Night five points away from the search engine to avoid punishment

two: in order to attract the search engine spiders, will affect the user experience, the keywords stack on the web, although this method in the beginning, does have some effect, but the search engine is not a fool if you cheat, website content without merit, then search engines tend to you will be in limbo, before the effort will be cast to the wind. So do Shanghai Longfeng optimization must learn to optimize the content of the keyword density control! Add in does not affect the user experience based on

: a site positioning is not deep, not doing keyword analysis, choose some popular keywords in the website optimization, so that the word is easy to optimize, but even put these words into the search engine optimization of the home page, but found that these words are simply not able to bring traffic to the site, not affected by the user’s attention keywords, then frequent replacement you think good, this is the failure of Shanghai Longfeng optimization of natural

we often find new sites in the early optimization work is often more smoothly, but when you just pick up the rankings will suffer, and even lead to the site by K, then what is the result of failure of the site optimization? Here are five common causes of failure of

! website!

three: the site is not original, or is all of the collection, or is a lot of acquisition and good pseudo original, or false original tools change with synonyms, synonyms and so on, so just create a lot of junk information in the network, there was no help for the user, the user does not love. The search engine will not love you, so every day is necessary to update the original article, and insist on high quality pseudo original, so that it can improve the search engine friendly to your

four: a large collection of information, because a lot of industry websites, or information websites, personal Adsense in order to save time to update, on the use of the acquisition method, but this method in the process of Shanghai dragon website optimization is taboo, especially through the acquisition software is even more so, if you want to save the update time by manual update, does not recommend the use of pseudo original tools to modify, you can read with the pseudo original tools to change the article, will make you laugh, this article you sent, but just the opposite makes the search engine more hate your

! !


five: Shanghai dragon optimization only focus on the search engine, and put the user experience first, which is very failure, this is often to you Shanghai Longfeng optimization failure foreshadowed, a lot of people on this argument is very do not understand, that is not for the sake of Shanghai dragon to search engine optimization look, how to do so will fail? It is not good for search engine optimization but can be successful, this is of course Overgeneralization views, in fact Shanghai Longfeng is mainly aimed at the optimization of search engine, this is not wrong, but the premise is not to damage.

Twelve rookie novice teaching website to improve website ranking and flow technique

One of the

since our website to do so when we update the keyword ranking content to your site keywords to the appropriate add to the article, and the anchor text links a website would also like to do some so conducive to spider crawling and multiple cycle crawling station.

website homepage is just like your face, I think you must go out to dress very clean and refreshing so that their comfortable others see you will feel comfortable, the inside pages of words like your heart and character so within the pages of our website to be simple and home the same, let user feel no pressure to give the overall visual feeling so easy to accept the website home page and inside pages are very important for the user experience of

is now the access speed of domestic enterprises and some large station site overall is very fast, so our own website also want to learn from these advantages of their own space, we must choose if you often have some small problems or browsing the peak open or open slowly then we as soon as possible for space, we don’t want to a slow decline in the performance of web space.

I believe that for many new Adsense are not know the site map of the system, the site map is mainly to search engine spiders use to create a site map link to each of your pages. Keep update. It helps the spiders into each page. Put a text link to the site map on the main page.

two, the entire station

since we do search engine rankings so we must understand the characteristics of the search engine spider, spider is very love a website has his original style, a good website must have their own original content so we should spend some time in the original content above some effort to make every search engine the spider has something to grab.

Three, ensure the stability of the

site map

, a daily writing original content

Ensure the simplicity of Five, space

four, "keyword

Optimization of

Links is also very important in the establishment of the steps in our webmaster every day took an hour to some larger >

six, Links inspection and exchange

recently updated more frequently and love Shanghai website keyword many to get a good ranking but also the site of the flow to drive up, but a few happy tears every update has good and bad, bad is ranking down flow reduction then really let the webmaster is depressed well for a while, and then the last of the "teaching the new site Eleven: website construction can not be" to continue to Jihuo today’s course, by what method can improve website ranking and flow rate increase.

Increase the flow exploring several new ideas to seduce spider search

I guess, small search spiders may be sub types, such as finance and economics of small spiders, marketing small spiders, Shanghai dragon class of small spiders, beauty small spiders and so on, your website is what kind of sent what kind of spider, what kind of small spiders eat the species this article. Or a small spider’s appetite is gradually developing, used to eat a taste, you do not want to change. This situation is very obvious in my station, I do the marketing skills class website, when I sell skills included articles, very fast, some ten minutes included. But when I made a few other types of articles, I found not included. Later, I have done some experiments, not to be included in those different article, with some marketing skills vocabulary, found not long time is included.

is not to say that small spiders love the same type of article? Yes, but love fresh articles in the same type of articles, namely original articles. This is true, a collection of original articles.

is mainly due to do at home, the focus here said love Shanghai small spider. From the simple included station began, to let people wander the hard sandbox to today very quickly included, I have experienced. I feel the love of Shanghai search spider is more like a stubborn dog, your article is its food, if it meets the appetite for it will soon open the appetite, eating, and search engine for half an hour or an hour on the show have included. If it isn’t the right appetite, it will be a long time to eat, the search engine for a day or a few days included. If your food not its appetite, it is angry, the consequences will be grievous, it will not a month, when you enter to the new owners turn sandbox. Love Shanghai small spider ah, vulnerable. How can you take care of this spider, it often, come to seduce? Here about myself on the small spider habits of exploration and countermeasures, to speak out for reference and discussion.

1, a small spider love with one type of article

stands for more than a year, the search engine optimization and method of stations are constantly learning and try it. At first, according to the experience of others blindly go a long time, even with their own bank also found out some experience, presented to you. Everybody is good:) do not know how to see, according to my marketing skills of the bank, I think is the first station for search engine spiders to sell, and every page should be made to seduce the search engine spider bait, this can not only accelerate the love of Shanghai included speed, improve website ranking, or even if your main keywords ranking was not in front, you can also increase the page included attract a lot of traffic.

search habits of small spider requires us to arrange time of each article, we must consider the correlation and continuity of the website and the previous article, so as to let the spider included speed.


2, a small spider Xixinyanjiu

Send together the computer room adjustment causes 31 afternoon to be unable to sign upZhang Jindong,

in my opinion, the domestic wave of entrepreneurship has never subsided, and it will not subside, and now the short silence is more like a calm period of consolidation.

League address: eqifa

in fact, since the second half of 2015, the topic of entrepreneurship innovation has cooled down a lot. Compared to 2014 and even the first half of 2015 in full swing, whether it is entrepreneurs or investors, the industry also quiet a lot. Especially after the mobile Internet and O2O entrepreneurial wave together subsided, people are eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the next venture tuyere. So, is it still a good time to start a business,

east to the scene to participate in listening to this ideological feast, some excerpts from the wonderful view and try to analyze the interpretation, hoping to inspire you.

whether it is for investors or for entrepreneurs, need to rethink the traditional industry business model innovation through the Internet business, how to through the technology innovation of science and technology entrepreneurship.


will be at the beginning of the listening session, Suning holdings chairman Zhang Jindong shows his views on the trend of entrepreneurship. He does not believe that the cold winter has begun, but that the people who really dream, the market is never missing opportunities, never missing the outlet.

in 2015, a lot of angel investment institutions had to adjust the investment direction, from the original investment O2O, Internet banking and other adjustments as the main investment of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, UAV and other high-tech products, and consumption upgrade services business opportunity, and this fact also confirms Zhang Jindong for the future a few years of entrepreneurial opportunity prophecy.


Zhang Jindong believes that now is the best business era, and pointed out three directions: high-tech and intelligent products; in combination with large consumption, service and the Internet; in the traditional industry from the Internet to Internet Plus + with three fields contains a large number of business opportunities.

in addition, for safety considerations, decided to stop the forum and blog system for a period of time until notice of recovery, during this period if there is what customer service issues please call the company directly related to the telephone switchboard as follows:

; 010-58793959    advertising alliance:

adjustment led to

1, entrepreneurial opportunities: the greatest product of the future has not yet appeared

more information as in the League: http://top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to



everybody. Feedback

is still not the best time for innovation and entrepreneurship,

April 6th, Suning invited Wired magazine founder and technology prophet Kevin Kelly in Nanjing held a "2016KK Zijin Mountain venture created to predict tinghui. Suning holdings chairman Zhang Jindong and Kevin • Kelly has delivered a speech, talk about entrepreneurial opportunities and innovative trends, dry full.

and Jindong is Kevin Kelly agree without prior without previous consultation, also believes that the entrepreneurial opportunity has been in the next twenty years, the greatest products not yet invented, now the business is not late, entrepreneurship has just arrived.

text / Li Donglou micro signal: lidonglou

Don’t be afraid of negative reviews. Small startups will fire more.Pokemon Go after the hot reflecti

note: when talking about the relationship between negative reviews and sales, most people should take it for granted that they are inverse relations. Wrong! This article takes you into the minds of strange buyers and lets you understand why people buy negative comments and buy peace of mind.



in the A stock market, AR concept plate also along with the rise, flush data show, GQY video, Hengxin mobile, good video, Austrian flying entertainment and other share prices have different range of growth.

Market: "the first explosion of AR was born in the game area,"

1. "notoriety" is also "famous"


dates back to 2008 – when I was still working for BigMachines the research and development of automated B2B software companies. That year’s annual customer conference was a new starting point, and the company decided to invite prospective customers to the convention. The resolution has been seriously questioned, and we have never had a precedent for inviting customers because some prospective clients may be dissatisfied with the product and then cancel their cooperation with the company.

in the United States, Pokemon Go Chinese called Pokemon Go launched 5 hours on the mobile phone game list, a week later, Nikkatsu users exceeded Twitter, user retention time is more than Facebook, created Mobile Games market legend.



in fact, before the Pokemon Go, AR technology has also been in other scenarios have small scale applications, but did not cause a strong market response.

Dongfeng, the market also came a lot of doubts, why AR content of the first burst of money will appear in the game field? What is the bottleneck of domestic AR entrepreneurship? Who will be the future AR and VR market mainstream

introduction: In conclusion, popularity and comment tone can deepen negative comments. So if startups with low popularity do not have to fear negative reviews, they may even consider making public opinion to promote their own development. After all, brand awareness is the premise of everything.

through the above two examples, it is not difficult to understand, in fact, AR is a kind of imaging technology and virtual reality, users can expand their real world through AR technology, directly see the real world invisible virtual objects or information.

AR technology emphasizes interaction with reality and applies scenes more widely than VR. Many investors and entrepreneurs believe that the first explosion of AR applications born in the game area is a necessity.


with Pokemon Go hot global, AR augmented reality concept in venture capital circles also continue to heat up, have greatly overshadowed the VR virtual reality trend.


finally, the decision was made and the company invited some prospective clients to the scene. It is not difficult to imagine that they point out the shortcomings of our products without mercy, and even raise some sharp questions in public forums. But the result is surprising – the prospective clients are now our users.

it really makes people surprised. After the surprise, we start with data, analysis of TripAdvisor, Yelp and Amazon and other reviews of the site’s impact on B2B. Take the Harvard Business School s Michael Luca, created in 2011, for example, and its earnings on the Yelp will increase by 5%-9% each time it scores a star. This comment is power! Some entrepreneurs keenly aware of comments on the impact of sales, so they forged their own or competitor comments; according to Luca and Boston of the University of Georgios Zervas published in 2013 the follow-up studies showed that in the catering industry, at least 16% businesses fake comments.

‘s falsification is not difficult to understand because some B2B companies are afraid of negative reviews. The company was forced to maintain a positive public image, under pressure from both inside and outside the firm. Although no research has shown the negative impact of negative reviews on B2B software companies, it is certain that negative comments can also be the company’s assets. For example, BigMachines’s annual customer conference, the customer learned the negative comments on the product, but placed trust and understanding of the company.

at the end of 2013, shlf1314 released the AR game Ingress, is the AR technology and combined with the game, game player launched a virtual war in the real world, the geographical position, based on the collected energy to buy weapons, in order to occupy the "entrance" expanding. By the beginning of 2015, Ingress had downloaded more than 4 million on the Android platform, and it was a good report card.

for Chinese, most should be on the 2013 Spring Festival evening stunning scenery and virtual scene dazzling impression, in fact many scenes, such as floating in the air, the twelve zodiac song "wind in the wheat" in wheat, hot balloons are realized through AR technology.

as the founder of Nintendo, burst games Pokemon Go and shlf1314 Niantic Labs is also a great harvest, the Nintendo Pokemon Go was released, shares soared about 75%, the market value soared to $12 billion.

How to develop valuable personal websites

everyone! Here to talk about how to cultivate the value of 200 thousand yuan, before talking about this topic, there are many friends and my QQ, how do ah, in order to have value! And so on the topic, I briefly analyze:

there are a lot of friends talked about, how do we run web service more users, this time, to have the website value, so it is necessary to meet the needs of Internet users! This is never wrong. Do stand

purpose!In reality,

360, adventure.has; 360 of the network, the same profession, so how to operate it? Just have to say, to meet the needs of users is the valuable website! But to do that type, but here there is no need for me to answer your key. Are you interested in, and your job, or your own love can be, so that you can effectively run the site


let me talk about my practice website! Currently there are innumerable types of Web sites, portals, such as Sina, Tencent, Sohu, of course, there are also small portals, such as certain areas of the portal website resources apartment layout; download site, download resources can also be divided into 360 elements such as oh. The IT class resource site, site is very successful; a navigation website, also have a lot of Oh, such as integrated, navigation industry type, and local navigation, too many sites, the key to see you do that type, you want to see your interest and actual the ability of

to decide!

I do is information website, this website is how to locate it, first from the domain name, apparently do test data related to the website, then this website as a personal website, then how to do this


is the first to analyze the similar sites, what? You can search on Baidu, and many similar sites is very powerful, so how do I go to a good location? Look at similar sites contain a wide content, such as: TOEFL IELTS level Four level six

Local stations, regional hot news mining and speculation, to find news points and value points

1, we must grasp the local station and the media contact point of time.

we deal with the media, we have to master the time. Then what time is more important, and deal with the media, to operate at the local station, the incident has been detonated, and then talk to the media, in order to have the right to speak, but also to the media on the local station landing. Do not contact the media as soon as you start seeing events, because once the media intervenes in the beginning, we are vulnerable. For example, Shaanxi panda blood incident, the local station colleagues have been accompanied by the parties, but the media reported later did not reflect the local station, which is involved in the problem of time nodes.

2, the master of information sources, the clues in their own hands in order to have the initiative.

The advantage of

local station is interactive, small fast, so hold the information in your hand, and don’t give the information to the media at once. For example, in Liaoning this year to save brother event, started going to open the parties contact at the micro-blog headquarters, then operation recommended to stay local station contact, it will facilitate the media to come to us, and we will also be able to talk to the media about the conditions, when we reflect the landing. Another example of Jiangsu station of the Nanjing massacre survivors are open to speculation, we help micro-blog, and with these people say, that they do not accept any media interviews with people who, if have need, or contact Sina Jiangsu, from Jiangsu station to do interface.

3, looking for news points and value points.

often has feedback from local stations, the media is too strong to cooperate with us, and when events are pushed to them, they are reluctant to report. In fact, the reporter is the pursuit of news value, if we can help them to refine, they will certainly be willing to fall. Therefore, the operation and the market should cooperate with each other and tap the news spots. If you can extract this point, it is a valuable news point. For example, 08 years of the Sichuan earthquake and the Olympic Games, is the news point of mining, such as the number of people involved, how many people will comment, the content extracted to the media, if empty told the media that we want them to do what, it is difficult to conduct cooperation.

4, to package concepts and gimmicks, so that events have been sublimated.

in the event on the basis of further refinement and overstating, instead of staying in the event itself. For example, the beginning of the ride, only Sina and celebrity publicity campaign together, then from the angle of human nature for the packaging, the event is meaningful. For example, Guangdong rescue depression suicide women, we are in operation speculation, by this person associated with depression groups, calling for attention to these groups of people. If you just focus on the event itself, there’s no gimmicks, so repackage it.

5, to fuel the hype.

local station to grasp the whole event, do not follow the trend. Guangdong >