How to restore the lost nearly 1 months of home love Shanghai

just 1 months ago, I search our website name "wusheng home" in Shanghai, found in the first row is not home, but the site within the content page. At that time did not care how, think to be pushed to the back of the home page, that will be good to wait a few days. However, a few days later still so, I looked up to more than 20 pages can’t find my home. I am anxious, I love Shanghai "love Shanghai search page snapshot disappear" to find a cause, a number of articles to make an explanation of this problem. That the reason is the following:

If your site is

two, check the

, check the site log (IIS log

if your web page in the snapshot page disappear, and included reduced to one times, so that there is a problem with your site article quality, or the accumulation of keywords, or your website on the Internet a lot of repeated, perhaps because of your collection, then suggest to stop the acquisition, increase the original article to love, and Shanghai to re submit.

IIS log records all the circumstances of the spider crawling host the host header information returned to see when the spider crawling website in detail what the problem is, if your host or server without IIS log, then you need to contact your supplier to IIS log out, the need to release the IIS server log.

if your website snapshot is gone, so whether the site included page still is reduced or disappear completely included page page, if the page and home page are gone, I’m sorry that your website pulled the hair, it is recommended that you return to Shanghai dragon love Shanghai webmaster guidelines or Google webmaster guidelines take a look webmaster guidelines search engine the provisions of the rules of the game.

The amount included in website

three, the loss of


you need to check your site whether caused by a large number of the chain is missing, the chain is divided into two directions, Links loss ratio, URL output chain disappear if the loss ratio is more than 20% so you need to increase your work to do outside the chain and loss ratio >

The chain of

home page disappeared, and did not reduce the number of pages, so that when the love of Shanghai grab home encounter difficulties, or love Shanghai temporary adjustment database problems, such a situation you don’t have to worry about, to decorate link bait seduce spider is enough.

2 years ago I was a village in the foreign worker, because of love on the Internet, he finally decided to go home to do the local community website. The site quickly set up, through a simple extension of some columns, in small local celebrity. I also like many webmaster, every day to see their love, Shanghai found recorded snapshot updates. The site is the original local content as the foundation, so we stood on the Shanghai love content has been the normal search records and update snapshot on time every day.

The success of Shanghai dragon er must have the skills

four, also need communication skills.

Shanghai Longfeng line in such a word "content is king, the chain for emperor", our deep view, is the high quality of the chain from the same article, it requires that we must master the ability to write. A good article will make your site to get the search engine friendly, a good chain of soft, can let you get a lot of reprint, get a lot of chain. Please remember, do not edit articles for the Shanghai dragon Er is not good Shanghai dragon er.

, a practical ability can not be less.

two, writing ability is very important.

when we see a lot of course, we have to do is to put these things inside the tutorial to test through practice, so we must master a practice. You must remember that when we see some points, or method, the first time we should want to do is have the effect, the effect is good? Then it should be carried out in practice, only practice can be a truth, so the practice ability is indispensable, remember, Shanghai dragon is not empty talk.


Shanghai dragon is not easy, if you want to optimize a few days to go to the home page, on the first, then I suggest you buy it or love Shanghai. Do Shanghai dragon, want to get good keywords ranking, at least one or two months, more than half a year, even if you insist on these days the patient did not, then I suggest you give up study in Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon and finally engage in target acquisition or long tail keywords, keyword ranking, even after a lot of long tail keywords need to be optimized, if 35 months could not hold, so the long tail keywords to optimize the follow-up without hope.

three, persevere in patience.


a lot of people think Shanghai is boring hair dragon articles, send the chain, do not go out, just like a Indoorsman like a house every day on the line. In fact, this idea is wrong, the search engine is changing every day, Shanghai Dragon technology progress every day, if you will only work hard, do not communicate with peers, so your technique will stagnate, what is success. Are you as a Shanghai dragon Er, you need to exchange Links, need to communicate with the client program, and to discuss the project; if your communication skills is poor, others will not cooperate with you. < >

now is not what Shanghai Longfeng unique secret, but not what mysterious thing, Shanghai dragon tutorial everywhere. But not to say that you look at these tutorials, you are a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, not to mention the success of the Shanghai dragon er. How to become a qualified Shanghai dragon Er, we need to know what skills?

The classification of foreign Wangzhuan projectHow to create revenue website in a blink

China milepost 100 year history of the Olympic Games, to create a green Olympics, hi tech Olympics and Cultural Olympics three concepts, the International Olympic Committee’s Press Committee Chairman Gosper said the same day, the International Olympic Committee has reached an agreement with China to allow China during the Olympic Games in Beijing banned media access to some sensitive sites, so the crackdown on the site. In view of the extraordinary period, in order to the vital interests of the majority of the webmaster, to meet the supply needs of the majority of the webmaster, as the text messaging alliance teamed China Mobile, China Unicom launched the flagship antivirus products. In ensuring the Olympic Games, we integrated into the Olympic atmosphere, watching the wonderful competition, reflecting the high quality of the Chinese people, at the same time, our webmaster can also make modest efforts in the proper channels to support family life.

we divide the network into three stages, the first stage is the advertising alliance stage, and this is the second stage, that is, selling Chinese products to foreigners. Is looking for China characteristics of processing of brand-name underwear, and then find English speaking people to chat with foreigners, and bulk sales to foreigners, he said that if the products sell to foreigners, this is the most profitable one, foreigners are interested in China, on the other hand, it is a foreigner accustomed to online shopping. He’s a month in this way, a net profit of hundreds of thousands, mainly to take a walk than retail, he said retail wholesale also make money, this is also a method of a common earn foreign money, that is through the network trading platform to promote their own special products.

three, now every day, whether it is the amount of registration of individual users, or the number of smart webmaster registration is constantly rising

, P=337

Chinese agent, the most obvious example is that all spotted the webmaster this piece of the market, then the agent stops English version, then let stand on friends a month we put the nets to be broke, but quit the industry. In Chinese, the most obvious is shlf1314. Friends ask if there is a foreign union that is higher than shlf1314 or docked,

1, foreign projects, Chinese agents or Chinese version.

3, cheating


is now the US foreign Wangzhuan classification, a lot of friends including my own do not understand foreign Wangzhuan, what projects can be done? Here we simply say:

mature, perfect platform, win-win business philosophy, to provide you with a new starting point for entrepreneurship, so that you do not have any worries, online business start on the road. One step ahead to one upmanship!

1. Products are rich, diversified,

: http://lm.letv:9090/zlimon has made better decisions,

you might say, not to say the truth only in the hands of a few people, but there is a premise, that is in the hands of a few people know the market hand, I believe that our people here, most are not the kind of people, all the money in the hands of a few people, but are held in the smart capable hands, is not in our hands.

two, a strong backing of funds LETV announced a 50 million yuan investment

. They are now doing this class, this class is the premise to really need to understand foreign Wangzhuan and to have a circle of friends can operate, they introduce the experience for foreigners is the concept of cheating is not very strict, Chinese owners are good at putting machine tricky, so some of the foreign blog no longer China open, but we can do some foreign projects in some way. This is some >

four, the industry’s mobile, Unicom, the whole network of exclusive film and television, antivirus channel, registration will send 20 yuan, High Commission antivirus 10 yuan, monthly pay 5 yuan; video 30 yuan monthly pay 9 yuan, big money returns, you still hesitate

the answer is very few, almost no, because the laws of the market is as long as the profits exist where everyone is rushing the place, we would never say there is profit, but not to go, where to shlf1314, in the market, there is no eternal customer that said, only eternal interests, the interests of and we went, the public choice is the best, we are currently doing shlf1314, indicates that the relative other Union, it still has obvious advantages, because the majority of owners, including Sina, 163 in shlf1314 on advertising.



six, perfect payment system, daily settlement, without deduction of fee and income tax, make payment more convenient and quick

A new way for single page Taobao customersEarnings outlook Internet giant harvest flow era has come

recently, a large number of Internet Co out of earnings, from the data behind, we also try to find some industry trends, seize the change. After all, the data itself is lagging behind, more verification before the point of view, and the trend of the whole Internet era is what we want to grasp. We try to dismantle trends by showing off from several large Internet Co.

in fact, the direct is to continue to the long tail keywords for more depth of excavation, in addition to horizontal excavation series products, but also the vertical excavation of a single product, a single brand, a single shop. From API to promote a single series of products, and then to a single product development, but also just in line with the Internet segmentation market trends. So we do Taobao customers, do not always worry that Taobao has become the Red Sea, in fact, the end of the Red Sea is also the beginning of blue ocean.

more and more electricity supplier platform on behalf of the company Ali, Jingdong

that’s why micro-blog’s performance has been strong for the past year. We see the latest three quarterly, micro-blog revenue 176 million 900 thousand, an increase of 42%, of which advertising revenue of 156 million, an increase of 48%, profits grew 122% to $32 million 100 thousand. Daily active users 132 million, an increase of 32%. Whether it’s revenue, profits, numbers of users, micro-blog is in full swing.

crisis is always accompanied by opportunities to promote the development of single products, the birth of a large number of long tail keywords single product, such as the "s" "LVSHOU" and "Spirulina diet" and other popular single product, I believe that this is a new way. In fact, this can continue to extend to a "single shop", "single seller" promotion. For example, the promotion of brand businesses, or crown hot shops, are good choices.

Abstract: the electricity supplier industry in the past year there has been a relatively large differentiation, two market Ali, and even Jingdong performance is relatively strong, while the primary market has died a large number of vertical electricity supplier. The pattern of hand travel industry has undergone tremendous changes over the past few years, and this change is based on the end of the flow bonus.

single page model is the combination of long tail keywords and top-level domain name, in which the choice of long tail keywords can be said to be the essence of it, you can say that the election of the long tail keyword successfully 80%. So, in order to find a new way and opportunity in a single page Taobao model, you need to write in the "long tail keywords".

traffic costs are getting higher and higher, bringing content bonuses on behalf of the company: micro-blog

revenue 34 billion 300 million, an increase of 55%, adjusted profit 13 billion 900 million, an increase of

Taobao money off now Amoy money mode is like a raging fire, in mature and developing continuously, familiar with Taobao customers should be on the single page mode is not strange, because of the numerous advantages of single page, resulting in many Taobao customers.

electricity supplier industry in the past year there has been a relatively large differentiation, Ali two markets, and even Jingdong performance is relatively strong, while the primary market has died a large number of vertical electricity supplier. Before discussing this issue, we will continue to show the latest results of Ali and Jingdong.

mobile Internet first wave of traffic bonus has ended, the new flow bonus in the hands of high-quality content. This is why we see more "community electricity supplier", to groups as an entrance. That’s why people are more willing to buy books at the think platform, because you’ve helped me to screen and provide good content. Content bonuses actually continue, but in a different form, from text to pictures, videos and other patterns. And micro-blog, due to a large number of high-quality content, combined with Ali’s commercial ability, has become the best realization platform content flow.


on the surface, we find that the content of micro-blog has changed. From the last 140 words, to later pictures, to today’s live broadcast. But in essence, micro-blog’s content as a bonus platform has not changed, or even more consolidated over the past year. This is why, in the cold winter of capital, we see the best performance or content bonus enterprises. Two tier markets micro-blog, the primary market thinking, such as headlines today.

now mainstream "long tail keywords", mainly directed at a single series of products, such as competition more intense weight loss series, freckle series, whitening series, etc.. However, these high commission products have also been faced with long tail keywords drying up, which requires us to continue to develop new high commission products, or looking for new long tail keywords.



article by 88heiyanquan original, welcome to reprint share.

It’s difficult for a teacher to learn how to stand

         ;    , Hello, I’m from Hong kong. I was a primary school teacher, in the work has been diligent, good work performance. (born in 80s), I always wanted to show my worth in other places and show my talent, but I never got a chance.

                not long ago, a friend is doing the station, the business is very good, a little jealous. Earn four, five thousand a month. I see is exciting, so ask him, can I do ah. He said yes, and he also offered technical support. I think I can’t miss such a good thing. Say, do it, that’s my personality, so I start working right away. Save a little money, buy a cheap book, and then start crazy online paste, absorb nutrition. I feel a little confused, so call for help, my friend. My friend was saying, give me a set of procedures, a space, I changed, I stood  more than a month after the fresh baked. Because I am Yancheng, I am familiar with Yancheng, so I will be a portal of Yancheng.

           ;     at the beginning I was full of confidence, because I want to earn four, five thousand, I earn one thousand or two thousand should be ok. Who knows how many days, my station has not been included in the Baidu, in the end what’s going on? I do not know, and now is very helpless. Now that I have done it, I want to do it well! That’s what I often tell my students! Ha ha. It’s difficult now, but I really don’t want to give up. I know there are many masters here. So I want to please the apprentice can be generous with your criticism!!!, as the saying goes: high school teacher!! thank you! Thank you!!! This is my QQ:641723644.

What qualities do people need from the new era of self media

Hello, I was thinking, what is the media? I contact this concept in 2006, when several non-governmental organizations in the Sohu’s blog blog, which is a XX from the media, when I was one of the partners, also blocked a Henan official, XX media, and then to make the province’s blog on the blog, but we did not insist, finally I didn’t settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, what a pity, just ordinary friends. On the Internet, did not think this is from the media. Now think about it, but is from the media form, is a lot of people around you, you are the leader, you are the organization, you have a certain influence on them, to form a good reputation in a circle slowly, a brand was born.

What is the

from the media? We as a webmaster, have a website is from the media, this website is your personal brand, but also to certain things, it will bring you income, your monthly income of ten thousand, twenty thousand, one hundred thousand,…, let the envy of many of these people, so this time, the topic of speculation on such a hot topic, many people want to join the ranks from the media, but not for a long time, find yourself not open, on the left, also began to complain, what a bitch from the media, people are fooled, but they agree that the fire has been behind since the media has a strong background and resources, will quickly fire up, so they began a large number of advertising investment, waste a lot of money, although the effect is not ideal, but at this time, they They are completely hopeless. Why not? They don’t reflect on it. They just leave the media.

that’s why some people say that media experience is going to decline as an independent blogger. I understand these people’s heart, I don’t blame them, I can only say here, you do not fit from the media, you left this line, is good for you, I thank you to leave, can purify the environment of Internet, make the Internet a bit less waste, also can give other people a chance to become a self media.

next, I’ll analyze how to become a better source of media, and let your friends know how to do it quickly.

first, from the media, is the accumulation of resources.

like the 36kr, the tiger sniffing technology website, is to enhance the quality of content, in the vicinity of the people spread slowly in the course of time, become a brand, and these two types of web content is not the same, although is the science and technology, but a deep reading, a translation of foreign the domestic and the latest dynamic to maintain the update of the website. And 36kr more tiring, if the update is not timely, the content can not keep up, will soon be forgotten. Therefore, we must first think what kind of content to do, more in line with our future maintenance operations. And you have to get first hand resources. This is what I mean by the accumulation of resources.

second, from the media spell is >

Classification and profit model of mobile phone websites

first of all, I’m also a rookie said wrong place, we all bear in mind. After all, a mountain is more than a mountain, ha ha.

, let’s get down to business and talk about the classification of mobile websites. Mobile phone sites are divided into the following categories:

1, mobile mall class

2, cell phone theme class

3, mobile phone software

4, mobile games category

5, class WAP,

6, general class

first talk about mobile mall category, the profit model of this site is very simple, mainly to sell mobile phones, and then get interest from the merchants there. At present do have better OQ and Jingdong mall, beidou.

mobile theme website currently has no direct profit model, mainly through the union channel to obtain benefits, the current relatively wide range of resources is sent to the mobile phone. There are also some websites doing theme deductions, and then extracting them from the league.

mobile phone game software and website profit pattern similar, mostly promotion software or games pay per install, and then get into from the game developers or software developers, now do better with 51spsoft, Mobile Games world, and Chinese mobile phone game in the heart.

WAP website I know is limited, but now most of the WAP station is also to promote the software or games pay per install, there are some sites to pay on demand, I also said that the specific is not clear, don’t throw egg.

integrated website and mall class, subject category, software class and game class almost, here is not one by one.

here I also can not help but stereotypes about my site NOKIA mobile phone web site for more than a year now, I want to write an article (in fact, not only the current account), in order to me more than a year of experience to share with everyone, of course, there are many deficiencies, please the exhibitions, but also hope that with the webmaster friends, especially similar, or B2B webmaster (because I work recently, in an B2B company is a small company, ha ha ha).

finally, ask the administrator and feel this article useful, be reproduced in time, I left the site, after all, this is the first time I Wen, first haha. Well, that’s all for today. My mailbox, QQ, is 4154, five or six, 220. If you want to communicate, please contact me. Thank you for watching.

Baidu snapshot slow update, what can we do


in August 1st this year, the new took over a web site, is doing crystal business, the official website is When I took over, I found that Baidu snapshot or July 17th, has not been updated for half a month. And Baidu included in the day one day in the decline, the ranking of keywords is also declining day by day. Personally, if the proportion of Baidu’s K stations in the near future, if the increase, the site is K possibility is great. To keep websites from being K, I first analyze the shortcomings of the site and list them to see what needs to be improved and then to work out them. I’ve done a couple of main things.

one, ask the boss whether the recent website has been revised, the title, keywords, description and so on is also made great changes. The answer is that the site does not look good, revised, and at the same time that the keyword has not changed for a long time, have also been replaced. Fortunately, changes in the keyword and the original keyword correlation is still relatively high, and at the same time, the site in Baidu also has a certain weight, not in the review period.

two, check whether there is a black link in the link or a long time no snapshot of the site. Do this line all know, in the case of mutual links, one party is down right, the other party will also be implicated. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly the link is normal, timely removal of the right to drop or may be dropped right link.

three, check if there is a lot of duplication or bad quality on your website. Baidu for original content update is quite important, Baidu spider to grab the contents of every day are the same, Baidu will think that your site has been abandoned, no one care, will not be updated snapshot; if the website content and other web content is highly similar, Baidu will think your site is a garbage sites, natural do not often visit your site. Therefore, our website content must be original articles, even if it is false original, must also use their own language to describe, not copy, simple change.

four, check whether the site updates three days fishing, two days of drying nets. Website internal update not a day to do a lot of other time, then do not do, can make rational allocation of tasks to do every day, every day, and update the amount will not be much change, there must be regularity. In this way, the spider will know in advance that you will be updated at some time today. After that time, the spider will come to grab your web site.

five, the existence of cheating on the site?. There is no cheating, we are the most clear, but also can not escape the eyes of Baidu, so do not exist fluke. Especially if you add Baidu statistics to your website, your approach is almost transparent to Baidu.

six, daily continuous hair chain. The chain does not lie in many, must be refined. For example, in the A5 forums, search forums, etc.. High quality >

From the rise to be suppressed, and then to revive my experience of building a station

first statement from the website at present results, I absolutely failed as a webmaster, but from the experience, I feel I am a successful webmaster, a year of my experience of the site is summed up from rise to suppressed to revival! Here to share with you, summarizes some experience and lessons, hope new friends stand walk less detours, an early success! Now difficult webmaster do not be discouraged, I can do it, you can do it!

is in front of the way, so


I am not a full-time webmaster, only lovers, and now work in traditional industries. Get started in July last year, when I am in Guangzhou engaged in sales work, a chance to Shahe clothing wholesale market in a circle, the huge crowds of people lively scene is surprising, even more shocking is the trading scene. Goods such as no money, we all large parcels of Sinotrans, a busy image. I turned around and asked about, this is China’s more famous clothing wholesale market, the product price is very strange, a T-shirt 3 and 5, there is no wonder that even foreigners are running here,


back, my heart a long time can not heal, feeling to see a big business, can make a career! Thought, so many sources, such a low price, even if no money to open the store, if I do a website, the top selling, not too little money to do /p>? "

said, "dry", considering the website to clothing wholesale based, retail supplemented, so the website took a wholesale related name, registered domain name. Then on the Internet to find a good shop procedures, spent 180 yuan to buy a space, on the two or three day, for the 2 night, the website finally stand up. After the website is formally launched, the heart is so excited that it seems that the white silver is flowing to the purse. There will be a room, a car, a beautiful woman, an outstanding young man will be born!


‘s excitement didn’t last long, and problems ensued.

first of all, the supply is not so easy to imagine. For novices, in the wholesale market a few goods prices do not talk down, but do not know those goods to sell, what material, what style, often after the failure of great sense of frustration…… With the wholesalers have repeatedly blocked, "what site you? Never heard of, search is not search!" wholesalers questioned left me speechless, here I see, what is included, what is the ranking! Quickly in Baidu, Google and other search engines to submit their website.

didn’t take it long, but it didn’t last long because statistics showed that few people came in except for their own browsing…… The owners of the home, stationmaster net, outdated website to find a lot of information, just know to do promotion, SEO, and QQ, the forum advertising began, the results we as can be imagined, I left foreleg, the post has been deleted…… Anyway, in addition to SEO is too profound to be understood, search.