SEO workplace secret high and low end talent polarization serious


SEO is still a very important marketing way, no matter how Baidu search 360 grab the cake, no matter how popular SNS marketing, there are still many people want SEO into this circle, and SEO training is so hot. Maybe it has a nice name and a bit of mystery. Of course, there is also an important reason, that is, the threshold is relatively low.

SEO is an easy job and difficult to graduate. Because the knowledge of SEO system is very complicated, involving all aspects of Internet marketing, so beginners can learn SEO starting from a very small angle, such as the hair outside the chain, the editor is the most common basics. But it is also because the knowledge system is too complex, it is very difficult to fruition. Most of the people are to check on SEO, stop at the entry stage, which is just mentioned, pseudo original chain. read more

Web user experience analysis data visualization 6 steps

[editor’s note] this article comes from @ Baidu business UED. In the current Internet, a variety of data visualization charts emerge in endlessly. This article attempts to sum up the methods of data visualization and organize them into 6 steps.

general data graphs can be split into two basic types of elements: what is described and the value of this object, and we define them as indicators and index values for the time being. For example, a gender distribution, men accounted for 30%, women accounted for 70%, then the index is male and female, the index value corresponds to 30%, 70%. read more

Talk about how PR improves effectively

some time ago wrote an article "how your site appears in the first page of Baidu GG" article, has been recognized by many users, but also know a lot of friends, and everyone through exchanges also let me learn a lot, also let me realize the knowledge sharing to everyone is so his knowledge of fast reason, today I’m going to write an article about how to improve the PR, put me in a recent period of time of the heart to share, if what is wrong place please exhibitions, I put the station out to the big house, this is a PR0 station so, when next time with the new PR, and I’m sure can reach PR3 or even higher (to see this station is to let everyone make a witness, next time with the new PR if not up to 3 you can say I write today This is here, in fact, I’m not bragging) carefully before I have to think of PR as just a few PR3 station, you can look up to the 3 stations are PR3 read more

The wet nurse will be a patent for the newly married girls

nanny – a great and respected profession,

on the Internet what things can happen, in with the milk powder incident, the market wage nurse to rise rapidly, and soon someone will make a professional nurse or nurse, but will not believe that investment is very effective, because children are the future and hope, do not want their children lose at the starting line.

if you were a man, would you allow your wife to be a nanny to someone else,


many people have their own ideas. If you’re a mother and you have enough milk, would you like to be a nanny to someone else’s read more

What suits you is the best way to talk about the choice of an advertising alliance

in the webmaster can use many profit channels, advertising alliance is undoubtedly many Adsense began to contact, use the website to make money when the first model. Even when many webmaster websites develop to a larger scale, they are still the most reliable, efficient and stable way in many profitable channels. At home and abroad, many new and old advertising alliance for the majority of the webmaster to use the site to realize the dream of making money, provides a wide range of choices, so that even if the site in the initial stage of development can bring profits for the station. read more

The most popular tide of literature and art children’s mobile electricity supplier business success

now has a lot of entrepreneurs in the choice of entrepreneurial will choose some relatively new business platform, such as network such a business platform, there are a lot of people through the network platform is a success.

"in Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang mode began to flood, we want to leave the platform to play something different." Liu Ping describes his choice of WeChat as a starting point for the business platform. After market research combined with perceptual judgment, Liu Ping feel fresh market development, and relatively easy to cut fruit, so quickly chose to import fruit as their entrepreneurial direction. read more

Good site planning allows you to build the station with half the effort

each webmaster in the site before, must be well planned, you will do the web site.

good site planning allows you to build the station with half the effort.

according to the different stations, the site planning will also be different, but ultimately can not be separated from the general framework. Before we set up a website, we had a good idea of the market situation, and then recorded it in written form. This is the process of thinking and ideas to form a result, but also a manifestation of planning. read more

nternet differentiation strategy and sustainable development

    remember a year ago, I met a lot of clothing in the media, in the clothing is very successful clothing enterprises boss, which many domestic top men’s brand, also is not very well known but rapid development of women’s fashion brand. Among them, there is a friend, is to do women’s clothing. His clothing business has a distinctive feature – he only dresses in women’s dresses, and nothing else. This is a very thin marketing route, so that his capital from a few thousand dollars a year ago quickly accumulated to millions. read more

Case study Tencent revised a beautiful beginning

changes in the pattern of information to promote the revision of Tencent network to open up, portal, blog, video, mobile, depth integration of their own high-quality resources. The revision interface is clear and simple, the design is smooth, and the value of the beautiful interface is quite rare.

Tencent web site:, a news portal can have such an interface, let me unexpected. Maybe not everyone can have my deep experience. It’s not easy to design a person who has a sense of it. read more

Classification and profit model of mobile phone websites

first of all, I’m also a rookie said wrong place, we all bear in mind. After all, a mountain is more than a mountain, ha ha.

, let’s get down to business and talk about the classification of mobile websites. Mobile phone sites are divided into the following categories:

1, mobile mall class

2, cell phone theme class

3, mobile phone software

4, mobile games category

5, class WAP,

6, general class

first talk about mobile mall category, the profit model of this site is very simple, mainly to sell mobile phones, and then get interest from the merchants there. At present do have better OQ and Jingdong mall, beidou. read more

Do stand 3 years of sad hope friends from all walks of life to some suggestions criticism and he

remembers that the first contact network was in the first year of high school, and learned how to surf the Internet and went to the chat room desperately, from text chat to voice chat. High school is really contact with the forum, because chat met a net friend, users use their own computer at home, the framework of the server, made a forum, so I became the webmaster BBS bbs. Think of it, it was crazy, every day in the Internet cafe 3 yuan an hour under the price of 5 hours when the moderator, waste a lot of money. When I was in college, the second grade because some of the things that pushed all the class positions, Woon Nozurui has become a boring, and will start a website, when the right is to find a place is to their university life leave a mark, and I hope I can make a life for college students enrich the site. Guangdong university student network was born. read more

Baidu snapshot slow update what can we do

in August 1st this year, the new took over a web site, is doing crystal business, the official website is When I took over, I found that Baidu snapshot or July 17th, has not been updated for half a month. And Baidu included in the day one day in the decline, the ranking of keywords is also declining day by day. Personally, if the proportion of Baidu’s K stations in the near future, if the increase, the site is K possibility is great. To keep websites from being K, I first analyze the shortcomings of the site and list them to see what needs to be improved and then to work out them. I’ve done a couple of main things. read more

Does individual stationmaster undertake website is easy Not easy

Since the establishment of the Luoping

blog, the feeling is quite deep, since 3 years has been the site to get a personal blog, but there has been no power, mainly is not something in my stomach, though didn’t website has been doing network promotion work, but on the web marketing and website optimization is utterly ignorant of the sentence. He said: is like pregnancy, the longer the time of something in the belly! I believe age is not long, but with a strong network like momentum, through continuous efforts and learning, personally think that is a success, not to say the network business, at least to support the family by wangzhuan. So, I write Bo to share my real experience, the novice must be helpful, even if my writing ability is very bad, but I think as long as seriously, can understand. (thanks to the blog has been stepped back to Luoping friends. Welcome to my blog, read more

n the face of the seizure of the computer room my server go from here

recently, the wave of the Internet sweep opened, by WAP, and then caused by the Internet pornographic information disaster continues, there are already more than a dozen room was sealed, in which there are many IDC companies have reluctantly declared bankruptcy, the recent domestic Internet industry are actually the jittery, China Mobile China Unicom Group of three China Telecom in combating illegal information such as the Internet moves is not wise, against these offenders have really so difficult, must use such a person guilty will jiuzu collective punishment way to solve it, of which there are too many innocent victims on the Internet for many years the room was harvested, 80 blocked port server is stopped IP banned these moves to the webmaster is undoubtedly a fatal blow. But what about them?. read more

How to seize the market blank of wealth secret cooperation

for today’s consumers, eat healthy food, spend more on it. Egg and ostrich meat…… The most expensive chicken in a worm will be around 130 yuan. Egg 25 yuan a catty, whole chicken 40 yuan per kilogram to 40 yuan per kilogram, dried bamboo shoots…… Dare to sell such a high price of agricultural products are rare, these products can be put together to sell businesses even less common. If you have the opportunity to go to Mr. Huang to open the agricultural products store, the chairman may be a lot of insight.  

read more

A little idea of making money at the garbage dump

garbage station SEO is very important, because the content of the dumpster generally does not exist back, which requires the maximum interception of traffic from the search, generally when IP on your time to stabilize around 4000, choose a good lure page and terminal, one day get 200 yuan lower income should be no problem.

was the first to build a garbage station, you should choose a good meter, this is the first step of SEO, is not the best choice for some K, registration expired old, look at the rice history, no problem can be re registered here, said, why a registration, because a the relative weight of the new high, not through the box effect, there is no need to include the problem, there is no evaluation period, get high ranking included preparation. To go there to find a search, expired domain name, see for yourself. read more

Find allies for your website and build BRCs in the nternet world

saw the "BRICs in news" (BRICS) meeting of third leaders in April 14th, held in Sanya in China, will discuss how to deal with the problem of how to coordinate major international, deepen and expand cooperation between each other, the problem of how to strengthen the BRICs cooperation mechanism. I didn’t know much about the concept of "BRICs". I read the news reports, plus some information about Baidu. Generally speaking, Brazil, Russia, India, China, as well as new member countries, South Africa, several countries in economic, cultural, social and other aspects of in-depth cooperation. These countries have consistency in their development goals and economic interests. They not only exchange needed goods, but also support each other to a certain extent, and strive for global discourse power and common development. read more

Electronic membership card product observation middle public comment Merchant Center

[core tips] slow company model public comment membership card backstage what kind of? Is it enough to withstand the strong impact from Tencent micro life membership card?


editor’s note: in the "electronic membership card product observation (last): Tencent micro life background", we detailed the Tencent micro life X1 version of merchant background. Through the acquisition and integration of cards, Tencent micro business side of the product from the functional point of view has been relatively mature. This paper will introduce ten years of intensive and meticulous farming in the local service areas of life, for businesses, the company which is reflected in the product. read more

Keywords after a good ranking how to make rankings more durable

have a good keyword optimization to get good rankings, even the first Baidu, SEOer may know, is not easy, it can be said that in hard update, original, chain, chain, chain every day…… Of course, once you get the ranking, you will get a traffic flow, in order to have income, so, the webmaster to maintain hard-earned ranking, continue to cycle, as the ancients said: Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult! Optimization keyword ranking too, especially a sought after keywords optimization ranking ranking is more difficult to maintain! read more

How to build a novel station for beginners

my novel station library finally officially launched a few days ago, the days are in the collection of novels and constantly improve some function, speaking of making novels stand really just a hobby, can do stand is the whims of, but the novel has always been my hobby, maybe this is I can really do that. Objectively speaking I can say on the website is the original Internet time although utterly ignorant of, many, but basically spent chatting, reading novels, watching movies on the basis of knowledge, for the web site can be said not at all. read more