A few errors help novice website optimization Shanghai dragon quick start

second points, how to do. There are some main tasks of enterprises or small group distribution is the content update and the chain construction, plus one to two technology ang modification and processing station structure and website program can, is also the editor, the Commissioner of the chain and web technology, three people almost enough to cope with a small the team, but how much do every day update how many content, whether the original, how much the chain, how is the most effective, those are good resources and so on a series of problems.

is currently online showing a lot of profit and rely on Shanghai dragon training institutions and attract talent website, one of the most prominent is the Shanghai dragon why, Shanghai dragon myth and the industry as the forerunner, develop and extend the ability of Shanghai dragon and category, and the optimization theory of Shanghai dragon why everyone has been adopted, at present whether it is online lectures or open courses taught many here first to entering the Shanghai dragon industry novice some suggestions.

third: what time do, I think most people working in the network are the night owl, usually in the evening activities more quiet. But this does not mean that Shanghai dragon Er disease during the day do not work, speaking in front of us, Shanghai dragon is a day and night work occupation, as long as the site is necessary, as long as it can bring a certain chain there is a flow of practice for the site is feasible. As the Shanghai dragon should understand the search engine is the most frequent activities of the time, in addition to a weight high site, love the performance of Shanghai is "every Monday song" love Shanghai twice a week in > ah

for the novice advice: the first point. What to do. Knowing what you do, what is your occupation. Many novice didn’t know their occupation, and even a lot of people do not understand the concept of Shanghai dragon began to engage in tedious work, but in fact these seemingly tedious and boring work, is actually Shanghai Longfeng brick and tile, is also the most basic is the most indispensable part, a good the Shanghai Dragon Team has a set of special arrangements in Shanghai Longfeng division of labor and management. The Shanghai dragon should first understand what they’re doing.

site optimization is a long process, and early Shanghai Longfeng novice said, to a reasonable use of Shanghai dragon skills and skills to operate Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is not a day or a few days can quickly see the effect of the operation, it can be said that Shanghai is a dragon engine in a process to fight a protracted war and search, and search engine is the battle of wits in the process and ability of promoting each other. The development of the network, low cost and high efficiency of many enterprises and other Shanghai Longfeng sites have tasted the sweetness of the Shanghai dragon have turned to the operating means to do the brand sales, and even do network marketing. A relatively low input was a relatively high rate of return in the industry, coupled with the network for the Shanghai dragon effect exaggerated propaganda, attracted countless webmasters and web enthusiasts have invested in Shanghai dragon industry force.

Love Shanghai statistics and noble baby Analytics the same function contrast effect

analysis of

The report contains

analysis of the audience

The The


this relates to population statistics almost breakdown, technology and behavior of noble baby Analytics (analysis) is not included as the audience in the noble baby Analytics (analysis) to report the same, but in the love of Shanghai is the age distribution statistics reported for tourists. However, how they how to collect accurate data and age is still an unknown user.


report is like a noble baby Analytics (analysis) the content of the website report, you will see all visited web pages and the performance index analysis, entrance exit pages. An index of love Shanghai statistical definition, here is to move to the next page contribution value, it will tell you the higher the contribution of mobile visitors next page. This metric is very useful, in order to solve the web content optimization

custom analysis


traffic sources

report shows, website traffic information, such as the noble baby Analytics (analysis) the visitors overview report. The noble baby Analytics (analysis) and love Shanghai statistical data between different data, it has about 10% of the difference.


PAGE analysis

like those custom functions, paid search traffic, track, conversion >

this report shows that visitors come to your site from different sources and media. This is almost the same noble baby Analytics (analysis) traffic sources report, but in other reports the paid search and advertising series of traffic reports. Such as

it is worth noting that the average from the time spent computing love Shanghai website Analytics than noble baby (analysis) is more accurate, because they can be the last page of track time spent on a single page, and for no further navigation time.

  #p#: #e#

in 2011, has made many major improvements to love Shanghai statistics, its interface function and report. For many domestic staff to provide data analysis using Shanghai dragon. When you first see the love of Shanghai, you should find their own familiar to you, provided many of the report of the group of love Shanghai statistics, statistical data is more or less noble baby Analytics (analysis), the same points listed below:

trend analysis

Old friends of the chain of new exchange

then a chain in specific to what specific benefits to my own website, here to sum up.

in addition, friends of the chain are like people, we have a saying called "Like attracts like. too, the same website, you Birds of a feather flock together." website and some of the same industry comparison good sites are related to traffic links, will identify the search engine on your more friendly, as your website have contact with some bad sites, search engines also jointly on your web site is no good impression. So, for friends of the chain must be careful, appreciated.


today so I put my own summary of some friends in the chain of new share to you, hope to have what experience for friends of the chain to help a friend.

started to the site to find a chain like a headless flies rampage, every day immersed in the Internet in the ocean after a toss about, the Monday for a chain are not to change. Then ask a few friends in the end how to change the chain, also is not for friends of the chain is a very difficult thing that puzzled.


in the past few days has been to several sites on hand for Links, do Shanghai Longfeng months from no contact for Links to the site, do the work really is a big girl on the car – the first time ah.

when I know this, I began to calm down, think of some methods for friends, at the same time, analysis of several websites need to change the hand of a chain, and then make a plan. The day gets a chain, but the process is very rapid, is generally less than twenty minutes to change to a chain.

Later I found

, trying to find the right chain is not an easy thing, but it is definitely not a difficult thing, a Monday for a chain did not change not because this thing how, but oneself, I did not find the right way to do this, the other side because mentality. Several websites while looking for friends of the chain, plus other things mixed, the person in charge and ask myself daily, so impatient, hold this impetuous psychological nature cannot do things proceed smoothly.

Shanghai dragon knows the friends of the chain, then the chain to a site in the end is the same as what can exist on the website, the website optimization play what role

popular point, Links is actually in the other site of the home page to add a website about your anchor text. We all know that a website homepage is the site of the highest page weight, your links in the page of paper, the equivalent of the website as search engines recommend you this website, it exists for your web site is a good thing.

1) improve your weight. The premise is the other and your site is equal to or better than you.


SEO workplace secret high and low-end talent polarization serious


SEO is still a very important marketing way, no matter how Baidu search 360 grab the cake, no matter how popular SNS marketing, there are still many people want SEO into this circle, and SEO training is so hot. Maybe it has a nice name and a bit of mystery. Of course, there is also an important reason, that is, the threshold is relatively low.

SEO is an easy job and difficult to graduate. Because the knowledge of SEO system is very complicated, involving all aspects of Internet marketing, so beginners can learn SEO starting from a very small angle, such as the hair outside the chain, the editor is the most common basics. But it is also because the knowledge system is too complex, it is very difficult to fruition. Most of the people are to check on SEO, stop at the entry stage, which is just mentioned, pseudo original chain.

in the current SEO industry, there is the following polarization phenomenon:

1, high-end talent is very expensive, one will be hard to find

met a senior SEO veteran, 30 years old, engaged in SEO for seven or eight years, although unlike ZAC, like Sun Bo in the industry so famous, but experts are also experienced in the company, monthly salary can reach twenty thousand, in addition to their own private small business, a year can earn forty thousand or fifty thousand. Such a year down there are three hundred thousand income. It should be tempting for many new SEO people. He said that in the early days of SEO, no matter whether it was famous or not, big money and small fortunes were made.

indeed, if you have been in the SEO industry for five years or so, then even a real expert, this kind of talent is very popular now. They are not necessarily geniuses. They can do the rankings overnight. The key is to be experienced and wise, and know whether the website is well optimized with closed eyes. This kind of person is precious, and great credit is given by the so-called "SEO" personnel who have only three minutes of enthusiasm.

2, low-end talent is cheap, a piece of migrant workers

‘s formal entry to high-end talent is the latest in a large number of SEO novices. This group is very large, because the SEO threshold is very low, began to change the basic will be. However, if you are working for a company, edit the article, send the chain, this stage usually lasts for a long time, and some even for several years can not contact other branches of SEO. Most people will soon be killed, SEO feel very boring, some still think SEO is something so, send the chain feel SEO master, so frequent job hopping, which also caused another phenomenon in the SEO industry: high mobility, stability is poor, especially in health care and training industry. Also some people think that SEO can learn little thing, simply diverted.

a lot of SEO novices actually walk

How to seize the market blank of wealth secret cooperation

for today’s consumers, eat healthy food, spend more on it. Egg and ostrich meat…… The most expensive chicken in a worm will be around 130 yuan. Egg 25 yuan a catty, whole chicken 40 yuan per kilogram to 40 yuan per kilogram, dried bamboo shoots…… Dare to sell such a high price of agricultural products are rare, these products can be put together to sell businesses even less common. If you have the opportunity to go to Mr. Huang to open the agricultural products store, the chairman may be a lot of insight.  

How can a webmaster avoid being regarded as an amateur website


to network business people, is an easy question there is a website like amateur (personal) website, it is easy to make people distrust and influence of business development. Here, we summarize some common features of amateur websites. Please try to avoid:

1, cluttered pages, backgrounds,

this is one of the most easy problems for beginners. They like to use bright colors or bright pictures as the background of the web. In fact, it often does more harm than good.

so, what’s the best color for setting the background? Use the following statement:

< BODY bgcolor=white>

yes, it’s just a plain white background, but it’s good for many occasions and can match all the other elements on the page. Think of Yahoo station, you will understand. If you really want to have a "cool" effect, then you can use black instead of white. Of course, you may be able to cite successful websites using other colors. But they largely follow the rule that the chosen color matches the theme of the site. For example, bright colors are used for children’s websites, and soft colors are used for business websites.

also, don’t use picture backgrounds. Recall that browsing in your website, how many use the background? Little? Actually, the reason is very simple, people come to your website (especially business website), you want them to read your content, or enjoy the beautiful picture? And this kind of background and a defect slow down the speed of "loading. In addition, without the background of the picture, it means to show to visitors: "we win with high quality content (products or services), not fancy decorations."". Do you have this confidence,


if you insist on using the picture background, make sure it is bright so that it doesn’t affect the reading of the previous text. To do this, you should test each page. The picture background can be pieced together by a small picture (that is, tiled), or a full large picture. But the latter is prone to problems, especially when using frames. If the display resolution set by the visitor is different from that used in your design background, the page display is incorrect. Typically, with higher resolution visitors, you see more than one background image, which is tiled automatically, but the puzzle is incomplete. In addition, this picture appears stuck in the frame when scrolling through the screen.

2, mediocre, chaotic graphics,

has just come into contact with web design and is always stuffed with beautiful pictures. It seems like "human nature", but this is another taboo for professional websites.

remember, you can use pictures only when the language is difficult to express, and the pictures should be concise and the size of the files as small as possible. Don’t easily use pictures instead