Shanghai dragon has been turned to UEO.

great! Before we say that the object of Shanghai dragon, is the search engine, we have the idea to try to study the rules of search engine, the idea of trying to deceive the search engine, the main is the search engine, that is to say we may optimize five years ago we focus primarily on the search engine! From the start, we start from the program code, we start from the space

don’t know what is now the Shanghai dragon mood, do not know what is now Shanghai dragon, anyway, I personally have been slowly from the Shanghai dragon free. Because Shanghai dragon vane also changed, turn to what? Shanghai dragon is to change UEO

UEO covers a wide range, we usually say the website user experience although a few simple words, but do not easy, here.

it shows what? The Shanghai dragon does not exist what fairness is completely by human action! In fact, think it did. The search engine is its home, how about natural ranking may not be the key words! So, who also don’t struggling Shanghai dragon, should be transformed under the thinking of


but now? Changed, really changed! We are now subject into users, to fully consider the user! Because now the search engine technology has been very mature, we study he is actually not much meaning! So? Now we tend to work heavy heart for user reference

! ! !

is different from the past, the white paper is of no importance on original content, don’t say things about Shanghai dragon. Just say, "will affect the quality of" in search engine rankings and show. The three dimension actually classifies still belongs to the category of UEO.

UEOWhat is !



love Shanghai search engine page quality white paper did not talk about Shanghai dragon

UEO? UEO Chinese means user experience optimization! Shanghai dragon and UEO what is the difference? Some

believes that some time ago, we have heard about hc360贵族宝贝 to spend about 50000000 to buy love Shanghai’s natural position, online exposure screenshot, the contract is called love Shanghai Aladdin technical services. Whether it is true, in fact we search keywords natural ranking on the list! Look at the hc360贵族宝贝 occupy an important position is the natural ranking


you still believe that the fairness of Shanghai dragon natural ranking

some time ago, the Shanghai official love "love Shanghai search engine" quality white paper ", this book talked about the influence of three dimensions of" quality, content quality, web browsing experience and access of cocoa from three directions, in order to explain the search engine will value those factors

Shanghai dragon has been turned to


Shanghai after the introduction of new algorithm of dragon and Phoenix Shanghai Longfeng Road

love Shanghai in this algorithm update, for adjustment of the chain should be the biggest. This is because most of the site is because the chain is not standardized and the unfortunate victim. So what kind of the chain for the website is available, what kind of the chain for the website is play a negative role in the


from the user’s point of view to do Shanghai dragon


sum up, we do not love to Shanghai dragon Shanghai ranked, but for our users, users love to see the article is good article, whether it is their own change or copy, the user does not love to see, I >

this love Shanghai this update algorithm is very good, some people say that after the update the article must be original, some people say that after I stand the copy of the update also ranked ah, Public opinions are divergent. In fact, the real algorithm adjustment is whether the article is original or copy of the change, as long as it is useful to the user, is good. Not accepted by the user, no one here, is not good! So very good update algorithm to curb this useless garbage in the vicious spiral Internet plagiarism.


Chinese there is an old saying that "the world is a big copy, but also want to see you will not copy copy, we copy articles to many others, and these articles or for your site users have no practical, in order to love Shanghai and ranked first from the starting point no, that is to say it is not a station belonging to the category of copy.

love Shanghai since June, after several months of adjustment, the new algorithm has been basically stable, some time ago blocked websites is gradually restored, the majority of owners are also out of the dilemma of K. However, the joy we have to think about another problem, the next step how to get


webmaster side others website chain, while the chain delete others published on its Web site, so in the course of time it is a vicious cycle, so the impact of the Internet culture and the experience of the user, for the love of Shanghai adjustment algorithm is very brillant, is that all the chain does not work therefore curb chain competition this vicious circle of internet.

plagiarism is not impossible, but if you copy the X is not good, you copy me, I copied you have copied the useless things. Such a vicious spiral down, as can be imagined, the Internet will be out of the The atmosphere was foul.

followed by the construction of the content on the website of the

is the first natural chain, that is to say that the chain is not passive in others our website, but others connect to our site outside the chain. These are the best, so our ideas and practices to make adjustments, not to think about what kind of websites outside the chain will not be deleted, but should think about how to make these sites to reprint our posts.

is the first algorithm for adjustment of the


See also the cloud search community threat can come true

phpwind see their news, cooperate with Wei Feng network, the community cloud search. Speaking of the cloud search, speaking of the foreign community, you have to think of the famous Facebook and twitter greatly, the two communities, in recent years the fire, it is to Liaoyuanzhishi swept through Europe and the city each big country, a large number of young people and middle-aged older people into the community website.

from this point of view, we can think that Google is one’s own business base because of impact, feel the threat to the community website search engine, start looking for a new battlefield with the new "colonial"? That Google spent no small force to develop Chinese battlefield, so that Chinese part of the group with personal need not work in just ways means "to block Google. Of course, this is just how the personal view, not in good taste.

in accordance with the above said, the "community threat" is certainly true? But that is not. It is said, is because the community network can threaten the search engine, search engine does dug a lot of users. But, why not? Is actually very simple, like the beginning of the article said that the "cloud search", it is also a search within the community search >?

Google said in its announcement, this is a premeditated "war", but the thought of another way, that is: industry protection and industry invasion, cultural protection and cultural invasion. Many people have said that Google is to China beach, "invasion" China, will integrate more "American habit" to Chinese life. As everyone knows, now the domestic culture by the impact of western culture, a lot of ideas, ideology, culture, social customs, morals, are more or less a subtlechange plan, so that a lot of people are saying "the loss of morality". So I can not guess, the Google even more American Internet companies "blocking", whether it is because Google has a threat to some populations of domestic interests, a threat to some domestic interests plan, which makes Google suffered strong interception, and exit.

speaking of the foreign community is booming, had said that the domestic community, like the horizon, watercress, everyone like everyone is to do is for having heard it many times, Shanghai dragon, just contact is not long, but the recent Shanghai dragon industry to the topic is also read a lot of talk about the "community, recently threatened on it, it is not a new thing, in fact, community fire up, everyone in the discussion, now we all love you want to find the resources in the community, especially as foreign Facebook and twitter so red, stole the search engine how many customers? Although I do not know Google how many users are away, but Google is out of China events, the author has an understanding of their own.

Love the sea K station after some strange Shanghai dragon phenomenon

this map can see the station included completely normal

small K according to their website 6.22 love Shanghai K station experience: some personal views.

You can see this picture


the news media forum 贵族宝贝bbs.xunmeicn贵族宝贝/thread-989-1-1.html

this picture can be seen without a snapshot of the home page is.

after the 3 pictures above show a puzzled place is the home page there is a snapshot, but love Shanghai but not search, and search the main keywords can see the snapshot of the home page, here are some hope that we can get from Shanghai dragon circles some answers and opinions, at the same time welcome to Shanghai Dragon topic with my interaction


recently visited a lot of Shanghai Longfeng forum, see a lot of people are in love in Shanghai recently crazy K station, but have yet to recover. I love Shanghai in the forum is disappearing from the 6.25 page, before the page is normal, from No. 6.25 was K after I watched the IIS log, found love in Shanghai every day the spider is normal to grab my website, but it is in the home page, disappeared in Shanghai. The direct love weight also increased, this morning by the webmaster tools to check the website home page that is not updated, the inside pages included rate can reach more than 90%, is a lot of repetitive content. The front page of the main keywords rank the following maps. You can see that this is not love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the reason, but love the Shanghai system as shown in figure




, please indicate the source!

home page of the main keywords ranking and the first picture formed completely contradictory.

What are the web site optimization techniques B2B

3, the chain structure in

content is the key to

4, B2B creative

B2B class website links spread ability may not be so strong, because not every B2B site can be like a Alibaba that Ma Yun (Ma Yunyi speak, link rolling to the figure like) that is a good link bait. So, with second points suggested in this article, consider adding a blog platform or information platform.

large websites need to do a lot of research and analysis of keyword ranking keywords, many large B2B site has hundreds of millions, so huge long tail keywords in the implementation of the strategy, there will be a great advantage. Keywords for marketing is a method of search engine marketing is indispensable, is the key to ensure the diversification of search engine keyword marketing success. Because some users may be with other keywords to search the related product information in the purchase stage, when he entered the determined products to buy, and to search for other keywords. Such diverse keywords must be rich, but for these keywords must do the content construction and rich link building.


B2B sites often have information for such a huge information, the search engine index is a great job. If the enormous information to improve your search engine, we must ensure that there is a good website structure, internal links should be very smooth. This is a very high requirement for Shanghai dragon, usually not experienced Shanghai dragon can not from the overall situation of Shanghai Longfeng optimization.


keyword phrases

with foreign B2B kind of site on the contrary, the domestic B2B websites focus is focused on product information content, and ignore the content. Smart Shanghai dragon suggests that this type of website can focus on the development of the original article, to increase the weight of the website.

In fact,

, for B2B sites, most of the content is for the product information. The B2B class website, can provide more information about the class of their own websites, which enhance the user trust on the website. To observe the foreign B2B site, the site most related blog and very high quality articles.


as everyone knows, no matter what the primary marketing task industries or enterprises in the network have to show the company’s search engine marketing. But in the B2B site of the Shanghai dragon and the promotion of PPC than the B2C site users gather different. B2B site search engine marketing, focusing on the content of the website, and the key lies in building links and other details.

In enterprise website conversion rate promotion strategy of Shanghai Dragon

Enterprise Station product pages, many product pages, each product page can be transformed into a page, a corporate website will not separate only one product in the product, then we can set some page layout conversion elements, such as on the bottom of the product add online consultation, contact customer service etc.. Only there are many marketing conversion page, we put this way is called decentralized marketing.

: the first decentralized marketing

second: centralized marketing

different sites can layout into different marketing modes according to your industry’s products and services, so we solve the transformation of ideas where? We should have a scientific process, can pay attention to the following 3 points:


2. users have to buy your product, your product introduction contrast contrast peer advantage, price, material, service life etc..

first, to consider the factors of users concerns

of course, it is not enough, we also need some elements in the page layout in marketing.

understanding of the decentralized marketing, focus on Marketing I believe we have the concept of. Is that some industry because of the special nature of the industry, on the site in a specially designed marketing page and website conversion in the layout of the chain is the guide to this page, this is the so-called centralized marketing.

3. why users will immediately buy your product, you can immediately buy products what are the benefits of using user petty psychological, do some exercise, discount, prompting users to buy.

For example,

website conversion rate relates to your marketing layout, and different sites can be divided into two kinds of marketing methods.

consider what users care about what content, such as beauty salon training school, although the students come to school, but the site location is certainly for parents, parents worry is the school authority, the school which, after learning the child can not find a good job, there is no case, these factors will take into account the user the first we have to consider. Only the first factor to consider the concerns of users, in order to achieve a better user experience. A very good website > user experience

1. is the product of your website to tell the user the user needs, the user can obtain what you buy products.

Shanghai dragon that is optimization of network marketing a promotion, so do Shanghai dragon must know some knowledge about network marketing, combined with network marketing strategies to boost your web traffic to your website to introduce a large number of accurate flow, see clearly, is the accurate flow. Only standing in the search engine’s point of view to solve the problem of users, website ranking can quickly enhance. Well, don’t pull the relationship between the two, explain the site conversion rate problem.

Error robots file to experience the new station is not included

Shanghai dragon has also been a year, feeling a little level, should be able to operate their own 1,2 station to see, so he made a late August Taobao, selling gadgets, by the way they practice, as we all know, Taobao and love Shanghai are online trading business, is a kind of competition the relationship between the two, is certainly incompatible, taobao贵族宝贝 don’t bird love Shanghai, shield the spider crawling, so I think of themselves and others, in addition to build a station, and then the promotion, in Shanghai engage in ranking, for my Taobao shop to attract some traffic. Want to do it, at the beginning of the September site is ready on the line, the following is the optimization process before the line on the website:

found that robots rules are not the problem, and then view the program generated robots.txt file, and set the background into the webmaster view to grab, as like as two peas, in the "removal tool permissions" column to see: the first line:? User-agent:*, then the result is a syntax error. It was more of a "?", really do not know what is rather baffling, problem, no way, can only use the trick, by simulating the search engine to crawl the site, to see what is going wrong, really see the problem, because the txt file encoding is not correct by writing the file using the the utf8 encoding, but it looks like the ro> search engine

I put ROBOTS.TXT back, allows search engines to crawl content, then 1, 2 original articles, and then go to the major search engine submission landing site, then wait until the evening to go to A5 special sections attract spiders, 11:00 to 00:30 in the evening time, publish original text, add your own website in the above link, quickly attracted the spider crawling my site. Finally, I want to sit by, most tomorrow and site will be included, the results of the accident, third days are not included, feel very strange, in this period, I have to update the content and some of the chain, is supposed to have included. I downloaded the FTP log, found on-line night 12 points when the spider came, but went to climb, when the robots.txt file is very puzzled, reckon robots.txt file should be wrong, just look at the open, here is some we see the robots.txt file:

first of all I want to do is a regular warfare, so I’ve been using the regular operation, on-line before using the ROBOTS.TXT file to shield the spider crawling, put the site layout, the original JS code and some extra junk code to delete. And then write the site title, confirmed there will be a pile of words of the suspects, then in each section are 4, 5 of the original or false original article, filling the website, such as online search engines don’t think this website is not what content to grab. Site title, content, structure, layout of the website can fix the line.

Network network from the 27 day to terminate the listing of the new board will transferee shareholde

July 26th, Beijing network network e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd 838890 network network announced that the company stock since July 27th on the National SME share transfer system to terminate the listing.

, one of the famous director Zheng Xiaolong is also the network network of the shareholders, the shareholding ratio of about 2.88%.

network network from the new board retreat early notice, in April this year, network network 838890 announced that, according to the company’s strategic development needs, promote the long-term development of the company, Beijing network network Agel Ecommerce Ltd intends to apply for the termination of the listing on the National SME share transfer system.

this is the benefits of blog, general webmaster believe PR big ranking top. But I was wrong, the Sina blog, Zhongjin blog, and the blog blog and Sohu, the Sina blog? Only the morning, afternoon was collected, the other day has been included, so not to mention the rankings to the first page, Sina blog is good, fast and high ranking included.

It is worth mentioning that

such as today’s popular word "Fu Yan 548", the results did not see, the first is Sina blog article, 2 and 3 is another station, we have no way to send the article to promote their own station, fourth hotline is Wangzhuan blog. If we check the "red shirts" what is the first sh419 encyclopedia, second hotline third Wangzhuan blog, sina blog.

network network from the listing to the delisting, only a short period of 11 months, but since May this year, network network began suspended the transfer of shares, and has not yet been released 2016 annual report.

business information display, network network was established in October 2011, August 24, 2016, net wine network listed on the new board.

found the blog application, we have to do is to send the article, why should we just do the problem keywords longer when the title of the article, for example, check the "Red Army", after the results, we can see that sh419 search results are all news station, there is no blog for the first page of results in the article, because the basic flow on the first page, so we find sh419 >

network network is one of music’s company, the controlling shareholder is LETV Holdings Beijing Co. Ltd., the actual control of man-made LETV holdings chairman Jia Yueting, as of last year’s data, as the holding stake of about 50.35% on the network network.

funding crisis, the music company’s adjustment is also continuing.

I find

maybe some friends ask, why is looking for long keywords, not short, we can check the "red shirts", this article will be mentioned later, look down. Why do we only look at the blog ranking, because everyone knows that the blog can be free of charge for anyone to apply for, you can post your own article.

according to the time of the announcement, the controlling shareholder LETV Network Network Holdings has issued a written commitment to network network after the termination of the listing, as the holding will transfer all the shares held by the company shareholders.

network network network network 2016 semi annual report shows that last year 1 to June operating income was 150 million yuan, an increase of 394%, net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company for -4311 million.

so now I find Wangzhuan hotline PR is not high, but with the same title to the weight of sh419 is very good, and the morning noon will be able to appear in the sh419 search in this blog! What we find, observe, find blogs there are 2 requirements, the first is sh419 included, after ranking second included it is good! Because only meet these 2 points, will come from sh419, a lot of traffic to see your article.

said the first ideas: first, to find suitable for the blog; second, the connection with their own station! Know sh419 search list Chinese daily to do this, this is what we can use, do not know the address, tell you: top.sh419

on the same day, the National SME share transfer system of limited liability company also issued "on the termination of Beijing network network e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd stock listing notice", decided in July 27th to terminate the listing network network.

now we find any keyword 50 in the name of a prior to the sh419 search in the search keywords, see the first page of the result? Note that in the results of the first or second pages to find those who is nearly 2 days of release and blog articles belong to the type.

Under the

began with sina keyword hotline Wangzhuan blog Top50, but a few days found a problem, very hateful, because too many people use Sina blog, send too much, you send the article was collected, such as the "Red Army" what is this title to others the third row of sh419, and your article display more results in the on the inside, so no flow.

according to its public transfer instructions, network network is holding its music as a Wine three-dimensional vertical e-commerce integrated service provider, the main business is the vertical sales and service Wine, wine, beer and wine products.

Integrated wall dealers to communicate with customers need to be wary of making these mistakes

over the past few years, the development of integrated wall industry fire, which is more and more people attach importance to the quality of decoration has a great relationship. A natural fire industry to attract investors to join, so that the integration of wall dealers began to increase. So how to do a good job integrated wall dealers? The first is to be good at communicating with customers, do not commit these mistakes in communication.

1: no plans for communication

the correct approach: communicate with customer money to do detailed plans to guide customers, not customers to guide you.

2: the two sides win each other exchanges, do not talk about

the right approach: to discuss both refined and courteous, seeking to achieve a win-win situation, is really.

3: do not show themselves superior to

the right approach: respect respect for customers, competitors, understand the customer’s demand, as long as seriously introduced himself product characteristics can be.

4: don’t show inappropriate behavior

The right approach:

5: pretend to drop by. Customers do not like to play such a joke

the right approach: speak directly to your true thoughts, is a sincere wish to visit you right.

6: not too commercial.

the correct approach: don’t talk about export commodity, and friendly smile…… To make friends, make friends.

7: not too much curry favour.

the correct approach: no commercial is not too friendly, don’t pretend like long lost friends, who believe?

8: different opinions, not eager to debate and change.

the correct approach: listen carefully, ask him why he thinks so, and then speak your mind.

9: lack of necessary industry knowledge.

The right approach:

10: no follow-up visit.

The right approach:

and customer communication is the integrated wall do a sales important way, integrated wall dealers in communication with customers must be able to pay attention to methods, don’t make some stupid mistakes to get the money to fly away".

Let Baidu experience become a magic weapon to promote tourism network

recently used Baidu experience to promote Changsha to Phoenix tourism network has achieved great success, the flow of the chain increased not to say, and also improve the conversion rate of tourism products, therefore, the author wants to bring that experience extends to the mainstream of domestic tourism websites, especially the local tourism website by Baidu promotion. Good stuff you need to share, to be clear, the summary is not good, please master not Paizhuan, as is valuable, enhance exchanges, deficiencies, please.


first: about Baidu experience

Baidu experience is Baidu following Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia and Baidu library launched a new knowledge of new products. Baidu generally included fast on their company launched products, Baidu spider come often, high traffic, ranking, authority and credibility, Baidu also hopes to develop their own products, get a lot of visitors from Baidu search results, so we can get more users, to provide one-stop service. Experience this product can make up for some of the shortcomings of knowing and Wikipedia, the experience is written by the user himself, and do not have to refer to a problem or an entry, and then through the Baidu search users. If you make good use of it, Baidu experience can become a weapon and a magic weapon to promote the content and products of tourism websites.

second: Baidu experience and travel network

travel network can provide:

tourism is composed of eating, living, traveling, shopping, shopping and entertainment. The tourism network integrates a lot of travel notes, Raiders and other tourist experiences, as well as a wealth of information products.

Baidu experience can bring:

is now the largest user of Baidu search engine, the importance to. At the same time, a lot of Baidu platform display content, has great credibility and authority, according to the experience, is generally written in some way, if you want to promote your web site, you can find an article, write it to experience, join the original link in the reference, then OK.

throughout most of the domestic tourism website, although in different forms, but basically is through the rich tourism information to increase the flow, through travel Raiders, share increase user experience, enhance user stickiness, and then converted into the corresponding benefit, because of travel Raiders, travel, experience, and experience is very common in Baidu the main carrier, it is a guide people to understand something of the article, and tourism are closely linked, can help people know more about the situation, and to eat, wear, live, row, experience.

tourism website content, to Changsha to Phoenix travel network as an example, attractive in line with the core competitiveness of the products such as free, Changsha to the Phoenix three tour line, do not make real difference good business model, massive travel Raiders and play experience, play feeling, full of fine Phoenix, Zhangjiajie destination attractions, accommodation, shopping, entertainment introduction >