How to improve website ranking competitor analysis

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want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng must learn to analyze competitor, the enemy, know yourself. Recently many website webmaster do not know how to analyze competitors, how to get the valid method from competitors, to increase the weight of their own website, so today the man will give you a Shanghai dragon thought this method to teach you.

analysis data of

talent shows itself?A


analysis of 3. key words: through the love of Shanghai index, love Shanghai for the background, Google AD, Google trends to analyze keywords, including brand words, words to analyze the layout of commercial intention of competitors, keyword sources.

2. site layout is reasonable: mainly in the first: breadcrumb navigation is a key arrangement, bread crumbs generally leads to the front page we do anchor text brand of words which we can in the famous Shanghai dragon successful web site can see like Amoy shoes, or like Jingdong to each column do 1 keywords to improve the keywords ranking single product.


competitor analysis mainly from two aspects, one is the station; the other hand is outside the station; and the two aspects to analyze what kind of data, and competitor analysis which core data can help your website fast

1. the domain name of the website has no competitive advantage: it is not the old domain new station, the old domain name can accelerate the site assessment period, improve the site, while the biggest advantage in the site is not easy to be a search engine in the bud was killed, so we can often see the sale of portal two level domain name buy optimization to do medical sites now, more well-known is the Phoenix Chinese medicine, people贵族宝贝.cn health, china贵族宝贝 Sina health, Chinese medicine, the city of sina station health column etc..

analysis is to find out the weak points and merits of everything is not perfect, if a site is really perfect, then the ranking may not always change the floating. The analysis of the competition website, is to find out its merits and deficiencies. If a website is mainly relying on the content and get high weight, we can not is the focal point to analyze its content. Do Shanghai dragon know, write ten dozens of the original article general what is the problem of a person does not have, can insist on. But if 365 days a year, every day of the original, but the quality must be high, for example, wrote on the website construction and website optimization aspects of the Internet, write the article will be published in the webmaster to online, then will the day not only as far as the Jiangnan? @ sure each person’s idea and vision, analysis of the writing thoughts from others, you will find a lot of merits.

1. Shanghai advanced syntax: domain:+ through love each other’s domain name, see others in what place do love Shanghai "

Keywords long tail theory is the subversion of the 28 law

In fact,

after love Shanghai yesterday and the webmaster’s joke on Qi, pay more attention to some of the more long tail keywords blog, found that many have different degrees of improvement, Shanghai dragon is so strange, no time to optimize the ranking rose, the more he wanted his ranking rose less rose. The network market is gradually thinning, long tail keywords intensified competition. Electric district and everyone together about the long tail keywords.

is long, often is 2-3 words, or phrases. In the content page, in addition to the title of the page, but also in content. The search volume is very small, and unstable. The long tail keywords bring customers into the probability of customer website products is much lower than the target keywords. There are a large number of long tail keywords large and medium-sized website, the total flow is very large.


the answer is definitely the latter, now more and more attention in the Shanghai dragon ER website long tail keywords, and tried to dig the long tail keywords, long tail keywords optimization, enhance the long tail keywords ranking. This is the inevitable trend of the development of Shanghai dragon, the main keywords ranking competition is fierce, the long tail theory is to use the coverage of keywords to win, Many a little make a mickle. And the long tail keywords targeted, especially the transformation of some precise long tail word rate is also high.

, for example, three people were searching for three keywords, "electric business circle" and "business", "Shanghai Longfeng electric district Shanghai dragon race". Statistically, search "business" to Shanghai dragon race is much higher than the search "electricity business circle" to. Because he was looking for to know looking for specific information, and search.

in the domestic market began a search engine optimization, is a kind of popular Shanghai dragon Er misleading thinking, only the optimization of the main keywords, largely ignored the long tail keywords, but rather to create long tail keywords to maximize the benefits for enterprises and individuals. Now more and more Internet companies have launched ZhengZhan optimization scheme, the purpose is to promote the optimization of the main keywords and long tail keywords, this difference in my optimization and optimization of the entire station "has been mentioned in detail. According to the statistics of some electronic commerce website, long tail products and long tail keywords to get traffic, the total flow rate of twenty percent to thirty, but the resulting from the long tail products there may be more than half of the profit." Have to say the long tail theory is a subversion of the "28 law". Shanghai dragon should be in accordance with the "28 laws" as key words, or in accordance with the "long tail" extending

believes that the long tail theory, due to the factors of cost and efficiency in the past, people only pay attention to the important person or thing, if the normal distribution curve to describe these people or things, people only focus on the curve "head", and will be in the curve "tail", require more effort and cost to pay attention to the most people ignore or something. Long tail keywords has extensibility, strong pertinence, wide range, specific performance is as follows:

The wet nurse will be a patent for the newly married girls

nanny – a great and respected profession,

on the Internet what things can happen, in with the milk powder incident, the market wage nurse to rise rapidly, and soon someone will make a professional nurse or nurse, but will not believe that investment is very effective, because children are the future and hope, do not want their children lose at the starting line.

if you were a man, would you allow your wife to be a nanny to someone else,


many people have their own ideas. If you’re a mother and you have enough milk, would you like to be a nanny to someone else’s


what would you feel if your wife was in someone else’s house and feeding someone else’s baby? Nanny, a fresh, unstoppable industry is about to be born.

nurse nurse will soon popular business, so do the female nurse nurse, 80 brothers can do nanny website ah. Provide a new platform for the nanny to make the nanny business better.

loses his job when he marries

a lot of people get married after a child is unemployed, now the nurse (Nai Ma) will make up for a loss of occupation, the new era of entrepreneurs, on the road of struggle, 80 peers, don’t be afraid of what is not good, as Nai Ma is a great nurse occupation.

adult to have, into their own people, to provide milk through their own health, milk to feed a child, is love, don’t be afraid not what can not, the money is not right, money is not great? The teacher imparting knowledge, a teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime, is not charging the teacher? Not because of charges and buried the teacher’s kindness. So do the nurse is great.

‘s new career after 80s

80 young women are married with children, young, this is the advantage of 80, the nurse will be 80 after 90 after 70 patents are not suitable, 80 young female, married with children please nurse career development.

show the advantages of 80, let 80 grow together.

Author: horizontal look at website long – Network crab section fly QQ:7100 48902 nanny QQ group: 67494615 explore the development of nanny career view.

A month time station target keyword ranking second wise remark of an experienced person

I study

SEO also has 2 years, mainly engaged in the fierce competition of Baidu ranking, because the competition is more incentive funds and Technology Co. in his hand he just chose the Baidu index within 800.

keywordThis new understand the webmaster to see that I am doing what type of station, I do a good job in the station before, first in the local will be all ready to work that is to say, before the domain name website all the work all done, the new general station released 5 to 6 original articles. After all the sites have been finalized, I upload the space and bind the domain name. Such a new station is ready. (the purpose of doing so is to facilitate the rapid collection of Baidu web site)

new station shelves after the first step, I bought 3 more than PR5 snapshots, 24 hours of web links. (snapshot within 24 hours of the purpose of spiders quickly grab, PR5 above the purpose of giving Baidu a good first impression).

new station shelves second steps, very simple, that is, second days to add a few original article. (in second days, third days have not increased, even afraid of cheating) I use the above station step, do not less than 5 stations, almost all 3 days Baidu included home page.

after a few paces before the operation of Baidu has included home page, as I think Baidu is also included is not released snapshot. Oh, over about 1 weeks after Baidu will be included in the article put out, of course, target keywords are now in the hundreds, then I added to the original at the same time began the increase of quality (even high quality > =pr4). After about half a month, the ranking jumped directly from the top 3 pages. At this time, do not do too much action, or repeat previous work, original plus external. But now the company is different, but every additional original, followed by a connection to the inside of the page of the company.

after this month’s efforts, the current site targeted keywords ranked second, the day related ip600+, such as:


traffic is not much but worth novice, veteran can laugh!

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Four points that might affect your site ranking

error 1: buy link.

has thousands of websites and services that will try to convince you to pay for access to a large number of other web links to you. Fiverr, for example, is a common site where people buy links because it can cost only $5 and hundreds of links point to your site. But what is the site will link to you? They will be related to your industry? They are reputable? Get famous website links back to your trust and is in favor of SEO, Google can remove your site from search results if you pay back links. Your company’s Web site will not appear on any search results. Do not pay links and do not participate in network sales links to help you publish your article on different sites. Business is not good.

error 2: publishing some irrelevant content.


creates content for your web site, you want only your business, industry, and customers. For example, if you’re a plumber, you don’t need to talk about the hotel on your website. In the eyes of Google, a pipe on the hotel website content can be confused. You want your website to be trusted as a search engine in your market, not someone else. Google pays attention to the user experience and if you prove your client, Google will find it and your website should reward it. So, when writing content for your corporate website, let the customer’s needs remember as many of your business goals as possible.

error 3: spam comments.

some business owners decided to pay for services on the Internet, including comments on spam sites, including a link back to their web site. Although the idea is to spread your website links to other websites related businesses, your brand can be corrupted when a customer or potential customer sees these links with spam and poorly written reviews. The same bad comment on your own website. Do not approve all comments on your website, but only those that can bring real value to your customers. This can help you keep your comments on the value and integrity of your site on your website.

error 4: overloaded in anchor text link.

an anchor text link is a specific keyword or phrase on the site text that is hyperlinks to another web site of URL. An example of this will be the "awesome entrepreneur site", which is linked to And keyword links can be good for SEO, and you have to be careful with them. Webmasters use the ability to build thousands of anchor text links with specific keywords, which will allow their websites to rank for those keywords. Those days are gone forever. In order to build the best rankings, keywords need to be displayed normally. This means that if you have 10000 keywords linked to a phrase that you want to rank, but on other sites, it can look strange in Google’s eyes. You should have lots of keyword links >

Four essential elements of a successful website

in the face of increasingly fierce competition in the industry website, webmaster how can from the talent shows itself to become the winner the last laugh? Whatever you do, which is a type of website, in order to be a successful web site you need to clear yourself stand to see the website development direction, because of the success of the blind type do not imitate others can make you too successful, only innovation can be aware of their position, with good site planning operation scheme with the least effort to maximize the effect have become the ultimate winner. Today, I am a little excited, say some of the important factors:

one, clear website construction route

make the ultimate purpose is to what, if only use the web to make a lot of money all day thinking about money and no action, no clear operation plan, then the final success is not money, but lose lose. Because many webmasters want to rely on the site to earn big money, but often do not make money, and one heart for the user service, the user first, make money, put the last, often make big money. As the 360 director puts it, the really big money maker is someone who helps others make money. Therefore, for the construction of the site culture, we must first clear what the purpose of doing their own website, there is no clear plan of operation, is the user first or make money first. Only their website construction line is clear enough, for the later promotion, optimization will be handy.

two, a reasonable website development strategy

every webmaster want to own the first station is the last successful web site, but it is very rare, every webmaster do more or less Jiliangsan sites, according to the author said that now most Adsense on the stand at least three or more. Why do so many webmaster site management can come? In fact, the ultimate purpose is to make money, see other types of Web sites make money themselves do the same type of website, see another type of money and do a hand on the website, accumulated a pile of. The final reason is unable to do the site appear in their own direction, success is often do a website to your website in the future development direction, like 115, who is not optimistic about the development of SkyDrive, now the user has accumulated to twenty million, this is the webmaster original vision. So, the website development direction clear positioning will have the very big help to build their own web culture, like now to ask you how to save the photos of friends to the site, usually said uploaded to the QQ space


three, target user group requirements

website, first of all, to understand what kind of information users like, as in the current network era, most users prefer more innovative, new type of web site. Therefore, before the website culture construction, we must understand what the current users like and dislike. Stars like entertainment are not as beautiful and redder as they are now