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      the industry’s more famous content alliances are: rank below rank, just by content, simple classification

      Content Alliance is a website cooperation form from the beginning of the 05 year rise, simply by a parent website let’s call it to provide program and content, and the various sites to join their DNS provider to the server, so that the visitor looks like is to provide content to join the station, all to join the station all channel flow.

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, but some of these people, some people successfully break through, fire up their own shop, start Amoy brand business, work for themselves naturally hard. However, a series of work such as brand promotion, new marketing and customer service maintenance are obviously not for one person to cope with. These early electricity providers Amoy girls have also set up small companies, or set up small teams.

their business model: a beautiful young fashion Master KOL key opinion leaders, aesthetic vision and output in her grade pick a variety of models + visual promotion, fans gathered in social media, to store drainage.

      58 classification Union; http://un.58/ classification information;

      express content alliance; union.kuaiche union.bt2 BT download

      garlic clove; www.dasuanban software; download

according to Taobao public data show that just two years, Amoy girl registered electricity supplier model up to 34689, the output value of 1 billion 100 million yuan. Many people try hundreds of clothes a day is normal, new state of the money earned is also a few hundred pieces, but the time required to do quite a lot, often in order to catch time to take pictures, one day can not afford to eat. They should be the predecessor of the red net.

but people do not bother red net, film director in & the hand piece she wanted to take the star road. With long-term quality of God Tucao, each update is divided into minutes to brush friends circle explosion. The episode Papi sauce by Huang Xiaoming economic company signed, but the circle of friends and the latest revelations, Ma Dong, Ronaldo, Luo, Papi group of reticulocyte secret meetings, but also see posture zoom trick.

latest and most powerful representatives, of course, not that "collection of talent and beauty and one" Papi sauce must be, it is reported that more than four months, fans have over ten million, valued at over one billion.

network faced another name is "suction gold face".

from the initial "suck eyes" to the present "suck gold", those who can eat on the face, but also want to rely on strength to eat. But the strength to eat this thing, I said that it is blowing NB, but when it becomes an industrial operation, it is really so.


disdain? Envy? Anyway, they have earned enough eyeballs, by the way a lot of money, recently, investors have been eyeing.

Taobao platform show that 71% of female users in the red power store account for 76% of female users aged 18 to 29

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awl face, European eyelid, skin white beauty, the standard network faced mushroom cool, is the best "duzui Scissorhands, 45 self V, and thus no effort from many people pocket money away.

; Sogua entertainment League; http://newsunion.sogua/ entertainment;

      http://class.kijiji.cn/index2.php Kijiji local classified information

The data from the

      Zcom Content Alliance; union.zcom entertainment news and gossip


      CC video alliance; http://union.bokecc/ video;

      blink content League union.zhayan video

look at the face of the world, Yan value is the lightest productivity

in 2010, in order to facilitate businesses to find models online, Taobao founded the Amoy girl. Then, by face to eat has become a serious occupation.

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Site need to pay attention to the exchange of a chain of what


webmaster in exchange links when the following is the need to pay attention to, do these points can reduce the probability of a web site is down right.

check Links form. Links pictures and links, anchor text links, for image links, you must let them add ALT tags in the picture, tell the spider this picture is what meaning, to prevent search engines understand.

The number of

Links is using a nofollow tag, the tag is anti >

love Shanghai snapshot and included the number. Love Shanghai snapshot, and stand inside the number included, outside the chain, which is concerned about friend exchange chain problem, no need to update the snapshots every day, but the ranking is better, the ranking is good, the weight can pass the high.

wrote about cheating in the chain view since April 25th Webmaster Platform love Shanghai, the chain has become more and more difficult, so many webmaster blind, how do the chain website, the website is not only rely on the station, the station layout is again good, if no external into the spider web site so that friendship is not included. The link is an effective web site outside of the chain, the chain in Shanghai love against time, how to do Links, let it pass high weight site to

6, is taking the output of JS at Links, the search engine is not grab the JS, how to determine whether the JS call Links, put the mouse on the Links, look in the status bar to the bottom left corner of the browser, if the display is not your web site, but a long list of the is calling.

see the other site outbound links number. Very excited when he and a high weight site exchange links, and it doesn’t have to transfer the high weight website, to see how many outbound links to other websites and other site a lot of weight, outbound links too much, then transfer to your site links are few.

Links to frequently monitor adjustment. What needs to be constantly observed, Links changed, to the moment when no monitoring, website ranking, the withdrawal of the other Links, prevent the impact of their own website, other website down right, will lead to your site right down.

many webmaster in exchange Links blindly, do not know how to exchange, Links exchange difference and determines the weights of the site after the good and ranking, because of the change in Links must be careful, for a good website is good, do not blindly go to exchange links.

derived website of the other side chain is also very important, the number of export export compared to less number of transfer weight less, so for friends of the chain are hoping to lead to less exchange chain, the weight can pass high.

check management website is punished. The other site being punished, will bring certain influence to their website, love Shanghai on his stand in the penalty time, will think that your site is also a problem, causing the site to drop right.

Yue Huai Shanghai Dragon four steps on optimizing website

The first step of

the second step: to optimize the internal structure of the site; optimize internal structure is from many aspects, first, the web page code to be clear and concise. The code is too much, will lead to the page size is too large, affecting the spider, and the best to get the important code on the front, grab a spider web, from the first love to search, put in front of the main content can be grabbed; second, page flash. Less as far as possible, love Shanghai spider will not crawl flash picture; third, first new sites, as far as possible the use of pseudo static form of URL, which can reflect the web structure, easy to search engine included; fourth, the anchor text to reasonable distribution, not all is the main keywords, and then link to the home page, should be appropriate to add some long tail keywords links to pages; fifth, website not Easily do 301 redirection jump, because the search engines are more sensitive to these steering; sixth, internal links to smooth, smooth link let the spider more love, it will often come naturally included and weight will be to increase.

third step: high quality original chain; the ultimate goal of the website optimization is website ranking, the chain is one way to get important ranking. The chain is quality rather than quantity, some people every day buried hair outside the chain, ranking is not up. If you do a lot of "junk chain", still do not do. The search engine algorithm constantly updated, only good content, high quality original content. "

: the correct analysis and layout good keywords; keywords is an important factor in determining a website ranking. It is composed of the main keywords and long tail keywords, which can bring traffic to the site. In fact, the choice of keywords is not blind choice, according to analysis and experience to determine the owners for many years, we can find the competitors in the same industry website, see they use what keywords, get some inspiration; also can use some automatic keyword analysis tool to automatically give us a choice, and then filtered flow the amount of competition, search volume is high, medium, and high conversion words we can keep, find those who meet the needs of users with the value of the word is the key words we want. The distribution of key words is very important, key words will lead to more density is too large, so that the spider will think you this is cheating. There is a good distribution of key position, the spider love from top to bottom, from left to right to grab. These places are good keywords, the spider will crawl to the main contents of our website.

now do Shanghai dragon are more and more people, for the novice webmaster, site optimization in their view is the title, description, send the chain, actually this is only the most basic steps of website optimization. So how can we avoid the website optimization Website optimization is insufficient or excessive phenomenon, what is the optimal site reasonable. Today, Yue Huai marketing (www.yuehuai贵族宝贝) and to explore together the four steps to optimize the site:

301 redirect and related solutions

domain name weight level Why

site:www. domain贵族宝贝

2. contains the amount of site:贵族宝贝 domain and site:www. domain, included the amount of贵族宝贝 varies greatly. And also there is

I personally in Shanghai Longfeng process, also encountered such a situation, like most of the webmaster, all the chain, all the text are pointing to the WWW domain name

贵族宝贝 and site:www. Site: domain name domain name贵族宝贝 contains many articles is the same.


example: 1. Barcelona in the king’s Cup history, a total of 4 times to meet Alves (this is an article on my website (/****/2012103114.html). The relative value of the

said the popular web site is the preferred preferred domain domain.

Figure two

I often see, there are many webmasters always complain in the forum, two

key: 1. plus www domain name is actually belong to the two level domain name, and without WWW is a domain name,

hyperlinks to the WWW domain name. Without www did not send the chain.

map with figure two page content is the same.

) 2.

a site: domain贵族宝贝


what is the preferred domain domain is preferred: you want the search engine to index page into your domain (sometimes referred to as standard domain), is the preferred domain name website.

when I am two site binding domain, namely domain贵族宝贝, www. domain name贵族宝贝. two domain name, domain name:贵族宝贝/****/2012103114.html, I can pass the WWW. domain name贵族宝贝 /****/2012103114.html. Can normal visit: Barcelona in the king’s Cup history, a total of 4 times met ala Weiss this article. Is this a Barcelona in the king’s Cup history, a total of 4 times the article I met Alves, there are two ways to access. Then the search engine.



1. why my website with no WWW and no www ranking, ranking, and all the chain before the web site is

and the website of the program, no URL standard (i.e. our website program, bind any a domain name, can be a normal visit).

why www did not rank, and without WWW is ranked

natural rather than the two level domain name must be high, in the domestic habits with the domain name www.

Talking about foreign excellent advertising alliance outside shlf1314 AdSenseAnalysis of the develop

both domestic advertising alliance touted other how good you are, in fact, we had several webmaster psychological, the best domestic advertising alliance is 3 hegemony, fight! Do you understand don’t understand! Actually do some foreign alliance is simply profiteering, earn more money than AdSense much faster, but a lot of people do not know, today I am writing this article is to let everyone know more of the alliance! This is my original, devoting the time and energy to write, so please read

yes, Amoy has now become a new generation of online part-time pronoun, not only need to shop, their own experiences to share with friends. Without strong venture capital, you can get your own commission from the online store only if you have sufficient awareness of the transaction. The guest will become a promising occupation, or will become spam writers? Perhaps a free promotion way from sh419 Ali after

class. Good at going to the big forum posting, desperately to recommend goods to others. "Of course, sometimes they hit the nail."." But they will be classified according to the characteristics of the shop, and then summed up the recommendations should focus on content, and then go bubble theory

don’t know you know those foreign excellent advertising alliance in addition to the well-known shlf1314 AdSense as well as what they are, what are the advantages and disadvantages, then let me tell you:

National Day is coming soon. During the long vacation, Taobao’s trade will definitely rise a lot. Want to do a lot of Amoy friends, will optimize the gas flow, transformation, increase the income of the Tao do now, a lot of people, but the real money is little, we have seen Ali official billboard, believe a lot of friends who are jealous, but we analyzed people flow is how to do flow, is how to convert it, I believe many of my friends are not clear, here today I will give you a careful analysis, personal opinion, also forget friends more opinions.

shlf1314 AdSense, the promotion of sh419, Ali mother each have their own advantages, shlf1314 AdSense has recently become increasingly obvious, but surely, that is the highest technology, advertising and website content to match most, Ali’s mother is also good, timely payment, but not limited to the amount, but there will be a deduction amount relative to other domestic league is quite good, while sh419’s payment is relatively small, only 100 yuan, but the application is not easy! So let many people flinch! Of course in China such as the first video, Sogou alliance, thunderbolt alliance is also good, but the visibility is not particularly high


guest let many sellers to solve the difficult problem of promotion. A clothing sale owner told the author, a guest, shop turnover of more than the previous two times, "they are used in labor to make money, we get fame and money through them, will benefit both sides, Why not?

according to this understanding, when a guest promotion goods will get a promotion code, if users click on the actual code, entered the shop and bought something, then the guest account will get the seller to pay commissions. And this Commission is generally 10% to 30% of the price of goods.

some people say that the Tao do not work, every day on the Internet only to send post, netizens recommend own often go to the shop, let more friends go to patronize. Easy, how much money on hand. According to the words of many friends, is to catch up with the good years of online shopping, through the recommendation of online friends to facilitate transactions, he tasted the sweetness.

Tao do have so few categories:

it is understood that in the Taobao online, Amoy no threshold, through the "Amoy promotion platform, any Internet users can help Taobao sales network, and earn a commission. Taobao has said it expects to participate in more than one million people in 1 to 2 years, and will provide at least 100 thousand direct jobs for the country. Amoy nearly a million after tax monthly income after tax monthly income of thousands, even part of Amoy million mark.

?Earn twenty thousand a week on the billboard

. Or more common, this is what I see in the guest online digital. This figure also reflects the ability of top guest.

Chitika is relatively well-known foreign advertising alliance, the unit price is lower than AdSense, because after all, shlf1314’s advertising users, so the advantages of providing more, high visibility, the choice of more. The audit of the alliance is strict, do not use false station to do, otherwise the possibility of being K is almost ninety-nine percent. In fact, if there is AdSense I think it is not necessary to submit this! But Chitika is almost English advertising, but if the content of your pages is Chinese should be difficult to pass, if you want to apply for the Chitika recommendation English writing blog, because Chitika is English blog alliance in NO.1, can not be ignored, so by comparison we do Chinese website price much higher. Of course, you can also apply for more than one blog, but limit to 3 or 5 a day, or you’ll be K. Don’t blame me.

, thank you!

many friends will say I will not write a blog English do? Never mind, we can go to the search English blog, but don’t just copy a personal blog, otherwise the possibility of being closed, there is a point worth noting is that the best way is to apply blogger to the blog, then write English content but, don’t just search online content is put up, to ensure that no politics, hackers, weapons, profane words you can even avoid the risk by shlf1314 translation, but also pay attention to the best use of the United States Agency IP>


The most popular tide of literature and art children’s mobile electricity supplier business success

now has a lot of entrepreneurs in the choice of entrepreneurial will choose some relatively new business platform, such as network such a business platform, there are a lot of people through the network platform is a success.

"in Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang mode began to flood, we want to leave the platform to play something different." Liu Ping describes his choice of WeChat as a starting point for the business platform. After market research combined with perceptual judgment, Liu Ping feel fresh market development, and relatively easy to cut fruit, so quickly chose to import fruit as their entrepreneurial direction.

and chose the pre-sale this way to sell fruit, said Liu Ping was mainly affected by the tea Wang Xin.

"tea and fruit is not the same, the king heart is taken by the package customization, I put it into a monthly subscription, think you can try." Liu Ping and the team together to discuss the feasibility of monthly subscription fruit, no one denies, but no one can guarantee success. Liu Ping finally decided to try immediately, if you do not take this step, then you will never know whether feasible."

to solve the supply problem

it is understood that, at present buy fruit mainly sell imported fruits, purchase channels are mainly local fruit market in Henan. Liu Ping admits, because from the stock market is not the primary source, plus the initial purchase amount is small, it is difficult to obtain upstream suppliers discount, so get a big problem to buy fruit early will face the high cost has.

– to collect user orders weekly market into a cargo – next day delivery to the user is the basic process of purchase buy fruit. Liu Ping revealed to billion state power network, currently buy fruit every week the number of orders at about 150~200.

For example, I recommend


A little idea of making money at the garbage dump

garbage station SEO is very important, because the content of the dumpster generally does not exist back, which requires the maximum interception of traffic from the search, generally when IP on your time to stabilize around 4000, choose a good lure page and terminal, one day get 200 yuan lower income should be no problem.

was the first to build a garbage station, you should choose a good meter, this is the first step of SEO, is not the best choice for some K, registration expired old, look at the rice history, no problem can be re registered here, said, why a registration, because a the relative weight of the new high, not through the box effect, there is no need to include the problem, there is no evaluation period, get high ranking included preparation. To go there to find a search, expired domain name, see for yourself.

then is to choose the problem space, beginners often feel foreign space is cheaper, the number of G station dozens of blocks, there should be no problem, refuse to do otherwise, according to the observation of foreign and domestic space Baidu spider crawling frequency space is a big gap, GG spiders don’t have this problem, as for YAHOO spider lazy, no comment. More important is the space of domestic foreign general access is relatively slow, although there is no difference between the north and the south, but the area difference of visit seriously! Station mainly traffic from Baidu, IP addresses are domestic, so you need to choose the domestic space to go there to find space, through the surrounding friends is a good way in the online search, relative to their own personal feeling better, Anhui province host space business, service price is relatively good, generally choose 100 megabit IIS at about 100 can be, it is not necessary to buy hundreds of megabytes, and understand in the first chapter notes inside said the same China most of the website content in the basic 100 MB or less, then see, laughing, because I bought the space number G, the actual use of it is fast. I use the space is in University of Science and Technology of China school, has been very good. Private Taobao’s outdated, generally do not buy, cheated, can not find people, although we are doing SEO garbage station, but also requires absolute access stability.

what to do next, is the selection of key words, this is the most important place, but also relate to the success of the technique, the criteria for the selection of keywords garbage station, j is generally 3w-4w high search volume, low content of general edge word 2w-3w as well, what is Bianci wipe this much? Explain, I knocked on so many words, you also need to knock a few words to search, ha ha) that is simple: find the high low edge search related words. Go there to find the edge word, go to sleep at night on the website up to see. Can find a lot of, and then through the Webmaster Station related tools to this keyword for analysis, first look at your future competitors have those, analysis of the home page ranking before the station

Find allies for your website and build BRICs in the Internet world

saw the "BRICs in news" (BRICS) meeting of third leaders in April 14th, held in Sanya in China, will discuss how to deal with the problem of how to coordinate major international, deepen and expand cooperation between each other, the problem of how to strengthen the BRICs cooperation mechanism. I didn’t know much about the concept of "BRICs". I read the news reports, plus some information about Baidu. Generally speaking, Brazil, Russia, India, China, as well as new member countries, South Africa, several countries in economic, cultural, social and other aspects of in-depth cooperation. These countries have consistency in their development goals and economic interests. They not only exchange needed goods, but also support each other to a certain extent, and strive for global discourse power and common development.

The development of the global

, let many countries with the goal of allies, with the face of the global economic development opportunities and challenges, not only sharing opportunities, also shared challenges, make countries more rapid development. In the Internet industry, if there are similar "BRIC website" website, the website development is not the pressure will be relatively small? In Lu Songsong’s blog, has introduced "blog alliance", a time is quite busy, but there seems to be no more; in the personal blog of Liu Ya the blog, also referred to the "female independent blog" alliance, included the Internet independent women’s blog, but do not seem to have caused great repercussions, although the number of independent women’s blog together, also did not play for the league, perhaps because there is no promotion.

some people say do network promotion is a network of contacts, do network promotion nature is redoubled, just as the graph king to build the A5 forum, a lot of friends is a new popular forum and his attention directed graph king loyalty, to attract a lot of traffic in the forum period, gradually increased in popularity. In many webmaster QQ group, webmaster BBS, can find some like-minded friends, these friends each other in the operation of their own web site, but their web site intersection very little. In the process, many valuable resources are neglected. In many sites, you can see Links, although is also a means of cooperation, but not between the BRIC countries have so close contact and cooperation, if you can on the Internet in many personal websites, dig out their own "BRIC" website and the website a tacit understanding between the cooperation between each other can promote each other, common development.

if you have an apple and you share it with an orange, you eat apples and oranges at the same time. Similar reasoning is simple, if you share your website resources, but also access to other people’s resources, this is a complementary process, enrich each other’s Web site information. Of course, the "BRIC" for each other should pay attention to the consistency of goals and some differences, like A5 and Chinaz are not likely to form a "BRIC website", because this is the two for the same user’s website, has already been verified Chinaz does not appear in any one of the word "A5" in the "on the site

Analysis of the beautiful home page user experience design details

beauty, a God who stand, the social sharing to achieve the ultimate marketing a website. Itself and Taobao guest website difference is not big, but its promotion way is worth us to draw lessons from and study really, not only is the promotion method, but also has its page design and the user experience aspect. What is worth learning and thinking? User experience seems very profound, in fact, can also be understood as a simple design, content, location, page design to meet the user’s habits, to think about how to user. Content to attract users, to cater to the user’s tone. Site theme should be accurate, let users fall in love with your website. Beauty is a successful case, today first from the website homepage, analysis of beautiful design details page of the user experience, hope is something, the author lists the two position on the home page, see the beauty that is how to do


first: designing navigation with primary and secondary navigation

diagram 1: primary and secondary navigation

It is self-evident for the importance of a

navigation site, for example navigation is like a road sign, the user first visit a website, according to the needs of these marks to find their own place to go. For a web site’s home page is the most important page, there are a lot of links on the home page, click on the link and user more love what? This is from Baidu thermodynamic diagram statistics background can be seen, for those who are a lot of users click on the best position, through technical means to make it easier for users to find, for example: the link text bold or color. As above, the main navigation beautiful said some anchor text in bold font, and became bigger, why should such a design? I think it is the most popular column page, click on the highest rate, but also the most beautiful special columns. Change is another website, of course, can follow this practice, in fact, many websites have such navigation design, primary and secondary clear navigation column, let users more easily find the key content.

second: the correct use of popular labels

figure two: the use of home page tags

tags are often seen in web pages. Individuals believe that the tag has two major features: first, it facilitates users to find relevant information, similar to navigation. Second, from the SEO level, labels are also a form of internal chain. As shown in Figure two, said the beautiful home in the main navigation below shows many popular tag links, these labels is the column page under the small classification, such as: long skirts, shorts and other clothing category below, I see some electricity supplier website label also displayed on the home page, but on the inconspicuous page in position. It’s hard for users to see these tags on the front page. In the case of a wide range of products, they can either display the content in the form of a down menu on the main navigation or use the tags. Beautiful home page, the main navigation does not have two level menu, and product types have more, so use the label, as for layout position, preferably close to the main navigation below, can >