How to improve the short-term advantages included and weight

our website once made creative we will ensure our website can not be copied, so that for our website we need to continue to maintain a degree of scarcity.

users will need, as long as the user search keywords will certainly need the content, this is the strong demand of users.

if we want to improve our website and set the weight in the short term, so do the creative is a core content, why do we have to do creative ideas, mainly in order to avoid the homogenization of the website, we do creative direct purpose is not to raise short-term weight and included, because if we put this two as the direct purpose of our idea is to do good, but if we do it will promote the short collection of weight and creative.

sites we also need a complete creative thinking process.

1. website

rivals weakness

included in the website optimization is a very important factor, we need to do is content to authorized users recognized by search engines, as long as our content to the user value of the search engine will establish the index, we know that the amount of included stable lifting weights for the cumulative our website is helpful. How do we content to further enhance the quality of our collection so as to make our website weight value is also relatively increase this is what we have to think in the short term, of course, we do not use black hat techniques to operate, for you today to share some.

(2) must be

The definition of

, two creative thinking strategies of the website

, a website

if our website creative is the opponent’s strengths, we do there is scarce and the differences do not, this is almost impossible.

(3) to keep the degree of scarcity of

The characteristics of

2. website creative

before we understand the creative process of the website, we must first understand the website has what characteristics.

(1) must satisfy the strong demand of users

We must be creative website

creative in daily life, we have a good understanding, creativity in Shanghai love auction is there, so whether the definition of creativity in the website why, in the website of originality is mainly the two aspects of scarcity and differences, these two aspects can be reflected in any of the elements of a web site, web site to avoid the homogenization of creative industries and achieve demand scarcity, a website content scarcity degree is higher, at the same time and compared to their counterparts in the website user experience is the absolute difference, then the site in the industry is creative, by this we know the site to do the scarcity and the difference is not so creative easy, we need a set of processes.

How to make the chain real user recommended to avoid the chain of wrong ideas

also mentioned the chain, also mentioned how to build the chain! An everlasting topic, but also a Shanghai dragon ER A5, read the topic diligently! Shanghai dragon WHY many friends put forward how to build the chain chain, which had no effect, no weight, each reading, Wang Shifan feel very funny and why? Because these people did not really put a chain tested! How to try? You said no forum signature effect? It would be a website, the chain is all BBS signature, you can see the rankings? Hair dad said, no investigation, have the right to speak. Here, Wang Shifan called for some friends, not for the high weight soft outside the chain, and write some articles no help for the novice, mislead them. Perhaps so, too, but it is so, hope the reader to understand.

this paper explain the common chain of wrong ideas and mode of operation, if you think you mastered enough outside the chain, if you think Wang Shifan is talking nonsense, if you take the psychological conflict started, please do not need to look down.


station? Received a hand, crazy home chain, ranked last up to more than 20-30, night returned to liberation, ranking dropped to 100 after. Helpless, tangled, complaining and started abusing love Shanghai. In fact, this time, you are the most should scold people, put a good standing, turned down the right station, restore indefinitely, know why the sea refuses to fall in love with the chain of tools? Is not to let you have a good website right down recovery path? The chain like content. Not controllable, as we all know, now in love with a link to the sea to a large extent, help us to reject junk links, to the greatest extent due to the reduction of spam links and drop right may.

is divided into two topics, the first, the webmaster, Shanghai dragon forum signature has no use? Transfer weight? First weight, a content page itself does not have too much weight, and the webmaster, Shanghai dragon forum is done signature, you imagine assigned to your website and how much weight. Then we do the webmaster, Shanghai dragon forum signature is useful? Certainly useful, change only. Our previous approach is the page keywords anchor text or hyperlinks, now only the anchor text site map page, the purpose is to attract the spider crawling included, a webmaster forum every day to do 3 replies 1 topics enough, probably do 3 forums can successfully attract spider climb for your web site optimization, do more is manufacturing the garbage outside the chain, you know the consequences.

the railway station should be what? We once again return to the central idea of the chain, is not a user or other website sincerely recommend, whether the specific significance of high quality recommendations. Users outside the chain, will recommend web page and website content page, then.

The chain process

two, a new station to do outside the chain is what

?What is the most taboo

, a forum signature no use

The early new how to do site optimization




we do Shanghai Longfeng optimization should know, want to do a website, we need a domain name and the choice of the domain name space, as far as possible to select the short and easy to remember, and do what industry related, do not select Chinese domain, the search engine for Chinese domain or not identification; the choice of space as far as possible to choose the domestic space business, 24 hour customer service staff. Wei Wei Shanghai dragon found that many beginners because it is cheaper to buy Taobao to some of Hongkong’s space! Such a space is not stable, two is the space of the problem, it is difficult to find people fast to you! Weiwei Shanghai dragon in front of choose one small space business. Later, because often not open, people often can not find the decisive for a new space! A often can’t open the website, want to have good rankings, want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng it difficult to optimize,


three, location and layout of the

the choice of program you can choose to open source, can also choose the site of the internal write! This look at your habits, if you used to dream, then you can choose such dreams, for optimizing the code, modify the background you can easily get started, website optimization process to be adjusted you can get fast,

in the construction site at the same time, we are going to locate our website main keywords, and the long tail key word in the layout inside the website, such as navigation what keywords! The title of the site, set down the words, in front of the 2-3.

Objective: Weiwei Shanghai dragon often asked such a question: "Weiwei, I intend to put the boss business to the Internet, and is currently planning to build a website, you help me analyze website optimization early, how do I go to do ". Weiwei Shanghai dragon today to give you a reasonable thought, "the early new how to do website optimization".

website design and website program

website design and production process it is important to note that after the directory structure is best not more than three layers, built specifically set title writing and keywords, and description of writing, there is a navigation try not to use flash and JS to generate, because the search engine is very good for recognition, these are not the beautiful though what, but not practical, the site of the internal links must be set up, don’t appear dead links, the site will be in the main text, pictures as little as possible, and try to streamline the code, at the same time to the site map.


we have space and domain name, we will give me ready to do website design sketches of what, if you want to make your website optimization, website design sketches so you must participate in the place where the content of what is more, and the Shanghai dragon optimization! Only do Shanghai Longfeng optimization people know

, select the domain name and space

Using nofollow to label the role and benefits

said nofollow tags (Chinese means: follow, follow and other means), many people believe that it is not strange, so in the end, the nofollow tag role and what benefits it. Here, I want to use the nofollow tag can help us a lot in Shanghai Longfeng problems here to share with you.

first, I said that the first use of NOFOLLOW tags in the Links. For example, in order to quickly improve the PR value of the site and weight problems, we often find some PR value and the weight of relatively high site Links. Of course, every day to find a few appropriate PR value and weight is relatively high, and have a good snapshot and update the website under the chain can indeed help the site quickly improve the PR value and weight value. There is, if our website PR value and the weight value is too low, it can not find a suitable good site do friends chain, we have to spend some money to buy a chain. At this time, if you are looking for friends of the chain or buy a chain being used nofollow tags (usually people use nofollow tags to make the weight of the website PR value and does not want to pass on to others and even transfer too much on the site itself the Shanghai dragon and other issues, so when a station guide outbound links too much, often to screen out some links with nofollow tags), the result is equivalent to what you do, the money spent is entirely white do pay, equivalent to you find people do friends chain, or spend money to do a chain, you are indeed seeing others link to your website, but unfortunately, this is just a look, people have been tagged by nofollow to send you the weight value of the web site and the PR value to shield. So, what we can through what channels to check whether others on their own links do nofollow label processing. What kind of link is done nofollow tag processing. For example: < a; href=" 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝" rel=" nofollow" > < /a> anchor text;. Everybody, when you see the link hanging in someone else’s website is like this, your link is being blocked, although you can see the link to your website in the family, can also be opened normally, but the family has been through the nofolow tag tells the search engine, the link is a invalid links, do not need to be nofollow tag processing link any weight value and PR. The first method is to directly view see each other through the website source, then look at your link is that the above example. If it is < a href=" 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝" > < /a> anchor text; a or < href=" http:>

Fast Sitemap Web

The second step: More and more

, a manual version of the standard Sitemap file is shown as follows:

Sitemap XML version of the site map, because here is mainly for search engines, like a large web site map in this version of HTML is not written. There are several styles of Sitemap, and not the same as the search engine in favor of different Sitemap styles, the site map for example love tend to Shanghai Html styles, and the noble baby for the launch of the Sitemap an own protocol, the XML protocol is used in Yahoo style file, it will offer a site map. Txt style. So according to your personal needs on good Sitemap style.

URL: be sure, it is below all parent tag



Er to Shanghai dragon optimization focus on the station optimization, when friends should be a little cautious view of the former robots.txt is not difficult to find that their robots are involved in a Sitemap:贵族宝贝aaa贵族宝贝/sitemap.xml or a similar statement, it is optimized by Sitemap, provides a good platform a website and search engine AC Sitemap, Sitemap can submit pay each big search engine, so that the search engine on the web page included the implementation of better. The Suqian Shanghai dragon teach you to use fast and complete website Sitemap:



changefreq: optional label, represents the page update frequency.

lastmod: This is an optional label, the final page modification time of

The advantages of This is the so-called Sitemap


priority: optional label, expression of URL relative to the priority, other optional range: 0.0-1.0 data is larger, more elaborate.

first step: identification of Sitemap style

urlset: the expression must be the word label statement the Sitemap protocol version


manual Sitemap production: the production of documents clearly is simple, and can set a little myself myself think is important.

LOC: make sure the page permanent link address

Good site planning allows you to build the station with half the effort

each webmaster in the site before, must be well planned, you will do the web site.

good site planning allows you to build the station with half the effort.

according to the different stations, the site planning will also be different, but ultimately can not be separated from the general framework. Before we set up a website, we had a good idea of the market situation, and then recorded it in written form. This is the process of thinking and ideas to form a result, but also a manifestation of planning.

site planning is very diverse, but there are rules can be found. Usually you follow the following steps for your planning.

one, market analysis,

portal website: website includes comprehensive portal, e-commerce portals, industry portals, information service portal (here we classify BBS into comprehensive portal website; blog will be classified as information service portal). For example, I now intend to do a regional network station at the beginning of idle away in seeking pleasure, market research, find out what the main section of idle away in seeking pleasure, what they have, what special services, development and so on. Then choose and reject their columns, and then create columns according to their own characteristics. After determining their own website column, but also in the same industry and foreign websites were selected to find the content of complementary websites for daily promotion and cooperation after the link. The development of the same industry site to do a general understanding of the situation, according to the actual situation to check what kind of advantages, what are the disadvantages, and then you can position the site.

enterprise website: enterprise website market analysis is relatively easy, because the establishment of the enterprise purpose is to better their own propaganda, want to occupy a space for one person in Internet marketing, to provide technical support and online interactive products, in order to better serve customers, but also improve the enterprise profit. Enterprise website construction ideas can refer to the same industry do better site, but at the same time according to their own development adjustment, must not blindly follow. Enterprise websites can also find some complementary websites in the same industry for links.

personal website: personal website construction is often similar in content, but there are also some personal websites can create new styles, using a unique type of website, this website can usually receive the miraculous effect. Generally speaking, personal website is relatively neglected in market analysis, but large and medium-sized personal websites should be investigated by market, just like what portals do.

two, the site itself positioning

market analysis is complete, back to its own analysis.

your first consideration is what your goal is to do this site, which includes both long-term and short-term. The more specific point is to translate into data. For example, use Alexa rankings to divide: how many names are there in a month, how many in the back of the year, and how many in the back of the year?. Also >

Do stand 3 years of sad, I hope friends from all walks of life to some suggestions, criticism and he

remembers that the first contact network was in the first year of high school, and learned how to surf the Internet and went to the chat room desperately, from text chat to voice chat. High school is really contact with the forum, because chat met a net friend, users use their own computer at home, the framework of the server, made a forum, so I became the webmaster BBS bbs. Think of it, it was crazy, every day in the Internet cafe 3 yuan an hour under the price of 5 hours when the moderator, waste a lot of money. When I was in college, the second grade because some of the things that pushed all the class positions, Woon Nozurui has become a boring, and will start a website, when the right is to find a place is to their university life leave a mark, and I hope I can make a life for college students enrich the site. Guangdong university student network was born.

did a lot of money on this website, and even took the money to eat, and 3 years later today, I feel very sad. Due to the high school webmaster, users use the forum is network program, I also used the network beginning, later because they do not understand how to upgrade the database, but can not find the support they give up Dvbbs to DZ, but also a high school friend recommended me to use, say good DZ. I am not a computer professional, and I don’t know much about network knowledge, which leads to several times because of the space server being hacked, and I don’t have backup data myself. I need to start from scratch again.

now what you can see is the latest version, which has been running for over a year. The site is now through the Ali Mama advertising and some businesses advertising costs, can barely support the operation of the site, just as a website operator, I am not satisfied with the current situation, but also suffer from not understand how the business development, sad endless.

recently and space service providers and friction, the service provider space that we as long as a station on the impact of the operation of the server, the server that they CPU to occupy 100%, a lot of resources, affect other website customers, also threatened if this happens again on the confiscation of our space, I think this the practice of service providers is unreasonable, but unsuccessful negotiations, the feeling is dumb. I feel a dark coming, my program is DZ, so many people in the country, how can I resource big? How will affect the server? If a friend understand also hope to be able to give me some advice.

come here today to send a article, hope enthusiastic friends to my site to give suggestions, criticism and help, hope you can help me some ideas to the network development of Guangdong college students more good. Thank you all for your enthusiastic friends.

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