Optimum management method for super large SEM account

Q: well

is not difficult enough, EXCEL. The main structure is to take the good, when doing the test or layout will come out, and then gradually adjust.

yesterday and a friend is very large SEM account management issues a discussion that may be useful to everyone, finishing added, posted.

asked. Now there is a problem. I’m on the customer with a few small girl in the lane, they often put the quality of low degree of take out to build plan. I went in and looked like crazy, out of order, the big move, data volatility will be more powerful. read more

How to improve the short term advantages included and weight

our website once made creative we will ensure our website can not be copied, so that for our website we need to continue to maintain a degree of scarcity.

users will need, as long as the user search keywords will certainly need the content, this is the strong demand of users.

if we want to improve our website and set the weight in the short term, so do the creative is a core content, why do we have to do creative ideas, mainly in order to avoid the homogenization of the website, we do creative direct purpose is not to raise short-term weight and included, because if we put this two as the direct purpose of our idea is to do good, but if we do it will promote the short collection of weight and creative. read more

Very practical Machinery enterprise station optimization analysis of 3 points

: the station optimization, keywords layout and the core is the construction of the chain of

Reasonable layout of

, scientific planning, total station (home page, column page, a two column page, project page, the article page) to carry out their duties, placement of independent keywords. In the construction of the Pyramid system chain everything in good order and well arranged, complete. For example, a directory page, the title of "price _ weighing sensor digital weighing sensor _ weighing sensors offer _S weighing sensor" remarkable. read more

How to restore the lost nearly 1 months of home love Shanghai

just 1 months ago, I search our website name "wusheng home" in Shanghai, found in the first row is not home, but the site within the content page. At that time did not care how, think to be pushed to the back of the home page, that will be good to wait a few days. However, a few days later still so, I looked up to more than 20 pages can’t find my home. I am anxious, I love Shanghai "love Shanghai search page snapshot disappear" to find a cause, a number of articles to make an explanation of this problem. That the reason is the following: read more

n 2012 the new Shanghai Dragon dry cargo forum outside the chain of mystery

in irrigation

PR said here is a pan concept, you can understand the weight of different channel page weight forum different, which leads to the phenomenon is that some popular channels included faster, some popular channels included or not included.

5: BBS signature. "

4: reprint, original and pseudo original

today at the forum to do outside the chain has become a lot of Shanghai dragon ER Optimization Website primary means, but careful Shanghai dragon ER will find that the many chain had no effect, but I do not know what the reason. The reason is because they don’t understand the forum forum with the different weight mechanism, and other special website, let his hair of the chain to achieve the desired effect, we should know how to transfer the weight of the forum is the blind, the hair of the chain is not wise, you release the chain page was collected, only you said the chain will be basically the effect. The happiness of Shanghai dragon briefly enumerate some characteristics of the forum, please readers savor the mystery. read more

How to improve website ranking competitor analysis

Two. What do

want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng must learn to analyze competitor, the enemy, know yourself. Recently many website webmaster do not know how to analyze competitors, how to get the valid method from competitors, to increase the weight of their own website, so today the man will give you a Shanghai dragon thought this method to teach you.

analysis data of

talent shows itself?A


analysis of 3. key words: through the love of Shanghai index, love Shanghai for the background, Google AD, Google trends to analyze keywords, including brand words, words to analyze the layout of commercial intention of competitors, keyword sources. read more

Keywords long tail theory is the subversion of the 28 law

In fact,

after love Shanghai yesterday and the webmaster’s joke on Qi, pay more attention to some of the more long tail keywords blog, found that many have different degrees of improvement, Shanghai dragon is so strange, no time to optimize the ranking rose, the more he wanted his ranking rose less rose. The network market is gradually thinning, long tail keywords intensified competition. Electric district and everyone together about the long tail keywords.

is long, often is 2-3 words, or phrases. In the content page, in addition to the title of the page, but also in content. The search volume is very small, and unstable. The long tail keywords bring customers into the probability of customer website products is much lower than the target keywords. There are a large number of long tail keywords large and medium-sized website, the total flow is very large. read more

Jinshan Notice about WPS data release time changeShenyang shop three thousand days to sell high on t

has a turnover of over 10000

April 21st, taobao Liaoning UNITA leader "would blossom" told reporters that at present, Liaoning province has the crown level the success of the transaction more than million sellers nearly 130, five diamond successful trading more than 5000 sellers nearly two hundred, more than two diamond successful trading more than 500 more than 3000 sellers. Liaoning chamber of Commerce statistics show that in Shenyang the number of shop only registered in Taobao online will be close to 3000. It is estimated that, if you add in , eBay, Sina and other stores opened sellers, the number of online shopping in Shenyang must be more than 3000. read more

To avoid the similar risk to improve the quality of site level

second, pseudo original to upgrade, after all, a content rich website, through personal webmaster or a small team is often difficult to get very rich, appropriate pseudo original but false original but no ground for blame, need to upgrade, can not simply replace the title, disrupt the paragraph, such as love Shanghai intelligent upgrade, has been difficult to adapt to, the best way is through manual rewriting, and as far as possible to reach more than 70% of the original, can reduce the similarity of web pages. read more

n several practical ranking fluctuations in the case of the old station solution

some old station may be caused by the following aspects of

has the following two aspects

, another reason is that the chain is missing, the chain number of this two day search site, suddenly fell 1/3, such a problem, ranking does not drop it? Is a lot of the chain link failure or some expired, the need to update the chain gradually and add a general ranking will soon come up again.

this is the specific reason I rank the old station down, the main reason is their management station management less, in fact, in general, still haven’t serious management station, leading to the weight of the site keywords ranking to withstand the wind and rain, a little fluctuation will lead to decline in ranking so, the next need careful management to the site, in order to make the site more weight savings. read more

The Domain website is not in the first analysis and Countermeasures

3, within the site to be healthy, and this includes the website link does not appear dead circulation, the content of the website can not exist a lot of meaningless things, no readability, and cheating site is not obvious optimization settings. < >

2, the quality of the chain, the chain should have the quality, this is the need to do the chain place in the choice of when to consider, try to choose some weight high site to do, when you find you outside of the chain has been reduced, there may be a problem. To solve this problem is very simple, is looking for a high weight website to your own website. read more

Shanghai dragon VP is down right love Shanghai said the injury who said to the grassroots fire

: a few days ago fell in love with the sea search "Shanghai dragon training", what have you found? Love Shanghai said this on micro-blog, and explain the reasons, we can see

Shanghai dragon

explain the logic behind this thing, because we all know that Shanghai dragon VIP this website certainly will not exist cheating, but many people are concerned about. So if you do not give a reasonable explanation, the Shanghai dragon Er questioned love Shanghai garbage algorithm. It is a regular website will be right down, Lenovo in June of last year to the K station, aroused strong dissatisfaction to the majority of owners love Shanghai. Some people even to click love Shanghai auction, if like Shanghai Longfeng VIP regular website will also be without the right down, if the next major upgrade in the algorithm, and the webmaster, webmasters will use it to move out to prove love Shanghai algorithm has a problem, but it is impossible for the love of Shanghai fire website-i reply. This will lead to a big storm, so love Shanghai will apologize to quell this thing. read more

Shanghai dragon and future Shanghai Longfeng die The terrible problem

bloggers do not want to discuss this awful problem, after all, my experience is zero, just know fur, said too much, can only be said in the loading force. But, I just want to say what he felt, I hope we can bring some help. Rookie, please pick the wrong

In fact,

study of Shanghai Longfeng for nearly a year, I found the Shanghai dragon circle more chaos, atmosphere is very poor. Restless heart, climate is not. The average person is just getting started, that has mastered the truth of Shanghai dragon, trumpeted everywhere, B, and some of the so-called Shanghai dragon training institutions, even out of the case are not started casually flicker novice, what original article, what the chain, Shanghai dragon core. This is not in harm? I am not Shanghai dragon master, because Shanghai dragon master is low-key, muffled fortune, he will have too much money, for you to share out? Bo did not go to the forum to master, now every day around, pay attention to the latest hot dynamic, look different Shanghai Longfeng Daniel blog, in short, to learn the theory and practice of Shanghai Longfeng, established the first blog of their own, because you don’t know how messed up, now Guangzhou Shanghai dragon is my blog set up second websites, generally speaking, I just started Shanghai Dragon Phoenix!!! Yes, I it is just getting started, but can only say that the Shanghai Longfeng easy entry, study hard! However, now the Shanghai dragon in the world filled with a variety of chaos". Impetuous, this word is my sense of confusion, Shanghai dragon, is my own to become a worry in Shanghai dragon er. Don’t say me this rookie, if such an industry, every day is filled with this news, the Shanghai dragon circles are affected are big I dare not say, at least to the industry will make a impression: "Shanghai dragon". read more

Fuzhou decoration company ranked Shanghai dragon strategy to build high quality content

optimizationURL address

2, there is just a picture, a blank page. The effects of advertising for users to read

unified internal links website; 贵族宝贝uwinsun贵族宝贝/ 贵族宝贝uwinsun贵族宝贝 with a

Shanghai dragon is the heart of altruism, is to address the needs of users.

3, permissions, download, users log in to see the amount of reading, so that the user will be reduced

2, website content, high quality articles, most users need to solve the problem of the article, the content or video, so the search volume will be high read more

Answer novice Shanghai dragon how to treat a variety of tools

I do three months before the Shanghai dragon is the hair of the chain, when I heard that one day send thousands of the chain, I am very curious to know is this mass tool. In the forum to see people say by Shanghai dragon is the tool, that can not be used are veteran talk novice, so that the tools to. But the Shanghai dragon must have their own opinion. Not because someone said to you, not because of curiosity on the use of tools. The decision is the demand to use tools, not determine demand. When you feel the need, but also have a negative effect when you have enough experience and not grasp, you use a bold, if you are just a small business website, is not competitive, ranking is stable, don’t toss. read more

The 1 report on Google webmaster tools and a baby in Analytics

The change of

+ +1 button and nobility baby project development objectives are to make it easier for you to make contact with the network trust. The so-called +1 button, refers to trusted friends and contacts on implantation of nobility baby search, let those who love your website in the moment of decision to recommend.

– finally, the audience report can show "+1" noble baby user on your web page comprehensive geographic and demographic information. In order to protect privacy, only when there is a significant number of users on your web page for "+1", we will show the audience information. read more

Shanghai Dragon 3 months easily create 1000P traffic station

used to flow understanding is not deep, often do such a site recently, raise a lot of experience here and everyone to take share. From the end of 5 to now, three months time, I succeed in doing this English easyvoa flow station, the current flow is stable at 800-1000.

flow, you must first determine a core vocabulary, for example I do English website VOA around this theme, we see that the VOA daily search volume is about 5000, so the core vocabulary retrieval is more than 4000 words, is called flow station. Such words do up around the core of the site, you can flow from 3 months to 1000, if the base is very small, by the Shanghai dragon flow is also very difficult to start. read more

Shanghai dragon has been turned to UEO

great! Before we say that the object of Shanghai dragon, is the search engine, we have the idea to try to study the rules of search engine, the idea of trying to deceive the search engine, the main is the search engine, that is to say we may optimize five years ago we focus primarily on the search engine! From the start, we start from the program code, we start from the space

don’t know what is now the Shanghai dragon mood, do not know what is now Shanghai dragon, anyway, I personally have been slowly from the Shanghai dragon free. Because Shanghai dragon vane also changed, turn to what? Shanghai dragon is to change UEO read more

Sogou rating function upgrade like Google PR

We view the

found on many websites by Qingdao Shanghai dragon query, 10 point rating standards closer to Google’s PR value of the standard, like a large portal: Sohu, love Shanghai, Sina, QQ, Taobao and rank value basically in 8 or 9, some small and medium sized sites between 3-5 and the personal webmaster that is, 1 or 3 overall, the rationality and reference of more than 100 minutes ago. Through the observation we also found that Sogou seems to all sites, the minimum value of rank is 1, that is to say, even if the new station will display the Sogou rank value is 1, which is different from Google’s Google exquisite, appears as the PR value of 0 to the railway station, or Qingdao Shanghai dragon has not been found to Sogou rank 0 the web site. read more

Shanghai dragon and interpersonal communication theory three within the chain is road

2, breadcrumb navigation breadcrumb navigation is divided into many types, we generally used are location based navigation, there are properties and path based navigation, here is not to do too much to explain, interested friends can search.

content and the chain this had carefully talked, in which not to mention slightly, interested friends can go to search under the title: "Shanghai dragon and interpersonal communication theory", the search results will show a clear, 22, please support the original reading. read more