Optimum management method for super large SEM account

Q: well

is not difficult enough, EXCEL. The main structure is to take the good, when doing the test or layout will come out, and then gradually adjust.

yesterday and a friend is very large SEM account management issues a discussion that may be useful to everyone, finishing added, posted.

asked. Now there is a problem. I’m on the customer with a few small girl in the lane, they often put the quality of low degree of take out to build plan. I went in and looked like crazy, out of order, the big move, data volatility will be more powerful.


: I have seen you before writing love Shanghai intermediate training PPT, to test a group of keywords, this is not a system, it is difficult to achieve?

re grouping.


The account structure relates to the quiz and related search terms

asked: that only the top 100 consumer top adjust OK? I’m going to keywords 100 consumption were TOP,

answer: take a new account to avoid big move, move too much easy to cause severe fluctuations. Even the new account structure should also be gradual, for customers, optimize the more sense on the basis of stability. Volatility itself will bring more obstacles to optimization.


for large account, the account structure is one of the most important part in the management of SEM. The essence of account size, no amount of keywords in the SEM management on the essential difference. The large account problem is too much, easy to get lost in the details, which cannot be effectively identify priority issues and solutions. A clear account of the reasonable structure to improve the readability of the account and operability, good priority, is not too complicated to manage. In principle, I think even millions of millions of key words do not need dozens of people, 35 is enough.

is one of the most important parts of large and medium sized account management, this did not start, if the reader is interested, can be alone on a discussion.

. You have no EXCEL data analysis sample. I see what you do, learn. D>

asked: more than 100 thousand keywords of super large accounts, how the group is more convenient management? Now this account depends mainly on the types to the points, such as the industry / general / question / competitive products and so on, but I feel very cumbersome management.

answer: it can be for example, choose one of the biggest project industry as sample, select the most meaningful keywords a test series. And then the series optimization. After the completion of the preliminary optimization, replace other project / industry to test the concept of the same group, a little change, not a whole change.

Answer novice Shanghai dragon how to treat a variety of tools

I do three months before the Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, when I heard that one day send thousands of the chain, I am very curious to know is this mass tool. In the forum to see people say by Shanghai dragon is the tool, that can not be used are veteran talk novice, so that the tools to. But the Shanghai dragon must have their own opinion. Not because someone said to you, not because of curiosity on the use of tools. The decision is the demand to use tools, not determine demand. When you feel the need, but also have a negative effect when you have enough experience and not grasp, you use a bold, if you are just a small business website, is not competitive, ranking is stable, don’t toss.

personal view, only for beginners reference.


Shanghai dragon need to use a lot of tools to analyze data, improve work efficiency. At first I was very confused, these tools should not be used, what when and how to reasonable use. The novice have these problems, then talk about my views.

1, must use the appropriate tools. Many Shanghai dragon Er don’t understand technology. No technology is very passive. The use of tools is to work easier, if a tool is beyond what you can accept, don’t eat a fat, to choose their own, so in my opinion, novice to grow up from the manual, so as to lay a good foundation.

Second, !Whether you use

, the first tool is a must? Let the demand

3, the core advantage and distinguish tool function, learn from each other. I took a very simple comparison of webmaster tools, if Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query you use Chinaz, you can use love station website keyword analysis. Do the traffic statistics by 51la, to understand the trend of spiders with log analysis tools……

tools function more powerful, remember not to rely too much on the tool, to start from the manual. Then excel is a good tool for the undeniable. The premise of analysis of the website is to preserve the data website, such as website ranking changes, reverse link, PR changes, the usual record is the source of data, when the site when there is a problem, they can help you find the reason.


third, if you want to use, how to use


can rely on tools? Combined with manual analysis of

4, on their own, not the data. Don’t be obsessed with data, the only semi-finished products, to become their own, also need your brain processing analysis results.

2, fully tap a tool function. Some tools for a free version and a paid version, I don’t think it must be free of charge is free without charge for use, more bad, the ability to fully exploit free tools can solve.

The website of Shanghai Longfeng common optimization methods and ideas of soft writing

Even if you don’t

second, writing source material according to the daily work to find. No matter what type of articles before writing knowledge and material preparation is necessary, the author often collecting the material before writing is the major industry platform to understand and analyze the latest about Shanghai Longfeng hot topic, when writing to these points, the key is to see if you will dig these the material, can these valuable things together with in our article, we are in a line of site operation and maintenance promotion personnel, contact is also the latest Internet knowledge, every day we are reading, topic exchange every hour and moment to discuss this in our discussion with the development of the Internet industry. For example, recently launched a new love Shanghai love Shanghai search engine page quality white paper, white paper in Shanghai love again The website article is not only to the original is more important to help users reflect the value of positive effect is our purpose in writing.

the integration of resources, we can look at the writing ideas of others, such as A5 or why these stationmaster net Shanghai dragon high weight on the site every day there are a lot of friends in the sharing, we are in the process of reading, you can find the imperceptibly writing inspiration from others in the article, because do Shanghai dragon industry, a lot of each other when the writing point of view we probably look at to understand what is the purpose of writing this article, see more hands-on practice actually optimization articles and not everyone wanted to think not. "

first, Shanghai dragon writing form. We learn composition when the primary school will know, general writing structure is divided into the total score form, total structure, Shanghai dragon articles we can also according to the idea of creation, that is the total writing mode is to write the first paragraph, in part to list a few headings, each small title to write several section of text, why to use this way of writing? Mainly to readers of the consideration, if using a way of writing, the article is very messy, and cannot effectively highlight the theme, add a small title of each segment, and bold display the whole idea of writing, very fluent and clear user reading is also very simple and clear.

as everyone knows, the website optimization process is the webmaster soft writing ability must have, in the soft writing as Shanghai dragon Er common optimization of soft Wen is all contact with most of the Shanghai dragon articles, these articles have described their experiences, some are about upgrading changes of love Shanghai algorithm, some through the love of Shanghai all kinds of love in Shanghai for the white paper analysis the quality requirements and so on, these details we can think is a model for optimization of soft Wen, the Shanghai dragon soft Wen should we carry out the details of what? Well, let’s gossip short continued, into today’s topic, analysis of Shanghai Dragon optimization soft writing style.

The scientific and reasonable site optimization is the kingly way

we all know that a website is a web page through the complex hyperlink composition, this composition process of our site to do the site structure clear, site navigation links must be scientific and reasonable. We want to do a tree imaging complex website and web. As the tree refers to the home page, column page, page list, terminal page site like a tree trunk, branches, branches, leaves have a strong sense of belonging, hierarchy, let the spider can from the site of the trunk through the tree branches, and eventually climbed to the leaves, that is we the site a terminal page. The website spider is to users through any one page of the website can return to the front page of the site, like a spider web like freely. This is scientific and reasonable to consider the search engine and user experience.

search engine is accessed through URL’s website is a website in the root directory from the site of the entrance, and then started to grab web content, which requires all the document root directory of a web site under the file must have reasonable structure, each section of the web site to become a independent file, if to a like to be placed in the root directory of the web site of this song is a very bad habit of search engine, will make search engines crawl the site’s speed is greatly reduced, the speed of impact site. At the same time, the root directory of the web site in the out of order arrangement will greatly weaken the weight of the site of the column page.

Most of the webmaster optimization of

science, we should do the following:

The optimal site of

3 site layout

we give website optimization website keyword is very heavy.

We all know that

we all know website optimization "content is king of the truth", in fact this is not a personal invention, this is a scientific analysis of the search engine’s preferences and the conclusion. We all know that a high quality of the original web search engine is by love, we are the content of the web site optimization to achieve scientific and reasonable update web content. We can make the page to add a comment, hot news and so on, let the web content to always maintain a high quality of freshness, this website rankings can be on the upgrade. And remember the original content website update is a long-term task. We should adhere to, be able to endure loneliness.

a website will say I just put the site up on it. But to the site optimization is not the simple website rankings do go up, we must from the optimization of the site should be complete. We have to analyze how to carry out scientific search engine ranking principle for various data website, your site analysis fully, achieve reasonable let search engine to maximize as much as possible to website content is the ultimate goal. The only way we can achieve maximum benefits to site transformation and enhance the site’s brand value.

1, the reasonable structure of the site


2, the content of the website

Easy to earn 200 yuan per day Expose Wangzhuan scamWatch out for more similar online training, cheat


out of curiosity, Miss Yang opened the rm5gkzo6m.cn/ web site. The website really mentioned: "as long as the computer will be able to earn 200 yuan a day things."". Miss Yang began registering according to instructions and found it necessary to send text messages to confirm. She took the heart to consult colleagues about the publication of the information in the group. Not consulting, I do not know, a consulting scare, the original colleague did not release the news, he suspected that his number was stolen after the release.

spent 10 yuan, but cannot login

cheat to cheat, when it comes to deception, he cheated in the market is the method of tender, what is better to cheat and cheat? What website, just a little mind, one day to get a about one hundred thousand, but a few people are willing to do, a hand is really afraid of risk, on the other hand, everyone or conscience, you understand this lack of conscience, he may think, this mobile phone registration, a cheat then 35 dozen blocks, unlike what that once cheated thousands of dollars, there should be no matter what.

reporter experience

reporter opens rm5gkzo6m.cn/, discovery webpage is named "lead Linker", in the conspicuous position of the webpage, use distinctive font to say "exclusive advantage", bring you relaxed 200 yuan everyday". According to the instructions of the website, the reporter enters the name, the real name and his mobile phone number, and enters a new webpage, which reads "Congratulations, you will become one of us". Subsequently, the page allows the registrant to agree to a number of terms

brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

, but let’s lie. Since hasn’t fallen behind, he seems to have done it in Jiangnan. He can’t find anything to make his fortune any longer. So he was too busy to give up ideas for everyone,;

recently, people miss yang to the newspaper report, the day before, a friend asked her to recommend a "guest Linker" site to make money. The website says, as long as typing, will use Word and other commonly used document processing software, online 3 to 5 hours a day, every day can easily earn 200 yuan. Miss Yang questioned whether this is another kind of new network scam,


‘s "Linker" web site claims that as long as typing, will use Word and other commonly used document processing software, online 3 to 5 hours a day, every day can easily earn 200 yuan.

speaking of understand ideas, just a word from A to Z, "cheat", from a variety of ways to hang , chat room, group hang , has been behind several generations of creative, not from a word "cheat", the use of color, cheat lady-killer registration. Although I myself think satyr is very hateful, but I think, is not hateful people, should go to cheat, it should hurt. In the mood for reason, this is impossible, but it seems that in the eyes of understanding, to cheat those satyr, cheat those ignorant people, is reasonable. Who let them color? You do not color is not on my when it is not, I will not be fooled by mobile phone registration, this is for their own deception to make excuses?. Find a quote for himself so he covered up his naked "everyone has a business was" not clean, do.

citizen questioned

        today see understand, actually published a book. This estimate will harm the novice is ready to pour a large number of wangzhuan. The 2 sentence: only bitter admonition no matter how good the money do not blandishments, the Internet, not so easy shortcut to make money. Use strength to make money, and try to do something useful to society to make money.      

  don’t just pull out your tuition. This makes a liar. Take a look at tieba.sh419/f, kw=%B6%AE%B6%AE%B4%B4%D2%E2 ,  


      I come from him. I made 1500 gave me a station. The promised day 50 now half a month every day a few quick money.. can kill me now. I don’t know how half knew deceived. Hope you focus on    

    Author: 222.134.96.* 

to someone you don’t become, you have to be careful. ?

– led Linker website homepage.


Miss Yang worked in a public institution in the city, the unit has a group, members of the group are colleagues, generally there is no fraud. Recently, the office at noon, most of my colleagues went to see her at home, a person familiar with the group in the unit colleagues released a message to say to you, "a way to make money, so long as a computer, a day can get 200 yuan." This colleague also released in the group, this website’s address is rm5gkzo6m.cn/.

day income 200 yuan?

the sky really will fall? "According to the instructions, the reporter real name and enter the name of your mobile phone number, registered as a member, then spent 10 yuan, mobile phone can receive two text messages, but can not login. Reporters on sh419 search, found a lot of complaints, "take customers Linker" post.

The Qihoo began to pay commission DecemberWangzhuan the Quxianjiuguo ‘

Alliance !

I’ve done this for some time, because I haven’t received any money, so I can’t recommend it to you. Now the money received, so sent this paste, the above web site is my ID, and if you don’t want to do, I’m offline, remove the ID. There’s nothing wrong with it. You won’t give me the money you make. Ha ha,

, this is the discussion in 51.la, bbs.51.la/thread-88860-1-1.html

can’t make money through the website, so you can try it with this method. You can do it for 20 weeks, and it takes about 5-10 minutes a day to finish it.

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u

consortium pays by transfer.


due to the large number of banks other than China Merchants Bank card to the account takes a few days, please do not worry!


members of the League:

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact


if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: union.qihoo

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

release time: 2008, 01, 11,

, the difference between making money and making money from previous websites, is that it does not need the support of a website. You go to this site after registration, he gives you the tasks are all week tasks, a week, you need to visit his designated website every day. Browsing is basically all foreign websites. 20click this site is actually abroad, but the opening of the Chinese version, the biggest feature is support for Alipay exchange. You can try, I basically want to do this now. Because the plan is good, it’s OK to earn 1500 per month.

, let’s take a look at

finally, I guarantee with personality ‘this station must be the prestige station, absolutely can receive the money. And the cycle is basically 1 weeks. Very short. You can apply for payment after a task week, which is often referred to as weekly payment. Am I kidding everyone? I can use 1 weeks to confirm

December Commission has been paid.

many webmaster said not to earn money I also what ` ` ` ` ` accidentally discovered the site 20click ‘was attracted by his model, began to try to do a period of time, that is really a good union, the first station is outside the station, in foreign countries have been affected, some many websites have for their advertising. This is also a bit more trustworthy. Then, this alliance does not need to earn money through the website traffic, but after we register, go to browse the website that they give us in the week mission, probably browse 20 or so a day. Secondly, the minimum one click is 5 cents.

Drupal development of English Q & a website promotion experience

domestic less English stations, mostly in Chinese stations, but most of them are eager to do garbage stations, making quick money.

search under the English station promotion method, almost blank, no way, only their own groping forward.

is the first site to have some initial data, it is best not to collect, their original or pseudo original some, English is not familiar, you must also hard on the scalp.

second is to English station forum post, don’t use the kind of domestic top paste method, irrigation in English station is not allowed, you must really provide valuable content.

third to Digg, there is nothing to do, top some articles up, Digg seal account is very frequent, so the top article should be appropriate, some skills, this should be in practice in their own exploration.

fourth Yahoo Answer is a good traffic channel, and Baidu know, ask the answer or answer questions by a link, can bring a small amount of traffic, but not too much.

fifth to spend some money if they want to find people to do a lot of blog, get the chain, this part can not original, can directly collect a copy, it is one-way chain over, only to take the chain.

finally, propaganda website iclew.org has just released the quiz, Chinese English questions are welcome! Iclew is a QA client program, you will have to answer it may display the desktop it’s cool people, try it.

In the face of the seizure of the computer room, my server go from here

recently, the wave of the Internet sweep opened, by WAP, and then caused by the Internet pornographic information disaster continues, there are already more than a dozen room was sealed, in which there are many IDC companies have reluctantly declared bankruptcy, the recent domestic Internet industry are actually the jittery, China Mobile China Unicom Group of three China Telecom in combating illegal information such as the Internet moves is not wise, against these offenders have really so difficult, must use such a person guilty will jiuzu collective punishment way to solve it, of which there are too many innocent victims on the Internet for many years the room was harvested, 80 blocked port server is stopped IP banned these moves to the webmaster is undoubtedly a fatal blow. But what about them?.

has night black wind is tall, I can understand you Internet entrepreneurs who are anxious, sleep at night at this time, hard days and nights of work by the disaster and swept the… Nonsense, not to mention, since things have come to this point, we’ll take a look at, because the computer room was sealed, implicated in the Internet children’s shoes how to solve, when the occasion, I will discuss with you the ways to deal with.

, here are some of my suggestions:

first, as soon as possible to contact your server provider, let them give solutions or exact solution time, so you have a the next step, if the room is closed to restore the normal operation in a short time, then please wait a bit. On the other hand, as soon as possible to transfer data, contact the new service provider, here I recommend a good quality, the price is more favorable to service providers, Xi’an glorious Internet professional, server rental hosting, independent business telecommunications room, a good solution to the problem of North and South Internet webmaster requirements, you can more a lot of traffic and telecommunications Baizhao shared hosting 8000 a year, more favorable, we can refer to. Ha-ha。

second, how to choose a secure server provider is that you should pay more attention to later, select a good service providers to see 4 points, speed, price, service, enterprise qualification. Speed is the first, this is your choice for server and hosting the most in need of basic services, glorious Internet Telecom Data Center exclusive 80G fiber, and the Tencent, the grand Northwest (main server group), the journey westward journey in the northwest northwest area, the same group of lines, and has been successful for HAO123, listen to music, China blog net, swim long nets, good network, Global trade network, the network to provide IDC service, more mapping a powerful glorious Internet sharing can ensure fast peak reached 8-10 trillion, the effect is very good, interested friends can contact the QQ97631723. price – hosted Telecom 8000. a year with independent management and convenience low cost, glorious Internet by using quantitative service and reduce internal operating costs, enabling users to become the biggest beneficiary. Service – 7 24 hours

About soft text copyright issues common soft fudge routine and Countermeasures

tangled topic

tangled for a long time, finally still feel that should talk about this topic. For I like Professor Carleton University focused marketing staff is concerned, this topic does not want to tangle. Although many people only for the team service, but think we spent a lot of brain cells, research programs, or soft text, accidentally be fooled, and want to keep restraint is difficult. Uncle flicker can make you entertainment, but this is the largest flicker make you stupid.

these problems arise mainly in the online gens, or freelance or professional witkey. Here’s a talk about common, evil, Fudge routines. Hope to arouse the vigilance of colleagues, it is best to play a role in attracting jade, not lead to jade, do not throw around, hit the children, how to do, can not hit the children, hit the flower is not good.

common flicker scenes and routines

1, violence Huyou

common in Witkey platform, the tender side out a little money, soft Wen bidding, and said to find excellent long-term cooperation. In fact, according to the rules, usually only one or a few can win the bid, and the unsuccessful manuscript is handled in theory. As a matter of fact, you can hardly prove that the original edition belongs to you if you change something like this. Or, although the article itself is not available, ideas are available. But the other party does not necessarily pay for your ideas.

is more comic, some tender instructions, will ask the bidder to send the manuscript to the major platforms, first view its effectiveness. But the actual problem is still only a few won the bid according to the rules. Even if you want to delete the failed manuscript, you have actually made a contribution to others, and this contribution is free of charge.

‘s bad behavior is that the soft issues mentioned above, if you do not find each other, will not take the initiative to tell you, like stealing things, take the initiative to admit it, or less.

if you find yourself, the soft text is stolen, call the past, the other party will usually tell you, need verification. If you call again, you may be told that this problem has been caused by errors such as staff manipulation. Some will express their willingness to pay for it. Some things dragged on, directly onto you feel shy, with someone for a hundred dollars continue to call, constantly depressed.

obviously the question is, if you don’t find yourself, will the other person contact you? In fact, no matter how much the soft text doesn’t cost RMB, someone will play with you. In the final analysis, this is a question of integrity, say big point is character problems.

is Professor of the Carleton University I called the violence is flicker, because this kind of flicker, like a big day of violence robbed, does not have any technical content. If there is technical content, is that people can talk to you and tell you can drag, drag the end.

2, off line trading,