Sogou rating function upgrade like Google PR

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found on many websites by Qingdao Shanghai dragon query, 10 point rating standards closer to Google’s PR value of the standard, like a large portal: Sohu, love Shanghai, Sina, QQ, Taobao and rank value basically in 8 or 9, some small and medium sized sites between 3-5 and the personal webmaster that is, 1 or 3 overall, the rationality and reference of more than 100 minutes ago. Through the observation we also found that Sogou seems to all sites, the minimum value of rank is 1, that is to say, even if the new station will display the Sogou rank value is 1, which is different from Google’s Google exquisite, appears as the PR value of 0 to the railway station, or Qingdao Shanghai dragon has not been found to Sogou rank 0 the web site.

query love Shanghai PR value of Google and Sogou Rank value


the Sogou rating function did not know whether to upgrade Sogou 2011 has great action, in the domestic search engine search market to Chinese love Shanghai occupy absolute advantage, will not know whether because of the new Sogou action and worry, of course, as our webmaster, we hope that the major search engines for the webmaster do awesome things, launch some good tools for the healthy development of the website. The first Qingdao Shanghai dragon blog 贵族宝贝, reproduced please keep the source, thank you.

in the major search engines, each search engine has its own special "rating standards, rating more directly to the number of Google’s PageRank and Sogou rank, careful Adsense may these two days may find Sogou search" rating (Sogou rank) function upgrade, the original 100 points a 10 point system, such as Google’s PR value. It is understood that the Sogou specially equipped with a special rating query server, the address is: 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/sogourank.php? Ur=贵族宝贝, enter your website address query behind UR=, webmaster can through the address directly view all site in Sogou in weight level.

query Sina and Sogou Google PR value

Webmaster Tools two "rating on Google and Sogou comparison:



query Tencent Google PR value and Sogou Rank value


Something that links to buy buy links need to pay attention to

3: the chain greater than or equal to 1000, the chain the more the better.

2: a collection of more than or equal to 200 sites, included the more the better.

1: a new snapshot (within 3 days) of the website snapshot as close as possible.

7: high performance website, the website is better data, more expensive, if the data in general, cheap buy links will be popular, if the data is good, the price is generally, also has been favored.

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, a link on the black hat white hat

6: love Shanghai weight site, the higher the high.

is the most popular website links, is nothing more than less data, generally as follows.

5: Google PR, PR about the better.

second, love Shanghai how to say, how to do, can be seen, in fact there is no way to identify the love of Shanghai for the sale of links, certainly not only love Shanghai, the world’s largest search engine Google is only the third party punishment link trading site, which is from Shanghai love processing method for the sale of links can be seen, is nothing more than advice, threat supplement, action wood, an action, 100% injured. So the sale of links, as long as the attention point is generally harmless. But buying links for keywords ranking promotion effect is remarkable.

In fact, since the

to talk about their own situation, at the beginning of July to present the medical company website optimization work, the so-called health, we have to understand that the manager also don’t understand website optimization, of course, she did not need to understand her, if you understand, that I should do what, because the company’s website too many people too little, so need to buy part of the link, and this one is in charge of me. Here today will talk with you from the beginning of the July to the present, I have to buy something that links.

two, what kind of links to the most popular

contact Shanghai dragon, teacher has repeatedly stressed that to avoid the black hat Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon and white hat to do, there is no doubt that link is a black hat belonging to Shanghai dragon, so is it because link belongs to the black hat, I do not do it? Of course not. In 1960s Chinese, a great man said: "whether black or white, can catch mice is a good cat and my view, and the great man’s view is very consistent, of course, may also have friends that I interpret out of context, I think this case still depends on the circumstances. The medical industry is no doubt for this sentence, it is K station, is a domain name back to, anyway, the medical industry is the main source of customers love Shanghai auction. The so-called shot for a place, I think it is very suitable for the medical industry.

4: less than 60 of the export, export less.

After the SP era, search union advertising is the main strategic direction of the webmasterWhat do i


first, if you really are doing a catering business, you must first do this thing well, otherwise, the more famous, open shop, the faster the death.

experienced a few years of madness, SP era finally drifting away, who provides the first pot of gold for individual Adsense?

I alliance contact time is not long, but it is also engaged in the Internet for a long time, a personal webmaster. Through six months of cooperation with various types of alliances, and finally some understanding, and hope to share with you.


the beginning of this article, there may be part of the webmaster have the answer, yes, exactly is the search engine alliance, specifically sh419, Adsense, and shlf1314 to promote the theme of the Yahoo bid currently money effect still need further research, but the personal feeling from the layout of Yahoo, should be worth following up

Some may say this

The stability analysis of this cooperation

A, if you have a certain amount of access and content, natural income is considerable, temporarily unhappy as far as possible through reasonable optimization, do not go astray, because of the small absolute loss.

pure "Internet gourmet" walk not far,

blue venture partners Chen Weiguang:

entrepreneur & I dark horse to join hands with investors, entrepreneurs together for entrepreneurs to interpret the 2017 industry development password.

second, the traditional enterprise is not a problem, the question is whether to have a good profit model. The single mode is not profitable, the problem is not solved, whether it is single, straight to join, will have problems.

third, after a good model, but also really do products, brands. If it is brewing in the past few years, then next year, the era of catering brand will really come, but will become more differentiated.

I think 2017 needs to keep pace with the times, especially these points:

, the spring of enterprise services, has arrived,

2017 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The competition of the Internet has entered the stage of heavy operation, and under the rising company’s territory, the path of acquiring new companies has become difficult. Community, live broadcast and so on become their important flow obtain channel.

SaaS also began to focus on offline management. Does this mean that, for enterprises, the development of many years of online, offline, has become a new battlefield of Internet companies?

chances are still there. It’s only heavier and more vertical than before. Even the Internet "transformation" is not deep in the entertainment industry, there has been such a change, the content will be further subdivided, more accurate, to serve a certain group.

AI continues to develop, and it seems an indisputable fact that robots will replace mechanical, stylized work. But when will this scene come true, and what industries are the first to be affected?

restaurant industry in the past two or three years, I understand the adjustment: a group of the original well-known enterprises in the reduction of volume, including a high-profile Internet Co.

Hony investment chairman Wang Xiaolong:

, three or four years ago, everyone was talking about investing in business services, and we felt that the spring of enterprise services might come in 2017. In the SaaS segments, we are more optimistic about helping companies manage offline and online businesses. Now the enterprise has not only on the line, even millet line shop, Wang Jianlin also in line. So go to the management of online and offline business through a more efficient system, the integration of online and offline, to ensure the flow of data, may be a great demand, we will put some specialized in the enterprise.

tongue is busy, founder Wang Xue:

trends >

Keywords after a good ranking, how to make rankings more durable

have a good keyword optimization to get good rankings, even the first Baidu, SEOer may know, is not easy, it can be said that in hard update, original, chain, chain, chain every day…… Of course, once you get the ranking, you will get a traffic flow, in order to have income, so, the webmaster to maintain hard-earned ranking, continue to cycle, as the ancients said: Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult! Optimization keyword ranking too, especially a sought after keywords optimization ranking ranking is more difficult to maintain!


, the search engine algorithm, rules constantly update and change! Plus ruthless manual intervention, the sentence joke words, Feng Shui also said "your turn", so that the search engine may not let you sit in the first place, so we do it have the words are changed, now let the webmaster mining almost, long tail keywords are fierce competition, ranking is not only a few years ago to do a few friendship to do a few outside the chain can fix things. So, in the future, how can we make the website keyword ranking "high",


words such as topic, organ wolf blog and you briefly analyze your own experience and opinions:

1, the premise of all webmasters in your mind! Stationmaster must have a good attitude, first of all is to have a good ranking webmaster mentality, absolutely can not arrogant, feel yourself sitting in the first place, what do not do every day, money can rely on this ranking in the number, if this state of mind, believe that your day is not long. The webmaster must learn to "think", be like before the hard work, to develop good habits to optimize, the original update, such as keyword analysis, internal and external chain construction, but can reduce workload than before, such as the "Jeep men" wolf organ website, ranked from the station, a few months time. But the wolf is still every organ taking a little time in doing the original update, the chain construction, user experience analysis etc.. Because I believe that the search engine is no fool, do not work hard, you will lose everything! So, adjust your attitude, start,


2, website space charge, absolutely not, a good ranking must have a good server, only your website open speed, server stability, to allow Baidu to love your station, give you good ranking! When you have money, rank, authority wolf advise you, with your first money give yourself a good space, if a site open speed is not guaranteed! It also talk about what ranking stable rankings and

?Stay alert,

3 time! Do preventive work in the website space, website program, make your site from the inside to the outside is safer! Why do you say that, the wolf organs encountered this problem, negligence, malicious websites are linked to horse, which is a black lin>