Using nofollow to label the role and benefits

said nofollow tags (Chinese means: follow, follow and other means), many people believe that it is not strange, so in the end, the nofollow tag role and what benefits it. Here, I want to use the nofollow tag can help us a lot in Shanghai Longfeng problems here to share with you.

first, I said that the first use of NOFOLLOW tags in the Links. For example, in order to quickly improve the PR value of the site and weight problems, we often find some PR value and the weight of relatively high site Links. Of course, every day to find a few appropriate PR value and weight is relatively high, and have a good snapshot and update the website under the chain can indeed help the site quickly improve the PR value and weight value. There is, if our website PR value and the weight value is too low, it can not find a suitable good site do friends chain, we have to spend some money to buy a chain. At this time, if you are looking for friends of the chain or buy a chain being used nofollow tags (usually people use nofollow tags to make the weight of the website PR value and does not want to pass on to others and even transfer too much on the site itself the Shanghai dragon and other issues, so when a station guide outbound links too much, often to screen out some links with nofollow tags), the result is equivalent to what you do, the money spent is entirely white do pay, equivalent to you find people do friends chain, or spend money to do a chain, you are indeed seeing others link to your website, but unfortunately, this is just a look, people have been tagged by nofollow to send you the weight value of the web site and the PR value to shield. So, what we can through what channels to check whether others on their own links do nofollow label processing. What kind of link is done nofollow tag processing. For example: < a; href=" 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝" rel=" nofollow" > < /a> anchor text;. Everybody, when you see the link hanging in someone else’s website is like this, your link is being blocked, although you can see the link to your website in the family, can also be opened normally, but the family has been through the nofolow tag tells the search engine, the link is a invalid links, do not need to be nofollow tag processing link any weight value and PR. The first method is to directly view see each other through the website source, then look at your link is that the above example. If it is < a href=" 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝" > < /a> anchor text; a or < href=" http:>

The scientific and reasonable site optimization is the kingly way

we all know that a website is a web page through the complex hyperlink composition, this composition process of our site to do the site structure clear, site navigation links must be scientific and reasonable. We want to do a tree imaging complex website and web. As the tree refers to the home page, column page, page list, terminal page site like a tree trunk, branches, branches, leaves have a strong sense of belonging, hierarchy, let the spider can from the site of the trunk through the tree branches, and eventually climbed to the leaves, that is we the site a terminal page. The website spider is to users through any one page of the website can return to the front page of the site, like a spider web like freely. This is scientific and reasonable to consider the search engine and user experience.

search engine is accessed through URL’s website is a website in the root directory from the site of the entrance, and then started to grab web content, which requires all the document root directory of a web site under the file must have reasonable structure, each section of the web site to become a independent file, if to a like to be placed in the root directory of the web site of this song is a very bad habit of search engine, will make search engines crawl the site’s speed is greatly reduced, the speed of impact site. At the same time, the root directory of the web site in the out of order arrangement will greatly weaken the weight of the site of the column page.

Most of the webmaster optimization of

science, we should do the following:

The optimal site of

3 site layout

we give website optimization website keyword is very heavy.

We all know that

we all know website optimization "content is king of the truth", in fact this is not a personal invention, this is a scientific analysis of the search engine’s preferences and the conclusion. We all know that a high quality of the original web search engine is by love, we are the content of the web site optimization to achieve scientific and reasonable update web content. We can make the page to add a comment, hot news and so on, let the web content to always maintain a high quality of freshness, this website rankings can be on the upgrade. And remember the original content website update is a long-term task. We should adhere to, be able to endure loneliness.

a website will say I just put the site up on it. But to the site optimization is not the simple website rankings do go up, we must from the optimization of the site should be complete. We have to analyze how to carry out scientific search engine ranking principle for various data website, your site analysis fully, achieve reasonable let search engine to maximize as much as possible to website content is the ultimate goal. The only way we can achieve maximum benefits to site transformation and enhance the site’s brand value.

1, the reasonable structure of the site


2, the content of the website

301 redirect and related solutions

domain name weight level Why

site:www. domain贵族宝贝

2. contains the amount of site:贵族宝贝 domain and site:www. domain, included the amount of贵族宝贝 varies greatly. And also there is

I personally in Shanghai Longfeng process, also encountered such a situation, like most of the webmaster, all the chain, all the text are pointing to the WWW domain name

贵族宝贝 and site:www. Site: domain name domain name贵族宝贝 contains many articles is the same.


example: 1. Barcelona in the king’s Cup history, a total of 4 times to meet Alves (this is an article on my website (/****/2012103114.html). The relative value of the

said the popular web site is the preferred preferred domain domain.

Figure two

I often see, there are many webmasters always complain in the forum, two

key: 1. plus www domain name is actually belong to the two level domain name, and without WWW is a domain name,

hyperlinks to the WWW domain name. Without www did not send the chain.

map with figure two page content is the same.

) 2.

a site: domain贵族宝贝


what is the preferred domain domain is preferred: you want the search engine to index page into your domain (sometimes referred to as standard domain), is the preferred domain name website.

when I am two site binding domain, namely domain贵族宝贝, www. domain name贵族宝贝. two domain name, domain name:贵族宝贝/****/2012103114.html, I can pass the WWW. domain name贵族宝贝 /****/2012103114.html. Can normal visit: Barcelona in the king’s Cup history, a total of 4 times met ala Weiss this article. Is this a Barcelona in the king’s Cup history, a total of 4 times the article I met Alves, there are two ways to access. Then the search engine.



1. why my website with no WWW and no www ranking, ranking, and all the chain before the web site is

and the website of the program, no URL standard (i.e. our website program, bind any a domain name, can be a normal visit).

why www did not rank, and without WWW is ranked

natural rather than the two level domain name must be high, in the domestic habits with the domain name www.

Bread crumbs navigation Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy is introduced

Breadcrumb navigation

, the bread crumbs navigation simple path — Based on

of this type can be pointed out that the current page hierarchy and the entire site is very good. This breadcrumb can display the current page before a page or directory of links. Can make the visitors know their position, and can quickly find their desired page. Friendly experience can be very good to improve the user.



secondsWebsite optimization Shanghai Longfeng topics recommended: You can modify the


website right down topics:

keyword optimization topics: site optimization keywords have no effect? Come here to study keywords optimization techniques the most practical

based on the breadcrumb navigation path can display the web link visitors arrived in front page visited. But the single function, has been unable to meet the needs of the large website.

let me tell you a story of bread crumbs. Once two people, lost in the forest. They thought of a way, is scattered breadcrumbs in the past where the results, through the bread crumbs navigation, they find the way home.

1 demo site and background

common bread crumbs optimization method

! optimization techniques and methods in the chain can improve the weights of the website deploymentOn the construction of the chain

user experience: after studying these topics, as a webmaster you can understand how to do web user experience

three, e-commerce breadcrumb navigation — Based on attribute

this breadcrumb navigation based on attributes often appear in the e-commerce site. The advantages of this breadcrumb navigation is to clearly pointed out that the page product attributes or other categories. For a product, the breadcrumb navigation is more intuitive, more obvious, such as the navigation structure of taobao贵族宝贝.

tools / materials

this is a true story worth pondering. Also, here is the bread crumbs to optimize this role, it can help users to access the site to find them on the web site and return. This is a very important user experience, search engine also attaches great importance to this point, ratio of URL to optimize ifheavier.

two, the most common breadcrumb navigation based on

: high quality natural chain do? You will read these leap

industry: industry website "Canon after optimization of pressure

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

special chain optimization:

How to build a website professional movie website.

two, select and edit

1, Marx film program has several years of history, is the industry leader, but also the function perfect, fewer loopholes, better performance, more

is now the movie website has innumerable, I believe that a large part of owners have tried to make the movie station, but doing well the station does not see more, it is now doing the movie stand no chance? I think there’s still a chance, mainly to see how you go, the business operation. Looking at the current form, the biggest problem is the content of the same and the sameness of the template, love Shanghai has not favored no original website, so seize this point to think is how to create a personalized movie a pressing matter of the moment to stand. And select the appropriate mode of operation with a good user experience, will you believe the movie talent shows itself. I will share the movie station network process and we hope to all the wise remark of an experienced person, webmaster friends help.

program is to determine the choice of the template, now there are many every kind of template, can be found on the official website. Most of the template are free, there are fees, in order to reduce the cost, generally choose a free template, but I think that is not desirable, to get their own movie station must be in the website style talent shows itself, to some work, and do not say completely on my own design template, modify the template to at least appropriate for for. It is important to choose a template, the template can improve the user experience can also enhance the spider’s favor, why not? After several twists and turns, the author chose a rare template, the template is simple, the atmosphere is more suitable for me, and then began my template modification of the road.


2, many stations are based on her website;

, a web site selection program for

templatesAfter the

3, she is the development of the ASP, you can select the SQLSERVER database, the author is a technical background, has a special liking for the Microsoft thing.

first please help design LOGO free acquaintances and the overall style of the modification, hey, not the resources of friends can go to a task on the pig, or very cheap. Then modify the template file, including enhanced CSS style modification, head and tail modification, content layout, search function (including support query), increase by two level navigation column and special page settings, layout optimization, the removal of advertising and so on, – >

want to make the movie station must first select a CMS, of course, you can also develop their own, in order to save costs, I believe that most owners are using ISM, now there are many free movie program, such as Marx CMS, CMS, CMS light, and more choices, depending on their circumstances, the author of the film the station is Marx, she was chosen to have the following reasons:

4, the author has its own server environment is the platform for Microsoft, Marx CMS.

In enterprise website conversion rate promotion strategy of Shanghai Dragon

Enterprise Station product pages, many product pages, each product page can be transformed into a page, a corporate website will not separate only one product in the product, then we can set some page layout conversion elements, such as on the bottom of the product add online consultation, contact customer service etc.. Only there are many marketing conversion page, we put this way is called decentralized marketing.

: the first decentralized marketing

second: centralized marketing

different sites can layout into different marketing modes according to your industry’s products and services, so we solve the transformation of ideas where? We should have a scientific process, can pay attention to the following 3 points:


2. users have to buy your product, your product introduction contrast contrast peer advantage, price, material, service life etc..

first, to consider the factors of users concerns

of course, it is not enough, we also need some elements in the page layout in marketing.

understanding of the decentralized marketing, focus on Marketing I believe we have the concept of. Is that some industry because of the special nature of the industry, on the site in a specially designed marketing page and website conversion in the layout of the chain is the guide to this page, this is the so-called centralized marketing.

3. why users will immediately buy your product, you can immediately buy products what are the benefits of using user petty psychological, do some exercise, discount, prompting users to buy.

For example,

website conversion rate relates to your marketing layout, and different sites can be divided into two kinds of marketing methods.

consider what users care about what content, such as beauty salon training school, although the students come to school, but the site location is certainly for parents, parents worry is the school authority, the school which, after learning the child can not find a good job, there is no case, these factors will take into account the user the first we have to consider. Only the first factor to consider the concerns of users, in order to achieve a better user experience. A very good website > user experience

1. is the product of your website to tell the user the user needs, the user can obtain what you buy products.

Shanghai dragon that is optimization of network marketing a promotion, so do Shanghai dragon must know some knowledge about network marketing, combined with network marketing strategies to boost your web traffic to your website to introduce a large number of accurate flow, see clearly, is the accurate flow. Only standing in the search engine’s point of view to solve the problem of users, website ranking can quickly enhance. Well, don’t pull the relationship between the two, explain the site conversion rate problem.

Depth analysis of how to operate love Shanghai screen can have effect on product promotion

If The quality and quantity of



earlier in the chain is an important standard to love Shanghai judge the quality of a website, and spawned a number of special chain of occupation, these people made outside the station chain, and then earn commissions.

slowly "love Shanghai screen" this word into some marketing circles, for Islands the first contact is the word in a few years ago, while the word in this year again to get new".

some people love Shanghai very powerful propaganda screen.

I love Shanghai PA screen is actually a chain of hair than grass root behavior.

but this is only looked very badly. To get these information to fill the screen is a very simple thing;

but now it changed Shanghai algorithm, the chain for the website is not so important, the chain industry is gradually declining, but some people find a new play, the screen is in love with the sea.

I love Shanghai PA screen with the hair of the chain is a reason, but before we send the chain is the link to the site, and love Shanghai PA screen is issued customer information. This information includes QQ, WeChat and the need of information publicity.

said, 2015 is the Internet’s budding years, then the year 2016 is the Internet to thrive, who do want their products with the "great love Shanghai" at the touch.

made the website friends all know the site of the process in a special procedures call chain. The hair of the chain in order to let love Shanghai spider crawling to your site.

is simply, by means of fast ranking, so that their information is full of love the whole Shanghai search engine.

, however, does look very much. Put your information in search of a search box, filled the entire page will find their own information, as if the whole search engine you have been contracted.

second: love Shanghai PA screen in the end there is no useful

the first question: what is the love of Shanghai

sounds like a great thing, but is a grass root thing, just name a tall, like a grass root boy wearing a tall clothes, or a grass root essence.


chain is the link to high weight Forum blog, this love Shanghai will soon be included in this page, then the love of spiders in Shanghai will climb down the chain to your site.

in principle, love Shanghai screen and send the chain a truth, want to let the love of Shanghai included in this page; from the difficulty, love Shanghai screen outside the chain more than simple, because a lot of platform is the prohibition of links, and release a screen information is very easy.

Analysis of link search query function

the day before yesterday to share with you about love Shanghai query of the chain of "love Shanghai domain accuracy", which referred to as domain, love Shanghai inaccuracy, many webmaster used methods to query the chain of YAHOO, but in November last year, YAHOO has closed chain query function, many webmaster at a loss. There is a saying "when God closed all the doors, will leave window for you, indeed, in the YAHOO shut down the chain the higher accuracy of the query function, but open the chain search query functions, for the majority of the Shanghai dragon Er provides a convenient. Today I love Shanghai for the chain of domain query link soso analysis query function.

so, why search link can provide the chain to us so accurate query results? The author thinks that it is good because the search search engine is not so strong, if you love Shanghai do is "full", "designed to do is soso". Search search engine platform to adopt a "accurate parallel search" (the author’s definition, its search results) is to query based on your input words, like love like Shanghai to assign keywords severity of various levels, for each keyword to search is also important, you enter a word, soso search is the result of a sentence.

respects the results reproduced retain the source www.muguayu贵族宝贝, papaya fish off Shanghai dragon Taobao webmaster

thank you support!

, search the link chain query function less than YAHOO but, as the domestic search engine, is worthy of praise, compared to love Shanghai "fuzzy domain results", is soso accurate, according to my sample chain several web query, accuracy you close to 90%, only this time with YAHOO, but after YAHOO closed the chain query function, Shanghai dragon Er choice.

said this may be a bit abstract, I for example. Taobao guest webmaster all know, there are two types of Taobao off site, one is equivalent to a small taobao贵族宝贝, what products are relatively complete product line, it is like the principle of love Shanghai engine, the other is a single page of Taobao guest website, make the product more specific, such as my guest "Taobao Moisturizing Mask" www.iwo123贵族宝贝 is a single page, it’s like search engine. Therefore, the search engine search and query principle is equivalent to the long tail keywords we said, direct definition included, direct extraction of query, hierarchical.

Although the accuracy of

the above principle and based on the viewpoint of papaya fish suggest the webmaster when query site outside the chain, you can use the search function of the link query results as a reference, it should be pretty close.

Error robots file to experience the new station is not included

Shanghai dragon has also been a year, feeling a little level, should be able to operate their own 1,2 station to see, so he made a late August Taobao, selling gadgets, by the way they practice, as we all know, Taobao and love Shanghai are online trading business, is a kind of competition the relationship between the two, is certainly incompatible, taobao贵族宝贝 don’t bird love Shanghai, shield the spider crawling, so I think of themselves and others, in addition to build a station, and then the promotion, in Shanghai engage in ranking, for my Taobao shop to attract some traffic. Want to do it, at the beginning of the September site is ready on the line, the following is the optimization process before the line on the website:

found that robots rules are not the problem, and then view the program generated robots.txt file, and set the background into the webmaster view to grab, as like as two peas, in the "removal tool permissions" column to see: the first line:? User-agent:*, then the result is a syntax error. It was more of a "?", really do not know what is rather baffling, problem, no way, can only use the trick, by simulating the search engine to crawl the site, to see what is going wrong, really see the problem, because the txt file encoding is not correct by writing the file using the the utf8 encoding, but it looks like the ro> search engine

I put ROBOTS.TXT back, allows search engines to crawl content, then 1, 2 original articles, and then go to the major search engine submission landing site, then wait until the evening to go to A5 special sections attract spiders, 11:00 to 00:30 in the evening time, publish original text, add your own website in the above link, quickly attracted the spider crawling my site. Finally, I want to sit by, most tomorrow and site will be included, the results of the accident, third days are not included, feel very strange, in this period, I have to update the content and some of the chain, is supposed to have included. I downloaded the FTP log, found on-line night 12 points when the spider came, but went to climb, when the robots.txt file is very puzzled, reckon robots.txt file should be wrong, just look at the open, here is some we see the robots.txt file:

first of all I want to do is a regular warfare, so I’ve been using the regular operation, on-line before using the ROBOTS.TXT file to shield the spider crawling, put the site layout, the original JS code and some extra junk code to delete. And then write the site title, confirmed there will be a pile of words of the suspects, then in each section are 4, 5 of the original or false original article, filling the website, such as online search engines don’t think this website is not what content to grab. Site title, content, structure, layout of the website can fix the line.

8 the details determine success or failure to improve the site speed method

site statistics can effectively reflect the access, website, so this tool by the webmaster favorite, and when you open the page, you will often see the statistical code is placed in the content inside or div or Table tag. But when the calculator fails, the div or Table tag will be delayed for a period of time, resulting in the pages of the web site has not open, affect the site access speed. So we need to put the statistical code in the content, the bottom of the page, or directly to the div label hidden, so it won’t affect our website access speed.

three uses iframe embedded advertising code

four JS code package

with static content

two statistical code correctly placed

webmaster should clearly recognize that not only the content of the website and the construction of the chain will affect the weight and height of the web site, some small is also worthy of attention, such as user experience, such as the website speed, take the speed of the site, if the site a few minutes are not open, it will not only affect the users of the site experience, enthusiasm will be greatly discouraged spiders crawl the site, and if we want to establish a long-term website, must work harder on it.


JS the code itself resource occupied by the larger space, if you do not use the call way of sorting and packaging, but directly on the website source code, it will greatly increase the website’s source code set size, and because some anti-virus software will take JS code as a virus killing on the line, which makes the criminals to find a breakthrough attack the website, so JS code package is imperative. So in the establishment of the time, to.

Shanghai Longfeng a branch is a very important content optimization, pictures and the existence of FLASH is not easy to let the spider crawl the site, only to determine the image attributes and content through the Alt label. Besides a large number of pictures will delay the website loading speed. For FLASH elements more also should not be used, because the current owners more by CMS shared host, in this case, the FLASH loading speed will make you very tangled, unless you are an independent host. More importantly, the search engine does not included FLASH, do is white, so don’t order a little bit of user experience, put a lot of pictures and FLASH on the web page.

site is always to be profitable, advertising is an indispensable natural join. But another problem arises, advertising code will affect the page loading speed, so how to solve it? In this case, we should put the advertising code embedded inside 贵族宝贝xxx贵族宝贝/ indirectly linked to the home page, and put all the advertising code on the new page on it.