Using nofollow to label the role and benefits

said nofollow tags (Chinese means: follow, follow and other means), many people believe that it is not strange, so in the end, the nofollow tag role and what benefits it. Here, I want to use the nofollow tag can help us a lot in Shanghai Longfeng problems here to share with you.

first, I said that the first use of NOFOLLOW tags in the Links. For example, in order to quickly improve the PR value of the site and weight problems, we often find some PR value and the weight of relatively high site Links. Of course, every day to find a few appropriate PR value and weight is relatively high, and have a good snapshot and update the website under the chain can indeed help the site quickly improve the PR value and weight value. There is, if our website PR value and the weight value is too low, it can not find a suitable good site do friends chain, we have to spend some money to buy a chain. At this time, if you are looking for friends of the chain or buy a chain being used nofollow tags (usually people use nofollow tags to make the weight of the website PR value and does not want to pass on to others and even transfer too much on the site itself the Shanghai dragon and other issues, so when a station guide outbound links too much, often to screen out some links with nofollow tags), the result is equivalent to what you do, the money spent is entirely white do pay, equivalent to you find people do friends chain, or spend money to do a chain, you are indeed seeing others link to your website, but unfortunately, this is just a look, people have been tagged by nofollow to send you the weight value of the web site and the PR value to shield. So, what we can through what channels to check whether others on their own links do nofollow label processing. What kind of link is done nofollow tag processing. For example: < a; href=" 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝" rel=" nofollow" > < /a> anchor text;. Everybody, when you see the link hanging in someone else’s website is like this, your link is being blocked, although you can see the link to your website in the family, can also be opened normally, but the family has been through the nofolow tag tells the search engine, the link is a invalid links, do not need to be nofollow tag processing link any weight value and PR. The first method is to directly view see each other through the website source, then look at your link is that the above example. If it is < a href=" 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝" > < /a> anchor text; a or < href=" http:> read more

The scientific and reasonable site optimization is the kingly way

we all know that a website is a web page through the complex hyperlink composition, this composition process of our site to do the site structure clear, site navigation links must be scientific and reasonable. We want to do a tree imaging complex website and web. As the tree refers to the home page, column page, page list, terminal page site like a tree trunk, branches, branches, leaves have a strong sense of belonging, hierarchy, let the spider can from the site of the trunk through the tree branches, and eventually climbed to the leaves, that is we the site a terminal page. The website spider is to users through any one page of the website can return to the front page of the site, like a spider web like freely. This is scientific and reasonable to consider the search engine and user experience. read more

301 redirect and related solutions

domain name weight level Why

site:www. domain贵族宝贝

2. contains the amount of site:贵族宝贝 domain and site:www. domain, included the amount of贵族宝贝 varies greatly. And also there is

I personally in Shanghai Longfeng process, also encountered such a situation, like most of the webmaster, all the chain, all the text are pointing to the WWW domain name

贵族宝贝 and site:www. Site: domain name domain name贵族宝贝 contains many articles is the same.


example: 1. Barcelona in the king’s Cup history, a total of 4 times to meet Alves (this is an article on my website (/****/2012103114.html). The relative value of the read more

Bread crumbs navigation Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy is introduced

Breadcrumb navigation

, the bread crumbs navigation simple path — Based on

of this type can be pointed out that the current page hierarchy and the entire site is very good. This breadcrumb can display the current page before a page or directory of links. Can make the visitors know their position, and can quickly find their desired page. Friendly experience can be very good to improve the user.


secondsWebsite optimization Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: You can modify the read more

How to build a website professional movie website

two, select and edit

1, Marx film program has several years of history, is the industry leader, but also the function perfect, fewer loopholes, better performance, more

is now the movie website has innumerable, I believe that a large part of owners have tried to make the movie station, but doing well the station does not see more, it is now doing the movie stand no chance? I think there’s still a chance, mainly to see how you go, the business operation. Looking at the current form, the biggest problem is the content of the same and the sameness of the template, love Shanghai has not favored no original website, so seize this point to think is how to create a personalized movie a pressing matter of the moment to stand. And select the appropriate mode of operation with a good user experience, will you believe the movie talent shows itself. I will share the movie station network process and we hope to all the wise remark of an experienced person, webmaster friends help. read more

n enterprise website conversion rate promotion strategy of Shanghai Dragon

Enterprise Station product pages, many product pages, each product page can be transformed into a page, a corporate website will not separate only one product in the product, then we can set some page layout conversion elements, such as on the bottom of the product add online consultation, contact customer service etc.. Only there are many marketing conversion page, we put this way is called decentralized marketing.

: the first decentralized marketing

second: centralized marketing

different sites can layout into different marketing modes according to your industry’s products and services, so we solve the transformation of ideas where? We should have a scientific process, can pay attention to the following 3 points: read more

Depth analysis of how to operate love Shanghai screen can have effect on product promotion

If The quality and quantity of


earlier in the chain is an important standard to love Shanghai judge the quality of a website, and spawned a number of special chain of occupation, these people made outside the station chain, and then earn commissions.

slowly "love Shanghai screen" this word into some marketing circles, for Islands the first contact is the word in a few years ago, while the word in this year again to get new".

some people love Shanghai very powerful propaganda screen. read more

Analysis of link search query function

the day before yesterday to share with you about love Shanghai query of the chain of "love Shanghai domain accuracy", which referred to as domain, love Shanghai inaccuracy, many webmaster used methods to query the chain of YAHOO, but in November last year, YAHOO has closed chain query function, many webmaster at a loss. There is a saying "when God closed all the doors, will leave window for you, indeed, in the YAHOO shut down the chain the higher accuracy of the query function, but open the chain search query functions, for the majority of the Shanghai dragon Er provides a convenient. Today I love Shanghai for the chain of domain query link soso analysis query function. read more

Error robots file to experience the new station is not included

Shanghai dragon has also been a year, feeling a little level, should be able to operate their own 1,2 station to see, so he made a late August Taobao, selling gadgets, by the way they practice, as we all know, Taobao and love Shanghai are online trading business, is a kind of competition the relationship between the two, is certainly incompatible, taobao贵族宝贝 don’t bird love Shanghai, shield the spider crawling, so I think of themselves and others, in addition to build a station, and then the promotion, in Shanghai engage in ranking, for my Taobao shop to attract some traffic. Want to do it, at the beginning of the September site is ready on the line, the following is the optimization process before the line on the website: read more

8 the details determine success or failure to improve the site speed method

site statistics can effectively reflect the access, website, so this tool by the webmaster favorite, and when you open the page, you will often see the statistical code is placed in the content inside or div or Table tag. But when the calculator fails, the div or Table tag will be delayed for a period of time, resulting in the pages of the web site has not open, affect the site access speed. So we need to put the statistical code in the content, the bottom of the page, or directly to the div label hidden, so it won’t affect our website access speed. read more

Four prevent web site was hung black chain method which to have

Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: The 1. see

3. website FTP password must not be too simple

hackers may get through the website of the FTP user name and password to the target web site to hang black chain. Webmaster friends need a stronger safety awareness, FTP password is too simple will allow hackers to easily break, pose a threat to the safety of the site. Of course, if you can periodically modify the FTP password, it is better for the safety and security of the website.


website source code read more

Fast Sitemap Web

The second step: More and more

, a manual version of the standard Sitemap file is shown as follows:

Sitemap XML version of the site map, because here is mainly for search engines, like a large web site map in this version of HTML is not written. There are several styles of Sitemap, and not the same as the search engine in favor of different Sitemap styles, the site map for example love tend to Shanghai Html styles, and the noble baby for the launch of the Sitemap an own protocol, the XML protocol is used in Yahoo style file, it will offer a site map. Txt style. So according to your personal needs on good Sitemap style. read more

Enterprise station Shanghai Longfeng Road Zoupian Jian Feng inverse daoxing

frontsword is simply using a different new old method to solve the problem, in order to win. This paper is about to use some special and new methods, and even reverse thinking to operate the enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng, means "to fast, and to attack the main First impressions are strongest, inverse daoxing."


Objective: after 2 years, this article is the author of 28 published in the A5 "enterprise station of Shanghai Longfeng Road: how to win" after the second articles about the enterprise website of Shanghai Longfeng paper. In this 2 years is also a lot of things happened, more than 360 new name search search, soso and Sogou marriage, but so far the search engine giant or we both love and hate love Shanghai, and focus on the enterprise website search in Shanghai, love 360, sogou. read more

Easy to earn 200 yuan per day Expose Wangzhuan scamWatch out for more similar online training cheat

out of curiosity, Miss Yang opened the web site. The website really mentioned: "as long as the computer will be able to earn 200 yuan a day things."". Miss Yang began registering according to instructions and found it necessary to send text messages to confirm. She took the heart to consult colleagues about the publication of the information in the group. Not consulting, I do not know, a consulting scare, the original colleague did not release the news, he suspected that his number was stolen after the release. read more

Do Wangzhuan the pros and cons in foreign spaceQuestions about the work attitude of shlf1314 company

foreign space is generally to G to do units, prices relative to the domestic, it is much cheaper, there are many free space abroad, but the flow of support is not large.

A sum of money for November

2, you can put any content,

questioned shlf1314’s work attitude, and even such a small mistake was reluctant to admit it.

When we use the

domestic and foreign concession space, space, must be examined, and not what content can be placed, but these overseas sales in the domestic space, as long as it does not violate the basic national conditions, what is the content that can put, we usually see some of the dumpster, erotic edge or is the direct porn station, can be purchased from Taobao on foreign space management. read more

Five Nirvana let you dare to say no website right down

Links unusual way:

how to avoid because web content and

The adjustment of the internal structure of the

this point factors the author is deep, there is a website in the hands of two years, the website set up after the idle, recently to a friend’s website to do some individual links, results of the site has been right down. For web page K, page keywords ranking naturally no, see the screenshot below:

drop right? There are two

Nirvana three external links, a variety of

2, Links object is not standardized, some website is only in order to increase the site Links, no other site audit, and other Links, some of the site’s performance is not good, a lot of cheating sites of your site and exchange links, also on your site right down the risk. read more

The classification of foreign Wangzhuan projectHow to create revenue website in a blink

China milepost 100 year history of the Olympic Games, to create a green Olympics, hi tech Olympics and Cultural Olympics three concepts, the International Olympic Committee’s Press Committee Chairman Gosper said the same day, the International Olympic Committee has reached an agreement with China to allow China during the Olympic Games in Beijing banned media access to some sensitive sites, so the crackdown on the site. In view of the extraordinary period, in order to the vital interests of the majority of the webmaster, to meet the supply needs of the majority of the webmaster, as the text messaging alliance teamed China Mobile, China Unicom launched the flagship antivirus products. In ensuring the Olympic Games, we integrated into the Olympic atmosphere, watching the wonderful competition, reflecting the high quality of the Chinese people, at the same time, our webmaster can also make modest efforts in the proper channels to support family life. read more

A new way for single page Taobao customersEarnings outlook nternet giant harvest flow era has come

recently, a large number of Internet Co out of earnings, from the data behind, we also try to find some industry trends, seize the change. After all, the data itself is lagging behind, more verification before the point of view, and the trend of the whole Internet era is what we want to grasp. We try to dismantle trends by showing off from several large Internet Co.

in fact, the direct is to continue to the long tail keywords for more depth of excavation, in addition to horizontal excavation series products, but also the vertical excavation of a single product, a single brand, a single shop. From API to promote a single series of products, and then to a single product development, but also just in line with the Internet segmentation market trends. So we do Taobao customers, do not always worry that Taobao has become the Red Sea, in fact, the end of the Red Sea is also the beginning of blue ocean. read more

Adsense money sad by garbage alliance deceptionWarm male CEO into sunchem entrepreneurial community

course lecture before Mr. Zhang Chao for the second time to visit sunchem share of entrepreneurship entrepreneurial community by community guests, vice president Jin Zhiyu issued its excellent business mentor medal, to thank him has been supporting the community and the attention of entrepreneurs.

the afternoon of June 17th, sunchem entrepreneurial community invited Peking University and University of Texas Austen, master of law, both Jane help founder Mr. Zhang Chao, in Chaoyang District East sanhuan sunchem entrepreneurial community Changhong bridge roadshow hall for entrepreneurs to bring a burning brain and practical business ownership structure, financing course. read more

Common problems and matters needing attention of the Wangzhuan noviceMy opinion about shlf1314 Adsen

The simple thing,

4, more money than not. looking at personal financial ability

      2.: about that shielding, say "

      for example: the supply of mobile phone of the two words on this website, the price of mobile phone is very high, but the supply is a common word, put four or five mobile phone advertising, began to cast with supply, advertising, you will think: how could buy mobile phone advertising is only four or five? A: Yes, but GG doesn’t put all the ads on one page. Otherwise, if you always sell high priced ads, you don’t have the chance to buy an ordinary word, so what do you mean by buying an ordinary word? Another Adword has a feature that can set your day’s advertising costs within hours, too read more