be said that as long as there is a broadband, you can solve most of the problems of your network communication, you can save a lot of telephone charges. At the same time, you don’t have to rent a facade room to pay expensive rent. In the early days of entrepreneurship, without formally registering a company. You don’t need to charge a big worry

if you are successful early in your career and go along the right path of development. Well, I congratulate you. You can shout, "my website is profitable."." However, you earned the first pot of gold, do not be proud. Don’t forget, the higher the man climbs. The more heavy you fall, the reminder that you must accurately grasp the market trends and competitors’ development trend at this time. Timely adjustment of development strategy. So you can laugh until the end.


League address:

for network entrepreneurs, if not to carry out a large project. Not much money was needed at first. Maybe a computer, a ADSL virtual host, a little room, you can start. But it’s still a long way from success. Some might scoff at the lack of entrepreneurship. If you have very strong funds, very sharp thinking, very classic ideas. You can’t read what I wrote. But you don’t look down, we don’t talk about the relationship between cost and profit. You feel the cost is insignificant, so you feel less profitable. Well, I told you I was wrong this time. This traditional relationship between cost and profit does not work on the internet. Because you have overlooked a point, that is your own wisdom, this relatively more important position in the network of entrepreneurship. The Internet is definitely the best place for heroes to use their weapons. As long as you have the ability, then you have the hope of success.

perhaps you have seen the advantages of the above online business, you are now boiling blood, want to do a big job, the following to talk about the need for attention to Network Entrepreneurship:

is now developing with internet. After the "bubble era", the Internet economy is gradually moving towards its bright spring. Looking at one giant it giant on the web, you’re excited. Are you in a hurry? Are you making up your mind,


        welcome webmasters to actively launch this ad!

online business is really a very attractive term. Because:

Websites and companies for nine months

runs websites and companies for nine months,

unconsciously do stand for nearly a year, from the beginning of what all don’t understand, to now understand a little, not very understand. Heart is tangled.

doesn’t know how many friends make websites as startups. That’s what I was. From the beginning of the portal to get complacent. To the final decision to engage in a combination of substantive operation of the commercial nature of the site (5280 affiliated network) – focusing on the construction industry talent certification intermediary services. The site is rough, to be honest. But what I emphasize is the utility and validity of the visitor.

has a lot of feelings to say, a little messy. Let me simply outline an outline.

Some thoughts on Entrepreneurship of

1. website.

The importance of

2. website in the process of entrepreneurship.

Optimization and promotion of

3. website.

4. website success or not, personal requirements.

, let’s start with the first point:

often sees a lot of people in the A5 forum say that the site is not good now. The competition is big. The same is true. Personal Adsense profits era is over. Personally, if you want to do a bigger job, you have to have funds and people. Money can be solved by technology. The current optimization and promotion of funding requirements are getting higher and higher. Everyone knows the Baidu promotion, the Internet company’s SEO service. It’s all money. And for the small Adsense without funds, the pear is very big. SEO, human, now outside the post is a few cents, is soft, a few hundreds of articles, not to say a lot of money, the money is mainly is a long process. Want to see the results but also all means are regular white not black hat. A black hat can bring a brief and rapid effect, but the result is fatal. I have a friend who is suffering. I feel the same way. I’ll mention it. Therefore, the station is still a long process.

I started my own company before I made my stop. Incorporate some money and manpower. So now it’s going smoothly. For nine months, a lot of feeling not spot of words can say. Here, I want to be kind to those who are ready to stand and stand. The Internet is full of opportunities, but also full of pitfalls and hardships. Find the train of thought, we must make up our minds, patience, go on.

if I say it’s easy to make a station, I think a lot of people will spray me. Put it this way, for example, starve to death, timid, and brave. Now the network, make a person easily, also featuring a website easy. Website red flow, this problem solved. Like a baby, Xi Li Ge, Fengjie, Sister Lotus which is popular on the web. How many people are there in search of them everyday?. So the technique is very important, bold but cautious right direction is also very important. Many people ask, these are short-lived, and can not be maintained for long. This >

Novice webmaster talk about the three steps

building a web site takes only three steps.

, the first step, buy domain name space.

this step is very simple, that is enough. But remind is, buy a domain name space to see them, it is best to large service providers (such as network) products, but large service prices generally more expensive, then you can go to the service’s buying agent (this is the true genuine goods at a fair price.

second steps, select the program, upload to the space for installation.

now has quite a number of free programs on the web. You should first think about what you want to do, such as enterprise websites, travel websites, commercial websites, forums, or CMS building sites and so on. First you decide what you need, and then you choose to find such a program. Find such a program source code, a lot of online, are free, and spend more effort to find, you can always find what you want. Yes, upload it to your space with the FTP tool. You can install it step by step according to the instructions.

third step, add content, perfect your website.

to the third step, Congratulations, you already have your website. You just need to add your own content to your website, and then get out.

this is my station "I am 80, please master course, I belong to the rookie level, only to provide some suggestions for novice.

after saying that, you don’t think it’s hard to build a website any more?. I from the site to now, although less than a week, but Baidu, GG and other major search engines have been included in my web site.

and want to say is, easy to build, it is difficult to promote operation. In other words, it’s easy to have a website of your own, as long as you’re willing to spend time and energy on it. It is important that when you have a belong to your website, you must take him out, let others know, and you get what they want what we need, this is the existence of the value of a website.

finished writing this, and at the same time thought of his own way along the road is not easy, but it has been hard and happy. I hope the same people who want to build a website for themselves will also get what you want, hard and happy.

Case study Tencent revised a beautiful beginning

changes in the pattern of information to promote the revision of Tencent network to open up, portal, blog, video, mobile, depth integration of their own high-quality resources. The revision interface is clear and simple, the design is smooth, and the value of the beautiful interface is quite rare.


Tencent web site:, a news portal can have such an interface, let me unexpected. Maybe not everyone can have my deep experience. It’s not easy to design a person who has a sense of it.

Tencent network why revision?

, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, mobile applications, the rapid development, and news portal originator YAHOO into the decline. Ten years ago, the portal prides itself on providing a comprehensive and rich information catalog. Now, more people are using social networks, social media, video, mobile Internet as the gateway to get information. editor Chen Juhong, stressed that "when the platform is no longer the first entrance, we should recognize our content when the depth of operation, let micro-blog, Tencent, Tencent depth video Tencent’s combination, release more energy."

, micro-blog, social media. With incredible speed, massive fragmentation of data, high user participation and communication power. Micro-blog is a port for many celebrities to talk to the world’s audience and from all walks of life. It is an important source of information for media releases. Various details in micro-blog become boiling point, oolong event constantly "happy" bubble, public opinion hot endless somersault.

in the London Olympic Games opened the "global media war", micro-blog become one of the new forces that can not be ignored. Yi Siling won in 60 seconds by millions of forwarding, about Sun Yang’s collar will always lead to YY, Liu Xiang fall, micro-blog Sina attracted massive public server downtime. 1/10 of earth people pass the micro-blog twitter look at the Olympics, and the International Olympic Committee official says London is one of the most social games in history. Micro-blog can break the gap between time and space, with "second push" to bring "zero time difference", "zero distance" of the real scene. I deeply feel that micro-blog is very important in today’s press, micro-blog in Sina up, and Sina, micro-blog traffic has exceeded Sina portal. In Baidu search for a news, at the bottom of the page gives the latest micro-blog results.


video, information technology continues to develop, video is undoubtedly the most promising form of media. From the point of view of information transmission, video can be simple, vivid and direct, showing rich information and incomparable advantages of words and pictures. For real-time reporting, the TV must be scheduled for a specific time distribution, while the live broadcast has a more immediate and sense of scene. More and more people are moving away from TV to online video, with a large number of resources that can be seen anytime and anywhere.


How does the website leave a strong impression on the user

The construction of

site now more easily, even if only a week to learn Chinese Pinyin typing, then find a CMS to begin their journey to the current number of webmaster, Chinese website is an amazing number. So the website can only give users leave a strong impression of talent shows itself, and the user can visit your website or recommend to the people around your website, this is the only way for the solid foundation website profit lay.

1 domain name selection

domain name to follow several points:

the first   domain name and content of the site to adapt to; local sites to take the zip code, place name test, Pinyin domain name, telephone area code is a good choice.

second   domain name is easy to remember, hard to remember domain name, to the user again set up invisible obstacles.

third   domain name easy input, domain name can be used to spelling Pinyin typing is very easy. Digital domain name is the best for those who don’t understand pinyin.

fourth   domain name suffix best choice.Com, this is the default suffix of Internet users, if the user to the domain name suffix memory fuzzy, many people try to use the.Com suffix.

2 site name selection

first, the site name is first adapted to the content of the site, and the user remembers the name to know the content and subject of the site.

second, the name of the site to "the one and only", the unique name of the web site, users not only easy to remember, the more important is the search engine, if users forget the domain name, again search your site name, unique site name is very easy to first search engine. If your website name is "talent net", this keyword wants to arrange the position of the first, its difficulty can imagine.

LOGO 3 site to the atmosphere unique, and website themes unified, so as to give the user an immortal impression.

4 website phone


. The website’s telephone is convenient for the user to contact you, so it is easy to remember the telephone, which will give your users great convenience.

The content of

5 site

first is the fundamental content of unique users visit the website again, a complete copy of the content, the customer service will contact you again? Therefore, the content must be original, or copy the contents to tidy, convenient for users to browse, save the time of users.

second the content of every page layout to facilitate users to browse web content to users, more and more critical, browse web pages in 10 seconds, to determine whether or not to see it, therefore, paragraph title to striking, first to summarize the main content of the page, to avoid a dense, the user will see leave.

< >