To avoid the similar risk to improve the quality of site level

second, pseudo original to upgrade, after all, a content rich website, through personal webmaster or a small team is often difficult to get very rich, appropriate pseudo original but false original but no ground for blame, need to upgrade, can not simply replace the title, disrupt the paragraph, such as love Shanghai intelligent upgrade, has been difficult to adapt to, the best way is through manual rewriting, and as far as possible to reach more than 70% of the original, can reduce the similarity of web pages.

search engine can "similarity recognition can not be more than 60%, if more than 60%, it will be the corresponding search engine punishment, the right to be reduced or blocked. What are the factors that cause the page similarity? Specifically, there are two main reasons: first, the same site, often the old content simple renovation in the process of renovation, description, keywords and title and content changes little, or is a simple pseudo original, so it is easy to cause "high similarity. Second, the other sites have included the contents of take over, simple adjustment, such as the change of title, paragraph will again break up, then posted on its Web site, the content contrast does not such content on your site and although there are similarities, but from the Internet on the angle of comparison, then this will be repeated become very obvious.

page similarity obvious, need to change the contents before construction strategy immediately, otherwise once more than 60% of the cordon, easy website is judged as spam sites, thus it is very difficult to succeed. This can reduce the content of the website from the following two aspects of similarity.

in the process of website construction, often appear a vexing problem, that is "a high degree of similarity, and once this problem, it is difficult to improve the site’s ranking, or even result in Shanghai love to drop right or punishment. What is the similarity of web page

page similarity usually refers to the two page content there are many parts of the same. When the search engine two ", will be through the analysis and comparison of two methods. The first is to analyze the content of the web page module, if the two page MD5 value data, then the similarity between the two pages is very high. The second is, according to the key words on the page and sort frequency analysis. To obtain the high frequency keywords in a web page, then the MD5 assignment, if the two page keyword MD5 value, it has high similarity.

first, as far as possible the original, because the original content does not exist the problem of similarity degree, and even other sites are reproduced, even included time than you, but after a period of time, the intelligent algorithm will also determine if you love Shanghai as the first original, giving a higher weight.

third, with iFrame > box

The ? When the

The +1 report on Google webmaster tools and a baby in Analytics

The change of


+ +1 button and nobility baby project development objectives are to make it easier for you to make contact with the network trust. The so-called +1 button, refers to trusted friends and contacts on implantation of nobility baby search, let those who love your website in the moment of decision to recommend.

– finally, the audience report can show "+1" noble baby user on your web page comprehensive geographic and demographic information. In order to protect privacy, only when there is a significant number of users on your web page for "+1", we will show the audience information.

– Search reports allow you to understand how +1 affects your natural search traffic. When the personalized search suggestions to help you when you can view the content of talent shows itself, the click rate is changing. The number of clicks and impressions with and without a +1 annotation by comparing the search results number, can achieve this point. You only get the impression times enough meaningful comparisons, we will show the statistical results change the click rate.

– event report will show your web page through your website and other websites (such as noble baby search) by "+1" times.

you can use the web side of the "noble baby +1 index" menu to view these reports. If you do not have to verify your site in Google webmaster tools, can access in accordance with these instructions.

– social participation report allows you to understand web access behavior, including the number of clicks the +1 button or other social activities. This will help you determine, for example, during a visit to "+1" in your web page will than no "+1" >


but when the management of a website, which is often not true, unless we can measure the. To this end, we are very pleased to have another news to report: today, we will publish the report to show the +1 button for your site can bring value to you.

we recently released in the global various nobility baby search site +1 button, and then announced the beginning of the noble baby + project.

first, +1 index in Google webmaster tools will show you how to influence your future "button +1 flow:

finally, by tracking the noble baby Analytics social plugins, you can also see how users use other buttons except +1 to share your content. Once you configure Analytics JavaScript, social participation report will help you in your web on various types of sharing activities.

Optimization of life optimization everywhere – from today

website user experience Optimization (UEO), we all know that. A website wants to retain users, to better contribute to the ultimate profit, the user experience is essential. Only allow users to truly look comfortable, with a comfortable website is a good website. This is the life, the life of the user experience in my opinion on their own knowledge, such as the appearance of a person, of course, there is no way to change the appearance, but each person’s appearance, such as wearing etc. all of these can later develop. In addition, each person’s temperament, can continue to improve in the process of human life, optimization. There are expression of each person’s language ability, communication and so on, this is also a "user experience" form. All of these are only good, can with customers, enterprises and others, let them love you, your choice.

everyone is a website

The optimization of


lifeIn a word the

website: the chain for the emperor. Although this time.

life user experience optimization

is perhaps because, themselves engaged in Shanghai Longfeng many times, from Shanghai dragon Lenovo to something deeper, such as optimization of a country, the optimization of an enterprise, the optimization of a family, even personal life optimization. In my opinion, many things are interlinked. Just as there is a saying: all roads lead to Beijing. As a word: all died. Most of the time, many things are often the same origin. Today, talk about, how will Shanghai dragon in their own occupation, life of a connection, or for an extension of Shanghai dragon optimization.

everyone is a website, people have the height and weight of the rich and the poor, there is not, the website also is such, some sites have great energy, such as Sina, the Sohu; the site is also very small, such as my own blog. There will be some of the rubbish site, there will be a lot of high investment site. The same is true of people, each person’s birth environment is different, some people are born with a golden spoon, someone is born to poverty. As the site, whether it is high investment site, or small sites, only in the heart to optimize, can be in a leading position in a certain industry. The same is true of life, both good and bad environment of birth, on the road of life, only know life optimization, can truly to high.

website has a word: content is king. Really good website, the content is for the user, only really good content, can make the website constantly toward the higher. What is the content of life knowledge and experience?. Knowledge will not say, everyone choose "practice" in different directions, knowledge is different. But the experience, for the growth of a person, has a very important role. These knowledge, the accumulation of experience, will have a huge impact on life.

Content optimization of

A5 marketing website Robots.txt, how much do you know

For example: Disal>,

for the website function useful catalogue, useful pages in user experience can get better promotion. But the search engine is concerned, it will cause: the burden of the server, such as: a large number of page comments, there is no value for optimization.

also contains such as: website made pseudo static treatment, then it will shield the dynamic link, avoid the search engines. User login, registration directory directory, useless software download directory, if the static type of site, but also shield the dynamic type of link Disallow: / * *? Why? We give an example:


three: write the details on the note

is a client site above the problems found by love Shanghai included: someone to submit this type of malicious links, but the site itself has no good protection.

speaking, the vast majority of the webmaster understand, here is not to do more than say, do not understand the webmaster, can see the love of Shanghai. Here today said some common, may be a lot of doubt.

: a set of Allow total station capture


love Shanghai included more web site ranking higher? This is that most of the webmaster, it is true. But it is not absolutely true: the low quality of the pages included, will reduce the site’s ranking, which you consider to

? In addition

Robots.txt file, is the general protocol website and search engine for communication, through the Robots protocol settings tell search engines which pages can crawl, which pages can not grasp: on the one hand can do safety protection, it is more important to do optimization, reduce the invalid pages included, improve the site’s ranking effect.

two: what kind of page is not recommended to grab

but in actual operation, most of the site, there are more or less in the lack of the writing, even due to technical errors, but also causing the site to drop right, not included, are a series of problems such as K. For this, A5 marketing, including me, in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis process of customers, often encountered, can be regarded as a common problem with many sites. Today to write this article, is to do a share of the robots.txt protocol, you write on the

if the structure of your site is not very clear, and there is no unnecessary "function" is not recommended to open the whole page, grab the site, on the site as a matter of fact, in the A5 of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, only met a handful of websites, can really do the whole site are allowed to crawl, and don’t do shield. With the rich function, to allow full site capture, is unlikely.


Small tips website optimization process

The first point: learn to use the

third: the chain of resources to get more and better. Use the following tips so you can easily get the chain resources 1. using domain query: we can use the domain query in the search engine ranking competitor’s website, see if they are the chain where, then follow the links click and release, these sites have good rankings are generally the chain weight is high, will be used to draw the chain resources well.

2. will be more excellent soft Wen released to the high authority website, now many sites for the release of the soft, and the weight is very high, such as A5, if released by other soft site acquisition, then constitute a strong chain, but also more convenient.

second: if title and description define the site better, many enterprises including Shanghai dragon Er novice do not know how to define the site of title and description when receiving sites, and even some of them do not know how to choose keywords, Never mind, this is a little skill, we can search related to love Shanghai look at the industry, standing in the front of the site of title and description how to write, and then go to imitate their basic is no problem, title is generally 3-5 words, description is a 60 words or less fluent words, to include key words.

fourth: the full increase in the construction of the chain website, other pages in the construction of the chain is each page containing the relevant column. How to use a simple way to complete the construction of the chain in the site, we can read a related or a next > increase below each article pages

robots file. Many owners do not understand, the robots.txt file is a ban on the search engine crawling file, Shanghai dragon’s work is not just to let the search engines do, why should prohibit? When we are building a new station, when we are not ready or section of the title website, update the content, structure and layout good website, we need to use the robots.txt file, because when the search engine we haven’t updated the station search engine will produce a bad first impression on the website, is not conducive to optimize and maintain a focus, let the spider better website is the content of effective optimization.

for many of the more senior webmaster, site optimization is a fun and full of pride, but a lot of new Shanghai dragon Er learning website optimization will feel some difficulty, one is do not know how to through the optimization ideas, on the other hand, do not know how to use the simple small optimization skills to site. The following Yishui Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng to introduce website optimization tips in the process:

A5 domain name auction in January 7th, this is CN’s world Stone remember, big point,.Cn struck

A5 ( station network January 7th news, yesterday in the A5 auction, some have a good meaning of the three consonant.Cn beat a good price, the "stone" to 68 thousand transactions, "the" deal with 71 thousand "fashion show" to 65 thousand of the transaction price. In addition, auction, auction 5 4 consonant com meeting package also made a mutually satisfactory price.


A5 auction submission information:

The following types of domain name registration

temporarily accept: 2-5 digital com, 1-4, 1-3 digital cn/net digital cc/, 2-4 com/net, 1-3 cc/, letter of alphabet letters CN, 1-4, com or single spell boutique Larry cn. Pack individually or in bulk,


remarks: the domain name can be submitted without reservation price. After the submission of the domain name with the reserved price, the A5 staff shall be required to have a unified examination, and the reserve price is unreasonable, and the A5 has the right to not pass it. In the auction, the auction shall be cancelled and the reserve price shall be revised, otherwise it shall be deemed as a breach of contract.


submit domain name, enter group contact QQ/, WeChat:

A5 (6710265) A5 Ouye clay (8961095) A5 (6505926) A5 Ruili Kaka (6326901) A5 (9361502)


A5: (6528309) A5 (3945497) A5 fish Naomi (2947281883) A5 (153126911) A5 depin Nannan (18252109157)

A5 domain name auction perennial hot levy concentration:

Personal webmaster needs ideal and passion, more pragmatic

reading when he was a young cynic, often write some articles in their own understanding of the judge criticized some of the bad things. And always enjoy it. After entering the society, reality have talk about fantasy naive and ignorant, pragmatic work has gradually occupied most of the time, there is no time and energy to consider their own many irrelevant, also cannot change things. Down-to-earth to do what you can do, let me become practical, but although pragmatic, ideal and passion are still not realistic wash out, but has a realistic foundation, ideal and passion to become more reliable with the reality.

in fact, personal Adsense experience, such a feeling has always been there. But we have a new idea and the website, after the on-line, often will be unconstrained, think of many beautiful future. Sometimes this dream will let their smug, arrogant, supercilious. Not to talk about pragmatic, to lay the foundation, do practical things, have experienced the lessons of failure, more and more feel that to do personal Adsense, not only have ideals, but also need pragmatic spirit to practice, to lay the foundation.

when you have an idea, what you should do is to plan it, consider every detail and the problems that may arise. In addition, after the plan is specific to build a web site, the site’s interface, functions and user experience are very important elements. Content maintenance is a long and arduous process, not only to maintain the daily update and innovation quality of content, but also to make content conform to the needs of users.

Interactivity and user stickiness on the

site are not a matter of two days a day, and need constant improvement. Website promotion, marketing, soft text, e-mail, QQ, offline, and other types of publicity, marketing, marketing tools. Don’t slack, pragmatic to do every little thing, write a few article every day, a few articles have multiple quality articles, and many users on the site to communicate several times, the cumulative time, maybe one day you will find that your website has been reborn.

It is better to make special features than to make all rivers run into the sea


mixed in Webmaster network, also learned a lot of webmaster share experience, in the heart that is a happy, free to learn useful information, greatly promoted my growth. So, now I share my experience to you, please webmaster holding personal field, together with Wu Yi.

first of all, as a regional portal, we must base ourselves on the local market, which is called "one party, water and soil, and raise one party"". For example, in Beijing, is mainly about the Beijing customs, most of it is to miss the old Beijing customs and heritage. In Hebei, Chengde, the natural Mountain Resort in Chengde, where empress dowager Ci Xi once lived, is now a famous tourist attraction.


started doing regional portals, many friends said, "Sina, Sohu, NetEase, so much news, so powerful, how do you compete with a local small website?". The views of friends I have thought, after careful consideration, I found not to compete with them, what I do is based on the local people to provide a more detailed, three-dimensional geographical information service for them to eat in Chengde, playing in Chengde.

if a regional website to cover all the contents of all rivers run into sea, from the national military geographic characteristics, I can only say that as early as possible to close it. Excuse me, because of the comprehensive site to do good, we are very powerful, and their competition is simply the egg stone, a mantis trying to stop a chariot. So, we must subdivide the market, do small, do fine, and only in this way can we succeed. Quanjude, Beijing, specializes in roast duck. Although it is now extending some products, it is closely related to roast duck. This is the strength of the profession, only the specialty is more distinctive, only characteristics can achieve excellence.

An error

many webmaster friends often make website promotion is anxious, remember a friend set up a website, IP traffic is not much, so the registered account in the major forums, advertising promotional stickers, promote their own websites. The end result is that the friend’s account has been blocked because of hard advertising. Compared with hard advertising, soft advertising is more convincing and hidden, can guide consumers in imperceptible, and generate action.

, a buddy is a senior copy of 4A advertising company, told me something about the promotion of soft text, I also do not hide, tuck, and share with you, say bad, do not despise me!


soft advertising is silent, naked propaganda, the effect is 100 times stronger than rigid advertising. Here’s an example to make it more vivid. The title is: "most post-80s migrant workers resume their job and humiliate college students". The contents are as follows:

I was a 80 of migrant workers, the poor at home, a high school dropout, is followed by the village people to work in beijing. But I never give up learning, for the past five years, I have been working steadfastly and diligently

How does the user experience distance improve user efficiency and satisfaction

good user experience is easier to narrow the distance between users, improve the efficiency of users to complete tasks and user satisfaction and comfort of the process. Here are a few small details about the user experience distance:

1, bubbling floating layer


when the user need to delete the picture, click the "delete" button, there is bubble floating layer prompts the user to delete, users only need to focus on the visual image, reduce the visual burden, and there is no need to move the mouse for a long distance to click the OK button, it reduces the burden of manual operation of the user; compared to modal pop-up window, the user’s attention, narrowing the scope of visual thinking switching closer, but also shorten the distance from the mouse.

is similar to deleting photo operations in iPad:


bubble floating layer, shortening the visual, thinking, manual operation distance.

2 and Google+ circle grouping



in google+, want to pay attention to other people and join the circle, just move your mouse to "focus" button, and then click to complete all operations; if you need to create a new circle, only with the completion of a floating layer, the operation experience is very smooth. User vision, attention, and operation are done in a very small area.


and micro-blog need to pay attention to, first click the "attention" button, fill in the "note the name" – "select group", click "save" button to complete the whole process of attention; no matter where the click "attention" button, all the visual focus switched to the center of the screen pop-up window, so the user’s visual focus and the mouse to move a long distance:


3, Google, that is, search instant


Look at the Google

in the search in the input when the input box below the floating layer will display relevant keywords, the user can directly select the keywords, without the need to enter the full phrase; at the same time the following search results will be updating (temporarily only support English version), no need to click on the "Enter" enter key. This fast and easy search experience shortens the user’s workflow and search results.

4, symmetric interactive



A few habits that a successful webmaster needs to develop

in fact, the following is not personal Adsense exclusive, but personal Adsense as a special group, a silent effort but not recognized groups, these habits are more important.

get a good schedule,

personal webmaster schedule is divided into three kinds, the first is to sleep two or three in the morning get up at noon, the station is usually not how successful webmaster, they work so long time, the work is not so much to say, most of the time is nothing, in the QQ chat; the second is at three go to bed, get up at eight in the morning, the owners are usually very successful, every day they are very full, because of the results, naturally do not feel tired; third with normal, 12 points before sleep at night, get up at eight in the morning, very few people, are generally from the website maintenance and update the level is mainly responsible for the management and coordination, their website is generally the operation team. In fact, I think the individual stationmaster should strive to develop third kinds of the rest of the time, although we have no results, but can not take the body to fight, our competition is the efficiency and execution, rather than competition to spend time on the site.

always distinguish between primary and secondary conflicts,

people are often at the same time to do a lot of things, as the saying goes, a hand can catch a sparrow, so even if a lot of things to do, but to distinguish between primary and secondary, a period of time can only do one thing, and to do a good job, eyebrows beard, but will bad. This is from one side to tell us, in the operation process of the website, we are in a period of Paoshe something, construction and operation into the heart of the website.

get into the habit of using Notepad

usually communicate with friends on the Internet or web browsing process, may find some useful information, this information is likely to inspire us this time, don’t let the inspiration to waste, preferably immediately according to the inspiration to the practice, if not in practice, also want to use Notepad to write down, don’t just what is a thing without.

get into the habit of learning every day.


technology is not the mainstream, but mastered the technology, can make our work easier in the process of establishment of the usual, so we should develop a habit of learning, even a little more knowledge, perhaps is a HTML tag, perhaps using a Dreamweaver command, perhaps the DZ forum a background menu operation, these scattered knowledge is accumulated, will be used in our trip on the station altogether, even can not guarantee that every web traffic growth, but also to ensure that our knowledge is growing every day.

get into the habit of allocating time properly.

webmaster every day a lot of chores, especially some become home webmaster, every day in addition to maintaining the web site, there are many things in life