Bread crumbs navigation Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy is introduced

Breadcrumb navigation

, the bread crumbs navigation simple path — Based on

of this type can be pointed out that the current page hierarchy and the entire site is very good. This breadcrumb can display the current page before a page or directory of links. Can make the visitors know their position, and can quickly find their desired page. Friendly experience can be very good to improve the user.



secondsWebsite optimization Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: You can modify the


website right down topics:

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

based on the breadcrumb navigation path can display the web link visitors arrived in front page visited. But the single function, has been unable to meet the needs of the large website.

let me tell you a story of bread crumbs. Once two people, lost in the forest. They thought of a way, is scattered breadcrumbs in the past where the results, through the bread crumbs navigation, they find the way home.

1 demo site and background

common bread crumbs optimization method

! optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

three, e-commerce breadcrumb navigation — Based on attribute

this breadcrumb navigation based on attributes often appear in the e-commerce site. The advantages of this breadcrumb navigation is to clearly pointed out that the page product attributes or other categories. For a product, the breadcrumb navigation is more intuitive, more obvious, such as the navigation structure of taobao贵族宝贝.

tools / materials

this is a true story worth pondering. Also, here is the bread crumbs to optimize this role, it can help users to access the site to find them on the web site and return. This is a very important user experience, search engine also attaches great importance to this point, ratio of URL to optimize ifheavier.

two, the most common breadcrumb navigation based on

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

special chain optimization:

Analysis of link search query function

the day before yesterday to share with you about love Shanghai query of the chain of "love Shanghai domain accuracy", which referred to as domain, love Shanghai inaccuracy, many webmaster used methods to query the chain of YAHOO, but in November last year, YAHOO has closed chain query function, many webmaster at a loss. There is a saying "when God closed all the doors, will leave window for you, indeed, in the YAHOO shut down the chain the higher accuracy of the query function, but open the chain search query functions, for the majority of the Shanghai dragon Er provides a convenient. Today I love Shanghai for the chain of domain query link soso analysis query function.

so, why search link can provide the chain to us so accurate query results? The author thinks that it is good because the search search engine is not so strong, if you love Shanghai do is "full", "designed to do is soso". Search search engine platform to adopt a "accurate parallel search" (the author’s definition, its search results) is to query based on your input words, like love like Shanghai to assign keywords severity of various levels, for each keyword to search is also important, you enter a word, soso search is the result of a sentence.

respects the results reproduced retain the source www.muguayu贵族宝贝, papaya fish off Shanghai dragon Taobao webmaster

thank you support!

, search the link chain query function less than YAHOO but, as the domestic search engine, is worthy of praise, compared to love Shanghai "fuzzy domain results", is soso accurate, according to my sample chain several web query, accuracy you close to 90%, only this time with YAHOO, but after YAHOO closed the chain query function, Shanghai dragon Er choice.

said this may be a bit abstract, I for example. Taobao guest webmaster all know, there are two types of Taobao off site, one is equivalent to a small taobao贵族宝贝, what products are relatively complete product line, it is like the principle of love Shanghai engine, the other is a single page of Taobao guest website, make the product more specific, such as my guest "Taobao Moisturizing Mask" www.iwo123贵族宝贝 is a single page, it’s like search engine. Therefore, the search engine search and query principle is equivalent to the long tail keywords we said, direct definition included, direct extraction of query, hierarchical.

Although the accuracy of

the above principle and based on the viewpoint of papaya fish suggest the webmaster when query site outside the chain, you can use the search function of the link query results as a reference, it should be pretty close.

Web user experience analysis data visualization 6 steps


[editor’s note] this article comes from @ Baidu business UED. In the current Internet, a variety of data visualization charts emerge in endlessly. This article attempts to sum up the methods of data visualization and organize them into 6 steps.

general data graphs can be split into two basic types of elements: what is described and the value of this object, and we define them as indicators and index values for the time being. For example, a gender distribution, men accounted for 30%, women accounted for 70%, then the index is male and female, the index value corresponds to 30%, 70%.

1. graphically index values

an index value is a data, the size of the data in graphical manner. For example, the length or height of a column graph represents the size of the data, which is the most common form of visualization.

traditional column charts and pie charts may bring about aesthetic fatigue. They may try to make some innovations from the visual style of graphics. The common method is to associate the meaning of the figure with the index.

, for example, Google, Zeitgeist, displays the search word of TOP10, displaying the shape of the "search" shape, which coincides with the meaning of the index, and also makes a stereoscopic visual change:


2. graphically index the

generally uses the icon with the same meaning as the index, and uses more scenes as follows:


3. graphically index relationships

when there are many indexes, mining the relation between the indexes and graphically expressing them can enhance the visualization depth of the chart. Commonly, there are two ways:

uses existing scenes to represent

associations, whether in nature or in society, have similar scenarios and indicators, and then use this scenario to represent them.

, such as the Baidu statistical traffic research institute operating system distribution, first divided into windows, MAC, and other operating systems, windows and XP, 2003 and other multi seed system.

according to the relation of Lenovo, found the galaxies of the universe in a similar relationship: there are many galaxies in the universe, we are most familiar with the solar system, the solar system also includes all the planets, so the whole galaxy borrow scene, will be known as windows compared to the solar system, XP, window7 etc. compared to the sun planets, MAC and other systems compared to other galaxies, as follows:


Talk about how PR improves effectively

some time ago wrote an article "how your site appears in the first page of Baidu GG" article, has been recognized by many users, but also know a lot of friends, and everyone through exchanges also let me learn a lot, also let me realize the knowledge sharing to everyone is so his knowledge of fast reason, today I’m going to write an article about how to improve the PR, put me in a recent period of time of the heart to share, if what is wrong place please exhibitions, I put the station out to the big house, this is a PR0 station so, when next time with the new PR, and I’m sure can reach PR3 or even higher (to see this station is to let everyone make a witness, next time with the new PR if not up to 3 you can say I write today This is here, in fact, I’m not bragging) carefully before I have to think of PR as just a few PR3 station, you can look up to the 3 stations are PR3

don’t talk too much. I’ll share my heart, and I’ll talk about it from five aspects:

first, we first talk about the Links exchange, exchange connection is a kind of skill is very high, and it is very time consuming, because first of all you have to do is find to do the connection object (for connection to check PR, check the search revenue is not normal, not much more than the number of links), then go to talk about good, finally to do. Link exchange in this process, we should pay attention to several places, the connection is not the more the better, should be refined and excellent (here refers to the fine and excellent PR even less), do the connection first look at the PR and even the number of the other party, if the number of the other side of the PR3 is outside the 100 the connection is not what meaning do, you can not get it to PR instead of PR to do it, we must first see how many other external connection PR connection number, try to find PR large even less to do, certainly a lot of people will ask, I didn’t go to people with PR PR do, others can not ignore me, this is about to see you pull the connecting skills, I talk about my skills, I was first to find the webmaster chat, not to talk about connecting things, talk with go talk to do, talk very well after the general search engine, as long as you are normal collect Someone else will add a connection to you. (to remind you here, and often to see your connection, there should be a lot of immoral people, in order to PR, with you today to do the connection, and tomorrow will be deleted, and I am very contemptuous of this kind of person.


second, landing categories, that is, your web site submitted to the classified directory, and landing search engine portal almost the same meaning. DMOZ, the world’s largest classified catalogue, is a web site abroad. DMOZ successfully included the site, not only can get DMOZ site export links, DMOZ export links Network >!

It’s important to know how the local station can survive as much as possible

Hello, everyone, I’m struggling. Today, I’ll talk about some details before the local station is on the line.

You should make a general plan before the

site is on the line. The plan should at least include the following items: the positioning of the site, divided into sections, the choice of the domain name, space, program selection, template selection, content filling, how to promotion, how to maintenance, profit model, the formation of the team.

Localization of

sites must be accurate, otherwise the day is likely to become unable to find direction. The site has only one original goal: to survive anyway. Therefore, the initial positioning of the site must not be too big, not for large and whole, but only small and refined.

column should be divided correctly. At the beginning, don’t divide too many columns, too much will scatter a lot of energy, manpower, material resources and financial resources. In this way, instead of doing everything well, it is better to concentrate on one or more columns, and make everything fine. The chances of success are greater.

domain name better remember, good input. The domain name must be selected. If you are going to concentrate on the station instead of playing it, you must choose a domain name suitable for branding. The future of your success, the high popularity of the website, to the station, whether to replace the domain name? If you have limitations? I used to use is the local name in pinyin, but here we are divided area, not the name. So I changed the domain name in advance to a popular domain name and name: oil field residents network, so even if it is made in the future, to other areas open sub station, you can continue to use the current domain name. If you use local names, there are certain limitations and barriers to other areas.

space needs to be stable and fast; a stable and fast website can retain more users. Remember, cheap goods are not good, but expensive is not necessarily good, I myself also used a few space providers to find a good. Speed, stability, and service are good, not here, so as not to think of AD (about the choice of domain names and space, a lot of articles here, no longer AO)

program, or choose mature intelligent site products, their own development, the cost is too high, the site needs a lot of money at the beginning of the site, is not conducive to the development of the site. (of course, if you are rich in funds, there is no say), intelligent station must choose suitable for their own, skilled operation. Do not let those dazzling introduction blind eyes. OK, just try it. Here you can look at the program provider, the official forums, general good procedures, with more people, forums popular very much, the site is also a problem can be very convenient for help.

template is best not to use the default template, repetition rate is too high; stereotyped website is always bad. Make people think it’s copy.

content must be attractive, unique, and differentiated; if you have content, people also have, then why do you want to go to your website?

Filing applications, GG applications and receive PIN code tips

apply for GG

to COM meters, to buy a recommended name, company name, for a free space, 1M can find a website for LOGO and save the local link, a handbag company website well after submitted to GG included after you can apply for, at least 10 times more than 7 times, even 100%


attention to detail: do not use the CN meters, CN meters more stringent management, like many natural fish, virtually an entire vigilance! Second, the name must fill in the company name, what name anyway, you can XXX factory XXX XXX technology XXX XXX

textile laborers!

process for "1-5 days (holidays overdue) GG will have a problem that you reply ownership meters, please use the TXT to make a statement on the space (with GG says) to do that again after submission, general submitted second 1-3 will


notes, this method is the general method for GG project by the people, it is a bunch of people who do not know, for a few days after the release of the next number to continue to apply! Benefits that can be repeatedly applied to



to find a rice expired software, casually, every day hundreds of garbage rice expired, you literally register one, and then do a garbage station or company station application, basically 100%,


attention to detail: it’s best to include 100 before applying for GG!


process, apply for 1-5 working days under the number


notes, some meters were applied, but does not matter, 1 pieces of money, and even being applied for as long as you don’t duplicate, generally to the



this is a thousand miles Bingfeng method, a software or a bit of money please apply for CN meters, engage in thousands of temporary parking, can do a HTML to


attention to detail: No, generally through

process, as above,


summary, GG application is not difficult, there is no mystery, but do not need 30 dollars, but the cost is very low, a minimum of 5 months or more meters, site first, second factory, 3 acquisition or download the source code, but must be included, even 1 page OK, there is a said GG Email. I don’t know if I use QQ and YEAH, not the number, I do not sell GG, also do not help people apply for GG money, when I see people doing the project jealous! Anyway, certainly.

How to rely on external links to achieve Google rankings

external links and internal connections are the same, is an important condition in the gogole rankings. Can we rely on powerful external links to achieve higher rankings,


usually Google ranking can be divided into hot and cold call for popular we need to adopt various methods to optimize, if it is popular keywords, if you are lazy, then you can choose to rely on the chain optimization. You can save a lot of time.

first, you can choose related websites to exchange links (text descriptions) and high weight websites, exchange links, and publish links in high quality industry websites. But links must be in the form of trace text links, that is, keyword links.


exchange links, pay attention to the following points:


and related sites recommend a good Links! Not only can let other visitors arrive at your site through this link, the theme can also let the spider your site more clear understanding of the. (building links to related classes of websites)

two: one-way link is more important than friendship link, but how to establish one-way links?. Personally think nothing more than: buying and selling links, forums or message links, and relying on friends to give high-quality weight one-way links. If you want to get good one-way links, it’s a lot of trouble.

three: for Google, the PR value can represent the weight of a web site, and the number of entries can also represent the weight of a website. However, in order to encourage the development of Internet Google, also made the following algorithms: a web site if the export and import links to all of the PR high site, then Google will not give weight especially high. Google is so smart that only in this way can the Internet develop harmoniously and synchronously.

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