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course lecture before Mr. Zhang Chao for the second time to visit sunchem share of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial community by community guests, vice president Jin Zhiyu issued its excellent business mentor medal, to thank him has been supporting the community and the attention of entrepreneurs.

the afternoon of June 17th, sunchem entrepreneurial community invited Peking University and University of Texas Austen, master of law, both Jane help founder Mr. Zhang Chao, in Chaoyang District East sanhuan sunchem entrepreneurial community Changhong bridge roadshow hall for entrepreneurs to bring a burning brain and practical business ownership structure, financing course.

said the results of my website has a horse, I opened the look it was linked to horse. Popcorn JS code hidden trojan. My account has been sealed and I haven’t settled it once.

whole business sharing class lasted 2.5 hours, Mr. Zhang Chao and entrepreneurs wonderful interaction constantly. At the end of the course, Mr. Zhang Chao also cordially shares his entrepreneurial process with the various entrepreneurs and is eager to answer the difficult questions in the course.


is a business community outstanding lecturer open class has become an important content of social entrepreneurship, the community by regularly holding different types of entrepreneurial activities, help entrepreneurs to build a variety of free resources, cleaning business blind spots, help to achieve the entrepreneurial dream.

venture financing is an inevitable journey for grassroots entrepreneurs. Mr. Zhang Chao suggested that the founder should not be "fooled" by investors. In practice, many equity financing issues are negotiable and negotiable. At the same time, it is pointed out that whether the venture partners are united and whether the project is competitive or not is the core factor for the realization of the financing.


activities exchange

popcorn alliance is really black hearted. The stationmaster is careful.

business mentor award

in the dispute about partner equity, Mr. Zhang Chao by listing a large number of well-known practical cases, exclusive sharing of some of the practice of equity disputes in the company interesting. Call on domestic entrepreneurs at the beginning of entrepreneurship should pay attention to the equity allocation of the company, to avoid equity disputes, affecting the interests and development of enterprises.

this sharing lesson, Zhang lawyer from partner equity dispute, equity structure, financing three chapters, professional interpretation of the above related enterprise issues, for the growth of start-ups weapon.


how to allocate equity, is a big problem of these entrepreneurs. In the equity structure of the articles, Mr. Zhang Chao suggested that the audience can be reserved by the founder: equity, the equity type distribution principle of incentives, can effectively avoid the equity dispute, and promote the development of enterprises.


it’s been almost a year since the beginning of the study, the beginning of the station and the beginning of today. How many shiny words does a website make money?.

‘s first website was a time of great fun, and began advertising in 2007 July. At that time, the first advertising alliance is popcorn, click 1 times, 3 cents to today, a total of several hundred dollars, once did not settle, and suddenly, the customer service asked me to provide statistics, said I have data problems. the first time I heard advertising requirements to provide statistics, unless it is linked to the horse Union also provides

How to improve personal website traffic

1. site shunt: the use of existing traffic, drive new traffic, for example you can add code in the existing pop-up page, put a noticeable word in a prominent position, can attract clicks, once the new website is attractive enough, you can hold a fixed access group.

2. search engine optimization: a new site has not done advertising, and its traffic is mostly from search. Sum up some of the following:

A. site, no broken chain structure can not be too deep, the website directory structure once is set, because change the site structure easy to decline in the rankings, the best two level directory, each directory to optimize a keyword, each page carefully optimized, with the keyword, don’t put on each page one or two keywords can. Each page can have a clear navigation, any page can enter the website the best page (though not impossible, but as far as possible. To be an index page of all stations, map pages. ) if you can’t do a web page, download a blog program and generate a static one. This is SEO, which is useful because you can use the keyword in pinyin or English as a filename, and you can easily find it.

B. submitted to the search entrance, conditional on the exchange links and some PR stations, if not to search engines frequented by the forum to send link posts (you can see the search engine is not included in this forum Dongdong)

C. every day to update the page once, add content, add some external links, even if it is not the other link to you, you can also link to others, do not think that eating, about the search engine algorithm embodies the spirit of the Internet "share", to the search engines recommend external links is good greatly, the chain and some related content and you stand high traffic, high PR website. The more active the site is, the more frequently the crawler will visit your site. Of course, the number of opportunities you include and the number of pages you include.

D. at least once a week to exchange links with others, after all, the chain is still needed.

E. in the "Baidu hot list" to find large flow of words, do a word about the web page, this page is best controlled in 20KB. Then do some of the anti chain of this page.

F. so after some time, you will find the website by some search engines on the counter, it is very well done, often to see what the word "little more, then you have to change this page, can add more content for this web page, or as a key to build a directory, create a small station and so on, of course, take some work.

G., after a year, you might have 300 to 400 pages, and if every page has 10 people to find your site through the search engine, that’s not 3000-400>

How to build a novel station for beginners

my novel station library finally officially launched a few days ago, the days are in the collection of novels and constantly improve some function, speaking of making novels stand really just a hobby, can do stand is the whims of, but the novel has always been my hobby, maybe this is I can really do that. Objectively speaking I can say on the website is the original Internet time although utterly ignorant of, many, but basically spent chatting, reading novels, watching movies on the basis of knowledge, for the web site can be said not at all.

The idea is the rise of real

website some time ago due to accidental contact to Wangzhuan this project, I first access to only the money, registered money, money and other forms of primary investigation hook to make money, just started doing a few days, found that online advertising is playing very well, so onhook software to make the number of days. So vote to make the number of days, so do find basically have exaggerated, one day can earn a few dollars has been good, so do the people can apply for pay out, if I want to get some money to buy breakfast will be there, even if a long time do 20-30 yuan that day is not my goal, so I’ve been thinking if you really want to make a little money or have their own website, so I have to move from the idea of building a website, but I’m not so professional not like people like professional site can easily build a, also it would be easy to sell, I still think if I want to build a website you must have this hobby, and is willing to keep doing the station.

has been my novel hobby can be said to be very clear, I think a lot of young people should have this hobby, so I think it must can do it if I do a novel station I, they have this idea through the network began to understand the novel some station the establishment, basically is the case do novels stand relatively is relatively high: 1. hard disk space must be large, this virtual host at home are generally difficult to meet the requirements. 2. the construction cost is relatively high, because often need collection of server resources is relatively large, multi understand is the basic server for a novel station can also be done, some small station is at least VPS. 3., there is a certain risk of copyright issues,.4. is currently a general downturn in the novel station, many people feel that there is no future to do fiction. Synthesizing these reasons, I can say that it is better not to be a novel station. But after I have considered it carefully, I have decided that my first real website is a novel station. My plan is that as long as the novel stands for a long time, I can do it without losing money, because love is my real motivation!


in line with this principle, I have no experience with the status quo of station foundation, my tone is as far as possible to reduce the cost of the station, just try not to lose thousands of can, through the Internet to understand the relevant information and from.

The impact of the rational use of HTML tags on SEO


is a website, believe that the webmaster understand the HTML label already, but there are some HTML tags directly affect your page and page weight, if you know all this again? The following Xiaobian to tell you in detail, SEO optimization analysis of what the HTML tag will affect the site.

In this paper the <

; tag > add a "half.", become < tag.>, to prevent mistaken translation, please pay attention to.

1, H tag

h tag is used to mark the page title, because the browser will give h tag the default CSS style, so in the H tag within the text by default font will increase, so when we write CSS will go to redefine the H tags.

h tag mainly refers to H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 these 6 labels, why not say, "mainly refers to the" H label only these 6, you can also get a < h100.> tag, but not to the point of significance for SEO optimization.

<: h1.>: Tags: the most important thing! Improper use, optimization can not be, hurt yourself, must pay attention to each page can only have a H1 tag, remember! Remember!


H1 tags can be all used on the head of the website, used to highlight your website name, increase the weight of the home page. Can each page in different locations, to increase the weight of the inside pages, such as the H1 label to highlight the page name for the purpose of putting in different position of each page, you can view this station all pages of the source code for reference.

h2-h6 tags, with the increase in numbers, the importance of diminishing, basically H2, H3, H4 will bring some weight, and H5 and H6 has been reduced to the dispensable situation. So use the h2-h4 tag as much as possible, while H5 and H6 are used only to control an unimportant heading style. Although h2-h4 does not have strict requirements like H1, it should not be abused. In principle, the smaller the number, the less it needs to be used.

two, EM tags, strong tags,

< em.> the default attribute of the tag is < i.> the tag is italic; < strong.> tag and < b.> the label is bold. These two tags are mainly used in the article, and their style is the same as that of <, i.>, < and b.>, but it is completely different for spiders of search engines.

< em.> the label is equivalent to telling the visiting spider: "Hey, dude, watch out for here, here’s the point,"


Clickbank promotion to Mylot hair soft some experience

yesterday a brother asked me to do this Wangzhuan Clickbank determined not to earn money, I answered very reluctantly. Because I really do not know if I can make money, I must have never experienced it. I just see people making a lot of money collection, and I itch. In addition to their English proficiency is good, but also have the time and ability to do such a test, then try it.

to now, I have done that Clickbank small station has been ten days, it has been insisting on an original English every day. Google included also good, now every day from Google search to have seven or eight foreign IP.

we all know, like this SEO by making money, playing natural flow warfare, not much natural flow is not seen any results. In the early days of website promotion, the content of the web site is about the same time, personally feel that the best way is to do soft Wen promotion, on the one hand, increase the chain, on the other hand, can get some directional traffic.

these days have been in Mylot hair soft Wen, accumulated some experience, now share. First talk about Mylot for soft hair a few advantages.

1, Mylot classification is very detailed, more detailed than some domestic forums, so when the soft Wen is easy to find the target population.

2, when publishing new articles, the web site default is sent to your friend’s mailbox at the same time, so when you send the soft text, but also can play the effect of mail promotion.

3, from my soft some experience, the site visits a lot, the weight is relatively high.

4, just send articles, reviews, and money in mylot.

about Mylot release soft text should pay attention to matters.

1, the station will not limit what the new article, there will be no prohibition of keywords, so when you send the article, as long as there is no Chinese characters, basically can publish successfully.

2, but foreigners are not stupid, although they do not manually review articles, but they have better, more fair way to judge the nature of advertising articles. As soon as you publish the article, there are Mylot users who add some tags to "commercial, advertising, soliciting customers", and your article one hundred percent is deleted. This is a situation I found earlier when five articles were deleted.

3, the article can add hyperlinks, as long as they are not added to the "commercial, advertising, soliciting customers" label, there is no problem. How to avoid not added that kind of label, this depends on your soft Wen skills.

4, and a method, one hundred percent will not be deleted, at least until now, one of my has not been deleted. Go to your personal data (profile) and put a link to your website. Then, when it comes to advertising, add "go to my >" at the end