Shanghai dragon ultimate DEDEcms optimization tutorial

The The fourth step:

is the basic operation of the Shanghai dragon, 404 page need not say, I love a beautiful error page of the robots file in general do not have to set their own, because the default dedecms following robots has written to you, unless there is a special purpose, generally do not change! GG analysis the personal recommendation English station, CNZZ is also good. In fact, sixth points, set the ALT, I personally think it is very necessary, should give all the pictures with ALT tags, write your anchor text, the role is very large, I have many years of experience, believe it or not, for so many years but I believe

The sixth step: !The eighth step: the >

gray hat Shanghai dragon, the anchor text is a weapon ah, all rely on the promotion Keywords anchor text outside the chain, the anchor text chain is more important!


map of each steps

in order to clear the structure of the set of tutorials, I took a picture for your reference, more intuitive

3 label needless to say, keywords, title, description, each Shanghai dragon Er should know how to write, to ensure their own keyword density in 2% to 8%.

DEDEcms is a set of open source cms program, now more and more people using the dedecms site, so Changsha Shanghai Longfeng Chen Ming think it is necessary to optimize to help you understand and learn how to optimize DEDEcms to build products produced a set of DEDEcms tutorial systematic.

original content is a necessary condition for love of spiders in Shanghai every day to kiss, of course, the trial of pseudo original tools is also OK, but if you want to take a quality stand, do not touch the garbage station, also do not touch the pseudo original, write down, in fact, is also very simple, well consider it.


second step: setting the target keywords if is new sites, try to do keywords easier to ride, and of course, the degree of competition is not great, and you more diligent, directly to the degree of competition is feasible.

!The fifth step:

The third step:

for navigation is very helpful to enhance the long tail keywords, it is best to open a two level domain do navigation subdirectory is better than the effect, of course, you can master the best first love in Shanghai foot, sub domain up is quite reliable, a person could not believe [station die the station, refreshing this statement].


first step: Needless to say, you must know some DEDEcms or other CMS basic operation, such as system information settings, cache settings, template settings, published articles, modify the article, if you can not even the basic operation, what about the optimization of Shanghai dragon

The seventh step:


Fancy style rogue Shanghai dragon means you take a few

, open the page, three online consultation has the website content in half, and then turn off the screen, this is what you want to do, users do not see you, he will consult or deal? You should at least allow users to have an understanding of your hospital or, see you this article, users feel useful to him he will consult. This is simply a rogue, we can in 20 seconds or 30 seconds to pop up a consultation window, and only a bomb, it will be more humane. You don’t have to worry about the user can’t find yourself, because we have the basic station contact.

like a conventional car home, Sina, NetEase, etc. these large because the content is numerous, in order to facilitate the users to find the station content, search function, of course, is to meet the needs of users. But not every site to do so, especially small and medium enterprises, in order to better explain, please see below:

Many of us do In

a website without disturbing the user to read or browse the case, can appropriate appear online chat or message, this is a very humane point, but many of our website but the function of abuse, when users open your site yet to see when the content, to jump out of a few pop, but these popups function is basically the same, so necessary? Here in a medical site as an example, please see below:

this is a car manufacturer, the company throughout its tanker product no more than 20 pages, no more than 50, so a website is the search function, necessary? This site basic user can put the website products in this reading, add a search function is superfluous. We can’t learn what station, every detail of the site to consider whether the convenience of users, rather than blindly pursue the site atmosphere, seems a bit flaunt his feeling. And call these things, take up the layout of the site, but also affect the overall appearance of the site, the key is not boring to go with the user.

two, the small and medium-sized site enabled search function.

Shanghai dragon has a big misunderstanding: always in their own thoughts and ideas about Internet users habits, they think the contents of a user may love, and it is not possible. We as Shanghai dragon must learn empathy, sometimes to think of yourself as a white user, if I is a user, see this website, I think. So stand in the position of the user to view on our website ranking problem is a very big help. Because only you meet the users, more users will click on your site to bring more traffic, improve your website’s weight. Then we most often make rogue Shanghai dragon what it means, here we illustrate.

, a user will not worry about consultation, the extensive use of pop to remind.