Optimum management method for super large SEM account

Q: well

is not difficult enough, EXCEL. The main structure is to take the good, when doing the test or layout will come out, and then gradually adjust.

yesterday and a friend is very large SEM account management issues a discussion that may be useful to everyone, finishing added, posted.

asked. Now there is a problem. I’m on the customer with a few small girl in the lane, they often put the quality of low degree of take out to build plan. I went in and looked like crazy, out of order, the big move, data volatility will be more powerful.


: I have seen you before writing love Shanghai intermediate training PPT, to test a group of keywords, this is not a system, it is difficult to achieve?

re grouping.


The account structure relates to the quiz and related search terms

asked: that only the top 100 consumer top adjust OK? I’m going to keywords 100 consumption were TOP,

answer: take a new account to avoid big move, move too much easy to cause severe fluctuations. Even the new account structure should also be gradual, for customers, optimize the more sense on the basis of stability. Volatility itself will bring more obstacles to optimization.


for large account, the account structure is one of the most important part in the management of SEM. The essence of account size, no amount of keywords in the SEM management on the essential difference. The large account problem is too much, easy to get lost in the details, which cannot be effectively identify priority issues and solutions. A clear account of the reasonable structure to improve the readability of the account and operability, good priority, is not too complicated to manage. In principle, I think even millions of millions of key words do not need dozens of people, 35 is enough.

is one of the most important parts of large and medium sized account management, this did not start, if the reader is interested, can be alone on a discussion.

. You have no EXCEL data analysis sample. I see what you do, learn. D>

asked: more than 100 thousand keywords of super large accounts, how the group is more convenient management? Now this account depends mainly on the types to the points, such as the industry / general / question / competitive products and so on, but I feel very cumbersome management.

answer: it can be for example, choose one of the biggest project industry as sample, select the most meaningful keywords a test series. And then the series optimization. After the completion of the preliminary optimization, replace other project / industry to test the concept of the same group, a little change, not a whole change.

How to improve the short-term advantages included and weight

our website once made creative we will ensure our website can not be copied, so that for our website we need to continue to maintain a degree of scarcity.

users will need, as long as the user search keywords will certainly need the content, this is the strong demand of users.

if we want to improve our website and set the weight in the short term, so do the creative is a core content, why do we have to do creative ideas, mainly in order to avoid the homogenization of the website, we do creative direct purpose is not to raise short-term weight and included, because if we put this two as the direct purpose of our idea is to do good, but if we do it will promote the short collection of weight and creative.

sites we also need a complete creative thinking process.

1. website

rivals weakness

included in the website optimization is a very important factor, we need to do is content to authorized users recognized by search engines, as long as our content to the user value of the search engine will establish the index, we know that the amount of included stable lifting weights for the cumulative our website is helpful. How do we content to further enhance the quality of our collection so as to make our website weight value is also relatively increase this is what we have to think in the short term, of course, we do not use black hat techniques to operate, for you today to share some.

(2) must be

The definition of

, two creative thinking strategies of the website

, a website

if our website creative is the opponent’s strengths, we do there is scarce and the differences do not, this is almost impossible.

(3) to keep the degree of scarcity of

The characteristics of

2. website creative

before we understand the creative process of the website, we must first understand the website has what characteristics.

(1) must satisfy the strong demand of users

We must be creative website

creative in daily life, we have a good understanding, creativity in Shanghai love auction is there, so whether the definition of creativity in the website why, in the website of originality is mainly the two aspects of scarcity and differences, these two aspects can be reflected in any of the elements of a web site, web site to avoid the homogenization of creative industries and achieve demand scarcity, a website content scarcity degree is higher, at the same time and compared to their counterparts in the website user experience is the absolute difference, then the site in the industry is creative, by this we know the site to do the scarcity and the difference is not so creative easy, we need a set of processes.

Very practical! Machinery enterprise station optimization analysis of 3 points

: the station optimization, keywords layout and the core is the construction of the chain of

Reasonable layout of

, scientific planning, total station (home page, column page, a two column page, project page, the article page) to carry out their duties, placement of independent keywords. In the construction of the Pyramid system chain everything in good order and well arranged, complete. For example, a directory page, the title of "price _ weighing sensor digital weighing sensor _ weighing sensors offer _S weighing sensor" remarkable.

website . with links to know love

this is a wonderful site, a "engaged in machinery enterprise website weighing sensor" trade, encounter an interview in Guangzhou in 2012. At the meeting in a short moment, but won numerous world! It let Xiaobian this half self-study Shanghai dragon Er, gained more practical knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng, this simple analysis of 3 aspects of the experience. Deficiencies, hope. One or two.

The basic data of

said, the data as an example: the chain has 676 thousand stations, and have a ratio of. The site is not small attention for one or two years, although there have been drop right, keywords ranking fluctuate, but basically is very stable. The reason is that the boss of the company, understand Shanghai Longfeng, hiring executive force in technology. May, to understand the people who prefer solid graduates, do not mix two or three years Shanghai dragon industry soldier rascal.

ask yourself, who are beginners that passion, but also every day to send hundreds of the chain. Of course, not the skills, there are only some things on the edit. As everyone knows, the chain of family, love Shanghai and other search engines, B2B higher than the weight given to the website, forum, blog, classification of information, should be the chain resources webmaster friends very powerful. What is the extension, outside the station from the media platform


three: love Shanghai know, 2015 with a link is not difficult

2015 Shanghai

two: standing outside the promotion, emphasis on executive power, do B2B site outside the chain

that time, optimize the website Xiaobian still undivided attention home. In the station, all the links on the home page, the most different keywords. The result? Or is the site was K (or excessive optimization); optimization is up, the effect is not ideal (home for a few key words ah). But to see this website, completely stunned.

love Shanghai know how to link? Is always the owners who were concerned about the events. Can do a few love Shanghai know, love Shanghai love Shanghai encyclopedia, library, love Shanghai forum chain, absolutely high quality. But the strict examination, love Shanghai commercial, the webmaster can not start, most choose to give up. Analysis of this website, be startled at small (pictured above), they are so easy to wear. Domain! This site has been doing and can do add >

How to restore the lost nearly 1 months of home love Shanghai

just 1 months ago, I search our website name "wusheng home" in Shanghai, found in the first row is not home, but the site within the content page. At that time did not care how, think to be pushed to the back of the home page, that will be good to wait a few days. However, a few days later still so, I looked up to more than 20 pages can’t find my home. I am anxious, I love Shanghai "love Shanghai search page snapshot disappear" to find a cause, a number of articles to make an explanation of this problem. That the reason is the following:

If your site is

two, check the

, check the site log (IIS log

if your web page in the snapshot page disappear, and included reduced to one times, so that there is a problem with your site article quality, or the accumulation of keywords, or your website on the Internet a lot of repeated, perhaps because of your collection, then suggest to stop the acquisition, increase the original article to love, and Shanghai to re submit.

IIS log records all the circumstances of the spider crawling host the host header information returned to see when the spider crawling website in detail what the problem is, if your host or server without IIS log, then you need to contact your supplier to IIS log out, the need to release the IIS server log.

if your website snapshot is gone, so whether the site included page still is reduced or disappear completely included page page, if the page and home page are gone, I’m sorry that your website pulled the hair, it is recommended that you return to Shanghai dragon love Shanghai webmaster guidelines or Google webmaster guidelines take a look webmaster guidelines search engine the provisions of the rules of the game.

The amount included in website

three, the loss of


you need to check your site whether caused by a large number of the chain is missing, the chain is divided into two directions, Links loss ratio, URL output chain disappear if the loss ratio is more than 20% so you need to increase your work to do outside the chain and loss ratio >

The chain of

home page disappeared, and did not reduce the number of pages, so that when the love of Shanghai grab home encounter difficulties, or love Shanghai temporary adjustment database problems, such a situation you don’t have to worry about, to decorate link bait seduce spider is enough.

2 years ago I was a village in the foreign worker, because of love on the Internet, he finally decided to go home to do the local community website. The site quickly set up, through a simple extension of some columns, in small local celebrity. I also like many webmaster, every day to see their love, Shanghai found recorded snapshot updates. The site is the original local content as the foundation, so we stood on the Shanghai love content has been the normal search records and update snapshot on time every day.

In 2012 the new Shanghai Dragon dry cargo forum outside the chain of mystery

in irrigation

PR said here is a pan concept, you can understand the weight of different channel page weight forum different, which leads to the phenomenon is that some popular channels included faster, some popular channels included or not included.

5: BBS signature. "

4: reprint, original and pseudo original

today at the forum to do outside the chain has become a lot of Shanghai dragon ER Optimization Website primary means, but careful Shanghai dragon ER will find that the many chain had no effect, but I do not know what the reason. The reason is because they don’t understand the forum forum with the different weight mechanism, and other special website, let his hair of the chain to achieve the desired effect, we should know how to transfer the weight of the forum is the blind, the hair of the chain is not wise, you release the chain page was collected, only you said the chain will be basically the effect. The happiness of Shanghai dragon briefly enumerate some characteristics of the forum, please readers savor the mystery.

2: the forum theme is not included in


generally, water content is not closely linked to the theme and content of irrigation is very homogeneous, such as: top, sofa. This kind of words will trigger love Shanghai copy page judgment mechanism, the content will be the theme of the original water dilution degree, here can give an example, if an article of the first sentence is the original, behind a thousand words is top, learning, to see you such a word, then, this article if no larger chain or weight transfer station support, it is hard to be included, the spider like new things, you know.

many friends publish or reply in the link of the channel, into a large number of links, you know, a web page link will dilute the PR value of the home page, then the post is the same, too many links in the post, easily lead to the post weight being diluted up to love Shanghai included standard, so the students issued by the chain in the forum, try not to take too many links. Many themes that should be included, but you directly reply with a large number of links, a direct result of the post will not be included, posting and if both sides did not get benefits.

some friends love reproduced directly after the link with their own, some friends directly using pseudo original software to false original articles directly after the release in the forum, the Shanghai dragon happiness of the two methods of these two methods is not to regard it as right, may be included, but also very easy to be recovered, it will also cause the chain is not stable, happiness Shanghai Longfeng advocated: pure original and original. The original will be two times the processing site article, use your own words. Good results of the two methods, love is not objectionable to Shanghai.

3: link weight of shunt

1: Forum of each channel page PR value of different

How to improve website ranking competitor analysis

Two. What do

want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng must learn to analyze competitor, the enemy, know yourself. Recently many website webmaster do not know how to analyze competitors, how to get the valid method from competitors, to increase the weight of their own website, so today the man will give you a Shanghai dragon thought this method to teach you.

analysis data of

talent shows itself?A


analysis of 3. key words: through the love of Shanghai index, love Shanghai for the background, Google AD, Google trends to analyze keywords, including brand words, words to analyze the layout of commercial intention of competitors, keyword sources.

2. site layout is reasonable: mainly in the first: breadcrumb navigation is a key arrangement, bread crumbs generally leads to the front page we do anchor text brand of words which we can in the famous Shanghai dragon successful web site can see like Amoy shoes, or like Jingdong to each column do 1 keywords to improve the keywords ranking single product.


competitor analysis mainly from two aspects, one is the station; the other hand is outside the station; and the two aspects to analyze what kind of data, and competitor analysis which core data can help your website fast

1. the domain name of the website has no competitive advantage: it is not the old domain new station, the old domain name can accelerate the site assessment period, improve the site, while the biggest advantage in the site is not easy to be a search engine in the bud was killed, so we can often see the sale of portal two level domain name buy optimization to do medical sites now, more well-known is the Phoenix Chinese medicine, people贵族宝贝.cn health, china贵族宝贝 Sina health, Chinese medicine, the city of sina station health column etc..

analysis is to find out the weak points and merits of everything is not perfect, if a site is really perfect, then the ranking may not always change the floating. The analysis of the competition website, is to find out its merits and deficiencies. If a website is mainly relying on the content and get high weight, we can not is the focal point to analyze its content. Do Shanghai dragon know, write ten dozens of the original article general what is the problem of a person does not have, can insist on. But if 365 days a year, every day of the original, but the quality must be high, for example, wrote on the website construction and website optimization aspects of the Internet, write the article will be published in the webmaster to online, then will the day not only as far as the Jiangnan? @ sure each person’s idea and vision, analysis of the writing thoughts from others, you will find a lot of merits.

1. Shanghai advanced syntax: domain:+ through love each other’s domain name, see others in what place do love Shanghai "

Keywords long tail theory is the subversion of the 28 law

In fact,

after love Shanghai yesterday and the webmaster’s joke on Qi, pay more attention to some of the more long tail keywords blog, found that many have different degrees of improvement, Shanghai dragon is so strange, no time to optimize the ranking rose, the more he wanted his ranking rose less rose. The network market is gradually thinning, long tail keywords intensified competition. Electric district and everyone together about the long tail keywords.

is long, often is 2-3 words, or phrases. In the content page, in addition to the title of the page, but also in content. The search volume is very small, and unstable. The long tail keywords bring customers into the probability of customer website products is much lower than the target keywords. There are a large number of long tail keywords large and medium-sized website, the total flow is very large.


the answer is definitely the latter, now more and more attention in the Shanghai dragon ER website long tail keywords, and tried to dig the long tail keywords, long tail keywords optimization, enhance the long tail keywords ranking. This is the inevitable trend of the development of Shanghai dragon, the main keywords ranking competition is fierce, the long tail theory is to use the coverage of keywords to win, Many a little make a mickle. And the long tail keywords targeted, especially the transformation of some precise long tail word rate is also high.

, for example, three people were searching for three keywords, "electric business circle" and "business", "Shanghai Longfeng electric district Shanghai dragon race". Statistically, search "business" to Shanghai dragon race is much higher than the search "electricity business circle" to. Because he was looking for to know looking for specific information, and search.

in the domestic market began a search engine optimization, is a kind of popular Shanghai dragon Er misleading thinking, only the optimization of the main keywords, largely ignored the long tail keywords, but rather to create long tail keywords to maximize the benefits for enterprises and individuals. Now more and more Internet companies have launched ZhengZhan optimization scheme, the purpose is to promote the optimization of the main keywords and long tail keywords, this difference in my optimization and optimization of the entire station "has been mentioned in detail. According to the statistics of some electronic commerce website, long tail products and long tail keywords to get traffic, the total flow rate of twenty percent to thirty, but the resulting from the long tail products there may be more than half of the profit." Have to say the long tail theory is a subversion of the "28 law". Shanghai dragon should be in accordance with the "28 laws" as key words, or in accordance with the "long tail" extending

believes that the long tail theory, due to the factors of cost and efficiency in the past, people only pay attention to the important person or thing, if the normal distribution curve to describe these people or things, people only focus on the curve "head", and will be in the curve "tail", require more effort and cost to pay attention to the most people ignore or something. Long tail keywords has extensibility, strong pertinence, wide range, specific performance is as follows:

Jinshan Notice about WPS data release time changeShenyang shop three thousand days to sell high on t

has a turnover of over 10000

April 21st, taobao Liaoning UNITA leader "would blossom" told reporters that at present, Liaoning province has the crown level the success of the transaction more than million sellers nearly 130, five diamond successful trading more than 5000 sellers nearly two hundred, more than two diamond successful trading more than 500 more than 3000 sellers. Liaoning chamber of Commerce statistics show that in Shenyang the number of shop only registered in Taobao online will be close to 3000. It is estimated that, if you add in , eBay, Sina and other stores opened sellers, the number of online shopping in Shenyang must be more than 3000.

a day !

since the second half of last year, every day in the online shop in Shenyang sellers showed obvious upward trend, part of the store owner also joined the ranks of network start-ups. In January this year, in the street near the jewelry shop entity Wu, because of the popularity of online transactions, registered on the Internet opened a shop. Up to now, 80 deals have been successfully traded. Reporters saw in his shop, shops operating booming, not only and physical stores, can be returned, the consumption of a certain amount of money can also be free express.

! If the


announced the previous day’s data around 3 p. m. the next day.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

reporter found that, in addition to online shop for second of the income source of the workplace and have physical shop owner, some after graduation did not find the right job students also opened the shop.

entrepreneurship while driving employment, customer service positions need 10000 people

shop is a lot of business benefits? Liaoning chamber of Commerce, a crown seller told reporters, the monthly operating income in the hundreds of thousands of yuan, the average daily income of over 10000 yuan. As the shop does not need the cost of physical shops, but also save the decoration, gas, water, electricity and other routine maintenance costs, so the benefits are good.

to "chipping away" such words to describe the shop, is definitely out. Statistics show that only in Shenyang Taobao online shop close to 3000, of which better operating shops, monthly turnover of hundreds of thousands of yuan.

Wang Lin,


Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: http://m.union.kingsoft/

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

reporter is scouring

Shen City three types of online shop

in a gold and silver sales center to do marketing work of Miss Zhou, these days the signature changed to "everyone go to my store" support". It turned out that Miss Zhou opened a new jewelry shop on Taobao, specializing in various types of silver. She told reporters that since the second half of last year, the unit has not been a bonus, she will use the convenience of their own work, opened an online shop, earn some extra income.

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,


more League information is available: http://top.admin5/u

the spread of the financial crisis, so that consumers close their wallets, some people turn to low-cost, convenient online shopping market Amoy goods, and the hot online shopping market has spawned a number of online shops and network start-ups.

WPS took one hour less time to get data from Zhuhai, so the time to publish it was postponed for an hour.

WPS project team

sorry for the inconvenience,

, everybody:

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

To avoid the similar risk to improve the quality of site level

second, pseudo original to upgrade, after all, a content rich website, through personal webmaster or a small team is often difficult to get very rich, appropriate pseudo original but false original but no ground for blame, need to upgrade, can not simply replace the title, disrupt the paragraph, such as love Shanghai intelligent upgrade, has been difficult to adapt to, the best way is through manual rewriting, and as far as possible to reach more than 70% of the original, can reduce the similarity of web pages.

search engine can "similarity recognition can not be more than 60%, if more than 60%, it will be the corresponding search engine punishment, the right to be reduced or blocked. What are the factors that cause the page similarity? Specifically, there are two main reasons: first, the same site, often the old content simple renovation in the process of renovation, description, keywords and title and content changes little, or is a simple pseudo original, so it is easy to cause "high similarity. Second, the other sites have included the contents of take over, simple adjustment, such as the change of title, paragraph will again break up, then posted on its Web site, the content contrast does not such content on your site and although there are similarities, but from the Internet on the angle of comparison, then this will be repeated become very obvious.

page similarity obvious, need to change the contents before construction strategy immediately, otherwise once more than 60% of the cordon, easy website is judged as spam sites, thus it is very difficult to succeed. This can reduce the content of the website from the following two aspects of similarity.

in the process of website construction, often appear a vexing problem, that is "a high degree of similarity, and once this problem, it is difficult to improve the site’s ranking, or even result in Shanghai love to drop right or punishment. What is the similarity of web page

page similarity usually refers to the two page content there are many parts of the same. When the search engine two ", will be through the analysis and comparison of two methods. The first is to analyze the content of the web page module, if the two page MD5 value data, then the similarity between the two pages is very high. The second is, according to the key words on the page and sort frequency analysis. To obtain the high frequency keywords in a web page, then the MD5 assignment, if the two page keyword MD5 value, it has high similarity.

first, as far as possible the original, because the original content does not exist the problem of similarity degree, and even other sites are reproduced, even included time than you, but after a period of time, the intelligent algorithm will also determine if you love Shanghai as the first original, giving a higher weight.

third, with iFrame > box

The ? When the

In several practical ranking fluctuations in the case of the old station solution

some old station may be caused by the following aspects of

has the following two aspects

, another reason is that the chain is missing, the chain number of this two day search site, suddenly fell 1/3, such a problem, ranking does not drop it? Is a lot of the chain link failure or some expired, the need to update the chain gradually and add a general ranking will soon come up again.

this is the specific reason I rank the old station down, the main reason is their management station management less, in fact, in general, still haven’t serious management station, leading to the weight of the site keywords ranking to withstand the wind and rain, a little fluctuation will lead to decline in ranking so, the next need careful management to the site, in order to make the site more weight savings.

is a content update frequency, because of the recent busy cause recently very few how to update the content of the website, although these months not how to update the content but still ranked in the top, but this lack of web search engine backup content added sooner or later to see the color, the direct result of punishment is this week’s update directly to the second page, usually for an old station appeared in such a situation, only need to update the content of the specific content, update what this station for old friends say no more.

There are several punished the station

2. content > stable.

for my site ranking dropped, I analyze the main reason of

1. Shanghai dragon basic information is not stable, the website title and keywords and description can not modify, I stand in the new year after feeling some words to make adjustments, I made some adjustments, this is reflected in the rankings, ranking to 11 place, the general information changes at least more than 3-4 months to do modify and adjust the content of change should not be too big, otherwise the search engine for the station is still quite powerful punishment.

three is Links, a week ago I check Links has not been punished, just this week so I immediately received has also been implicated, immediately delete them.

Shanghai dragon is a need for patience and perseverance. When a keyword search volume is high on the home page, on behalf of the search engine for a period of time we must work in Shanghai dragon. But for most of the webmaster friends, is not only happy, there are still concerns, due to the stability in the front row is not an easy thing, website ranking stable, is really not easy to do keywords than up, today I will share with you some of the old station in several practical ranking fluctuation case the solution, mainly in their own an old station ranking of experience to share with you, hoping to encounter the same problem to help a friend.