Shanghai dragon VIP is down right love Shanghai said the injury, who said to the grassroots fire

: a few days ago fell in love with the sea search "Shanghai dragon training", what have you found? Love Shanghai said this on micro-blog, and explain the reasons, we can see

Shanghai dragon

explain the logic behind this thing, because we all know that Shanghai dragon VIP this website certainly will not exist cheating, but many people are concerned about. So if you do not give a reasonable explanation, the Shanghai dragon Er questioned love Shanghai garbage algorithm. It is a regular website will be right down, Lenovo in June of last year to the K station, aroused strong dissatisfaction to the majority of owners love Shanghai. Some people even to click love Shanghai auction, if like Shanghai Longfeng VIP regular website will also be without the right down, if the next major upgrade in the algorithm, and the webmaster, webmasters will use it to move out to prove love Shanghai algorithm has a problem, but it is impossible for the love of Shanghai fire website-i reply. This will lead to a big storm, so love Shanghai will apologize to quell this thing.

VIP is now known as a Shanghai dragon world famous website, this website is "Tian Sheng rich", standing behind people and celebrities – Shanghai dragon world famous Liu Huanbin. So this site in a short period of time can put the word dragon Shanghai training do love Shanghai first, but because of some of this website is love Shanghai down the right, leading to a no flow. I heard the news when I was at that time, judge this site must be restored, just in time for the length.

when I saw the news, you know what I think? Think of a few days ago the news. That is Ma Yun in the 2012 China Private Enterprise Summit, chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba Ma Yun was late because of the traffic jam, the provincial Party secretary. I think these two things are exactly the same, then I have to ask: Shanghai dragon VIP was hurt, love Shanghai can apologize to us, who said the grassroots Shanghai dragon fire


traffic jams like Ma late, governor promised to rule blocking the media in the report, including the people’s daily. Why would become a hot celebrity? + public issues? Five years after the government blocked, this is impossible! Five years later and the media and then track it? I think Shanghai is so hard! Love, actually I don’t want to fall in love with the sea to the owners to seek justice, just think Shanghai should be more love after the opening, from June 28th last year this has changed. We can see the love of Shanghai now every major update algorithm will notify owners, let the webmaster also know their site is going on.

? See Liu Huanbin in the micro-blog

if it is not illegal operation of love Shanghai announcement which mentioned, you can go to the complaint. Don’t it is not their own web site, as long as you go down the right to complain about, with this luck mentality.

The single page optimization techniques

, 2 page keyword density 2%-5%. For a single page website keyword density is very important, keyword density is higher, the higher the weight of the site keywords, but remember not to can go to the accumulation of key words. In this Baidu we should take corresponding measures, the station K not update, not included, down the right way to deal with the web site keywords accumulation. Key words in the article appear naturally on the line

novice Er Shanghai Longfeng how to do a single page optimization, a website has many different pages, Shanghai dragon Er want to do the whole optimization, the first to start from a single page optimization, only do single page optimizing further to Baidu with the whole station, noble baby some search engines they have their own different the algorithm, and we want to how to make the page better let the search engines, a better and deeper impression, but also let the user experience with good. So today is to talk about how to optimize a single page. Single page optimization have those skills

, page 1. The title is very important on the page, a page only good title, in order to better the content of the confirmation page. Do the page content will reduce the rate of jump out of the user, the title as far as possible simple and have a certain meaning, as far as possible to optimize the keywords of the page appears in the title, the title of the weight is generally decreasing from left to right, all of all new Shanghai Longfeng your website er the words on the left. The description tag is used to describe the entire page content summary. Description tags are generally generated automatically, usually from the first paragraph of the first 200 words.

6, the search engine is how to judge the page.

3, the internal anchor text. The internal anchor text can also be called internal links. Included on the website of the role of the anchor text is very large, when a spider crawling the page and included the page, spiders to crawl through the anchor text links you to another page, when you link to station do good, you don’t have to worry about the site will not be included.

5, page update. The spider love new content page can be updated by replying to articles, review articles on the page for updates will make the search engine to the web page always have new content, more love to grab, the spider will crawl your page. General is to keep the page ranking.


4, external links. External links is a very important factor for a single page, when a page is mainly on the content and the quality of the external links. I believe that many Er will think of this Shanghai dragon. External links do a lot easier, not for Links so tired, the new station is not included with PR/ and less, almost no one is willing to exchange with you Links. So Shanghai dragon Er will choose to go to the relevant place to send the chain, the high quality of the external links will give website promotion weight.

?The title and description tags

Web site keywords in the home today yesterday fell to do

this time, many webmaster heart is very worried, after all, is optimized to the first page of each site, and when the home a few days, and students to play to the third page, the jumping to slowly climb on the hard site, is a small "shake", especially the love of Shanghai did not make any major revision, such a problem, more attention should be paid.

I know, many people also know that it is love Shanghai search ranking problem, often there will be some unexpected accidents, such as a sudden keyword from the N page to page first, and then two days and completely disappeared; some key words from the first page suddenly disappeared, but after two days again sometimes love; Shanghai site website site to two days again. I doubt my friend of the owners of the site met this situation.

each other’s problems in 90%, has been that love Shanghai, even so, still need to be careful. Next, the >


After we

"how do you do!" I know the webmaster friends website is a "new", launched less than two years, has been in the top three search engine page, occasionally to second pages, the first page is the first time. "I am very surprised, so I want to let you see, in the end is not really!" the webmaster friends in Shanghai, I am in Dalian, sometimes love Shanghai to engage in geographical discrimination, different regions of the same search keywords it sometimes is not the same, but this is entirely consistent with our search results.

screenshot!" the webmaster friends still do not trust, perhaps in the little excitement, love Shanghai in front of the bidding advertising is really too much, from the side that the word heat is not in general, or the friend would not be so excited. I put my computer page zoom 75%, to cut a map. "What do you do?" I’m happy for him, I do not know, anyway, not cheating, within the chain chain content what do every day, occasionally go to the A5 station network contribute, to get high quality outside the chain, but this was all. "I sincerely God helps those who help themselves!" said.

  "I see you

today, a webmaster friends on QQ suddenly sent a message to me, you love Shanghai certain keywords. Open love Shanghai, copy keywords into the search box, then "love Shanghai", over the bidding advertising, ranking the "nail households", and then in the fourth home page, see the friend’s website, "love Shanghai home famous"

however, after less than a week, and I came to the station, then you look at the search keywords, the home can not see, but went to the page third. This is what love Shanghai downtown? Do you want to K the rhythm, I can clearly feel the tension and apprehension of the webmaster. However, we also have a common idea, if your site is not wrong, love Shanghai may sometimes teasing you!

How does an entrepreneur have his or her own network of high quality contactsHow to create a popular

look good, dry stuff down there!



the first stage: first must be its name

to do online shop and do the same, the most important thing is popularity. A little visibility are not new, customers do not come, regular film, swollen in Taobao hunfanchi? Here I combine myself by blogging experience, to provide suggestions for the fight in the Taobao brothers and sisters. Here is the first chart:

second stages: slow

Zi once said: "name is not right, but words are not smooth; words are not smooth, then things are not."". So we have to start from the blog promotion way to take a good name, if you want to quickly attract attention, can be considered slightly loss point, and celebrity dot edge ball, what "Han Han", "blog" like Zhang Yuanjie. Of course, the niche is not recommended to use these Sunzhao drops, the most sensible choice is to use a name not too having substance in speech, funny, you shop sales range according to actual conditions, such as sales of outdoor products, to a "a little life tour pal", others can understand what is your blog the theme, interested people will naturally come. People who are interested, naturally, need less outdoor products, aren’t they,


good character model, we can see the founder of LinkedIn Reid Hoffman. Hoffman was a member of the "PayPal Gang", the author of "vital relationships" and "union", and was called "the king of Silicon Valley connections". It is one of the most confused people in Silicon Valley. Before me, because the working relationship had a face-to-face interview with Hoffman, he gave me a deep impression: Hoffman is a very shy person and even some amiable and easy of approach, no world famous Internet Co president shelf, also did not show a tiny bit domineering in front of my this 90 small reporter answered our questions have been very patient and seriously, and some large domestic shelf did not CEO contrast. After finishing the interview with Hoffman, I finally understand why he can become the "Silicon Valley network king": the fat uncle character is really too good! No one will refuse to have good character and people become friends, this is the secret of success of Reid Hoffman.

Abstract: want to mix good venture capital circle, summed up is down to 3 points: personality, professionalism and personality. Good character is the foundation of all things, a strong professional degree is you removed from the lakes "weapons", and unique personality is to let other people remember your "Nirvana".

according to my experience in the venture capital circle, I am most careful about the 3 words: "mixing the circle"". But mixing circles is not as easy as it looks. The water depth inside is absolutely unimaginable for pedestrians. Because I got reason of learning at home and abroad and work in many circles: from American universities, alumni associations circle circle, circle to the Silicon Valley and Standford Berkeley programmers students circle, to venture capital, the domestic media circles. So many circles mixed up, I think or touch out some mixed circle and management network of doorways, below I share with you my experience:

? >

1., character, character, character, important things say three times: bad character, you still do not venture in the circle of mixed. As the saying goes, "no, no, not at all."". VC Circle itself is small, if your character is bad, we will soon know, and the reputation of the venture capital circle is obvious, your reputation is poor, in this circle of work will only become more and more difficult.

blog promotion is very slow, anxious not to. The interface is simple and clear, do not need so many garish. Interface is too gorgeous, one will affect open, open speed, and secondly affect reading. It’s not worth the candle.

wrote 2 tips on Blogging:

is a blog about playing live, with good popularity, sales double harvest, do not do, there is no noise a deserted house. Here, brother, talk about a few points, let’s build popular blog!

has a name, set the tone of the blog after it will move hands, on the blog, it is best to the original! According to your product information; analysis of potential customers age and hobbies. Then your blog content will be more targeted.

2, write a diary to keep track of your life. It’s important to note that you’re not getting up, eating, going to work or sleeping every day. You can create a virtual character, like shooting the film in general, self-directed; let the virtual life of the virtual characters can see > greatly.

blog promotion this road, at first I didn’t think of. When I just started and all rookie like Daoteng, Taobao search, secretly walk to the group of advertisers, even want ads for others crazy people. What’s the effect? I can’t say no, but I’m really sorry for the effort.

1, every day to see sh419 search list, what hot call write something, every two or three days must come to an article.

I believe that for many people, running your own network of contacts is for a simple, rude purpose: become the most professional and even the top pimp". Because when you become a circle of connections commonly known as pimps, all the resources are in your hands, and you have the power to maximize your value by connecting the resources".

Ali alliance end product operations announcementAli mother launched Taobao ads per effective registe

Dear Ali alliance Publisher:

2 month alliance income will still be paid in March, please pay attention.

here thanks to the webmaster of the Ali alliance of love and support, I hope you can continue to pay attention to and support the Ali Mama products.

Ali Alliance

Ali mother launched Taobao advertising, valid for each registered user 6 yuan -8 yuan Commission, valid registered users: registered users average access PV3, registered users average bid is not less than 20%. Ladder price: 100 registers below 6 yuan /CPA/ days, 101-300 registers 7 yuan, /CPA/ days, 301 above register 8 yuan, /CPA/ days,

Sell soil honey thousand 80 rural guy using the Internet thinking the fun of agricultural business

Preface: the transformation of traditional agricultural products, the Internet to do electricity supplier is currently a trend, but also a violent product after the transition to the internet. Today, many traditional agricultural enterprises and entrepreneurs aimed at agricultural products, the transformation of the internet. So, today the A5 webmaster SEO team interviewed a thinking of using the Internet to do the traditional agricultural soil honey friend, he made the largest local beekeeping base now, then every day hundreds of pounds of honey sales on the internet. He has been selling honey online, and later because of the limitations and transformation of the Internet as an electricity supplier.

so far, he has successfully transformed traditional agricultural products into the Internet, and is now a relatively large honey factory in the industry. For his transformation, we did some interviews, he shared some of the Internet on their own thinking and marketing experience, hope he can through the following interviews to help traditional agricultural products more transition to the Internet, so that more agricultural products developed on the internet.

site photos of traditional agricultural products:



below is a transcript:

A5 webmaster SEO team: Hello, beekeeping brother, let us introduce ourselves.

a brother: Hello, my name is Hu Chuizhang, a network called brother, Xiushui County in Jiangxi province. 13 years in August resigned from work, back to the mountains, rural areas, home with his father beekeeping. At present, the line of traditional marketing model moved to the line, but also perfect integration of the Internet and do electricity supplier.

A5 Adsense network SEO team: Why did you choose to do beekeeping industry? For what reason? Did not intend to find a stable job to do?


beekeeping brother: I chose to come home to beekeeping, mainly my father has always been beekeeping, he began to learn from my grandfather at sixteen years old beekeeping. So my family has been keeping bees, and I’ve started studying beekeeping. In fact, I have been working outside since I graduated from university. I have also worked with my friends to do some small business, but I haven’t succeeded. Some do network marketing friends in 13 years, and then I put the situation at home and talked to them, then their advice told me to go home to do, also said that this is the future trend of agricultural products, coupled with my family is doing business, so more dominant. So they taught me some simple online marketing methods.

and then, when the family to take honey, busy when I do not come back to help, but also to bring some honey to my colleagues. Later, many colleagues told me that you might as well go home and sell your own local honey, which is better than work, and your honey is very good. If you sell it, the income will be good. So I quit my job in August of 13 and came back to work with my father to sell honey, because my father was getting older and older, so I decided to come back and help.