In several practical ranking fluctuations in the case of the old station solution

some old station may be caused by the following aspects of

has the following two aspects

, another reason is that the chain is missing, the chain number of this two day search site, suddenly fell 1/3, such a problem, ranking does not drop it? Is a lot of the chain link failure or some expired, the need to update the chain gradually and add a general ranking will soon come up again.

this is the specific reason I rank the old station down, the main reason is their management station management less, in fact, in general, still haven’t serious management station, leading to the weight of the site keywords ranking to withstand the wind and rain, a little fluctuation will lead to decline in ranking so, the next need careful management to the site, in order to make the site more weight savings.

is a content update frequency, because of the recent busy cause recently very few how to update the content of the website, although these months not how to update the content but still ranked in the top, but this lack of web search engine backup content added sooner or later to see the color, the direct result of punishment is this week’s update directly to the second page, usually for an old station appeared in such a situation, only need to update the content of the specific content, update what this station for old friends say no more.

There are several punished the station

2. content > stable.

for my site ranking dropped, I analyze the main reason of

1. Shanghai dragon basic information is not stable, the website title and keywords and description can not modify, I stand in the new year after feeling some words to make adjustments, I made some adjustments, this is reflected in the rankings, ranking to 11 place, the general information changes at least more than 3-4 months to do modify and adjust the content of change should not be too big, otherwise the search engine for the station is still quite powerful punishment.

three is Links, a week ago I check Links has not been punished, just this week so I immediately received has also been implicated, immediately delete them.

Shanghai dragon is a need for patience and perseverance. When a keyword search volume is high on the home page, on behalf of the search engine for a period of time we must work in Shanghai dragon. But for most of the webmaster friends, is not only happy, there are still concerns, due to the stability in the front row is not an easy thing, website ranking stable, is really not easy to do keywords than up, today I will share with you some of the old station in several practical ranking fluctuation case the solution, mainly in their own an old station ranking of experience to share with you, hoping to encounter the same problem to help a friend.

Depth analysis of how to operate love Shanghai screen can have effect on product promotion

If The quality and quantity of



earlier in the chain is an important standard to love Shanghai judge the quality of a website, and spawned a number of special chain of occupation, these people made outside the station chain, and then earn commissions.

slowly "love Shanghai screen" this word into some marketing circles, for Islands the first contact is the word in a few years ago, while the word in this year again to get new".

some people love Shanghai very powerful propaganda screen.

I love Shanghai PA screen is actually a chain of hair than grass root behavior.

but this is only looked very badly. To get these information to fill the screen is a very simple thing;

but now it changed Shanghai algorithm, the chain for the website is not so important, the chain industry is gradually declining, but some people find a new play, the screen is in love with the sea.

I love Shanghai PA screen with the hair of the chain is a reason, but before we send the chain is the link to the site, and love Shanghai PA screen is issued customer information. This information includes QQ, WeChat and the need of information publicity.

said, 2015 is the Internet’s budding years, then the year 2016 is the Internet to thrive, who do want their products with the "great love Shanghai" at the touch.

made the website friends all know the site of the process in a special procedures call chain. The hair of the chain in order to let love Shanghai spider crawling to your site.

is simply, by means of fast ranking, so that their information is full of love the whole Shanghai search engine.

, however, does look very much. Put your information in search of a search box, filled the entire page will find their own information, as if the whole search engine you have been contracted.

second: love Shanghai PA screen in the end there is no useful

the first question: what is the love of Shanghai

sounds like a great thing, but is a grass root thing, just name a tall, like a grass root boy wearing a tall clothes, or a grass root essence.


chain is the link to high weight Forum blog, this love Shanghai will soon be included in this page, then the love of spiders in Shanghai will climb down the chain to your site.

in principle, love Shanghai screen and send the chain a truth, want to let the love of Shanghai included in this page; from the difficulty, love Shanghai screen outside the chain more than simple, because a lot of platform is the prohibition of links, and release a screen information is very easy.

Common problems and matters needing attention of the Wangzhuan noviceMy opinion about shlf1314 Adsen

The simple thing,

4, more money than not. looking at personal financial ability

      2.: about that shielding, say "

      for example: the supply of mobile phone of the two words on this website, the price of mobile phone is very high, but the supply is a common word, put four or five mobile phone advertising, began to cast with supply, advertising, you will think: how could buy mobile phone advertising is only four or five? A: Yes, but GG doesn’t put all the ads on one page. Otherwise, if you always sell high priced ads, you don’t have the chance to buy an ordinary word, so what do you mean by buying an ordinary word? Another Adword has a feature that can set your day’s advertising costs within hours, too

      note: This article was originally in the original episode I left behind, hard typing so many words, not even outdated, so the original retransmission behind third additional recently thought out, please take a look is not very bad??

      according to the first said, the first advertisement has single current page , the height of text advertising, advertising display of second single , moderate AD, or because the contents of the text in the current page, second yuan has been basically looking for advertising not to match ads, then of course to put ads, low that is, those common general words do Adword know these words, you can set a minimum of 0.08 yuan. So even if you block the site, there may be a similar advertising on the next site.

      this one confirms that Note: there are some differences between using the table and the DIV in the two cases.


next to novice friends to remind:


2, to continue to explore the spirit of learning no matter what need this spirit, is very familiar with and master the Wangzhuan must have "skills" and "tools", summed up in continuous learning, what kind of model is suitable for their own wangzhuan.

4, there are two very important points, the first point is the "good faith" ignore no good guy, just remember the old saying "good good". The second point is "insist", which is what I write in the article, I would like to instill the point of view, no matter what to insist, laughing, the final must be you.

6, broaden your horizons can let oneself become a "frogs" the Internet is a vast ocean of information network, let us learn more knowledge, make a lot of friends, let us broaden our horizons, so it can better develop your online resources. Why not,

1, illegal, not done. this is for sure, I agree with both hands

2, without entity, not doing. I think not necessarily, if you have the ability to distinguish between true and false, you can try

1, regardless of your original do similar projects must first find out whether the project can bring you income, wealth source Wangzhuan where it is for everyone to do the fundamental and basic cause of the network to make money.

3, you pick your project needs to have the ability to identify true and false information, a lot of friends began to be earning tens or hundreds of projects to confuse, firstly, there is no free lunch, what are the same, but a liar too know that truth, often cheated by friends is because of this sentence. The feasibility of making a day is not without, but as a novice, this may be relatively small, but the most important thing is that you have the ability to distinguish between true and false.

6, day package earn 100 yuan do not do. confirmed on the home can earn, nor can not do


      very much about shlf1314 Adsense what optimization before the Internet ah, increase the unit price, price term shield like the article, not repeat here, just write your own understanding that different places.

5, more people are on the same starting line, regardless of the level of education, the size of the power, how much money. Everyone has the same chance of success, no need to sigh, "heroes are useless."".

7, superior, inexperienced, No.

says, is that you need to be diligent, and that you may have been successful while you’re resting or slacking, so diligence is an integral part of it.

3, free of charge. of course, there are also many free ones that can be done, so that the only way to avoid many cheaters is not to be a liar.

5, non Japanese knot is not done. for domestic voting, posting, etc.

      1.. Whether you fit on one page the number of ad units, GG are high words on the front page, the normal loading is from top to bottom, from left to right order loading, GG advertising is also according to this order, on the top or the most the left side the same screen than should be placed below or on the right side of the advertisement, note: This refers to the GG code in the source code, if you use inner.html or GG code in the bottom of the page, unless using the framework calls, is in JS format, call the GG code is not affected.

Webmaster do the following 3 steps, long-term profit is not difficult


recently from the Internet to see a "website operations: fixed in the end how long can live?" the article, after looking at my feelings are also very deep. Think of yourself in the Internet, and haven’t changed the current situation. All along, are non-stop hair every day, the article kept sending the chain, when we found that the chain can not be issued, the contents of the update for the ranking did not move when they know that such repetition is not the head.

said it was not a head to do, but if it were to change, it would be difficult for us to adjust to something new. The author thinks that if you want to change your working condition, you must go through "exercise"". The exercise here is to ask you to participate in some webmaster training, to explore new things. There are many webmaster may say: I know SEO, understand optimization, to training waste of money, now is Baidu hit these aspects, everyone’s ranking is as difficult to do.

if you have this idea, I think you have not read my article meaning. I mean, let’s go and find out people’s work plans, and listen to how people deal with Baidu attacks, we should learn from them. The following I recommend you several methods, the majority of the webmaster can achieve long-term profit through goal planning.

1. Rational goal planning

1. at present there are two types of webmaster, one is profitable, and one is no profit, no profit is the goal of the webmaster wrong.

2. for example: before I see people cross stitch site a lot of money, a pair of cross stitch profits are good, I see no more want to do a cross stitch site, when ranking and flow up to the people, when I get the goods, I found that I made a fatal mistake, I’m not manufacturers, I no shop. When people are optimistic about the goods, I have to go through the manufacturers order, and then shipped to customers. This period will waste a lot of time, there are a lot of customers will be so impatient, plus one to the freight, I had almost no commission. In addition, the network is virtual, basically can not get the money for the first time, to let customers see the goods after feeling satisfied, I can get money, and finally no profit, and ended in failure.

3., so, if you want to make money online, it’s important that you make good goal planning. You can make a profit only if you have a reasonable planning goal.

two, actual combat test,

It is important to do field test of

, do not patronize every day to see the experience of others, people see the plan, sometimes not necessarily the experience of others is right, his method is good to know, through their own testing. Webmaster can go to do some different types of Web sites, try to do different ways to optimize the test, this is the actual form, I think it is better.


Quanzhou overseas Chinese economic construction platform to help entrepreneurs

after the new year, people from all walks of life have started the work plan in 2016, entrepreneurship is no exception. Quanzhou has set up a new business platform to help overseas Chinese entrepreneurs.

To build a platform of economic

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