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has a turnover of over 10000

April 21st, taobao Liaoning UNITA leader "would blossom" told reporters that at present, Liaoning province has the crown level the success of the transaction more than million sellers nearly 130, five diamond successful trading more than 5000 sellers nearly two hundred, more than two diamond successful trading more than 500 more than 3000 sellers. Liaoning chamber of Commerce statistics show that in Shenyang the number of shop only registered in Taobao online will be close to 3000. It is estimated that, if you add in , eBay, Sina and other stores opened sellers, the number of online shopping in Shenyang must be more than 3000.

a day !

since the second half of last year, every day in the online shop in Shenyang sellers showed obvious upward trend, part of the store owner also joined the ranks of network start-ups. In January this year, in the street near the jewelry shop entity Wu, because of the popularity of online transactions, registered on the Internet opened a shop. Up to now, 80 deals have been successfully traded. Reporters saw in his shop, shops operating booming, not only and physical stores, can be returned, the consumption of a certain amount of money can also be free express.

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Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

reporter found that, in addition to online shop for second of the income source of the workplace and have physical shop owner, some after graduation did not find the right job students also opened the shop.

entrepreneurship while driving employment, customer service positions need 10000 people

shop is a lot of business benefits? Liaoning chamber of Commerce, a crown seller told reporters, the monthly operating income in the hundreds of thousands of yuan, the average daily income of over 10000 yuan. As the shop does not need the cost of physical shops, but also save the decoration, gas, water, electricity and other routine maintenance costs, so the benefits are good.

to "chipping away" such words to describe the shop, is definitely out. Statistics show that only in Shenyang Taobao online shop close to 3000, of which better operating shops, monthly turnover of hundreds of thousands of yuan.

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Shen City three types of online shop

in a gold and silver sales center to do marketing work of Miss Zhou, these days the signature changed to "everyone go to my store" support". It turned out that Miss Zhou opened a new jewelry shop on Taobao, specializing in various types of silver. She told reporters that since the second half of last year, the unit has not been a bonus, she will use the convenience of their own work, opened an online shop, earn some extra income.

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the spread of the financial crisis, so that consumers close their wallets, some people turn to low-cost, convenient online shopping market Amoy goods, and the hot online shopping market has spawned a number of online shops and network start-ups.

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Shanghai dragon and future Shanghai Longfeng die The terrible problem!

bloggers do not want to discuss this awful problem, after all, my experience is zero, just know fur, said too much, can only be said in the loading force. But, I just want to say what he felt, I hope we can bring some help. Rookie, please pick the wrong

In fact,

study of Shanghai Longfeng for nearly a year, I found the Shanghai dragon circle more chaos, atmosphere is very poor. Restless heart, climate is not. The average person is just getting started, that has mastered the truth of Shanghai dragon, trumpeted everywhere, B, and some of the so-called Shanghai dragon training institutions, even out of the case are not started casually flicker novice, what original article, what the chain, Shanghai dragon core. This is not in harm? I am not Shanghai dragon master, because Shanghai dragon master is low-key, muffled fortune, he will have too much money, for you to share out? Bo did not go to the forum to master, now every day around, pay attention to the latest hot dynamic, look different Shanghai Longfeng Daniel blog, in short, to learn the theory and practice of Shanghai Longfeng, established the first blog of their own, because you don’t know how messed up, now Guangzhou Shanghai dragon is my blog set up second websites, generally speaking, I just started Shanghai Dragon Phoenix!!! Yes, I it is just getting started, but can only say that the Shanghai Longfeng easy entry, study hard! However, now the Shanghai dragon in the world filled with a variety of chaos". Impetuous, this word is my sense of confusion, Shanghai dragon, is my own to become a worry in Shanghai dragon er. Don’t say me this rookie, if such an industry, every day is filled with this news, the Shanghai dragon circles are affected are big I dare not say, at least to the industry will make a impression: "Shanghai dragon".

I’m here to talk about their new Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon Master skip! Do, please put the basic knowledge to learn to remember the Shanghai dragon, don’t ask, others do not answer, also blame others, you don’t know how to love Shanghai? Don’t you love Shanghai.? again, practice the truth, begin to build a web site, you can learn more.


bloggers have been considering to write do not write this kind of article, after all this kind of article has been flooded, saw the title even shaking fingers were too lazy, why? I can swear? I can say I’m learning Shanghai Longfeng not long, there have been no work, see this title every day you can understand, a rookie crisp heart? Call · · · · after that, at these words, it is a 100 minute word! However, bloggers now the mood is very calm, just wrote that no place to tell, borrow this opportunity to say through the blog. Well, in here, we are not to Bo sympathy, can only be said to enter a line to force myself to love you, can choose their own love that is individual.

Shanghai Dragon 3 months easily create 1000IP traffic station

used to flow understanding is not deep, often do such a site recently, raise a lot of experience here and everyone to take share. From the end of 5 to now, three months time, I succeed in doing this English easyvoa flow station, the current flow is stable at 800-1000.

flow, you must first determine a core vocabulary, for example I do English website VOA around this theme, we see that the VOA daily search volume is about 5000, so the core vocabulary retrieval is more than 4000 words, is called flow station. Such words do up around the core of the site, you can flow from 3 months to 1000, if the base is very small, by the Shanghai dragon flow is also very difficult to start.


VOA is very difficult to do, because the competition is very strong, we can choose to do online to listen to VOA, this word is relatively easy, the flow is also great, so we have to do the flow from here, we can Links anchor text, blog guide, including the construction of the structure, the weight to collect the words, specific the way to build, we can analyze my site, beginners can imitate.

< >

do a flow station, the first to have a plan.

1. is not all sites can be 3 months to do 1000


before 1 and a half months, the website weight is very low, basically no ranking, this time, keep update, exchange friendship, snapshot induced spider gradually your daily updates, the most difficult period, need patience to hold on.


if your website is the website traffic I said, then the Shanghai dragon is the decisive role, I share my strategy for everyone.

is clearly not, your site if you stop doing business, enterprise related products, give you 1 years to do 1000IP that is very good, this site, not called flow station, this site, if you want to do 3 months of 1000IP, not very realistic, for such site, you need to consider how to improve the conversion rate, gradually start flow.

2. what kind of website can be 3 months with 1000IP

Shanghai, for the novice, or of the line within 2 years of the people, may not have a profound understanding of the Internet, the overwhelming teach you to do the traffic, but are often vague, the core and key, few are point out.


3. if I stand in line with the search criteria, what should I do?


(1) first identified a key phrase


Local building materials network access to the user by Shanghai dragon is still the most powerful

web, optimization of core keywords including industry words, words, words, navigation flow brand words, each type has its own characteristics, methods in the promotion of the time there are differences, but on the whole is to rely on technology to do Shanghai Longfeng these keywords to a good ranking. This may explain why Shanghai dragon can be developed so rapidly, why millions of stationmaster are very big and the Shanghai Dragon technology to learn and improve it? Although the effect is slower, although the search engine algorithm has been adjusted, but once the keyword ranking is relatively stable, then the equivalent of every day can continue the directional flow, this flow is not cost too high cost, compared to advertising, has a very high price. In recent years, the development of the electricity supplier is very hot, a lot of website advertising is also rising, while Shanghai Longfeng price is further highlighted. Some webmaster do Taobao customers, in the process of doing Taobao customers, as long as a flow, a conversion rate of the word ranking on the home page, so every day can have a fixed income, its effect can be comparable with the advertising.

The needs of the development of traffic

by Shanghai dragon do promotion, the core is based on keywords bring traffic, in addition to the core keywords we developed, long tail keywords is also an important direction for an industry to dig deep, you can dig into a lot of long tail keywords, users of these words is the potential for them, organize, publish, and then get more traffic is one of the key steps. Below are from the core keywords and long tail keywords, soft Wen promotion three aspects elaborated.

local building materials network is a direction of webmasters are concerned, when local building networks, there are many areas of concern, the accumulation of resources is particularly important, but early, get through the Shanghai dragon user is still the most powerful way, because it can obtain directional flow and target customers, its price relatively low, only when the site was developed to a certain degree, a lot of offline operation can be carried out. When the website is only when a program, can not bring value and information to customers, we only try to run to be able to receive the support of users. So this paper will talk about the local building materials network advantage and direction of Shanghai dragon.

: a large amount of long tail keywords accumulated little difficulty, high conversion

core keywords Optimization: slow, stable, cost-effective

many sites when doing optimization, is first developed to optimize the core keywords, but in the concrete implementation of the optimization, to act in a diametrically opposite way. The first is the beginning of the long tail keywords. Because of the long tail keywords conversion rate is relatively high, it is relatively easy. The search engine offers a convenient user to search engine can search the information they are interested in, and this information is mostly some long words, not only is a core keywords, so take this part of words is to grasp the needs of users. Length >

The title of the website ranking optimization direct access to secret weapon


: starting from the perspective of what search keywords

3 site title keywords to reasonable layout (customer demand of the words in front of the competition of words on the front, because the search engine provides more love Shanghai in front of the keyword weight will be higher.

1, Shanghai dragon optimization personnel should stand in the user’s point of view to select the site title. Not the company itself, and not the industry itself, but the user (user), standing on the perspective of the user needs to consider.

in the eyes of many people, that is the best website keywords to write, do what you do can write what keywords is good, more people (especially the boss) that the website title is of course to write the name of the company, said the eight week here, is that this idea is completely mistaken, the reason is very simple, when you don’t know what the user name you call the company, he will go to search for the name of your company? Write industry keywords is also very important, like our socks wholesale website, the author took over the site before the title is "professional manufacturers of socks, stockings fashion Leggings socks wholesale distribution, Chengzhao shop agent", this website title although contains industry keywords, but obviously there are redundant content, looked very professional. The author took over the title will be changed to: "fashion stockings _ Leggings socks wholesale price _ _ Taobao agent _ in apparel". Remove the excess unnecessary words, to achieve the greatest degree of streamlining the title, from the user’s point of view to determine the needs of keywords, allowing users to see what your site is to do what business, simple, and can easily remember the name of your company (as in dress).

two: Title keywords right number

are often some of the words in the search in the sea, in many sites, most of the web site title a long string, some even more than 100 words. Here I want to say, this is the site optimization >

site title does not need words without meaning excess (such as: professional, best recruitment, etc.)

week just contact Shanghai Longfeng, hear the most is "content is king, the chain for emperor", has proved this is not true, but I think this is not the week eight of the most important. Every week eight think we need to do is to optimize the site title, the title is definitely a priority among priorities, only determine the most accurate the most concise title, so that we can achieve a multiplier effect optimization in the future. I recently had changed a new title, keywords ranking directly on the Shanghai love home, three days up to second Shanghai love experience, here, eight weeks in a wholesale website just took (in costume) as an example, Share Website Title Optimization effect, make the site keywords directly get the secret weapon rank.

The position of the When the eight )

it can be seen that the determination of the title of the website should have the following conditions:

Do stand, such as life webmaster, friends, please do your mind

we do want to stand to get more harvest, whether physical or mental, hope to share with everyone happy and share together into trouble, in this group, growth and other owners together is our pursuit of life. Individual novice may not be able to understand the truth, we are eager to promote your site, let the site soon grow up, sometimes ignore the feelings of others in the publicity, leading to beginners easy to make some small mistakes when doing the station. We can see that the individual webmaster in exchange when disdain and share, so, in the virtual world, how do we face other webmasters, and how websites grow together, this is a topic that the benign development of the Internet, we need to better publicize themselves, but also make more friends.

as long as we work hard to exchange, can let the webmaster see our sincerity and together, create a good atmosphere, here is Chinese shop network (www.cnshop8.com) a summary of some experience:

1, read the article, but also to communicate with the author and find resonance;

2, often share with others, discuss and exchange ideas with each other to facilitate the development of websites;

3, website content rather less write, do not write, avoid plagiarism, with respect to the author;

4, learn to respect others, to other people’s article should be carefully analyzed, seriously replies, can not attack each other, slander, malicious curse;

5, unremittingly, often encouraged with others, out of the low mood, to sunny.

many friends in the website promotion of their site will be through the writing form to express a do stand experience and experience, but also hope that we can learn more about the website or personal, so this time we try to write the article, but I hope others can look good, give yourself some of the more practical suggestions to facilitate their growth. But most of the time we are seeing some "drifting" and "passing" and "support" and other words, the number of chilling, after all the hard to write those articles, hopefully get good advice, see this reply is, how many people sad, in fact, looking back, we are not so treat others, we are not also inadvertently hurt the author, you imagine, this "drifting", so he "drifting", we "to" floating "to finally get what? What do we want others to treat yourself at the same time, there is no care to want to treat others? Under the" drifting "when you take into account when they have to communicate with others? If someone else" across "your article, what do you want? Not really The author of the article to read, read can exchange place, to give the author comments or replies, I think it is better than the "passing" well, because of this, virtually you increase your feelings for each other, also.

Talking about the necessity and main points of website analysis

knows the website operation friend to know, the website data analysis is a very important question, importantly has even produced the website data analyst separately, such a very fine division of labor profession.

generally speaking, website data analysis is divided into station analysis and off site analysis.

in fact, I’m not a website analyst, but today I just want to discuss the necessity and analysis point of station analysis.

first, let’s look at why station analysis is necessary.

for this, in fact, most webmaster friends should have a concept, but the clarity of the concept to be discussed.

China is saying: the outward first


search engine optimization work said he is difficult, easy to say, is also very easy, the most important original readability is one of the contents of the article, an external link and the breadth of the quality of


some friends to do SEO Optimization Website optimization, website optimization is he hard to do outside the chain, but I want to ask, if your website there is such a problem, the website links are 7, 8 layers deep, spiders can’t climb, you think your site in the search search engine rankings are good? If, if when you visit the website. The spider, the emergence of a large number of return code 200064 (usually, when you appear in the page code, also on behalf of your web page from K far away), if you do not go to the analysis of the web server the log, you do not know, not to mention the



through the above two examples, we can be sure that a point of view, that is, the site of the station analysis is extremely important.

I will be in the website of the station analysis done the following detailed description, the words of their own, if there is inappropriate, everyone please include:

1, analyze your website name


needs analysis website name? The reason is very simple, the site name, usually is title, in the search engine, especially Baidu search engine there, with a high total, an excellent website name, you can bring more high quality traffic.

2, analyze your keywords,

might be said as the keyword function before, but, as long as it is on the search engine and the influence, we should not be ignored, is the key to the site keywords and corresponding to the name, highlight key keywords.

3, analyze your website description

I see a lot of people in the written description, use keyword stuffing, actually this is not desirable, because the site is provided to visitors to watch, we should to the viewer’s point of view, should write a smooth introduction of your website, when >

2015, where is the news platform Is content still king

Abstract: 2015 will be a more intense year for news platform competition, and the sophisticated content operation and commercial realization will be the focus of competition. And who has the most extensive user base and the most high-quality content resources, who will take the lead in achieving large-scale profitable opportunities.

has four big portal Sina, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, after several years of transition from the PC to the mobile terminal after suffering in 2014, has spent a period of anxiety, and entered a relatively stable stage of development. Especially in the mobile terminal traffic battle has officially come to an end, including Tencent, NetEase, Sohu, Phoenix, headlines today and other news platforms have retrieved billions of dollars of users. In 2015, the news platform will enter a new stage of fine operation and large-scale realization.

fine operation: is the content still king?

first, for news clients, the content is still king. But the way things are organized has changed dramatically. In the PC Internet era, with the four major portals as a representative of the news media reports and reprint platforms rely on their organizations to build their own reporters and editors written content. In the increasingly competitive era, especially the advent of the mobile Internet era, these methods will be completely changed. According to the East observation, at present, the news platform content organization is characterized by the following five trends.

first, quality exclusive content resources are still king. New media, including news, video and other content to win the content, the quality of exclusive content resources are almost "hard currency."". To obtain high-quality exclusive content resources in two ways, one is the content of self-control, such as Tencent news topic today, NetEase news daily relaxed moment, the Sohu of the entertainment news headlines and the like are representative of the self-made program. The other is the introduction of high-quality exclusive content resources. For example, Tencent and NBA signed five years of exclusive cooperation, Tencent will play hundreds of high-definition NBA competition in the coming season. Through this agreement, NBA will provide the theme programs for the Tencent users, the Tencent will also launch a new NBA live events and columns, including NBA preseason, regular season, all star weekend, playoff finals, summer league and NBA draft etc.. These exclusive quality content resources are an important barrier to build differentiated advantages between news platforms. In particular, such as NBA, a global event, but also the news platform is extremely scarce high-quality content.

second, UGC content is valued. Obviously, exclusive content resources are always limited, as a client of users billions of dollars, must meet the needs of people from all walks of life of the "taste" of information, which need to strengthen the richness of content. At this time to encourage users to create content UGC mode starts to play its role, and it is also the major news platform for "position" people from the media, from the media industry to encourage the development of the mind, especially to continuous mass production "

How can you make your station IP by one thousand

traffic is the life of a station, how can you quickly make your station IP thousands? Now let me share some experience with you.

we all know, mop, Tianya and other large websites, IP hundreds of thousands of days. We can find your website related posts in mop.com, plus your website link to the end of the world, so at the end of the world looking for a hair to mop.com, so every day to bring you thousands of IP is easy.

more than just examples, like mop, Tianya and many other sites, we might as well try.

my station www.lqmsw.com (Louis Liu magic net)

himself, QQ:254920774 experienced communicator, plus me.

Case study advertising elements and click through rates of websites

wrote about 3 hours last year in response to a job in an advertising company for about.

cited data and didn’t know how it was, so it took.

a year to send it back


related data download address

look at the article, it is best to look at the data before, otherwise there is no data comparison to form a concept. Written in a hasty, not systematic, we hope you forgive.

cited data for Taobao 10 years in August, data may be different from now, but still can be used as a reference. Data content is as follows:


summed up several factors that affect picture click through rates in the data.

person will summarize the theme, composition, driven by 3 main factors. Each factor, all containing a number of elements. Each element of the expression of good and bad, will pull / push other factors. Level can be thought of as a polygon model, each vertex of a planar element the effect of axial length of the element, play to vertex. Volume is the final form of prismatic hits. Speak a little tongue, but if you want to know, to understand my opinion of some help.

the case, if it can be one of the factors to play to the extreme, other elements without too high standards, basically can achieve better value, and the present case, because a single high cost, resulting in the use of single factor to the ultimate play to pull the click rate risk it is generally combined with other factors with.

each user generates a click that is a " receives the information -> generates a demand -> drives -> clicks " a process.

The main thing

requires to receive information is the composition of the picture and the art section. Of course, the size of the picture and the location of the page are the main reason for this, but it has nothing to do with the content of this article. This section details.

The emergence of

requirements is related to topics, content, and copywriting..


drive point comes from whether the requirements generated in the previous step can be answered by.

if this process is able to hold the user, then one click.

will be generated

in the process of receiving information (Mei Gong), mainly for the next generation of demand services, the topic can be clearly passed to the user. Whether it can let users quickly access to information, is the main task of this process.

In the process of generating requirements,

still serves as a driver for the next step. The main task is how to make the user generate demand, or stimulate customer demand, and cause him to pay more attention to it