SEO workplace secret high and low-end talent polarization serious


SEO is still a very important marketing way, no matter how Baidu search 360 grab the cake, no matter how popular SNS marketing, there are still many people want SEO into this circle, and SEO training is so hot. Maybe it has a nice name and a bit of mystery. Of course, there is also an important reason, that is, the threshold is relatively low.

SEO is an easy job and difficult to graduate. Because the knowledge of SEO system is very complicated, involving all aspects of Internet marketing, so beginners can learn SEO starting from a very small angle, such as the hair outside the chain, the editor is the most common basics. But it is also because the knowledge system is too complex, it is very difficult to fruition. Most of the people are to check on SEO, stop at the entry stage, which is just mentioned, pseudo original chain.

in the current SEO industry, there is the following polarization phenomenon:

1, high-end talent is very expensive, one will be hard to find

met a senior SEO veteran, 30 years old, engaged in SEO for seven or eight years, although unlike ZAC, like Sun Bo in the industry so famous, but experts are also experienced in the company, monthly salary can reach twenty thousand, in addition to their own private small business, a year can earn forty thousand or fifty thousand. Such a year down there are three hundred thousand income. It should be tempting for many new SEO people. He said that in the early days of SEO, no matter whether it was famous or not, big money and small fortunes were made.

indeed, if you have been in the SEO industry for five years or so, then even a real expert, this kind of talent is very popular now. They are not necessarily geniuses. They can do the rankings overnight. The key is to be experienced and wise, and know whether the website is well optimized with closed eyes. This kind of person is precious, and great credit is given by the so-called "SEO" personnel who have only three minutes of enthusiasm.

2, low-end talent is cheap, a piece of migrant workers

‘s formal entry to high-end talent is the latest in a large number of SEO novices. This group is very large, because the SEO threshold is very low, began to change the basic will be. However, if you are working for a company, edit the article, send the chain, this stage usually lasts for a long time, and some even for several years can not contact other branches of SEO. Most people will soon be killed, SEO feel very boring, some still think SEO is something so, send the chain feel SEO master, so frequent job hopping, which also caused another phenomenon in the SEO industry: high mobility, stability is poor, especially in health care and training industry. Also some people think that SEO can learn little thing, simply diverted.

a lot of SEO novices actually walk

Web user experience analysis data visualization 6 steps


[editor’s note] this article comes from @ Baidu business UED. In the current Internet, a variety of data visualization charts emerge in endlessly. This article attempts to sum up the methods of data visualization and organize them into 6 steps.

general data graphs can be split into two basic types of elements: what is described and the value of this object, and we define them as indicators and index values for the time being. For example, a gender distribution, men accounted for 30%, women accounted for 70%, then the index is male and female, the index value corresponds to 30%, 70%.

1. graphically index values

an index value is a data, the size of the data in graphical manner. For example, the length or height of a column graph represents the size of the data, which is the most common form of visualization.

traditional column charts and pie charts may bring about aesthetic fatigue. They may try to make some innovations from the visual style of graphics. The common method is to associate the meaning of the figure with the index.

, for example, Google, Zeitgeist, displays the search word of TOP10, displaying the shape of the "search" shape, which coincides with the meaning of the index, and also makes a stereoscopic visual change:


2. graphically index the

generally uses the icon with the same meaning as the index, and uses more scenes as follows:


3. graphically index relationships

when there are many indexes, mining the relation between the indexes and graphically expressing them can enhance the visualization depth of the chart. Commonly, there are two ways:

uses existing scenes to represent

associations, whether in nature or in society, have similar scenarios and indicators, and then use this scenario to represent them.

, such as the Baidu statistical traffic research institute operating system distribution, first divided into windows, MAC, and other operating systems, windows and XP, 2003 and other multi seed system.

according to the relation of Lenovo, found the galaxies of the universe in a similar relationship: there are many galaxies in the universe, we are most familiar with the solar system, the solar system also includes all the planets, so the whole galaxy borrow scene, will be known as windows compared to the solar system, XP, window7 etc. compared to the sun planets, MAC and other systems compared to other galaxies, as follows:


Talk about how PR improves effectively

some time ago wrote an article "how your site appears in the first page of Baidu GG" article, has been recognized by many users, but also know a lot of friends, and everyone through exchanges also let me learn a lot, also let me realize the knowledge sharing to everyone is so his knowledge of fast reason, today I’m going to write an article about how to improve the PR, put me in a recent period of time of the heart to share, if what is wrong place please exhibitions, I put the station out to the big house, this is a PR0 station so, when next time with the new PR, and I’m sure can reach PR3 or even higher (to see this station is to let everyone make a witness, next time with the new PR if not up to 3 you can say I write today This is here, in fact, I’m not bragging) carefully before I have to think of PR as just a few PR3 station, you can look up to the 3 stations are PR3

don’t talk too much. I’ll share my heart, and I’ll talk about it from five aspects:

first, we first talk about the Links exchange, exchange connection is a kind of skill is very high, and it is very time consuming, because first of all you have to do is find to do the connection object (for connection to check PR, check the search revenue is not normal, not much more than the number of links), then go to talk about good, finally to do. Link exchange in this process, we should pay attention to several places, the connection is not the more the better, should be refined and excellent (here refers to the fine and excellent PR even less), do the connection first look at the PR and even the number of the other party, if the number of the other side of the PR3 is outside the 100 the connection is not what meaning do, you can not get it to PR instead of PR to do it, we must first see how many other external connection PR connection number, try to find PR large even less to do, certainly a lot of people will ask, I didn’t go to people with PR PR do, others can not ignore me, this is about to see you pull the connecting skills, I talk about my skills, I was first to find the webmaster chat, not to talk about connecting things, talk with go talk to do, talk very well after the general search engine, as long as you are normal collect Someone else will add a connection to you. (to remind you here, and often to see your connection, there should be a lot of immoral people, in order to PR, with you today to do the connection, and tomorrow will be deleted, and I am very contemptuous of this kind of person.


second, landing categories, that is, your web site submitted to the classified directory, and landing search engine portal almost the same meaning. DMOZ, the world’s largest classified catalogue, is a web site abroad. DMOZ successfully included the site, not only can get DMOZ site export links, DMOZ export links Network >!

The wet nurse will be a patent for the newly married girls

nanny – a great and respected profession,

on the Internet what things can happen, in with the milk powder incident, the market wage nurse to rise rapidly, and soon someone will make a professional nurse or nurse, but will not believe that investment is very effective, because children are the future and hope, do not want their children lose at the starting line.

if you were a man, would you allow your wife to be a nanny to someone else,


many people have their own ideas. If you’re a mother and you have enough milk, would you like to be a nanny to someone else’s


what would you feel if your wife was in someone else’s house and feeding someone else’s baby? Nanny, a fresh, unstoppable industry is about to be born.

nurse nurse will soon popular business, so do the female nurse nurse, 80 brothers can do nanny website ah. Provide a new platform for the nanny to make the nanny business better.

loses his job when he marries

a lot of people get married after a child is unemployed, now the nurse (Nai Ma) will make up for a loss of occupation, the new era of entrepreneurs, on the road of struggle, 80 peers, don’t be afraid of what is not good, as Nai Ma is a great nurse occupation.

adult to have, into their own people, to provide milk through their own health, milk to feed a child, is love, don’t be afraid not what can not, the money is not right, money is not great? The teacher imparting knowledge, a teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime, is not charging the teacher? Not because of charges and buried the teacher’s kindness. So do the nurse is great.

‘s new career after 80s

80 young women are married with children, young, this is the advantage of 80, the nurse will be 80 after 90 after 70 patents are not suitable, 80 young female, married with children please nurse career development.

show the advantages of 80, let 80 grow together.

Author: horizontal look at website long – Network crab section fly QQ:7100 48902 nanny QQ group: 67494615 explore the development of nanny career view.

What suits you is the best way to talk about the choice of an advertising alliance

in the webmaster can use many profit channels, advertising alliance is undoubtedly many Adsense began to contact, use the website to make money when the first model. Even when many webmaster websites develop to a larger scale, they are still the most reliable, efficient and stable way in many profitable channels. At home and abroad, many new and old advertising alliance for the majority of the webmaster to use the site to realize the dream of making money, provides a wide range of choices, so that even if the site in the initial stage of development can bring profits for the station.

With the prosperity of the pros and cons of the

advertising alliance, has brought two effects: on the one hand, provides many choices for the emergence of new and old domestic and foreign advertising alliance for the webmaster, greatly enriched the advertiser’s source, provides sufficient protection for the increasing number of sources of advertising website; but on the other hand, a large number of advertising alliance operation technology, the quality of advertising, payment credit appears uneven, hardly identification situation, especially the new owners to the owners choice difficult.

in addition, different different focus on advertising alliance, which specializes in advertising are also different, this leads to some owners not with their own site situation for analysis and put the result of traffic has not been fully utilized, and the problem of non ideal income. According to this, the author thinks: webmaster must be combined with the actual situation of their own website, selection and user characteristics consistent with most of the advertising alliance advertising, in order to receive the maximum return, the so-called "is best suited to their own", blindly follow the trend, and an analysis of the practice of the most desirable.

one, analysis of website traffic (user) features

Behind the

website traffic is a specific user, website content of different types of users have often resulted in a greater difference for the attitude toward the site, analyze and grasp the flow (user) feature is the correct choice for advertising their first step, is the key. In general, the website traffic can be divided into the following two categories: 1. website content section and rich content, SEO optimized properly, keywords ranking has a good effect, but the overall content of the pertinence, to provide a variety of information, most of the traffic sources come from the search engine, the site traffic often with a huge number, but low loyalty, jump out rate is high, we call this as "single use of traffic flow; 2. web content focused on a certain field, professional and strong, the flow quantity is small, but the user loyalty is high, go back to the high rate, low bounce rate, we call this site traffic the repeated use of traffic". According to the flow characteristics of the division, the webmaster first need is to analyze and determine the flow of their own web site (user) belong to which type, for the next advertising alliance choose to do homework.

two, the person that is best suited to their own


analyzes and determines what type of site traffic is in place, then you’ll need to know about each ad link

The most popular tide of literature and art children’s mobile electricity supplier business success

now has a lot of entrepreneurs in the choice of entrepreneurial will choose some relatively new business platform, such as network such a business platform, there are a lot of people through the network platform is a success.

"in Taobao, Jingdong, Dangdang mode began to flood, we want to leave the platform to play something different." Liu Ping describes his choice of WeChat as a starting point for the business platform. After market research combined with perceptual judgment, Liu Ping feel fresh market development, and relatively easy to cut fruit, so quickly chose to import fruit as their entrepreneurial direction.

and chose the pre-sale this way to sell fruit, said Liu Ping was mainly affected by the tea Wang Xin.

"tea and fruit is not the same, the king heart is taken by the package customization, I put it into a monthly subscription, think you can try." Liu Ping and the team together to discuss the feasibility of monthly subscription fruit, no one denies, but no one can guarantee success. Liu Ping finally decided to try immediately, if you do not take this step, then you will never know whether feasible."

to solve the supply problem

it is understood that, at present buy fruit mainly sell imported fruits, purchase channels are mainly local fruit market in Henan. Liu Ping admits, because from the stock market is not the primary source, plus the initial purchase amount is small, it is difficult to obtain upstream suppliers discount, so get a big problem to buy fruit early will face the high cost has.

– to collect user orders weekly market into a cargo – next day delivery to the user is the basic process of purchase buy fruit. Liu Ping revealed to billion state power network, currently buy fruit every week the number of orders at about 150~200.

For example, I recommend


Good site planning allows you to build the station with half the effort

each webmaster in the site before, must be well planned, you will do the web site.

good site planning allows you to build the station with half the effort.

according to the different stations, the site planning will also be different, but ultimately can not be separated from the general framework. Before we set up a website, we had a good idea of the market situation, and then recorded it in written form. This is the process of thinking and ideas to form a result, but also a manifestation of planning.

site planning is very diverse, but there are rules can be found. Usually you follow the following steps for your planning.

one, market analysis,

portal website: website includes comprehensive portal, e-commerce portals, industry portals, information service portal (here we classify BBS into comprehensive portal website; blog will be classified as information service portal). For example, I now intend to do a regional network station at the beginning of idle away in seeking pleasure, market research, find out what the main section of idle away in seeking pleasure, what they have, what special services, development and so on. Then choose and reject their columns, and then create columns according to their own characteristics. After determining their own website column, but also in the same industry and foreign websites were selected to find the content of complementary websites for daily promotion and cooperation after the link. The development of the same industry site to do a general understanding of the situation, according to the actual situation to check what kind of advantages, what are the disadvantages, and then you can position the site.

enterprise website: enterprise website market analysis is relatively easy, because the establishment of the enterprise purpose is to better their own propaganda, want to occupy a space for one person in Internet marketing, to provide technical support and online interactive products, in order to better serve customers, but also improve the enterprise profit. Enterprise website construction ideas can refer to the same industry do better site, but at the same time according to their own development adjustment, must not blindly follow. Enterprise websites can also find some complementary websites in the same industry for links.

personal website: personal website construction is often similar in content, but there are also some personal websites can create new styles, using a unique type of website, this website can usually receive the miraculous effect. Generally speaking, personal website is relatively neglected in market analysis, but large and medium-sized personal websites should be investigated by market, just like what portals do.

two, the site itself positioning

market analysis is complete, back to its own analysis.

your first consideration is what your goal is to do this site, which includes both long-term and short-term. The more specific point is to translate into data. For example, use Alexa rankings to divide: how many names are there in a month, how many in the back of the year, and how many in the back of the year?. Also >

Internet differentiation strategy and sustainable development

    remember a year ago, I met a lot of clothing in the media, in the clothing is very successful clothing enterprises boss, which many domestic top men’s brand, also is not very well known but rapid development of women’s fashion brand. Among them, there is a friend, is to do women’s clothing. His clothing business has a distinctive feature – he only dresses in women’s dresses, and nothing else. This is a very thin marketing route, so that his capital from a few thousand dollars a year ago quickly accumulated to millions.

market segmentation.

now I am involved in the Internet, research on the development of many large sites, and found that "market segmentation" for the development of the Internet, the same applies, one of the most famous than Baidu. Before a lot of people have asked me: "why is Google in Chinese compete with Baidu?" my answer is: "Baidu localization do thoroughly, while Google is just in the form of indigenize fundamentally still do not." As a matter of fact, we can also analyze the reasons from the point of market segmentation.

first, we can see that Google is taking the globalization strategy, and on the strength of Baidu is unable to compare, but Baidu is strong in him, in the Chinese language grammar and Chinese Internet search habits, doing better than Google, by contrast, because Google is looking at the globalization strategy. It is not possible to like Baidu, a lot of manpower and material resources with their emphasis on the Chinese language, so from this point of view, Google competition in the China market but Baidu will be not at all surprising.

on the other hand, Baidu at the beginning of the rise, always adhere to the search engine in this way, it keeps him in the development of all, has surpassed other talent shows itself, several Internet giants: Sina, YAHOO and NetEase.

so, we can see from the above two points, according to the special search on Google, Baidu’s tactics is to do local differentiation, or is "localization", we will put this up to the "differentiation" tactics; while the other is not designed to do search the Internet giant, Baidu has only caught a search, we can put this point as a differentiation strategy ".

from these two conclusions, it is easy to see that Baidu is able to achieve today’s achievements, and "tactical differentiation" and "strategic differentiation" is inseparable. In fact, many Internet companies are aware of the "market segmentation" for the development of important enterprises, such as "China first portal: her net", "39 Health Network" and so on, the rise of new Internet companies, in the differentiation of this strategy is the same but the development of ideas unique.

but, is differentiation really appropriate to the sustainability of the enterprise,


as early as a year ago, I studied some famous international clothing brands and found that many of these brands are not made

Case study Tencent revised a beautiful beginning

changes in the pattern of information to promote the revision of Tencent network to open up, portal, blog, video, mobile, depth integration of their own high-quality resources. The revision interface is clear and simple, the design is smooth, and the value of the beautiful interface is quite rare.


Tencent web site:, a news portal can have such an interface, let me unexpected. Maybe not everyone can have my deep experience. It’s not easy to design a person who has a sense of it.

Tencent network why revision?

, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, mobile applications, the rapid development, and news portal originator YAHOO into the decline. Ten years ago, the portal prides itself on providing a comprehensive and rich information catalog. Now, more people are using social networks, social media, video, mobile Internet as the gateway to get information. editor Chen Juhong, stressed that "when the platform is no longer the first entrance, we should recognize our content when the depth of operation, let micro-blog, Tencent, Tencent depth video Tencent’s combination, release more energy."

, micro-blog, social media. With incredible speed, massive fragmentation of data, high user participation and communication power. Micro-blog is a port for many celebrities to talk to the world’s audience and from all walks of life. It is an important source of information for media releases. Various details in micro-blog become boiling point, oolong event constantly "happy" bubble, public opinion hot endless somersault.

in the London Olympic Games opened the "global media war", micro-blog become one of the new forces that can not be ignored. Yi Siling won in 60 seconds by millions of forwarding, about Sun Yang’s collar will always lead to YY, Liu Xiang fall, micro-blog Sina attracted massive public server downtime. 1/10 of earth people pass the micro-blog twitter look at the Olympics, and the International Olympic Committee official says London is one of the most social games in history. Micro-blog can break the gap between time and space, with "second push" to bring "zero time difference", "zero distance" of the real scene. I deeply feel that micro-blog is very important in today’s press, micro-blog in Sina up, and Sina, micro-blog traffic has exceeded Sina portal. In Baidu search for a news, at the bottom of the page gives the latest micro-blog results.


video, information technology continues to develop, video is undoubtedly the most promising form of media. From the point of view of information transmission, video can be simple, vivid and direct, showing rich information and incomparable advantages of words and pictures. For real-time reporting, the TV must be scheduled for a specific time distribution, while the live broadcast has a more immediate and sense of scene. More and more people are moving away from TV to online video, with a large number of resources that can be seen anytime and anywhere.


Classification and profit model of mobile phone websites

first of all, I’m also a rookie said wrong place, we all bear in mind. After all, a mountain is more than a mountain, ha ha.

, let’s get down to business and talk about the classification of mobile websites. Mobile phone sites are divided into the following categories:

1, mobile mall class

2, cell phone theme class

3, mobile phone software

4, mobile games category

5, class WAP,

6, general class

first talk about mobile mall category, the profit model of this site is very simple, mainly to sell mobile phones, and then get interest from the merchants there. At present do have better OQ and Jingdong mall, beidou.

mobile theme website currently has no direct profit model, mainly through the union channel to obtain benefits, the current relatively wide range of resources is sent to the mobile phone. There are also some websites doing theme deductions, and then extracting them from the league.

mobile phone game software and website profit pattern similar, mostly promotion software or games pay per install, and then get into from the game developers or software developers, now do better with 51spsoft, Mobile Games world, and Chinese mobile phone game in the heart.

WAP website I know is limited, but now most of the WAP station is also to promote the software or games pay per install, there are some sites to pay on demand, I also said that the specific is not clear, don’t throw egg.

integrated website and mall class, subject category, software class and game class almost, here is not one by one.

here I also can not help but stereotypes about my site NOKIA mobile phone web site for more than a year now, I want to write an article (in fact, not only the current account), in order to me more than a year of experience to share with everyone, of course, there are many deficiencies, please the exhibitions, but also hope that with the webmaster friends, especially similar, or B2B webmaster (because I work recently, in an B2B company is a small company, ha ha ha).

finally, ask the administrator and feel this article useful, be reproduced in time, I left the site, after all, this is the first time I Wen, first haha. Well, that’s all for today. My mailbox, QQ, is 4154, five or six, 220. If you want to communicate, please contact me. Thank you for watching.

Do stand 3 years of sad, I hope friends from all walks of life to some suggestions, criticism and he

remembers that the first contact network was in the first year of high school, and learned how to surf the Internet and went to the chat room desperately, from text chat to voice chat. High school is really contact with the forum, because chat met a net friend, users use their own computer at home, the framework of the server, made a forum, so I became the webmaster BBS bbs. Think of it, it was crazy, every day in the Internet cafe 3 yuan an hour under the price of 5 hours when the moderator, waste a lot of money. When I was in college, the second grade because some of the things that pushed all the class positions, Woon Nozurui has become a boring, and will start a website, when the right is to find a place is to their university life leave a mark, and I hope I can make a life for college students enrich the site. Guangdong university student network was born.

did a lot of money on this website, and even took the money to eat, and 3 years later today, I feel very sad. Due to the high school webmaster, users use the forum is network program, I also used the network beginning, later because they do not understand how to upgrade the database, but can not find the support they give up Dvbbs to DZ, but also a high school friend recommended me to use, say good DZ. I am not a computer professional, and I don’t know much about network knowledge, which leads to several times because of the space server being hacked, and I don’t have backup data myself. I need to start from scratch again.

now what you can see is the latest version, which has been running for over a year. The site is now through the Ali Mama advertising and some businesses advertising costs, can barely support the operation of the site, just as a website operator, I am not satisfied with the current situation, but also suffer from not understand how the business development, sad endless.

recently and space service providers and friction, the service provider space that we as long as a station on the impact of the operation of the server, the server that they CPU to occupy 100%, a lot of resources, affect other website customers, also threatened if this happens again on the confiscation of our space, I think this the practice of service providers is unreasonable, but unsuccessful negotiations, the feeling is dumb. I feel a dark coming, my program is DZ, so many people in the country, how can I resource big? How will affect the server? If a friend understand also hope to be able to give me some advice.

come here today to send a article, hope enthusiastic friends to my site to give suggestions, criticism and help, hope you can help me some ideas to the network development of Guangdong college students more good. Thank you all for your enthusiastic friends.

, my contact, QQ:819002918

Baidu snapshot slow update, what can we do


in August 1st this year, the new took over a web site, is doing crystal business, the official website is When I took over, I found that Baidu snapshot or July 17th, has not been updated for half a month. And Baidu included in the day one day in the decline, the ranking of keywords is also declining day by day. Personally, if the proportion of Baidu’s K stations in the near future, if the increase, the site is K possibility is great. To keep websites from being K, I first analyze the shortcomings of the site and list them to see what needs to be improved and then to work out them. I’ve done a couple of main things.

one, ask the boss whether the recent website has been revised, the title, keywords, description and so on is also made great changes. The answer is that the site does not look good, revised, and at the same time that the keyword has not changed for a long time, have also been replaced. Fortunately, changes in the keyword and the original keyword correlation is still relatively high, and at the same time, the site in Baidu also has a certain weight, not in the review period.

two, check whether there is a black link in the link or a long time no snapshot of the site. Do this line all know, in the case of mutual links, one party is down right, the other party will also be implicated. Therefore, it is necessary to check regularly the link is normal, timely removal of the right to drop or may be dropped right link.

three, check if there is a lot of duplication or bad quality on your website. Baidu for original content update is quite important, Baidu spider to grab the contents of every day are the same, Baidu will think that your site has been abandoned, no one care, will not be updated snapshot; if the website content and other web content is highly similar, Baidu will think your site is a garbage sites, natural do not often visit your site. Therefore, our website content must be original articles, even if it is false original, must also use their own language to describe, not copy, simple change.

four, check whether the site updates three days fishing, two days of drying nets. Website internal update not a day to do a lot of other time, then do not do, can make rational allocation of tasks to do every day, every day, and update the amount will not be much change, there must be regularity. In this way, the spider will know in advance that you will be updated at some time today. After that time, the spider will come to grab your web site.

five, the existence of cheating on the site?. There is no cheating, we are the most clear, but also can not escape the eyes of Baidu, so do not exist fluke. Especially if you add Baidu statistics to your website, your approach is almost transparent to Baidu.

six, daily continuous hair chain. The chain does not lie in many, must be refined. For example, in the A5 forums, search forums, etc.. High quality >

Does individual stationmaster undertake website is easy Not easy

Since the establishment of the Luoping

blog, the feeling is quite deep, since 3 years has been the site to get a personal blog, but there has been no power, mainly is not something in my stomach, though didn’t website has been doing network promotion work, but on the web marketing and website optimization is utterly ignorant of the sentence. He said: is like pregnancy, the longer the time of something in the belly! I believe age is not long, but with a strong network like momentum, through continuous efforts and learning, personally think that is a success, not to say the network business, at least to support the family by wangzhuan. So, I write Bo to share my real experience, the novice must be helpful, even if my writing ability is very bad, but I think as long as seriously, can understand. (thanks to the blog has been stepped back to Luoping friends. Welcome to my blog,

personal webmaster site, easy,


I would say it’s easy to build a website, but it’s not easy to make a website without making money. A friend asked me, "is it true that the Internet is making money? Can a Taobao customer really make money?" my answer is: "yes, there is.". This is a truth, no matter what can be said in everything. I believe that many of the network did not earn money for people who want to engage in more general network to make money, we talk about life all cannot do without money, work, do business, factory, company is profitable, but the levels and different ways; but in reality, few people will talk about making money online, although China has to become a world power network, but rarely accounted for Chinese billion people, and know the network and engage in money even less. Make money online is like a wall, because in front of the "network", you’re not facing things, you face a "virtual things", so to realize the network to make money, you must enter the network, the network function of experience. I often compare life to the game, well versed in the rules of the game, good game play, you have the material and spiritual wealth, and your life is more interesting; the network to make money too, must understand and know how to achieve network knowledge network using cyber source to make money.

personal Adsense site, not easy,

?The course of

I from personal contact network to individual engage site, to share personal webmaster easy or not easy to do a website? I contact network very early, 98 years of high school playing computer, then QQ has been very popular, so playing the Internet chat, but focus on the studies, usually go to spend a couple of hours on the weekend, 02 years is still in high school when he contacted eBay, Daoteng shop, selling things is mixed have some idle goods, game currency, game equipment, and also the students, such as mobile phone, call and so on, because the mobile phone game equipment and big profits, so we always do shop, then to the college entrance examination, did not insist on down. On the University, do not read well, did not graduate on foot, I think reading down boring, get a job

In the face of the seizure of the computer room, my server go from here

recently, the wave of the Internet sweep opened, by WAP, and then caused by the Internet pornographic information disaster continues, there are already more than a dozen room was sealed, in which there are many IDC companies have reluctantly declared bankruptcy, the recent domestic Internet industry are actually the jittery, China Mobile China Unicom Group of three China Telecom in combating illegal information such as the Internet moves is not wise, against these offenders have really so difficult, must use such a person guilty will jiuzu collective punishment way to solve it, of which there are too many innocent victims on the Internet for many years the room was harvested, 80 blocked port server is stopped IP banned these moves to the webmaster is undoubtedly a fatal blow. But what about them?.

has night black wind is tall, I can understand you Internet entrepreneurs who are anxious, sleep at night at this time, hard days and nights of work by the disaster and swept the… Nonsense, not to mention, since things have come to this point, we’ll take a look at, because the computer room was sealed, implicated in the Internet children’s shoes how to solve, when the occasion, I will discuss with you the ways to deal with.

, here are some of my suggestions:

first, as soon as possible to contact your server provider, let them give solutions or exact solution time, so you have a the next step, if the room is closed to restore the normal operation in a short time, then please wait a bit. On the other hand, as soon as possible to transfer data, contact the new service provider, here I recommend a good quality, the price is more favorable to service providers, Xi’an glorious Internet professional, server rental hosting, independent business telecommunications room, a good solution to the problem of North and South Internet webmaster requirements, you can more a lot of traffic and telecommunications Baizhao shared hosting 8000 a year, more favorable, we can refer to. Ha-ha。

second, how to choose a secure server provider is that you should pay more attention to later, select a good service providers to see 4 points, speed, price, service, enterprise qualification. Speed is the first, this is your choice for server and hosting the most in need of basic services, glorious Internet Telecom Data Center exclusive 80G fiber, and the Tencent, the grand Northwest (main server group), the journey westward journey in the northwest northwest area, the same group of lines, and has been successful for HAO123, listen to music, China blog net, swim long nets, good network, Global trade network, the network to provide IDC service, more mapping a powerful glorious Internet sharing can ensure fast peak reached 8-10 trillion, the effect is very good, interested friends can contact the QQ97631723. price – hosted Telecom 8000. a year with independent management and convenience low cost, glorious Internet by using quantitative service and reduce internal operating costs, enabling users to become the biggest beneficiary. Service – 7 24 hours

How to seize the market blank of wealth secret cooperation

for today’s consumers, eat healthy food, spend more on it. Egg and ostrich meat…… The most expensive chicken in a worm will be around 130 yuan. Egg 25 yuan a catty, whole chicken 40 yuan per kilogram to 40 yuan per kilogram, dried bamboo shoots…… Dare to sell such a high price of agricultural products are rare, these products can be put together to sell businesses even less common. If you have the opportunity to go to Mr. Huang to open the agricultural products store, the chairman may be a lot of insight.  

A little idea of making money at the garbage dump

garbage station SEO is very important, because the content of the dumpster generally does not exist back, which requires the maximum interception of traffic from the search, generally when IP on your time to stabilize around 4000, choose a good lure page and terminal, one day get 200 yuan lower income should be no problem.

was the first to build a garbage station, you should choose a good meter, this is the first step of SEO, is not the best choice for some K, registration expired old, look at the rice history, no problem can be re registered here, said, why a registration, because a the relative weight of the new high, not through the box effect, there is no need to include the problem, there is no evaluation period, get high ranking included preparation. To go there to find a search, expired domain name, see for yourself.

then is to choose the problem space, beginners often feel foreign space is cheaper, the number of G station dozens of blocks, there should be no problem, refuse to do otherwise, according to the observation of foreign and domestic space Baidu spider crawling frequency space is a big gap, GG spiders don’t have this problem, as for YAHOO spider lazy, no comment. More important is the space of domestic foreign general access is relatively slow, although there is no difference between the north and the south, but the area difference of visit seriously! Station mainly traffic from Baidu, IP addresses are domestic, so you need to choose the domestic space to go there to find space, through the surrounding friends is a good way in the online search, relative to their own personal feeling better, Anhui province host space business, service price is relatively good, generally choose 100 megabit IIS at about 100 can be, it is not necessary to buy hundreds of megabytes, and understand in the first chapter notes inside said the same China most of the website content in the basic 100 MB or less, then see, laughing, because I bought the space number G, the actual use of it is fast. I use the space is in University of Science and Technology of China school, has been very good. Private Taobao’s outdated, generally do not buy, cheated, can not find people, although we are doing SEO garbage station, but also requires absolute access stability.

what to do next, is the selection of key words, this is the most important place, but also relate to the success of the technique, the criteria for the selection of keywords garbage station, j is generally 3w-4w high search volume, low content of general edge word 2w-3w as well, what is Bianci wipe this much? Explain, I knocked on so many words, you also need to knock a few words to search, ha ha) that is simple: find the high low edge search related words. Go there to find the edge word, go to sleep at night on the website up to see. Can find a lot of, and then through the Webmaster Station related tools to this keyword for analysis, first look at your future competitors have those, analysis of the home page ranking before the station

Find allies for your website and build BRICs in the Internet world

saw the "BRICs in news" (BRICS) meeting of third leaders in April 14th, held in Sanya in China, will discuss how to deal with the problem of how to coordinate major international, deepen and expand cooperation between each other, the problem of how to strengthen the BRICs cooperation mechanism. I didn’t know much about the concept of "BRICs". I read the news reports, plus some information about Baidu. Generally speaking, Brazil, Russia, India, China, as well as new member countries, South Africa, several countries in economic, cultural, social and other aspects of in-depth cooperation. These countries have consistency in their development goals and economic interests. They not only exchange needed goods, but also support each other to a certain extent, and strive for global discourse power and common development.

The development of the global

, let many countries with the goal of allies, with the face of the global economic development opportunities and challenges, not only sharing opportunities, also shared challenges, make countries more rapid development. In the Internet industry, if there are similar "BRIC website" website, the website development is not the pressure will be relatively small? In Lu Songsong’s blog, has introduced "blog alliance", a time is quite busy, but there seems to be no more; in the personal blog of Liu Ya the blog, also referred to the "female independent blog" alliance, included the Internet independent women’s blog, but do not seem to have caused great repercussions, although the number of independent women’s blog together, also did not play for the league, perhaps because there is no promotion.

some people say do network promotion is a network of contacts, do network promotion nature is redoubled, just as the graph king to build the A5 forum, a lot of friends is a new popular forum and his attention directed graph king loyalty, to attract a lot of traffic in the forum period, gradually increased in popularity. In many webmaster QQ group, webmaster BBS, can find some like-minded friends, these friends each other in the operation of their own web site, but their web site intersection very little. In the process, many valuable resources are neglected. In many sites, you can see Links, although is also a means of cooperation, but not between the BRIC countries have so close contact and cooperation, if you can on the Internet in many personal websites, dig out their own "BRIC" website and the website a tacit understanding between the cooperation between each other can promote each other, common development.

if you have an apple and you share it with an orange, you eat apples and oranges at the same time. Similar reasoning is simple, if you share your website resources, but also access to other people’s resources, this is a complementary process, enrich each other’s Web site information. Of course, the "BRIC" for each other should pay attention to the consistency of goals and some differences, like A5 and Chinaz are not likely to form a "BRIC website", because this is the two for the same user’s website, has already been verified Chinaz does not appear in any one of the word "A5" in the "on the site

Electronic membership card product observation (middle) public comment Merchant Center


[core tips] slow company model public comment membership card backstage what kind of? Is it enough to withstand the strong impact from Tencent micro life membership card?


editor’s note: in the "electronic membership card product observation (last): Tencent micro life background", we detailed the Tencent micro life X1 version of merchant background. Through the acquisition and integration of cards, Tencent micro business side of the product from the functional point of view has been relatively mature. This paper will introduce ten years of intensive and meticulous farming in the local service areas of life, for businesses, the company which is reflected in the product.

public comment Merchant Center

home page


business center of the home page and Tencent micro life is completely different, just very simple with three icons show for merchants more important membership card, booking and store management three functions.

membership card


merchants can first clearly follow the prompts, step by step to complete the electronic membership card opening, confirmation and on-line.


In the "

" of membership, merchants can query all into the customer’s electronic membership card information, but the information is the primary, only the name, gender, age, birthday, consumer number and other basic information; "consumer records" businesses need to manually add a member in a use amount of consumption of membership cards; "violations" is business itself in the electronic membership card use by customer complaint records.



" is the exclusive membership public comment electronic membership card of the two main functions: preferential discounts and free.


merchants can send discounts, discounts and other messages to their membership card users in the "affiliate marketing", which will be seen in the public comment websites and mobile end news centers.



‘s highly anticipated "booking" feature has opened to restaurants, restaurants in Shanghai, Beijing and Nanjing so far.



married parents is a highly profitable local life service, public comment in the restaurant reservation function after the introduction of the module can understand, but still in the function is not on-line state.

my store >

Keywords after a good ranking, how to make rankings more durable

have a good keyword optimization to get good rankings, even the first Baidu, SEOer may know, is not easy, it can be said that in hard update, original, chain, chain, chain every day…… Of course, once you get the ranking, you will get a traffic flow, in order to have income, so, the webmaster to maintain hard-earned ranking, continue to cycle, as the ancients said: Dajiangshan easy to keep country is difficult! Optimization keyword ranking too, especially a sought after keywords optimization ranking ranking is more difficult to maintain!


, the search engine algorithm, rules constantly update and change! Plus ruthless manual intervention, the sentence joke words, Feng Shui also said "your turn", so that the search engine may not let you sit in the first place, so we do it have the words are changed, now let the webmaster mining almost, long tail keywords are fierce competition, ranking is not only a few years ago to do a few friendship to do a few outside the chain can fix things. So, in the future, how can we make the website keyword ranking "high",


words such as topic, organ wolf blog and you briefly analyze your own experience and opinions:

1, the premise of all webmasters in your mind! Stationmaster must have a good attitude, first of all is to have a good ranking webmaster mentality, absolutely can not arrogant, feel yourself sitting in the first place, what do not do every day, money can rely on this ranking in the number, if this state of mind, believe that your day is not long. The webmaster must learn to "think", be like before the hard work, to develop good habits to optimize, the original update, such as keyword analysis, internal and external chain construction, but can reduce workload than before, such as the "Jeep men" wolf organ website, ranked from the station, a few months time. But the wolf is still every organ taking a little time in doing the original update, the chain construction, user experience analysis etc.. Because I believe that the search engine is no fool, do not work hard, you will lose everything! So, adjust your attitude, start,


2, website space charge, absolutely not, a good ranking must have a good server, only your website open speed, server stability, to allow Baidu to love your station, give you good ranking! When you have money, rank, authority wolf advise you, with your first money give yourself a good space, if a site open speed is not guaranteed! It also talk about what ranking stable rankings and

?Stay alert,

3 time! Do preventive work in the website space, website program, make your site from the inside to the outside is safer! Why do you say that, the wolf organs encountered this problem, negligence, malicious websites are linked to horse, which is a black lin>

How to build a novel station for beginners

my novel station library finally officially launched a few days ago, the days are in the collection of novels and constantly improve some function, speaking of making novels stand really just a hobby, can do stand is the whims of, but the novel has always been my hobby, maybe this is I can really do that. Objectively speaking I can say on the website is the original Internet time although utterly ignorant of, many, but basically spent chatting, reading novels, watching movies on the basis of knowledge, for the web site can be said not at all.

The idea is the rise of real

website some time ago due to accidental contact to Wangzhuan this project, I first access to only the money, registered money, money and other forms of primary investigation hook to make money, just started doing a few days, found that online advertising is playing very well, so onhook software to make the number of days. So vote to make the number of days, so do find basically have exaggerated, one day can earn a few dollars has been good, so do the people can apply for pay out, if I want to get some money to buy breakfast will be there, even if a long time do 20-30 yuan that day is not my goal, so I’ve been thinking if you really want to make a little money or have their own website, so I have to move from the idea of building a website, but I’m not so professional not like people like professional site can easily build a, also it would be easy to sell, I still think if I want to build a website you must have this hobby, and is willing to keep doing the station.

has been my novel hobby can be said to be very clear, I think a lot of young people should have this hobby, so I think it must can do it if I do a novel station I, they have this idea through the network began to understand the novel some station the establishment, basically is the case do novels stand relatively is relatively high: 1. hard disk space must be large, this virtual host at home are generally difficult to meet the requirements. 2. the construction cost is relatively high, because often need collection of server resources is relatively large, multi understand is the basic server for a novel station can also be done, some small station is at least VPS. 3., there is a certain risk of copyright issues,.4. is currently a general downturn in the novel station, many people feel that there is no future to do fiction. Synthesizing these reasons, I can say that it is better not to be a novel station. But after I have considered it carefully, I have decided that my first real website is a novel station. My plan is that as long as the novel stands for a long time, I can do it without losing money, because love is my real motivation!


in line with this principle, I have no experience with the status quo of station foundation, my tone is as far as possible to reduce the cost of the station, just try not to lose thousands of can, through the Internet to understand the relevant information and from.