Several methods can leave the anchor text of the chain in high quality forum

two: the length of the post to moderate

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links with anchor text posts in the forum, set the font is also very important, generally speaking, the browser is very compatible to Arial, and even when the anchor text, and underline font is close, if you use other fonts, font and then underline the difference from the moderator it is easy to see at a glance! In addition, must choose the font bold, because in the bold vision, it is easy to overlook the small string, in addition to the font color settings, usually black is the best, of course, also want to see the main colors of these forum itself, if someone posts font the colors are red, then you can set the red, as much as possible and consistent with the mainstream! This possibility by moderators of serious attention on the low

three: Post font camouflage



on the soft Wen is free, but for the soft requirements are relatively high, on the one hand, soft related channels and compared with the forum, if you write is a soft, but sent to the technology channel, then will be deleted, on the other hand, the quality of the soft compared to high, can not direct simple advertising soft, generally the soft will die soon, in general, the soft advertising is quite obscure, as the title of the article is very vague, don’t expect free in these high quality advertising on the altar, but to let the soft can survive in these forums! So must not be able to release those straightforward ads


in general, forum posts compared with the length of about 500 words in the line is moderate, not more than 2000 words, line can not be less than 300 words, to know the postings in the forum, not micro-blog, but try to make your site anchor text can survive on these sites, if the content is too short, the anchor text is easy to be found out, of course, if too long, on the one hand, the readability is not high, do not love themselves and the moderator,

if by conventional methods, want to leave the anchor text in high quality forum which is almost impossible task, are generally two ways, one is to spend money to buy, another is through the efforts to upgrade, then make a contribution to this website, can have the opportunity to leave the chain a two the article on this site, if the chain multiple, or your account blocked! But the site outside the chain, for the optimization of a website is very important, if the chain site less, especially the high quality of the site outside the chain less, it hardly among the high the weight of the site ranks, not to mention can be routed to the search engine page! So many master who began continuous testing, constantly sum up experience, and finally developed a highly efficient left anchor in high quality forum The text of the chain! Here I come to do a simple

on the soft Wen on these sites.Of course, the

6 methods of processing a web site is down right

4, the website was shut down for a period of time

1, adjust the quality and quantity of the

face right down, we need to think about is the quality of the station, if the original or false original is not enough, then it is very likely to cause the site is down right. Then we have to change the past in the routine, write some original articles more seriously, insist on a period of time will make a contribution to the recovery of the website ranking.

in addition, the number of articles published daily station is also critical, I once had a station was drop right after I was so treated: half a month and then suddenly stopped updating, an update, next week to stop the update, and then update two articles, the next three days the same stop the update, then suddenly update three articles every day, slowly began to update, and update the number gradually increased, until the resumption of normal update, one and a half months later my ranking miraculously recovered. Of course, this method is not used so the station number is right down the site to adjust the station according to the actual situation, try several methods is right.

2, carefully check the website of Links

3, reduce the release of the chain number

Links is caused by the possibility of one site is down right, webmaster friends once found their site ranking out later, will carefully check each Links, have the right to be reduced or not normal snapshot ranking Links are removed. If conditions permit, the best for several normal, ranking content related, the latest snapshot of Links, although this can not guarantee the weight can be restored, but at least can play a beneficial role.

many site is down right because the optimization over the reasons, it is said that still not too much, the chain will also cause site is down right, then webmaster friends should have a clear understanding of the number, can not blindly pursue the chain. Although not necessarily reduce the chain can play what role, but I also have such operations site recovery weight, so try this method.

many webmaster friends will meet the site is down right, have spent a long time to do the site suddenly in the fall, when most of the webmaster heart will be very anxious, eager to take some measures to restore the site’s ranking. In fact, in the face of the right down, as long as we find out the reason why the right down, is a step by step through the operation to recover ranking. To introduce several under my own website for common right down to the following treatment, hoping to have some inspiration to the webmaster friends.

update site

many people will feel difficult to understand this, in fact, this is indeed one of the methods to restore the weight, when the site is closed, the return status is set to 503, so the spider crawling can not be normal, will determine the site temporary failure, the short term will generally not.

The new station through the five basic matters audit period should pay attention to the search engin

comparison of the two railway station, and perhaps we can see the new station, now the more you care more is to spend time, you may not accept the search engine like. Especially now love Shanghai, the more you care about it, the more it is far away from you. If the new station into the search engine in the review period, what should we do?

, continue to maintain the original content website

interestingly, second station I, to be honest I is not to spend too much effort, every day can take up to ten minutes to maintain and update. But the effect of received abnormal alarming. On-line within a week, a love Shanghai index is 200 words even in Shanghai love the first two pages, Google home page. Until now is. The optimization work for this station, it can be said that almost did not, even the chain is not to send.

many webmaster friends in new sites in the assessment period, often using > released

two, do not arbitrarily replace the

site structureThe structure of the

website, is a bridge linking all the web pages of our entire website. If the search site audit of your engine, the stability of site structure will be included, in order to make the new station to get extra points in the search engine, do not arbitrarily replace the structure. Here the need to mention is that if you have to site structure, as far as possible do not change existing "URL.

search engine changing algorithm, new problems are increasingly prominent. A phenomenon is the most obvious, love Shanghai for the new station attitude, as long as we are not careful will fall into the endless audit. So when this happens, how to correctly and quickly through the

With the recent

three, the chain do not have much relevance, is the focus of extensive

generally if we put all our energy into a new search engine, but even when we don’t bird, it would be easy to get disheartened, and even may want to give up. This time we want to do is to stabilize your heart every day, continue to add your website content, but also must be original. Even if the search engine is not included, the content of high quality is a must.

said the solution before you tell me a personal case, recently I have two new sites online. One of the first station "I want to solve the network" to spend more energy, is the key to do. In this station, even in each list page and publish each article are carefully considered. Then slowly included, this is a happy thing. But because the server issues a few days open, causing the site to gradually become zero included. Even if you can’t please the search engine, it will not look at your eyes. Until third months, slowly released, has been basically stable to the snapshot overnight, the day included the situation.


How to build a website professional movie website.

two, select and edit

1, Marx film program has several years of history, is the industry leader, but also the function perfect, fewer loopholes, better performance, more

is now the movie website has innumerable, I believe that a large part of owners have tried to make the movie station, but doing well the station does not see more, it is now doing the movie stand no chance? I think there’s still a chance, mainly to see how you go, the business operation. Looking at the current form, the biggest problem is the content of the same and the sameness of the template, love Shanghai has not favored no original website, so seize this point to think is how to create a personalized movie a pressing matter of the moment to stand. And select the appropriate mode of operation with a good user experience, will you believe the movie talent shows itself. I will share the movie station network process and we hope to all the wise remark of an experienced person, webmaster friends help.

program is to determine the choice of the template, now there are many every kind of template, can be found on the official website. Most of the template are free, there are fees, in order to reduce the cost, generally choose a free template, but I think that is not desirable, to get their own movie station must be in the website style talent shows itself, to some work, and do not say completely on my own design template, modify the template to at least appropriate for for. It is important to choose a template, the template can improve the user experience can also enhance the spider’s favor, why not? After several twists and turns, the author chose a rare template, the template is simple, the atmosphere is more suitable for me, and then began my template modification of the road.


2, many stations are based on her website;

, a web site selection program for

templatesAfter the

3, she is the development of the ASP, you can select the SQLSERVER database, the author is a technical background, has a special liking for the Microsoft thing.

first please help design LOGO free acquaintances and the overall style of the modification, hey, not the resources of friends can go to a task on the pig, or very cheap. Then modify the template file, including enhanced CSS style modification, head and tail modification, content layout, search function (including support query), increase by two level navigation column and special page settings, layout optimization, the removal of advertising and so on, – >

want to make the movie station must first select a CMS, of course, you can also develop their own, in order to save costs, I believe that most owners are using ISM, now there are many free movie program, such as Marx CMS, CMS, CMS light, and more choices, depending on their circumstances, the author of the film the station is Marx, she was chosen to have the following reasons:

4, the author has its own server environment is the platform for Microsoft, Marx CMS.

8 the details determine success or failure to improve the site speed method

site statistics can effectively reflect the access, website, so this tool by the webmaster favorite, and when you open the page, you will often see the statistical code is placed in the content inside or div or Table tag. But when the calculator fails, the div or Table tag will be delayed for a period of time, resulting in the pages of the web site has not open, affect the site access speed. So we need to put the statistical code in the content, the bottom of the page, or directly to the div label hidden, so it won’t affect our website access speed.

three uses iframe embedded advertising code

four JS code package

with static content

two statistical code correctly placed

webmaster should clearly recognize that not only the content of the website and the construction of the chain will affect the weight and height of the web site, some small is also worthy of attention, such as user experience, such as the website speed, take the speed of the site, if the site a few minutes are not open, it will not only affect the users of the site experience, enthusiasm will be greatly discouraged spiders crawl the site, and if we want to establish a long-term website, must work harder on it.


JS the code itself resource occupied by the larger space, if you do not use the call way of sorting and packaging, but directly on the website source code, it will greatly increase the website’s source code set size, and because some anti-virus software will take JS code as a virus killing on the line, which makes the criminals to find a breakthrough attack the website, so JS code package is imperative. So in the establishment of the time, to.

Shanghai Longfeng a branch is a very important content optimization, pictures and the existence of FLASH is not easy to let the spider crawl the site, only to determine the image attributes and content through the Alt label. Besides a large number of pictures will delay the website loading speed. For FLASH elements more also should not be used, because the current owners more by CMS shared host, in this case, the FLASH loading speed will make you very tangled, unless you are an independent host. More importantly, the search engine does not included FLASH, do is white, so don’t order a little bit of user experience, put a lot of pictures and FLASH on the web page.

site is always to be profitable, advertising is an indispensable natural join. But another problem arises, advertising code will affect the page loading speed, so how to solve it? In this case, we should put the advertising code embedded inside 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/ indirectly linked to the home page, and put all the advertising code on the new page on it.


Four prevent web site was hung black chain method which to have

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: The 1. see

3. website FTP password must not be too simple

hackers may get through the website of the FTP user name and password to the target web site to hang black chain. Webmaster friends need a stronger safety awareness, FTP password is too simple will allow hackers to easily break, pose a threat to the safety of the site. Of course, if you can periodically modify the FTP password, it is better for the safety and security of the website.


website source code

site was hung black chain another possible reason is the problem of server security. If the site problem, other sites can make the best server vendor inspection a server is also appeared in a similar situation, and as soon as possible so that the server vendor solutions are given. We can choose the best suppliers in the early server better safety performance, so it can effectively avoid some unnecessary trouble later. So, how to choose the service provider should also be webmaster friends attention.

black chain chain, also known as the hidden dark chain, usually refers to the access links through normal means. At present, the most common method to obtain the black chain is to get the search engine weight or PR high site webshell through a variety of web application vulnerabilities, so your site

keyword optimization designed >

introduces four prevent web site was hung black chain method. Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a long-term undertaking, one of whether the site was hung black chain is the webmaster friends will do homework often test.

usually, web site was hung black chain the maximum likelihood, but don’t ignore the other higher weight ". We need to do is often on the page to check the source code. Especially if found strange URL, should carefully check the link form, once found abnormal immediately delete.

Webmaster Tools website link detection

network but often there is always this phenomenon, one thing that is very troublesome to the webmaster friends. Sometimes, a website was linked to a number of night black chain, even if you optimize work done well, the website ranking will not go up. So, effectively prevent the site was linked to the black chain optimization is critical for us to do. The following are some suggestions:

behavior is taken to reap the benefits of such practices, love Shanghai very serious punishment.


2. with the help of

clever use of some of the chain, chain detection tool can not only help us to clear the existing site links, can directly detect the link to the site whether can normal visit. This is also an effective method.

4. select a stable and secure server

links in the target siteNo legal means the

The gun and ofo are Yongan Mobell again for IPO to become the first stock of bike sharingBen Horowit

: you mentioned in the book that LoudCloud and Opsware are almost dead. Is that true,


the government investment has to pay piles of public bicycle as the main business, mainly covers the following three lines and the city and surrounding counties, townships, cities and counties from the following three lines and the proportion of total revenue reached 85%-90%.

system operation service revenue most, 2014 -2016 years to achieve 236 million yuan, 396 million yuan and 534 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of main business income of 62.08%, 63.92% and 68.92%; followed by the sale of public bicycle system business, nearly 3 years of income amounted to 144 million, 223 million and 239 million yuan, accounting for the company’s main business income ratio respectively. As of 37.92%, 36.08% and 30.9%.

it is not a trip to Yongan in June 2015, it has been in the A shares listed on the attempt, but did not cause too much attention, in a shared Bicycle Concept popular now, second applications of IPO it attracted great attention. If this is successful, then it will be "shared bike first stock."".


‘s unexpected harvest was the birth of a new project from Opsware, Loudcloud, although the company has experienced many twists and turns, but eventually acquired by Hewlett-Packard Co, the price is $1 billion 650 million. Ben Horowitz in his new book recalled that after the completion of the acquisition, he did not feel relieved, but feel uncomfortable, unable to sleep, cry, and so on.

Ben Horow>

According to the Yongan



Chinese March 24th evening, the Commission’s official website disclosure of information display, Yongan bicycle submitted IPO application to A shares, issued 24 million shares, accounting for the total share capital of 25%, par value of 1 yuan, listed on the Shanghai stock exchange, plans to raise 598 million yuan, for "technology R & D center construction project" and "supplementary public bicycle construction and operation of the operation of the project funds and repayment of bank borrowings".

Abstract: the v-mobile and ofo shared bicycle rise, the impact to Yongan for the main business. From its layout, Yongan still focus resources on a pile of bicycles. However, at the same time, the "no deposit" model is adopted in the no pile sharing bike business, and a small number of experiments are carried out.

a few years later, he and Marc Andreessen decided to do it again, so now Andreessen Horowitz venture capital company. In four years, they got a $2 billion 500 million fund and made many successful investments, including Groupon, Zynga, Instagram and so on. These companies have been successfully listed or bought at a high price. Now its start-up companies include: Airbnb, Box, Jawbone, and so on. Horowitz has also released blogs to share its own investment and entrepreneurial experience, and recently made a new book The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building A Business When There Answers Are No Easy. Recently, he also interviewed the media, sharing more subtle experiences, as follows:

prospectus, 2014 -2016 year the company achieved total revenue of 381 million yuan respectively, 620 million yuan and 774 million yuan, an increase of respectively 66.42%, 62.81% and 24.93%; net profit over the same period were 68 million, 93 million yuan and 117 million yuan, an increase of 90.3%, 28.17%, 28.38%.

in the prospectus, the Yongan public bicycle bicycle industry, divided into government pay investment pile public bicycle system, business, and social capital investment, users pay no pile of public bicycle business in two modes.

Ben Horowitz: absolutely. Actually, when I went back to read, I felt the real situation was more difficult than what I had written in the book. I wanted IPO, and it was called IPO from hell.

: though it was difficult, you stuck to it and sold the company for more than $1 billion, which was your original design,


keyword: Earnings

titanium media note: SFC March 31st announcement, the main board will be issued on April 6th audit Changzhou Yongan public bicycle system Limited by Share Ltd first application.

has been a hard fought company CEO before the successful venture capitalist Ben Horowitz successfully created his venture capital firm. He was also the famous Marc and Andreessen together founded an early cloud computing company: Loudcloud, Marc Andreessen after the time in his Netscape Co sold to the United States online, but it is about 2000, the NASDAQ in the crash, affected by this Loudcloud is almost to bankruptcy. Obviously, it was impossible to get wind money, but Ben Horowitz was bold in his pursuit of IPO. His move was called "IPO from hell" by the industry".

The first IPO application,

Melody nets beauty webmaster voice

I have so many fascinating, derived and hate so much. The kind of melodious and sonorous homage to the colourful plumage immersion psychedelic, whether I use what means and strong is unable to grasp. The scale of congenital defects, make me by the youth aspire to the youth is lost, then to the end now.

? Yes, the has been far away from me, or the sky of my music is infinitely pale. Although the birds will only in the tree top dihuai chirp, although the early spring frogs noisy over my ears, now the summer is coming, the cicadas with Xi sound more and more ambitious, but so many natural tone, so some complex music, they are always high low, short length, well-proportioned, a a beautiful but rather the world. The world shows its diversity and complexity. Smart people should have some insights from them, and change their tune with fashion so as to conform to the high times and attract the same breath.

?? I like a partridge always likes to hide in the depths of shade, singing or hoarse or heavy or sad songs. The voice was dull not very harmonious, in front of some Angelo even a bit harsh, but it is after all the sounds of nature, the world is not denied the content after the creation of the world. As long as the content is not known, the heinous saliva, you should not put it into hell.

?? you may remember, CCTV had a hit retirement of female employees, in order to make the society better, specifically on some health corner, shooting exposed the dark side of the society, in her effort to run under sporadic Millennium smelly rubbish soon cleared, some unhealthy to picket. After the hit, many retirees have followed suit, went away is dirty, left is clean.

? It is no doubt that we can only see the ills of society, but can not see the good forms of the human world. But it is in the public service, is the United States, so this kind of behavior undoubtedly should be affirmed.

?? I do not have the luxury of deep public service, I faint, only want to sing real tune, a pleasure of her soul, or sorrow or joy or cry or tears, or jump or jump, stop, walk, wanton, without affectation. These songs like song impassioned; as well as the long-drawn and tedious documents, reports and sonorous and forceful. However, I think, as long as it is from the truth, it should be affirmed and considered to be beautiful. Du Fu depressed is the reality of the history of the greatest masterpiece, is rich in Tao Yuanming’s Elegy; dilute Ning and Chaochen own peerless beauty; Shen Congwen hidden solemn dignity water village charm. Eileen Chang also said: "I don’t love my love heroic, more desolate…… There are more long aftertaste, desolate……."

?? in the sleepless night, my ear thick wall; in the morning hush, I flew on the full silver campus; in the bright moonlight, I listen to the nature of the fence through bushes, voice of the nightingale.

Analyze the possible development trend of the electricity supplier industry, guide the future websit

actually I already had the idea to write an article on the China electricity supplier industry articles, but has no time, this morning around A5, suddenly found a writer wrote an article called "the cool days at China mapping electricity supplier development road", after reading deeply, the author composed the cool days at Chinese event to China business development, said very in principle, but also very practical, but he is ultimately China characteristics of the electricity supplier industry, sometimes we can not only know the characteristics, instead we should know is the development trend of Chinese electricity supplier industry, is the so-called "Shun chang the inverse of death". Grasp the development trend of Chinese electricity industry, sometimes will make their own way of higher more smoothly.

special, deep industry e-commerce will become a hot

The failure of

cool days largely because there is no thought to China electricity supplier industry depth, thought that relying on Baidu drainage and Alibaba can be strong, in fact, Chinese electricity market in deep water, the user’s search habits, regional culture and the pursuit for product quality have made detailed Chinese electricity supplier industry must be ready to reform now, it Chinese consumers living standards than in 2000 has been a qualitative leap, diversification will not only satisfy to choose, experience more and more towards consumption. Besides the current Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang business models mature, even big companies like Baidu, and they are not necessarily can destabilize, ah, cool days is a good example. Therefore, the future of China’s commercial point is bound to be like professional, deep-seated development. Just like good music to buy, Le Amoy focused on shoes and bags online mall, they did not directly and Taobao comprehensive shopping mall challenge, but the second major offensive and deep business industry, at present, the effect is very good, good music to buy the first quarter of 2012 sales increase over the same period% 52.

e-commerce will integrate logistics supply chain

read an article before, say is a successful electricity supplier website, which necessary conditions?. One point is that the choice of logistics. In fact, in my opinion, the importance of logistics choice can even be compared with the quality of goods, and in the rapid development of the electricity supplier today, the impact of the logistics supply chain defects are often fatal. In China business industry, basically is the user to buy goods, and then select logistics supplier model, although this mode will be the logistics outsourcing, but once the logistics problems, we will reduce the favorability for your site, because in their view, the logistics quality is good or bad and is linked to your site.

You are such a

particular ideology, as construction enterprises to strengthen the logistics, it is foreseeable future only those logistics as the core value of components, and have won the trick of the enterprise can be China e-commerce market competition. Because the enterprise itself involved in the logistics industry, you can grasp the whole process of commodity distribution, destiny will be in your own hands, although it will increase

The key factors affecting the electricity supplier website conversion rate details

usually do not pay attention to these problems, today suddenly realized the flow and turnover of the singular why such a big gap, Jingxiaxinlai think that the usual website daily about 500 IP, the daily turnover of only five or six single singular, the conversion rate is only 1%, why so low, the more than 500 Ip so little value? Five or six single transaction, will restrict your income increase. We must be aware of the seriousness of this problem, even if you again how to do optimization, do flow, flow up to do, little or no transactions were singular, income, rarely, but also sent to the local force, we must focus on the conversion to solve this problem, improve the conversion rate of income doubled to nature turn on. How to improve the conversion rate? What factors are affecting the conversion rate? The author, today to express their opinion, the key factors affecting the electricity supplier website conversion rate details, and how to improve the conversion rate.

before I wrote a story about improve the conversion rate of article "actual experience of how to improve the basic factors of the guest user conversion rate of revenue maximization" inside said web server speed, website localization, keyword selection, web designer, and these products affect the conversion rate, today is not about the foundation. Mainly talk about good foundation in these above, what are the key factors affecting the conversion rate.

1, from the background data analysis of user sources, to see where the main user comes from, from the search engine to see what keywords they search,


data " Womens winter coat" "Taobao online shopping accounted for most of the

women’s winter"

this time we will analyze your website to provide products and whether the user search keywords matching, such as matching is poor, the conversion rate will be very low, for example: most users search " Womens winter coat" come in, you have to put all the web page content on these women’s winter coat women’s information products and information, so the search for " Womens winter coat" users in one can see she needs products.


home page and navigation bar are all "women’s clothing category"

I have seen many guest website, what are, which is very complex, the user enters a look, not what he needs, immediately shut down the site. Web keyword and content matching is very low, leading to high jump rate, low conversion rate, the solution is to analyze the background data, improve the content of the site and keyword matching.

2. user point of view set the site guide column, regard oneself as the user, from the search engine to search for the key to enter your own website, they will soon find themselves in need of love products? Whether can through your website successfully purchase? These two points will reflect a lot of problems, network.